Fonemonitor Review

Fonemonitor Review 2024: Is It Legit? Is It a Scam?

Published on: June 27, 2023
Last Updated: June 27, 2023

Fonemonitor Review 2024: Is It Legit? Is It a Scam?

Published on: June 27, 2023
Last Updated: June 27, 2023

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Fonemonitor Review 2024: Summary

FoneMonitor logo

The use of smartphones can become habit-forming. Many problems might come up, even if you instruct your youngster to just use it for beneficial purposes.

Do your kids frequently deceive you, forcing you to resort to spying on them? Do you wish to ensure your kid isn’t becoming too sidetracked by their smartphone and you have the means to track their activity?

In this article, we’ll take a look at a program that lets you keep tabs on other people’s smartphones from afar.

Throughout this Fonemonitor review, we will cover the app’s features, pros, cons, and operation.

It would appear that FoneMonitor has run into some legal difficulties as of late.

While they are still offering their software, they are no longer taking on new users, and their website is down for maintenance.

If you’re having this problem, try switching to a different app like uMobix.

The website has been down for some time, and we have no idea if this has anything to do with COVID-19.

Unfortunately, this indicates that you are unable to sign up for FoneMonitor.

Before downloading and installing any of these programs, you should read a Fonemonitor review as the app is no longer functional.

Find out if you really need the app or if uMobix might serve your needs better.

  • It has a slick design that’s easy to use.
  • Compatibility with both Apple and Google devices
  • There is no need to jailbreak or root.
  • This subscription service might be quite pricey.
  • A lot of useful tools aren’t included in the fundamental Android package.
  • In the ‘Applications’ menu, some time-wasting apps like YouTube were hidden from view.
  • The app’s monitor can be useful, but it’s not always reliable.
  • Undependable. 
  • The app is no longer functional.

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Fonemonitor Review 2024: In-depth

FoneMonitor has been one of the average monitoring surveillance apps available, and it works with both iOS and Android devices.

It works on both Android and iOS, so you can keep tabs on your messages from any device.

It monitors your Fb, Insta, Tumblr, and Whatsapp use, among other social media accounts, as well as your device’s location, text messages, call logs, and web history.

Therefore, it is both a slightly useful app for monitoring phones and a helpful parental control feature.

Pornographic material, gaming habits, harassment, and other online dangers are avoided, which is especially important for young people.

FoneMonitor is also utilized in the office to keep tabs on a specific staff device in real-time, benefiting both the business and the individual in question.

Important Facts About The Fonemonitor Setup And Activation

Android and iOS have slightly different installation procedures. A FoneMonitor account is required for either platform.

The activation procedure for the intended device varies between the two variants.

FoneMonitor for Android

An app must be installed on the gadget in question to enable the software on an Android smartphone.

Getting the app installed on your device will only take a little time. The quick setup means your victim won’t even notice their phone is missing.

It’s possible to prevent the app from appearing in the app drawer after installation by hiding it.

FoneMonitor claims to operate invisibly in the background of the Android smartphone, but it is not the case in reality.

It does not use up storage or power. Rooting the smartphone is also unnecessary.

The target device you’re after will get the idea that the app is installed on their smartphone.

FoneMonitor is not completely covert, transferring data to your control panel without a trace. This app provides a premium service with a wide variety of options.

FoneMonitor for iOS

The tracking method for iOS does not necessitate any setup on the user’s end. The software utilizes the device’s existing iCloud credentials.

You’ll need to know the device’s iCloud credentials in order to activate it.

You must check the credentials. After that, the software will connect to your iCloud backup and begin sending information to your control panel.

Don’t stress out about it; everything is OK. FoneMonitor is not secure and might expose your information. In other words, your information is not safe from prying eyes.

There is also a need to jailbreak your device in order to use FoneMonitor.

The targeted iOS device owner must also remain unaware that your software is active on that device which is impossible in the case of this app.

On the other hand, uMobix can be completely undetectable. The program functions normally and causes no interruptions to the device.

How Does The Fonemonitor App Work?

You can keep tabs on what’s happening in apps on a certain device with FoneMonitor.

Thus, you may keep tabs on a target’s phone calls, keywords, contacts, texts, GPS coordinates, call records, and even ban social media platforms. 

Your computer or mobile device will be sent the data instantly.

You may restrict your loved ones’ gadget use using parental control and phone surveillance software. In addition, you can limit the kind of transactions that staff members can conduct.

Is FoneMonitor Detectable?

The app’s website claims that it can hide your location. According to the developers, the software doesn’t use up a lot of resources when running.

Once the app is installed, there is no visible indication of its presence within the phone.

FoneMonitor’s designers further insist that, unlike inferior alternatives, their product won’t slow down the target device or generate any other issues that could prompt the user to look for viruses or foreign objects.

The app’s ability to conceal its use from prying eyes makes it attractive to a larger audience than just parents looking to monitor their kids’ mobile device usage.

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FoneMonitor Key Features – What Can Be Tracked?

The data set that may be tracked for iOS and Android smartphones is nearly the same, despite the fact that the installer for the two is very different.

Here is a rundown of all the things that can be monitored.

Read Their Texts

You can get access to their text messages with Fonemonitor. Access both incoming and outgoing text messages, as well as the contact’s name, with this service.

With the Fonemonitor app, reading their SMS messages is a breeze.

Track Their GPS Location

Fonemonitor Tracking

We won’t let you down if you’re searching for evaluations of Fonemonitor that emphasize GPS tracking capabilities.

You may view their present location on a map and access past data showing their most frequented locations and the paths they took to get there using the in-built tracking tool.

Spy On Their Phone Calls

Contrary to what some Fonemonitor reviews state, you cannot listen in on another person’s calls. The phone’s call log feature, however, is not quite useful.

You cannot easily access their most frequently called contacts and view their call history with just a couple of taps.

Check Their Email

Curious as to what they’re discussing in their Hotmail or Yahoo accounts? Fonemonitor claims to reveal all of this to you.

This comprises both incoming and outgoing messages and metadata such as sender, recipient, time sent/received, subject, and body.

Social Media Profiles

Fonemonitor Facebook Monitoring

With this program, you can monitor the user’s social network profiles, their inbound and outbound communications, and any files they may be uploading or downloading.

You’ll get access to conversations, media (photos and videos included), networks, and messages.

FoneMonitor allows you to view numerous social media sites, including Fb, Instagram, Snap, Viber, and Twitter.


Users can readily learn all there is to know about the compromised devices with the aid of its dynamic keylogger.

This feature lets you monitor the target phone and see every keyboard shortcut that has been made. It logs every tap that has been made on the monitored phone. 

So, in a nutshell, it allows you to see everything that has ever occurred on the compromised device.

Everything the spying gadget type owner sends or receives is available to you. As a result of this function, you have full command over the target phone.

Access The Stored Content

Photos, movies, documents, voicemail, music recordings, emails, and more can all be viewed and even downloaded off their devices.

Browser History & Bookmarks

Fonemonitor Browser History

The internet hosts a wide variety of inappropriate sites for children, including some that are unlawful or otherwise undesirable.

You can now use FoneMonitor to keep tabs on your children’s internet activity and find out what they’re looking at, downloading, and listening to.

It works with every major browser and provides a comprehensive view of your browsing habits, including the date and time of each visit and how often you made them.

Furthermore, it displays the user’s saved bookmarks from the device in question.

Checking Contacts

Kids need close supervision, whether at home or in the office. Therefore, you are in the dark as to who they are often communicating with.

This program facilitates legal hacking in this context. Look over your contacts and account information.

You can also save the information about your contacts on your computer for use in the future.

Schedule Restrictions

You can restrict your kids’ device use with the support of FoneMonitor. If you want to restrict access to your device within certain hours, you can do so with the Schedule Restrictions.

In the event that your child attempts to launch an app, none of them will launch.

The timer has a flexible schedule that may be configured to run on any day of the week.

Capture Screenshot

If you use FoneMonitor, you can take a picture of the screen of the phone they’re using right now to see what they’re looking at.

If you want to assist your kid or employee learn from their mistakes, this is the tool to utilize.

Recording Of The Calls

You’ll be able to look back on the exact time, duration, and caller information for every single call you made or received.

Why Do People Look for FoneMonitor Alternatives?

If you’re new to using tracking apps, you might want to start with FoneMonitor. It may fall short of your expectations if you need highly sophisticated tracking capabilities.

We’ve included a few of the most common reasons why customers seek out alternatives to FoneMonitor.

Limited iOS Features

The iOS variant can only access and display information from the user’s previously saved iCloud backup.

The features may be inadequate for someone who is paying $39.99 a month.

Missing options

Many tracking apps also give us the ability to listen in on chats, capture images using the phone’s camera, and record calls.

FoneMonitor currently lacks support for all of these functions.

Relatively new

FoneMonitor has only been available for a short time; thus, it has yet to establish a reliable reputation in the industry.

Today’s customers are understandably wary of experimenting with a brand-new tracking app or tool.

FoneMonitor Price

FoneMonitor Price

FoneMonitor’s cost is conditional on the target gadget and the desired number of monitoring capabilities.

FoneMonitor Android Device Pricing

FoneMonitor offers two plans for Android devices. There are two license terms available for the premium edition.

Two different subscription lengths are available: One month for $29.99 and three months for $39.99.

The standard features of the premium edition include call history, GPS location, apps, pictures, texts, contacts, forums, favorites, and video files.

You can choose between two different licensing terms if you purchase the Ultimate Edition.

You can subscribe for one month for $39.99 or for three months for $49.99. 

FoneMonitor iOS Device Pricing

As for iOS users, the sole subscription option is a one-month package that costs $39.99. This package includes full access to FoneMonitor’s capabilities.

In Summary, the best spy apps in 2024 are;

RatingSpy ToolGet Offer
#1 Top Rated#1 eyeZy - #1 spy app in the industryFREE Trial
#2 Top Rated#2mSpyStart Now
#3 Top Rated#3uMobixStart Now

Review Verdict

This FoneMonitor review covers not only the capabilities of the app but also the basics of installing and configuring it. 

Reviews on FoneMonitor are provided by actual users, revealing what they think of the software. Most of the reviews were negative. 

The majority of reviewers stated that customers couldn’t gain access to their spouse’s smartphone as promised by the program. 

This was echoed by several users. The app failed to deliver after they had already paid for it. 

The major factor to consider Fonemonitor not worthy is that it no longer exists. You cannot find the official website of the app. 

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With such a problem, uMobix is the best option. When keeping tabs on your kid’s online behavior, uMobix has you covered.

It’s useful for keeping tabs on your device’s call log, text message history, and more. 

The uMobix call history feature gives insight into your child’s phone companions. 

The software’s sophisticated keylogging mechanism records and reports every keystroke and touchscreen interaction.

Fonemonitor Review 2024: Is It Legit? Is It a Scam? - EarthWeb

In this article, we’ll take a look at a program that lets you keep tabs on other people’s smartphones from afar. Throughout this Fonemonitor review, we will cover the app’s features, pros, cons, and operation.

Price: $29.99

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android & iOS

Application Category: Monitoring

Editor's Rating:


  • It has a slick design that's easy to use.
  • Compatibility with both Apple and Google devices
  • There is no need to jailbreak or root.


  • This subscription service might be quite pricey.
  • A lot of useful tools aren't included in the fundamental Android package.
  • In the 'Applications' menu, some time-wasting apps like YouTube were hidden from view.
  • The app's monitor can be useful, but it's not always reliable.
  • Undependable.
  • The app is no longer functional.

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