Best Geofencing Apps

11 Best Geofencing Apps in 2024 for Android & iPhone (FREE & Paid)

Published on: December 18, 2023
Last Updated: December 18, 2023

11 Best Geofencing Apps in 2024 for Android & iPhone (FREE & Paid)

Published on: December 18, 2023
Last Updated: December 18, 2023

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The best Geofencing app in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is eyeZy!

A geofencing app can help you keep tabs on where your children are at all times so that you can have peace of mind, and get on with your day without wondering if something has happened to them.

Let’s review what we believe to be the best geofencing apps for iPhones and Android in 2024, so that you can really feel like you are prioritizing the safety and well-being of your children.

Best Geofencing Apps in 2024

  1. eyeZy – 🏆 Winner!
  2. mSpy
  3. GEOfinder
  4. uMobix
  5. KidsGuard Pro
  6. FamiSafe

1. eyeZy

eyezy geofencing app

The first app on our list that can help you keep track of someone’s phone is great if you are looking for a way to keep on top of what your kids are doing, or even what your partner is doing.

eyeZy says that they have a phone tracker that you can make the most of so that you can follow them around, and you don’t even need to be out of the house to do this.

👉 Get eyeZy FREE

You can track their location, and you can also take a look at their location history so that you can see where they have been too.

If you want to be able to keep on top of where your kid is going, or where your partner has been versus where they claim to have been, this is one of the most effective and efficient phone tracker apps in the industry.

2. mSpy

mSpy Geofencing App

mSpy is definitely high on the list because it can help you not only work out where your children are at all times, but can also help you track all of their activity on their phones.

This means that you can virtually kill two birds with one stone, easily making it one of the best apps when it comes to parental control.

This can help you access messages, photos, social media, call logs, and so much more, so that your children can stay safe while they are online.

👉 Get mSpy FREE

The best part is that you don’t need to jailbreak the device in order to use it.

The disadvantage to this app is that the geofencing feature is only available in the premium edition, which is of course going to cost you more.

However, it’s difficult to put a value on your child’s safety, so we personally think that it will be well worth it.

If you do purchase their additional features, you get to make the most of a location tracking feature, as well as a GPS sensor, which means that the app is extremely accurate.

The bottom line here is that we believe that this is the perfect geofencing software if you want to know where your child is at all times, and you also want to be able to track their activity without worrying whether they’re going to find out about it.

3. GEOfinder


Important Guide: GEOfinder Review

If you’re wanting to capitalize on one of the best geofencing apps in the industry, then you definitely need to make the most of GEOfinder.

GEOfinder is a super robust mobile phone tracker that can help you work out the precise location of any phone number regardless of the mobile network that they are attached to.

This means that you can trace a mobile phone number within just a few minutes, and they can help you do this with any phone model whether it is Android or iOS.

The best part is that you don’t need to install anything in order to make the most of this software, and it is completely anonymous so that you don’t have to be worried about being identified.

If you want to be able to create successful geofences, so that you know where your children are at all times, then this is definitely the kind of geofencing app that you want to make the most of.

They have great customer support, and they also make it really easy to get going with all of their features.

4. uMobix

uMobix Geofencing App

uMobix is an excellent free geofencing app that you can make the most of if you want to protect your children, and know where they are at all times.

One of the things that we love about this geofencing app is that it can help you figure out where your child is without any tracking software, and you can find your child’s exact location using just one SMS.

👉 Get uMobix FREE

This means that you can locate your child with just one click of your phone, and you can detect your child’s location remotely, no matter where you are located.

They say that when it comes to tracking your children, it just takes 3 easy steps: Register, install and set up, and monitor.

They even have a demo, so that you can see how their app works before you decide to commit to anything as well as really good customer support if something were to go wrong.

5. KidsGuard Pro

Clevguard - KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro is another really worthwhile app that says that they are both efficient and accurate.

They work well with parents who are trying to stay within the loop of their child’s location, and the best part is that you can do everything in stealth mode, which means that your children aren’t going to be able to detect that the app is even installed on their device.

👉 Get KidsGuard Pro FREE

You can also customize the tracking time, which means that if you only want to track your children at certain times, you can do so really easily.

This is a helpful feature if you want to be able to convince your child to have the app on their mobile phone, because you can promise them that you’re only going to track their location at certain times.

They also offer a comprehensive report when it comes to geofence boundaires, as well as location data, and you can get all this sent to your email address.

This is a great geofencing app if you want to be able to monitor your children at specific times of the day. The only downside is that it is really good for Android but it isn’t compatible with iPhone.

6. FamiSafe


Famisafe is a great option if you want to make the most of conventional parental control features, including being able to get daily activity reports of your child’s screen time, as well as the apps that they use.

👉 Get FamiSafe FREE

Like most typical geofencing applications, you can easily track your children’s location.

You can also create geofence zones and receive notifications when your child has arrived safely in the zone, such as their home zone, or their school zone.

This app is compatible with both iPhone and Android, but that just take note that the features that you get on iOS devices versus Android devices are different.

You are only going to be able to track their GPS location on Android as well as view their browsing history.

However, this geofencing app is great for parents who want to be able to make the most of a simpler app that can assist them with keeping their child safe, while allowing them to have their privacy.

7. EgiGeozone Geofence

EgiGeozone Geofence

The next geofencing software on our list is easily one of the best when it comes to Android, and one of the most appealing features it offers is high location accuracy, which means that you are going to be able to get accurate data of your child’s whereabouts every time.

It also helps you work out your child’s location and has trigger actions that can be sent by notification when they are leaving or entering a specific geofence.

This is done by sensors on the tablet or mobile phone. Not only is this app going to notify you of your child’s location, but it also has the ability to close the garage door or turn off the lights using a device.

You can even set up more than one geofence zone, and you can give each one a name, so that you can remember them easily.

This is a good choice if you have more than one child that you’re wanting to keep track of, or your child goes to multiple places in a single day.

The biggest advantage to this geofencing app is that it is great for people who have Android devices, but if you have an iPhone, you won’t be able to use it.

8. Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Safe Kids

Kaspersky Safe Kids is next on our list, and it’s a really well-known Android app that has more than 1000 positive reviews.

It is popular because it can help you not only track your child’s location, but it can also block offensive content including websites or apps.

What’s really unique about this geofencing app is that you can also see the battery percentage on your child’s device.

This is helpful so that if their mobile phone battery dies, you know that you need to find another way to get in touch with them.

It is clear that the people behind this geofencing app designed it with the intention of helping users keep their children safe.

It’s also free to use for both iPhone and Android, but if you want to make the most of their extended set of features, you will have to pay for this.

9. Spyzie


Spyzie is another amazing app that is easy to navigate, and super user friendly.

It is a simple yet effective parental control app that can help you protect your children from cyber bullying, because you can also check their web browser on their device.

When it comes to being a geofencing app, it is super reliable, and it can tell you when your child has left or entered a virtual fence that you created for them. You are also able to track any contacts, text messages, and GPS location.

The app includes anonymity features, which means that your children aren’t going to be suspicious about your virtual presence.

You can use this geofencing app on both iPhone and Android but just know that the features are limited when it comes to iOS devices.

The premium edition has some additional features that you can make the most of, including data exports, alerts, and a timeline.

This is only going to cost you an extra $10 a month, which we think is pretty affordable.

10. Bit Guardian

Bit Guardian

The next geofencing Android app is one of those ones that is actually really good if you’ve got older teens, or those that tend to be a little bit rebellious.

Something that’s unique about this geofencing app is that you can set a speed limit for your children who drive.

This means that it is going to notify you if your child goes over the speed limit. There aren’t many geofencing apps out there that include this feature.

This app can easily monitor your children when driving and ensure that they don’t go over the speed limit. This also includes telling you whether they are on their way home or not.

Apart from this, it offers an accurate location tracker, and creates a safer zone for your child, and it’s going to let you know when they leave or enter the safe zone.

11. GeoAlert


This is slightly different to other apps that we’ve talked about, because it isn’t offering complete parental control.

It is a location reminder app that is actually for you as opposed to your children.

It sets reminders based on your location, which means if you have hit a certain geofence, it’s going to tell you exactly what you should be doing in that location.

This is helpful if you are a slightly forgetful parent that needs consistent reminders about things that need to be done, including picking your children up from school.

This geofencing app is available for Android, but you can’t get it on iOS.

What Can You Get From a Geofencing App as a Parent?

There are many different things that you can get from a geofencing app as a parent. The first thing is that you can set forbidden areas and get notified if your child entered that area.

You can also be aware of when they enter school so that you can feel confident that they are attending their classes.

In the case of a kidnapping, you can also track their location, and have an easier time locating them, assuming that they have been able to keep their device on them.

Lastly, it can be used by anybody with a mobile phone, whether it is an elderly parent, a spouse, or any of your family members that need some extra safety measures.

How to Convince Your Kid to Download a Geofencing App

As we have mentioned with some of the geofencing applications above it is relatively easy to check your children’s location without them knowing, but generally speaking, we suggest that you get their consent first before you download a geofencing app.

Of course, children are going to be hesitant to give their parents access to their location, as well as what’s on their devices. Here’s the solution.

If you want to convince them to be on board, begin by talking about the safety benefits. Talk about how they can trust you, and how you aren’t going to abuse this trust.

At the end of the day, a parent-child relationship needs to be built on mutual trust, so starting out with this is going to be a good tactic.

How Geofencing Apps Work

With technology that is as advanced as this, it is understandable if you are a little bit confused about how a geo fencing app works.

Let’s begin with the basics. What you’re going to need to make this work is the smart devices are both you and your child.

You need to be able to sync to the target device so that you can begin to create your virtual fences. The app is able to track their location using cellular data Wi-Fi, GPS, and even Bluetooth.

The good news is that you don’t need to purchase any additional hardware, making it really convenient.


What is Geofencing?

Geofencing is a feature in an application or software program that uses GPS or RFID to give a geographical location.

How do I Trace the Location of my Child?

These days, the best way to track the location of your child is to use a geofencing app, like one of the ones that we have talked about above on this list.

These geofencing apps are able to keep you up to date on where your children are, so that you can feel confident that they are where they have said they will be, and they aren’t breaking any rules.

Can I Track More Than One Phone at the Same Time?

Some of the geofence apps that we’ve talked about above potentially are going to help you track more than one device at the same time, but just keep in mind that it is going to cost you more.

A lot of these apps offer their basic features for free, and this typically involves just one device.

What Does Jailbreak Mean?

Jailbreak means that you have to physically get into the target device in order to download the app onto it.

Of course, if you are trying to be subtle, and you don’t want your children to know that you have downloaded a geofencing app onto their mobile phone, this is going to be pretty difficult.

The good news is that there are quite a few geofencing app options on our list that don’t require you to jailbreak the target device.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, the thing that is most important here is the safety and well-being of your children.

If you are a parent that likes the idea of being able to know exactly where they are at all times, you are certainly not the only one, and the good news is that technology has finally caught up to a point where you can be privy to this kind of information, without feeling like you are spying on your children.

Whether you decide to tell your child that you are downloading a mobile geofencing app to their device or not is up to you but remember that the more mutual trust you have in the relationship, the smoother it is going to go.

Maybe sit your child down and talk to them about the importance of their safety, and why you want to be able to know where they are at all times.

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