How Many People Use Facebook Marketplace

How Many People Use Facebook Marketplace in 2024?

Published on: August 23, 2023
Last Updated: August 23, 2023

How Many People Use Facebook Marketplace in 2024?

Published on: August 23, 2023
Last Updated: August 23, 2023

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How many people use Facebook Marketplace in 2024?

At least one billion people use Facebook Marketplace every month.

It’s been nearly 20 years since Facebook was launched (2004).

Since its launch, Facebook (Meta) has continued to grow in popularity, and it’s become a giant in the social media market.

Marketplace is one of Facebook’s features that brings buyers and sellers together in local areas. 

How many people use Facebook Marketplace?

That’s why we are here today. This article will be all about Facebook Marketplace and its users.

First, Facebook Marketplace was added in 2016 and made available to all users where it was accessible.

Now that you have some basic information about Facebook Marketplace, let’s dig into the details.

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Key Facebook Marketplace Statistics

  • At least one billion people use Facebook Marketplace every month.
  • On average, 250 million people use Facebook Marketplace as sellers.
  • Facebook Marketing is accessible to more than 200 regions on the planet.
  • 81% of Facebook users access the platform via mobile.
  • 53% of American secondhand luxury consumers used Facebook Marketplace to find items.
  • German survey respondents between 16 and 29 years old said they used Facebook Marketplace.
  • 16% of Facebook’s active users log into the platform solely to shop on Marketplace.
  • 9.1% of the global population potentially sees ads posted in Facebook Marketplace.
  • 61.8% of Facebook Marketplace users are female. 
  • Branded apparel is the most sought out item on Facebook Marketplace.

How Many People Use Facebook Marketplace in 2024?

The first thing to know is that over 1 billion people are using Facebook on average per month.

Let’s talk about some statistics and data in the next few paragraphs.

Facebook Marketplace 1

1. At Least One Billion People Use Facebook Marketplace Every Month.

Facebook Marketplace is used by over one billion people on the platform.

This all came from the idea that people can use social media with a dedicated space for buyers and sellers to come together via social channels.

Marketplace has its own tab on the sidebar of the desktop platform and on the bottom menu of the Facebook app.

It’s an icon that looks like a shop complete with an awning.

(Statista, The Small Business Blog)

2. On Average, 250 Million People Use Facebook Marketplace as Sellers.

As of 2021, Facebook Marketplace features about 250 million stores across the world.

Facebook Shops was launched in 2020, which is when more sellers and stores entered the feature on Facebook.

Do you use Facebook Marketplace for buying or selling?

(Capital One Shopping, Statista²)

3. Facebook Marketing Is Accessible to More than 228 Regions on The Planet.

As of 2023, Facebook Marketplace was available in more than 228 locations in the world.

It’s accessible and used across 70 countries for buying and selling products.

If you’re a marketer, it’s a fantastic way to increase your conversions and sales.

(Capital One Shopping, TechJury, Zipdo)

4. 81% of Facebook Users Access the Platform via Mobile.

Over 81% of people using Facebook use their mobile phones to access the app or platform.

This also means that they have easy access to the Marketplace where they can scroll through offerings by sellers.

Likewise, mobile conversions are higher than desktop in terms of social media.

(Backlinko, Webtribunal)

5. 53% of American Secondhand Luxury Consumers Used Facebook Marketplace to Find Items.

While 69% of people who shop for luxury items prefer eBay, 53% used Facebook Marketplace to find what they wanted in the luxury market, according to statistics from 2021.

Luxury shoppers also chose Poshmark for luxury apparel and accessory items by 51%.

(Statista³, Webtribunal)

6. In 2020, German Survey Respondents Between 16 and 29 Years Old Said They Used Facebook Marketplace.

A survey from 2020 among German Facebook users revealed that users aged 16 to 29 claimed to have used Facebook Marketplace.

The purpose for using this platform was to buy or sell preowned items.

Moreover, only 6% of those 30 years old and older said they had used Facebook Marketplace for buying and selling.


7. 16% of Facebook’s Active Users Log Into the Platform Solely to Shop on Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace 1236

According to 2020 data, 16% of American users logged in to Facebook solely to shop and buy things from Facebook Marketplace.

This percentage represents around 474 million Facebook users out of its nearly 3 billion monthly active users.

(Capital One Shopping, Statista⁵)

8. 9.1% of The Global Population Potentially Sees Ads Posted in Facebook Marketplace.

For marketers, brands, and businesses, Facebook Marketplace ads are potentially seen by 9.1% of the world’s 13-year-old and over population.

That represents 562 million people from all over the globe.

Marketplace ads are considered boosted “listings”, which can be seen globally if you choose.

Overall, this platform can be an effective advertising medium.


9. 61.8% of Facebook Marketplace Users Are Female. 

In terms of gender, Facebook Marketplace is skewed to the female side with 61.8% of users as of January 2023.

This contrasts with the fact that Facebook itself is a male dominated social media platform.

As for males on Facebook Marketplace, 38% of that demographic is using it.


10. Branded Apparel Is the Most Sought out Item on Facebook Marketplace.

What are most people looking for on Facebook Marketplace? After analysis and research, it’s been discovered that name brand fashion apparel is the number one most sought after item on Facebook Marketplace.

So, if you have some second-hand or brand-new name brand, especially high-end branded, clothing or accessories in good condition, you’re more likely to make sales.

(MeetAnshi Blog)

11. People Aged 25 to 35 Account for The Largest Age Demographic Using Facebook Marketplace.

Statistics show that people between 25 and 35 years of age account for the largest age demographic using Facebook Marketplace.

After the 25 to 35 age group, the 35 to 44 crowd has an 18.4% share of Facebook Marketplace usage.

The 18 to 24 age demographic ranks third in Facebook Marketplace use.

Furthermore, 13.9% are aged 45 to 54, 11.4% are 65+, 11.2% are 55 to 64, and only 3.4% are 13 to 17 years old.

(Statista⁶, ThriveMyWay)

12. Facebook Marketplace Is a No-Fee Based Listing Platform.

Facebook Marketplace 1241

If you use eBay, Etsy, or other marketplaces to sell your products, you know that they charge listing and other fees to use their platforms.

Facebook Marketplace has no such fee attached to listing items.

Facebook Marketplace earns its keep through classified ad placements when users want to boost their reach.


13. The Largest Share of Consumers on Facebook Marketplace Are from Latin America with 42%.

As of the Q3 of 2021, Latin America is the region with the most users of Facebook Marketplace and/or Instagram Shopping in the world with a 42% usage share.

Ranking second at a 38% share is the Middle East and Africa region.

North America has a 37% share of users on this platform, giving it third ranking. 


14. The Global Share of Users Who Have Used Facebook Marketplace And/or Instagram Shopping Bag Is 33%.

Globally, 33% is the user share of Facebook Marketplace and/or Instagram Shopping Bag.

While Latin America is at the top of the list, the Asia Pacific (32%) and Europe (23%) are at the bottom of the Facebook Marketplace and/or Instagram Shopping Bag users’ share.


15. Facebook Marketplace Users in Brazil, India, Indonesia, and The United States Make up More than 100 Million Users.

Brazil, India, Indonesia and the United States collectively are the top countries where people are using Facebook Marketplace.

Altogether, these countries alone make up more than 100 million users of this marketplace. 

(TechJury, ThriveMyWay)

16. Shipping Items from Facebook Marketplace Comes with A 5% Selling Fee.

Anyone who is a reseller on eBay and other such marketplaces knows that there are selling fees attached to sales.

Facebook Marketplace has a selling fee if you ship products as a business of 5% compared to eBay’s selling fee of 14%.

Regardless of how you look at it, Facebook Marketplace has no listing fees and a much lower selling fee for shipped items.


17. 1,066 Scams Were Reported Regarding Facebook Marketplace by The Royal Bank of Scotland.

In 2021, the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) told sources that Facebook Marketplace was the most popular online marketplace-style platform for fraudsters (scammers).

During 2021, they reported 1,066 scams from Facebook Marketplace. 

(Daily Record, TechJury)

18. In 2018, Facebook Marketplace Had More than 2 Million Vehicles Listed.

In 2018, Autombile dealers in the United States listed more than 2 million vehicles on Facebook Marketplace.

Vehicle sales are one of the most common types of local sales listed on this platform even today.

It confirms that Facebook Marketplace is a favored choice for people looking for cars and car dealers looking for sales.

(Gitnux, The Small Business Blog)

19. More than 18 Million New Listings Were Placed on Facebook Marketplace in May 2017 from The United States.

In the United States in May 2017, more than 18 million new listings were placed on Facebook Marketplace.

Since then, listings on this platform have grown among buyers and sellers.

Facebook Marketplace is bringing buyers and sellers together, especially at local levels. 

(Facebook News)

20. 2023 Data Shows that Facebook Marketplace Users Spend an Average of 20 Minutes per Visit on The Platform.

Facebook Marketplace 1030 1

The most recent data reveals that the average amount of time spent on Facebook Marketplace per user, per visit is 20 minutes.

This means that on average, Facebook users who also shop on Facebook Marketplace are taking their time browsing, shopping, listing, and otherwise engaging on the platform.

(Market US)                


What Is Facebook Marketplace?

The Facebook Marketplace is a platform for users to buy and sell new and used items at the local level.

For sellers, it’s a good way to make some money and get rid of things they no longer use or need.

For buyers, they get to pick up things they would otherwise not be able to afford.

What Are Some Rules for Selling in The Marketplace?

There are some rules you must follow when you decide to sell things on Facebook Marketplace.

We found the basic rules here.

You must be at least 18 years old to post something for sale on Marketplace.
Selling illegal or counterfeit items is not allowed.
You are required to describe your item and its condition accurately and truthfully.
Best practices and rules state that you must meet with a buyer in a safe public place.

These rules are there to protect both buyers and sellers.

How Can You Sell Something on Facebook Marketplace?

Here’s how you create a listing on Facebook Marketplace:

• Go to the Marketplace tab.
• Click or tap “Sell Something”.
• Input your item’s description, details, price condition, and what it’s called.
• Upload images of your item(s).
• Click or tap “Post” to publish your Marketplace listing.

What Are the Top Sellers on Facebook Marketplace?

If you’re looking to make sales, it’s wise to know what to sell on marketplace-style venues.

Facebook Marketplace has its own most-searched items including these top ten categories:

1. Branded Fashion Apparel
2. Home Decor & Furniture
3. Mobile Phones & Accessories
4. Books
5. Baby Products
6. Fitness & Sports Equipment and Supplies
7. Health & Wellness Products
8. Toys
9. Seasonal Items
10. Electronics

Is Facebook Marketplace a Safe Space for Buying and Selling Items?

The quick and simple answer to this question is yes.

Generally, Facebook Marketplace is a safe place to buy and sell products.

Nevertheless, users should still take precautions as we have outlined in the next FAQ to protect themselves from potential risks.

Any marketplace comes with risks to buyers and sellers.

Just be wise in how you use them.

How Can You Protect Yourself from Facebook Marketplace Scams?

Here are some things you can do to protect yourself from scams on this marketplace:

• Only conduct business with people who have good ratings.
• Never send gift cards or wire money to anyone you don’t know.
• Choose a safe public place to meet the buyer.
• Be aware of the most common scams like the “overpayment scam” and the “fake check scam”.

Follow these rules and use your common sense to avoid getting scammed.


We have discussed that Facebook Marketplace has over one billion users, hosts roughly 250 stores/shops, and is accessible in 50 countries and growing.

If you’re a marketer, business, or brand, Facebook Marketplace is an excellent platform to increase and improve your conversions, sales, and build a loyal customer base.

We hope you have learned something valuable today besides just how many people use Facebook Marketplace.


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