Facebook Marketplace Statistics

20 NEW Facebook Marketplace Statistics in 2024

Published on: November 3, 2023
Last Updated: November 3, 2023

20 NEW Facebook Marketplace Statistics in 2024

Published on: November 3, 2023
Last Updated: November 3, 2023

Facebook Marketplace has become one of the most popular social commerce platforms in the social media world.

Facebook Marketplace was launched in 2016 and it rapidly became the top choice for Facebook users to buy, sell, or trade items or products on the platform.

We will discuss its milestone from 2021 in the article.

Besides this, we will find out how many people use it, how they are using it, the revenue it generates, and how its future looks going forward.

Let’s get into the Facebook Marketplace statistics.

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Key Statistics

  • 1.185 billion online shoppers use Facebook Marketplace.
  • Facebook Marketplace is accessible in 228 countries and territories on the globe.
  • As of 2022, more than 100 million businesses actively use Facebook Marketplace.
  • In May 2017 over 18 million new items were posted to Facebook Marketplace in the United States.
  • In 2021, Facebook Marketplace was second only to eBay for luxury item purchases.
  • In Germany, 15% of survey respondents aged 16 to 29 said they used Marketplace.
  • The largest age demographic using Facebook Marketplace is between 25 and 35 years old.
  • The average amount of time spent on Facebook Marketplace is 20 minutes per visit.
  • Facebook Marketplace isn’t as popular among sellers in the United States falling 24.1% behind eBay.
  • 61.8% of Facebook Marketplace users identify as female.

Top Facebook Marketplace Statistics in 2024

1. 1.185 Billion Online Shoppers Use Facebook Marketplace.

According to the statistics, there are around 1.185 billion online shoppers using the Facebook Marketplace for buying things online.

This figure accounts for just a month on the platform for buyers.

That means some months are higher and some lower over the course of a year.

(Capital One Shopping, Statista)

2. Facebook Marketplace Is Accessible in 228 Countries and Territories on The Globe.

Facebook Marketplace is utilized by people in 228 countries in territories all over the globe.

Facebook Marketplace users in the United States, Canada, and Europe are mostly daily users while users in the Asia Pacific area use the platform less regardless of how many are Facebook users.

(Capital One Shopping)

3. As of 2022, More than 100 Million Businesses Actively Use Facebook Marketplace.

Since there are an estimated 100 million business actively using Facebook Marketplace, it’s not just used by Facebook users with used items to sell.

Businesses advertise and use the free option to share and sell their wares.

It gives them good exposure overall whether they sell anything right away or not. 

(Market US)

4. In may 2017 Over 18 Million New Items Were Posted to Facebook Marketplace in The United States.

Facebook News said that more than 18 million new offerings were posted to Facebook Marketplace in May 2017.

That’s a month’s worth of new items getting posted to Facebook even 6 years ago.

Today, Marketplace continues to grow and evolve.

(Facebook News)

5. In 2021, Facebook Marketplace Was Second only To eBay for Luxury Item Purchases.

Facebook Marketplace

In 2021, 69% of online shoppers in America favored eBay for buying preowned luxury items online.

Facebook Marketing came in second to eBay at 53% of online purchases of preowned luxury items.

Poshmark was third at 51%.

(Statista 2)

6. In Germany, 15% of Survey Respondents Aged 16 to 29 Said They Used Marketplace.

In the German market, 15% of survey respondents aged 16 to 29 said they used Facebook Marketplace to buy or sell preowned items.

Only 6% of survey participants in Germany aged 30 and over said they used Facebook Marketplace. 

(Statista 3)

7. The Largest Age Demographic Using Facebook Marketplace Is Between 25 and 35 Years Old.

Most of Facebook Marketplace’s users are between 25 and 35 years old.

This is because 30% of Facebook users fall within that age range and 67% of Millennials favor online shopping over in-person shopping.

Likewise, this age group is prone to making 54% of all their purchases online.

Therefore, the 25-35-age group dominates Marketplace.

(Thrive My Way)

8. The Average Amount of Time Spent on Facebook Marketplace Is 20 Minutes per Visit.

Data shows that 20 minutes is the average amount of time users on Facebook Marketplace spend per visit.

Whether they are browsing, shopping, or selling, this is the average period per visit for users of the platform.

What they are doing there determines how much time they spend on the platform.

(Market US)

9. Facebook Marketplace Isn’t as Popular Among Sellers in The United States Falling 24.1% Behind eBay.

In terms of how sellers view Facebook Marketplace, they are less enchanted by the ecommerce platform than they are with eBay.

Even though eBay charges fees, sellers still prefer it to Facebook Marketplace by 24.1% more.

This may be due to eBay’s enhanced features and resources for sellers.

(Capital One Shopping)

10. 61.8% of Facebook Marketplace Users Identify as Female.

The gender gap on Facebook Marketplace is skewed differently than usual.

In fact, 61.8% of people who identify as female Facebook users visit Facebook Marketplace, while only 38% of those who identify as male users do the same.

This is a contrast compared to Facebook user statistics where it’s skewed to those who identify as male. 

(Thrive My Way)

11. The Top Sellers on Facebook Marketplace Are Clothes, Shoes, and Accessories.

We have found ideniable proof that the need and demand for clothing, shoes, and accessories never goes away.

Well, at least on Facebook Marketplace.

I fact, clothes, shoes, and accessories dominate the Marketplace.

This includes items like sunglasses, backpacks, purses, sweaters, jackets, etc.


12. 90% of Facebook Marketplace’s Off-Site Traffic Comes From MSN and Messenger.

A vast majority of Marketplace’s traffic is referred from msn.com and messenger.com combined.

In fact, 90% of the traffic to Facebook Marketplace comes from these two sources alone. This is traffic coming from online sources other than Facebook itself.

(Thrive My Way)

13. The India, Indonesia, Brazil, and United States Account for More than 100 Million Marketplace Users.

We know that the United States is one of the biggest users of Facebook, but it also joins countries like Brazil, Indonesia, and India among 100 million Facebook Marketplace users.

For perspective, these four countries alone account for 100 million out of the 1.185 billion total global Marketplace users.


14. In 2021, Facebook Marketplace Generated $26 Billion in Gross Revenue for Sellers.

Facebook Marketplace generated $26 billion in revenue for sellers on the platform in 2021. This figure is a 48% increase over 2020, which is proof that Marketplace is still growing and evolving.

Nearly all of the revenue generated on Facebook Marketplace comes from individual postings rather than from brand names.

(Simplicity DX)

15. More than One of Every Three Facebook Users in The U.S. Use Facebook Marketplace Monthly.

Facebook Group

In the United States, more than one in three Facebook users use Marketplace every month.

This is part of what contributes to the largest usage that comes from the United States.

Since Facebook is a widely used and popular social media platform, it makes sense.

(Market US)

16. 80% of Facebook Advertisers Also Use Facebook Marketplace.

Statistics show that a massive 80% of all Facebook advertisers also make use of Facebook Marketplace.

This says a lot about the appeal and effectiveness of the platform’s influence all over the globe.

Facebook Marketplace is a winner whether you’re new to it or a veteran user.


17. 16% of All Facebook’s Active Users Log in To Shop on Facebook Marketplace.

If you think that 16% isn’t a large percentage, let’s look at this from another perspective.

474 million active Facebook users log in solely to shop on Facebook Marketplace.

This isn’t about just logging into Facebook to engage or play games.

This is solely related to shopping on the platform.

(Capital One Shopping)

18. 1,066 Scams from Facebook Marketplace Were Reported by The Royal Bank of Scotland in 2021.

While Facebook Marketplace is as safe as possible, it still comes with some risks to buyers.

The RBS (Royal Bank of Scotland) reported 1,066 Marketplace scams in 2021 between September and November alone.

In 2021, this made the Marketplace platform a favorite for scammers.

Always take care before you buy things off Facebook Marketplace.


19. In 2021, Research Showed that 17% of Facebook Marketplace Users Were Scammed.

Research from 2021 revealed that 17% of Facebook users who used Facebook Marketplace fell victim to scams.

The year 2021 seems to be the year of the Facebook Marketplace scammers so far.

In fact, every minute, six fake accounts were posted. It’s imperative that shoppers on Marketplace use common sense and avoid scams as best as they possibly can.

(Small Business Trends)

20. 32% of Online Marketers Use Video Content to Promote Organizations on Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace 1030

The power of video ad advertising isn’t lost on Facebook Marketplace.

In fact, an astonishing 32% of digital marketers utilize the power of video ads to promote businesses on the Facebook Marketplace platform.

They know how powerful and robust Marketplace is and they know how powerful and dynamic video content is.

Therefore, they combine the two for higher engagement potential.



What Is Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook Marketplace is a marketplace style platform where people can buy and sell locally sourced items.

It’s one of the best ways to find the best prices for new and preowned goods.

Additionally, it’s a convenient and effective way to sell your own unwanted or unneeded items. 

How Do You Use Facebook Marketplace?

First, you need to get a Facebook account.

If you already have one, you can buy, sell, or trade on Facebook Marketplace.

You start by clicking or tapping on the store icon to browse what’s for sale in your local area.

If you want to expand your search, you can change your settings in the marketplace section.

You can set everything up right from the marketplace settings cog icon. 

What Categories Are the Most Popular on Facebook Marketplace?

If you are wondering what the most popular categories are on the platform, here are the top five:

• Home & Garden
• Electronics
• Clothing & Accessories
• Toys & Games
• Furniture

What Does It Cost to Use Facebook Marketplace?

Facebook’s Marketplace is free to use for buying and selling items.

You can feel free to list as many things as you wish because there are no associated fees or costs for selling on the Marketplace platform.

Is It Safe to Buy and Sell on Facebook Marketplace?

Overall, Facebook Marketplace is a safe space for buying and selling goods.

However, as with any shopping marketplace online there are still some risks.

Therefore, we have some tips to help you mitigate the risks of engaging in safe Facebook Marketplace transactions.

• If something seems like it’s too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true. • Just use common sense.
• Be aware of Marketplace sellers who ask for personal information.
• Report suspicious activity you see to Facebook.

How Can You Protect Yourself when Transacting on Facebook Marketplace?

Besides taking the regular precautions, we have a few extra tips for protecting yourself when you’re buying or selling on this platform.

• Choose a public place to meet.
• Take a family member or friend with you.
• Don’t give them your personal information.
• Pay with cash or a with credit card (when possible).

What Are Some Red Flags of A Facebook Marketplace Scam?

Buyers and sellers alike can fall victim to Facebook Marketplace scams.

Therefore, we have found some red flags for our readers to watch for on the platform.

• Offers of a high-ticket item for a suspiciously low cost.
• Refusing to meet in person.
• The buyer or seller wants to take the conversation outside of Messenger.
• Overpaying for a product.
• Asking for your phone number.
• They lack a Facebook profile photo.
• The seller wants you to pay with a gift card.

Keep the rule of thumb in mind and notice when something seems too good to be true.


We have found that over 1.185 billion people use Facebook Marketplace for buying, selling, trading, and browsing for items. 

We also know that at least 10% of these users come from the United States, India, Indonesia, and Brazil alone. 

We know that there are over 100 million businesses that actively use this platform and Facebook Marketplace is ranked second only to eBay among sellers and resellers. 

There is so much to learn about Facebook Marketplace for a single article to cover, but we have managed to bring you the highlights.

Whether you’re a regular Facebook Marketplace user, a new user, a marketer, a brand, or a business, you should have plenty to consider with the statistics we have shared with you.

We hope you have learned some things of value from these Facebook Marketplace statistics.


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