Best Free Anonymous Email Accounts

9 Best Free Anonymous Email Accounts in 2024

Published on: January 17, 2024
Last Updated: January 17, 2024

9 Best Free Anonymous Email Accounts in 2024

Published on: January 17, 2024
Last Updated: January 17, 2024

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The best free anonymous email account in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is Surfshark Alternative ID!

There are many reasons to want an anonymous email account. The majority of these reasons are not sinister.

In fact, everyone should discover the best free anonymous email accounts and create at least one.

It will help you to maintain privacy on the internet.

Don’t forget, privacy means fewer personal details and that means less likelihood of your personal and financial information being stolen.

The following best free anonymous email accounts are easy to sign up for and will keep you anonymous.

Best Free Anonymous Email Accounts in 2024

  1. Surfshark Alternative ID – 🏆 Winner!
  2. ProtonMail
  3. StartMail
  4. HushMail
  5. Tutanota
  6. Guerilla Mail
  7. AnonAddy
  8. CounterMail
  9. Posteo

1. Surfshark Alternative ID

Surfshark Alternative ID 2

In the world of anonymous email accounts, Surfshark Alternative ID stands out as a versatile and secure solution.

It caters to a wide range of users, from students and online learners who wish to keep educational communications separate to contest and giveaway participants looking to shield their primary email from potential spam. 

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Alternative ID enables users to effortlessly manage communications from various online activities, such as forums, community memberships, and even temporary project collaborations, without compromising their main email address.

This feature is especially useful for event attendees who wish to provide contact information without the risk of receiving unsolicited marketing materials or spam. 

Additionally, for beta testers and software enthusiasts, Alternative ID offers a separate identity for participating in beta testing programs or software trials, keeping their main inbox free from related communications.

It’s an ideal tool for anyone seeking to maintain control over their digital identity across diverse online interactions.


  • Keeps your primary email address private, reducing exposure to spam and potential data breaches.
  • Suitable for a variety of users, including students, contest participants, and event attendees.
  • Allows for managing different aspects of online life without cluttering the main inbox.
  • Shields the main email from unsolicited marketing and spam from various online activities.


  • Users might find it challenging to manage multiple email identities.
  • Dependence on the service for privacy could be risky if there are any service interruptions or policy changes.

2. ProtonMail


ProtonMail is one of the best free anonymous email accounts you can get right now.

This service encrypts your email using the latest PGP encryption technology, ensuring only you and the intended recipient can view it.

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Best of all, Protonmail won’t save or record any of your information. They, and their employees, cannot read the content of your message.

Creating an account is simple and doesn’t require you to identify yourself. However, you can create a password recovery option.

For this, you’ll need to link in a valid email address.

It’s also possible to send an email to someone and have the message delete itself completely from the system after a set time. 

Protonmail allows you to send 150 messages each day. If you need more than that they do offer a paid variant.

But, you’re likely to need a genuine phone number to create a paid member account.

3. StartMail

StartMail Home

This is a web-based service which offers a burner email service.

It allows you to send one email and burn your email address or, burn it when you start getting spam.

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StartMail uses PGP encryption which originates from their servers.

They also remove all headers and email addresses from your emails.

4. HushMail


Hushmail is a free service that allows you to send anonymous emails every day. There is a free version and a paid subscription offered.

The free version has good security although there are better versions available.

However, the ability to create safe lists and even block specific domains is intriguing and worth signing up for.

This anonymous email provider doesn’t have ads on the site. That allows you to browse and send without interruption.

You can also access a Hushmail account from any device.

There isn’t currently an app but it’s easy to log into Hushmail via the internet from anywhere in the world.

5. Tutanota

image 117

This is another great option when looking for a free anonymous email account. 

Tutanota uses its own encryption procedure, effectively ensuring your email stays anonymous and can’t be accessed by anyone else.

Interestingly, even the subject line and intended recipient are encrypted.

It’s possible to send these encrypted emails to people without a Tutanota account, they simply need a password to unlock the encryption.

This account gives you 1Gb of storage and it’s very easy to create an account.

You won’t need to supply any identifiable information.

The service will also remove your IP address, making it virtually impossible to trace the origin of the email.

6. Guerilla Mail

Guerilla Mail

Guerilla Mail is one of the original anonymous email service providers.

It’s been operating for over ten years and allows you to send and receive emails anonymously.

It’s possible to designate an email address for yourself or allow the service to choose one at random.

In either case, your personal data will be safe. However, if you prefer, you can send an email without creating an account.

All emails last for just one hour and are then deleted, this helps to keep everything anonymous.

7. AnonAddy


Unsurprisingly, the AnonAddy service offers anonymous emails. There are no adverts on the service and their policies are very open.

In fact, it’s open-source, allowing anyone to verify how safe it is.

You can have a multitude of email addresses through the AnonAddy alias system. That makes it extremely difficult to work out who sent what.

This service also offers additional features, such as protection from spam and ensuring that cross-referencing is not an option.

The service even allows you to reply to emails anonymously.

8. CounterMail


CounterMail has four separate layers of encryption, making it one of the safest anonymous options available.

It offers encryption which starts at your email and only unencrypts when received by the intended recipient.

It doesn’t store any of your information, allows you to choose a password for unencryption, and removes all information from the headers of any email/

Best of all, it’s very easy to use.

9. Posteo


You can’t get a free trial with Posteo but, this German-based untraceable email account is one of the best.

It removes your IP address and all details in the headers.

The company won’t keep details regarding any email sent and allows you to register anonymously.

Naturally, it offers some of the best encryption currently available, ensuring you remain completely anonymous.

Understanding The Anonymous Email Account

When you send a standard email the header includes your email address.

Dig a little deeper into the details of the message and you’ll find your IP address, the name of your device, and even what time the message was sent.

In other words, everything a receiver needs to confirm who sent the email.

In basic terms, an anonymous email account ensures that your identity is a secret.

Because the service is specifically designed to protect your privacy, no personal information is included in the message.

In short, it’s not possible to trace you or your address when using an anonymous email account.

Your personal information, including your IP address and device name, is hidden from prying eyes because they are never sent.

When An Anonymous Email Account Can be Useful

It may seem like an anonymous email is only useful for criminals and those wishing to play pranks.

However, there are a variety of situations where knowing how to access the best free anonymous email accounts is desirable.

As a Journalist

Journalists are often asked to write on sensitive subjects. This can often result in someone taking an article the wrong way.

An anonymous email service will help to keep your identity a secret and you safe.


Blowing the whistle on bad practices in a workplace or other organisation is supposedly encouraged.

However, if you do it, you’ll often find you become the target for anyone affected by your claim.

Using an anonymous email allows you to bring issues up without fearing repercussions. 

Avoid a Repressive Regime

If you live in a democratic company with freedom of speech it can be hard to understand the fear of a repressive government.

The truth is, there are many places around the world where you can be punished for expressing an opinion.

Using an anonymous email account can help you be honest without fear of repercussions.

You’re an Activist

Activists are constantly pushing the boundaries of social norms and this makes them a target for a variety of people and organisations.

Using an anonymous email account will help any activist retain their privacy.

You Have Concerns About Data Breaches

The internet is fantastic. But, its presence also invites cybercriminals. They generally try to steal data they can use.

If you’re concerned about data breaches and the resulting security issues, an anonymous email account is essential.

Safety Tips Online

Staying safe online means taking a variety of precautions. This is alongside using an anonymous email account.

1. Never Giving Out Personal Details

This is standard practice. You should never give out personal details unless it is absolutely necessary.

It is never necessary to give out login and password information.

2. Avoid Clicking On Links In Emails

A link in an email is designed to take you to a specified internet site or download a file.

However, you should only open these if you know the sender and trust them. If not, you should always avoid clicking on a link.

Instead, open a new web page and type the company name in to find the correct website and verify the information provided.

3. Invest In A VPN

The best way to ensure safety when operating online is to use a VPN.

You should get a VPN from someone with a good reputation, such as NordVPN.

This will protect your data and help you to stay anonymous online.

After all, the VPN will change your IP address making it very difficult to trace you.


Recommended Guide: NordVPN Review

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Using A Burner Email Service

A burner email service is much like a disposal phone. You can send an email; or receive one, without having to provide all your details.

You simply enter your message and hit send. The message goes and is deleted after a set period.

It’s impossible to trace the email back to you.

It’s an effective way of avoiding spam when visiting dubious websites, any spam messages sent won’t be received by you.

A burner email service also means that no one else can read the message. It is only visible to the recipient and there is quickly no trace of the conversation.

We recommend Burner Mail if you want to explore this option.

What To Think About When Selecting An Anonymous Email Account

A free anonymous email account can be the right way forward for you. However, before you choose, make sure you consider the following points:


It’s also worth checking reviews and reading articles regarding the best free anonymous email accounts currently available.

This will help to ensure you choose a service that genuinely offers anonymous emails and will be reliable. 

Encryption level

To be completely anonymous and safe your chosen account should include end-to-end encryption.

When verifying this check that any attachments are also encrypted in the same way.

Any Additional Options

The best anonymous email accounts also offer you storage facilities and may even protect you from spam.

Check what additional features are included before you choose the right one for you.

Local Laws

To be anonymous the email account provider must not keep a log of your activity. However, in some locations, the law states they must keep this information.

An anonymous email account provider will be based somewhere these laws do not apply. Make sure this is the case before you start using their service.

Deciding Between Free And Paid Anonymous Email Services

In general, a paid anonymous email account will offer a greater variety of services and you can even get hold of a customer support team when needed.

Some of the free versions can also flood you with ads or may even record your data.

That’s why you’re best off with the best free anonymous email accounts listed in this guide.

If you’re just looking to send and receive the odd anonymous email then the free options are all you need.

If it’s a more frequent occurrence it may be worth opting for a paid one.

Possibilities With One-Way Traffic

Several platforms offer one-way email traffic.

For example, if you only wish to send emails and not receive them, you’ll find several good options, such as AnonymousMail.

Equally, TrashMail is a great option if you only receive anonymous emails.

Summing Up

You may not have considered it before, but knowing how to find the best free anonymous email accounts means you can stay safe on the web and get your message across.

There are plenty of genuine reasons to stay anonymous, all you need to do is select the right email account for your needs and budget, then start using it today.

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