Best EmailOnDeck Alternatives

9 Best FREE EmailOnDeck Alternatives in 2024

Published on: January 28, 2024
Last Updated: January 28, 2024

9 Best FREE EmailOnDeck Alternatives in 2024

Published on: January 28, 2024
Last Updated: January 28, 2024

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The best EmailOnDeck alternative in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is ProtonMail!

EmailOnDeck is a convenient platform for creating temporary email addresses, ideal for preserving privacy and avoiding spam. 

However, EmailOnDeck has its limitations, permitting only one account creation at a time. 

Furthermore, the free version restricts emails to other EmailOnDeck users, necessitating an upgrade for sending anonymous emails to non-users. 

Fortunately, many alternatives to EmailOnDeck exist, offering options for secure and user-friendly temporary email services. 

Explore the 9 best EmailOnDeck alternatives to discover alternatives that cater to various preferences and needs.

9 Best EmailOnDeck Alternatives in 2024

1. ProtonMail


ProtonMail is likely a familiar name if you’re no stranger to email platforms. 

It stands out as a robust alternative, placing a strong emphasis on prioritizing security and privacy.

In contrast to EmailOnDeck, Proton Mail employs PGP encryption to secure messages on both ends, ensuring that only you and the recipient can access the content. 

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Notably, even Proton Mail’s support staff lacks visibility into the message content, only having access to metadata such as sender, recipient, and timestamp.

Proton Mail offers a valuable feature by allowing the creation of multiple aliases under a single account—a functionality notably absent in EmailOnDeck. 

These aliases enable the forwarding of emails from one alias to another, proving especially handy when managing spam in your primary email address.

Moreover, Proton Mail surpasses EmailOnDeck with additional features, including the ability to set up an autoresponder and create a custom spam filter. 

Its modern and uncluttered inbox design presents a refreshing change from the overly simplified interface of EmailOnDeck.

Distinct from EmailOnDeck and similar tools, Proton Mail streamlines the email-sending process. 

It eliminates the need to drag and drop emails into lists before sending them individually.

Instead, Proton Mail allows you to send messages directly from your inbox or any designated folder, offering a more efficient approach.

Proton Mail further enhances user experience by providing options to rearrange the layout, choose themes, sort emails into labels, and establish custom filters.

2. Surfshark Alternative ID

Surfshark Alternative ID 2

Step into the domain of online privacy and security with the innovative Surfshark Alternative ID.

This cutting-edge solution caters specifically to those seeking a fake email generator, presenting itself as a sophisticated and dependable choice.

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Packaged within the comprehensive Surfshark One and Surfshark One+, Alternative ID introduces a distinctive method for managing your digital identity that stands out in the realm of online protection.

Empowering users to construct a fresh online identity alongside a secure proxy email, this feature is particularly ideal for various online activities where safeguarding privacy is crucial.

Whether you’re an enthusiastic online shopper, a dedicated subscriber to newsletters, or an active participant in virtual forums, Alternative ID provides a confidential and secure way to register on e-commerce platforms, stay informed on content updates, and engage in digital discussions without compromising your primary email address.

Alternative ID emerges as a valuable tool for those who prioritize their online presence, offering a practical solution for creating distinct email identities tailored to diverse online interactions. 

This not only streamlines your primary inbox but also effectively minimizes the influx of promotional emails.

Surfshark’s Alternative ID directly addresses common concerns such as slow page loading times, privacy issues, and the irritation of intrusive ads and pop-ups. 

By furnishing a separate email identity for online registrations, surveys, and sign-ups, it puts control firmly in the hands of users, allowing them to confidently navigate their online presence.

3. StartMail

StartMail Home

Dive into the realm of online privacy with StartMail, an email service tailored for those keen on safeguarding their communications. 

Built with simplicity in mind, StartMail features a user-friendly web portal reminiscent of popular platforms like Outlook or Gmail. 

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You can craft distinct email identities for various online engagements, maintaining order in your primary email space.

Robust encryption safeguards your messages, and the option to personalize your email address adds a touch of individuality.

Accessing your emails across devices is seamless, and transitioning from your current email provider is effortless. 

StartMail empowers you to take control of your privacy, enabling instant deletion of emails, anonymous payments through Bitcoin, and compliance with GDPR for added peace of mind.

Concerned about online surveillance? 

StartMail’s stringent privacy policy shields you from intrusive advertising and data monitoring. Your email content remains confidential, establishing StartMail as your trusted companion for a secure and private email experience.

4. Temp Mail

Temp Mail

In disposable email services, Temp Mail and EmailOnDeck present themselves as contenders, each boasting features that initially seem alike. 

However, diving deeper into the nuances reveals Temp Mail’s distinct advantages for users searching for enduring solutions and enhanced privacy. 

Temp Mail outshines EmailOnDeck by allowing users to keep their accounts active until a deliberate deletion, offering a more permanent and anonymously anchored option. 

Privacy-wise, Temp Mail takes the lead by refraining from storing IP addresses, steering clear of cookie-based tracking, and abstaining from selling user information to external parties. 

In contrast, EmailOnDeck’s privacy policy remains somewhat ambiguous, collecting diverse user data without explicit clarity on its utilization. 

Temp Mail’s user-friendly interface extends seamlessly to tablets and phones, ensuring convenient access across devices. 

Unlike EmailOnDeck, Temp Mail’s app stands as a free offering for all devices, including Android and iOS, with optional in-app purchases for those desiring additional features.

Furthermore, Temp Mail goes the extra mile by providing a Telegram bot, unlocking access to an impressive array of over 1000 new Gmail addresses.

5. 10 Minute Mail

10 Minute Mail

Explore the efficacy of 10 Minute Mail as a compelling alternative to EmailOnDeck. 

Its user-friendly interface and the ability to access all features without charges make it a standout choice. 

While its primary interface prevents it from claiming the top spot, 10 Minute Mail shines in its commitment to safeguarding the privacy and security of temporary email inboxes. 

This becomes particularly relevant when engaging with services such as insurance or free trials, where the protection of personal information is paramount. 

Users can swiftly create disposable email addresses without the hassle of registration or login.

The platform empowers them with a seamless experience for tasks like online service registrations and email verifications. 

Emails generated expire automatically after ten minutes, alleviating concerns about unauthorized access. 

Extend this timeframe effortlessly by clicking the “Give me 10 More Minutes” button.

Noteworthy is 10 Minute Mail’s readiness for mobile use, ensuring a smooth experience across various devices with its full responsiveness. 

An intriguing feature sets it apart – a complimentary image metadata remover. 

Unlike EmailOnDeck, 10 Minute Mail takes an extra step by scanning and eliminating photo metadata, including location, date, and time. 

This proactive measure enhances privacy, preventing potential information disclosure through online searches.

6. Yopmail


Enter YOPmail, which currently stands as one of the most sought-after alternatives to EmailOnDeck.

This platform boasts multilingual support, enabling communication with fellow YOPmail users across various languages. 

YOPmail’s storage capacity surpasses EmailOnDeck’s, providing users with a more generous allowance for crafting and dispatching emails. 

An outstanding feature that sets YOPmail apart is its Chrome browser extension—a functionality absent in EmailOnDeck. 

This uncomplicated plugin significantly streamlines the process of generating and monitoring custom temporary email addresses.

Adding to its uniqueness, YOPmail incorporates an integrated chat service, fostering connections and conversations among app users. 

Whether discussing casual topics or delving into the intricacies of YOPmail’s features, this feature adds a pleasant dimension. 

Notably, the chat service becomes invaluable for users encountering glitches or seeking assistance while on the move.

In contrast to EmailOnDeck’s pricing structure, YOPmail takes a user-friendly approach by offering its services entirely free of charge. 

For enthusiasts eager to express their appreciation, YOPmail opens the door for voluntary donations through PayPal.

7. Guerilla Mail

Guerilla Mail

For those seeking an alternative to EmailOnDeck that excels in handling a higher volume of emails, Guerrilla Mail emerges as an excellent choice. 

While sharing the user-friendly and setup-free nature of EmailOnDeck, Guerrilla Mail sets itself apart with a distinctive interface. 

Unlike EmailOnDeck’s limitations, Guerrilla Mail allows sending an unlimited number of messages simultaneously, with attachments reaching a cap of 150MB—an advantageous feature for handling substantial files like videos or presentations.

Guerrilla Mail simplifies the attachment process; you can effortlessly drag and drop files onto the window and hit “Send Now.” 

In contrast, EmailOnDeck lacks transparency regarding its storage limit and demands coding skills for attaching images or videos to emails.

Adding to its appeal, Guerrilla Mail introduces the Scramble Address feature, acting as a shield against spam and safeguarding your email addresses. 

These Scrambled Addresses function as aliases for your regular email accounts, requiring individuals to know the randomly generated Inbox ID to reach you.

Noteworthy is the fact that Guerrilla Mail extends its full functionality without any charges, distinguishing it from EmailOnDeck’s potential cost implications.

8. AnonAddy


Consider AnonAddy as a viable option if you’re looking for a tool to create temporary email addresses, especially for personal use, where EmailOnDeck might fall short.

AnonAddy shares similarities with EmailOnDeck regarding features, making it a straightforward transition for users. 

However, AnonAddy presents a notable advantage over EmailOnDeck by allowing you to pause your email alias in case of excessive spam or if you wish to temporarily stop its use.

You can easily reactivate it whenever you’re ready to resume receiving emails.

Additionally, AnonAddy goes beyond EmailOnDeck’s capabilities by enabling you to send emails in both directions. 

This means you can initiate communication, a feature lacking in EmailOnDeck and other disposable email providers.

Here’s how it operates:

When you input an email address, AnonAddy generates a unique alias email address for your correspondence. 

The recipient sees the message coming from this alias address and responds accordingly. AnonAddy then removes your actual email address, forwarding the response to your mailbox as if it originated from the alias account, not your own.

This streamlined process facilitates the creation of an anonymous address with functionalities akin to any regular email account.

The key feature that sets AnonAddy apart is its relay service. Unlike EmailOnDeck, which lacks protection against email address leakage, AnonAddy offers a comprehensive platform. 

It encompasses relay services and a diverse set of anti-spam and anti-phishing tools.

This comprehensive approach makes AnonAddy a preferred choice for safeguarding against various online threats compared to EmailOnDeck.

9. Throttle

Throttle Mail

Consider Throttle as a convenient option if you’re in search of a user-friendly plugin for your disposable email needs that offers compatibility with Safari, Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.

Its simplicity and user-friendly interface set Throttle apart, providing a similar set of features as EmailOnDeck but with a more intuitive design.

Throttle introduces unique features to enhance your experience. 

For instance, it allows you to generate a distinct disposable address for each site or eCommerce platform you visit. 

All emails from these sources are automatically consolidated into a single digest email delivered to your inbox. 

This streamlines the process, saving you time while ensuring control over various accounts.

Moreover, Throttle excels in inbox management, offering real-time message visibility and quick categorization, making it more efficient compared to EmailOnDeck.

Throttle simplifies tracking companies that may have shared your email address. 

By creating custom email addresses for each company or website, you can revoke access with a single click if you detect any spamming tendencies.

Throttle operates on a free model, but upgrading to Pro or Plus unlocks additional features, such as faster digest email delivery and the ability to use custom domains. 

This flexibility ensures that Throttle caters to both basic and advanced user needs seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Use of Temporary Email Addresses Against the Law?

Temporary emails are not inherently against the law, yet their misuse for illegal activities is possible. 

It is crucial to employ temporary email addresses responsibly and refrain from participating in any unlawful actions.

Can Temporary Email Addresses Be Tracked or Traced?

Tracing disposable temporary email addresses is contingent on the security measures implemented by the service provider. 

Generally, it is crucial to exercise responsibility when using temporary email addresses and avoid involvement in any illicit activities.


Explore the realm of temporary email solutions with a diverse selection of options beyond EmailOnDeck. 

Among these alternatives, one stands out as a versatile choice, offering ease of use and robust security. 

Accessible across various platforms, this service ensures a user-friendly experience in generating and utilizing temporary email addresses without needing accounts or logins. 

Emphasizing a solid security infrastructure, it provides a protected environment for users.

While the free version delivers ample functionality, those seeking enhanced features can explore the affordable premium plan. 

Delve into the 9 best EmailOnDeck alternatives for a comprehensive overview of diverse options.

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