How Many People Use Fiverr

Fiverr Users: How Many People Use Fiverr in 2024?

Published on: August 8, 2023
Last Updated: August 8, 2023

Fiverr Users: How Many People Use Fiverr in 2024?

Published on: August 8, 2023
Last Updated: August 8, 2023

Fiverr was first created by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger.

The platform was launched in 2010 with a simple premise: to allow people and businesses to find and hire services. 

Initially, all tasks were priced at $5, hence the name Fiverr.

Of course, the platform has evolved. It started in Israel and today is a global concern, with a multi-billion dollar marketplace.

Today, you can still list a job for $5, but there are plenty on the site for hundreds and even thousands of dollars. 

The company went public in 2019, listing itself on the New York Stock Exchange and has continued to grow.

In fact, you may be surprised by how many people use Fiverr today.

Key Statistics

  • Fiverr has 4.3 million active buyers
  • Buyer numbers grew by 133% between 2017 & 2021
  • 19.6% of Fiverr traffic is generated by search engines
  • 21.67% of Fiverr traffic originates in the US
  • 6.28% of traffic is created by social media
  • 53.14% of Fiverr revenue is US generated
  • Fiver generated $297.66 million in revenue in 2021
  • The site has over 50 million hits every month
  • Average spend per buyer is $242
  • Fiverr has yet to make a profit

Fiverr Users: How Many People Use Fiverr in 2024?


1. Fiverr Has 4.3 Million Active Buyers

There is no doubt that Fiverr is becoming more popular. This may be connected to the pandemic.

It caused increased job volatility and forced people to look for alternative income streams. 

Alongside this, the pandemic forced many people to reevaluate what was important, subsequently changing the way people work

Fiverr has benefitted from this mindset. 

In 2018 there were 2 million registered buyers, an increase of 200,000 from the year before.

Numbers increased by 400,000 in 2019.

However, for both 2020 and 2021, the main years of the pandemic, numbers surged by one million each year. 

Today, Fiverr has 4.3 million active buyers.

Alongside this, they have approximately 400,000 sellers.


2. Buyer Numbers Grew By 133% Between 2017 & 2021

Buyers are critical to the success of Fiverr. It doesn’t cost anything for a buyer to sign up.

However, there is a fee to purchase a service from a seller. 

Currently, it is a flat fee, the amount varies according to the value of the task. Anything under $40 gets a flat $2 fee. 

Alongside this, Fiverr charges the freelancer 20% of the value of every task. 

Despite being one of the more expensive freelancer sites, Fiverr buyer numbers are increasing.

Their records show the number of buyers has grown by an impressive 133% between 2017 and 2021.

This is the main reason that the platform is generating much more revenue than in previous years. 


3. 19.6% Of Fiverr Traffic Is Generated By Search Engines

It’s important for any business to understand where their revenue comes from.

This is the simplest way to ensure your services are adapted for the primary market. 

Many businesses use paid adverts to make buyers aware of their presence and convince them to visit the site.

Fiverr has minimal use for paid ads as recent statistics suggest 75.33% of their traffic arrives organically. 

19.6% of their traffic arrives via searches with the main search engines, such as Google.

This is just below the percentage of visitors from paid ads, suggesting that the majority of people using search engines will connect to Fiverr after seeing an advert.

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4. 21.67% Of Fiverr Traffic Originates In The US

Fiverr is now offered in 160 countries across the planet, making it a truly global business.

While traffic to the site can come from anywhere, the statistics show that the US is by far the biggest point of origin. 

This isn’t that surprising as the US is known to be work-focused.

Most US citizens are driven to succeed and will explore any avenue possible. 

21.67% of all the traffic which arrives on Fiverr originates in the US.

The second biggest source is Pakistan with less than half of the US’s impact, at 10.09%.

India follows, contributing 6.57%, and Bangladesh brings 6.32% of the traffic. 

Surprisingly, the UK steals the fifth spot, bringing 5.44% of  Fiverrs traffic.  

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5. 6.28% Of Traffic Is Created By Social Media

Fiverr is effectively a digital service, even if the services offered on the site are not always digital.

As such, the best way for a digital service to gain customers is to use digital aids.

Specifically, social media. 

According to the latest reports, 6.8% of Fiverr’s traffic is directed to it from social media.

However, as approximately 5 billion people use social media, there is still a lot of potential in this market. 

Fiverr has its own social media profile and uses this to generate followers and lead them to the site.

This approach is helping.

Currently, 51% of Fiverr traffic generated by social media comes through YouTube, a further 19.8% arrives via Facebook.

Pinterest (6.41%), WhatsApp (5.72%), and Twitter (3.99%) also help.

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6. 53.14% Of Fiverr Revenue Is US Generated

The US brings 21.67% of Fiverr’s traffic to the site. That’s nearly a quarter.

Yet, it generates half of Fiverr’s revenue. 

It illustrates why the US market remains so important, they aren’t just interested in what opportunities are available, they also have a larger than average spend and the funds to back it up.

That’s why, for the last few years, the US has been providing 53.14% of Fiverr’s revenue.

This figure is likely to increase as the business becomes more popular. 

To put it in financial terms, the US market has generated over $100 million in revenue for Fiveer just in 2020!

In contrast, Europe contributed $48.33 million during the same timeframe, Asia $22.81 million, Israel just under two million, and the rest of the world accounted for $15.72 million.

(Wall Street Journal)

7. Fiver Generated $297.66 Million In Revenue In 2021

2021 was the best year for Fiverr by far. It posted a record-breaking $297.66 million in revenue.

Sadly, this still resulted in a loss for the year. 

However, it shows that Fiverr has got the formula right and it’s only a matter of time before their loss becomes a profit. 

It’s worth noting that the revenue increased by over $100 million in the space of just one year. 

You should note that, while this was the biggest financial increase in revenue, it wasn’t the largest percentage increase.

That award goes to 2019/2020 where revenue jumped by 76.9%.

It went from $107.07 million to $189.51 million.

These figures are a significant improvement on the 2017 revenue of $52.11 million!


8. The Site Has Over 50 Million Hits Every Month

The success of any site comes down to how many times it is visited.

Even with a high bounce rate a site with lots of visitors can do well. 

However, Fiverr doesn’t have a high bounce rate. Statistics show that the average visitor stays 16 minutes on the site.

That’s outstanding as most sites are lucky to get over 30 seconds. 

Add to this the fact that Fiverr is regularly receiving over 50 million visitors a month and you’ll understand why it is doing so well. 

For example, in April 2022 Fiverr was shown to have received 57.8 million unique website visits.

That’s a lot of potential buyers and sellers. 

It’s worth noting that Fiverr is currently listed as the 652nd most popular website in the US and the 556th most popular on the planet.

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9. Average Spend Per Buyer Is $242

Tasks can now cost anything, from $5 upward. This has opened the marketplace and allowed a variety of services to be offered.

There are hundreds of categories for buyers and sellers to choose from. 

This, and perhaps the increase in popularity, is why the average spend per buyer has increased. 

In 2017 the average buyer spent just $119 a year on the platform.

For a seller to make a profit they need a lot of buyers. 

In 2018 this increased to $145 and in 2019 it increased to $171, a $26 increase each year.

By 2020 the average spend had increased by $34 to $205.

It then increased by a further $37 to a rate of $242 in 2021.

The trend is certainly moving in the right direction.


10. Fiverr Has Yet To Make A Profit

Fiverr has enjoyed a huge increase in revenue over the past five years.

In 2017 it was $52.11 million, by 2021 revenue had increased to $297.66.

Unfortunately, the business has pumped a huge sum of money into getting off the ground.

As of June 2019 investor funding alone stood at $110 million. 

This means revenue has been eaten and profits are not yet possible, although the trend is positive and experts predict the company will have its first profitable year in 2024.

Here’s the losses reported in millions between 2017 and 2021:

  • 2017 – $19.32 loss from a revenue of $52.11 million
  • 2018 – $36.06 loss from a revenue of $75.50 million
  • 2019 – $34.75 loss from a revenue of $107.07 million
  • 2020 – $11.81 loss from a revenue of $189.51 million
  • 2021 – $65.01 loss from a revenue of $297.66 million


How Fiverr Works


Anyone can join Fiverr, whether you’re an individual or a company.

It’s free to join for buyers and sellers, Fiverr makes its money on completed contracts. 

A buyer can simply visit the site and look at the services on offer.

They’ll need to create a Fiverr account before they can speak with a seller and finalize a project/task.

However, creating an account is very simple. 

In contrast, a seller needs to create an account straight away.

This is more time-consuming than for a buyer but still simple.

You’ll need to add a variety of details and list the tasks you can do, along with a rate for each task. 

It’s possible to list between seven and 15 tasks, although the exact amount you’ll be allowed to list depends on your experience level and ranking. 

Once a buyer has decided to use a specific task, they pay the agreed amount, plus the flat rate fee, to Fiverr.

Fiverr holds the amount and releases it when the buyer says the task is completed to their satisfaction. 

Fiverr then releases the funds 14 days after the task is completed, minus a 20% commission. 

Fiverr Pro

The very best sellers on Fiverr will qualify for Fiverr Pro.

However, you have to complete a long questionnaire to get this status, and undergo several challenging tests. 

If you’re awarded Fiverr Pro your account will have a tag stating “Proverified”.

You will be more attractive to buyers, able to charge higher rates, and can insist on payment for each milestone throughout a project.

Buyers will be able to limit their search to Fiverr Pros, ensuring they get the best possible talent. 

Summing Up

As the statistics show, Fiverr isn’t the cheapest option for sellers.

However, as far as how many people use Fiverr, the number is high and increasing every day. 

In other words, whether you’re a buyer or a seller, it’s worth connecting to Fiverr and trying this unique approach to offering and finding services. 

The approach works.

Some sellers make less than $100 a month, but others can do exceptionally well.

One thing is certain, it’s worth trying Fiverr. 


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