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Dark Web Statistics 2024: Uncovering the Shady Details

Published on: July 20, 2023
Last Updated: July 20, 2023

Dark Web Statistics 2024: Uncovering the Shady Details

Published on: July 20, 2023
Last Updated: July 20, 2023

The dark web, an encrypted part of the internet hidden from traditional search engines, continues to capture the imagination of both the curious and the cautious. 

Fabled for its illicit activities, the dark web serves as a refuge for those seeking anonymity to engage in various illicit transactions.

While accessing this clandestine realm is risky and discouraged, exploring the statistics surrounding it can provide insights into its reach and impact on the digital landscape.

This is the only dark web statistics you need to read in 2024!

Key Statistics

  • 6% of the whole internet consists of the dark web
  • The platform, Tor, has a daily reception of 2 million users
  • 57% of the sites in the dark web contain illicit content
  • Since 2017, Bitcoin trading in the dark web has surged by over 300%
  • The infamous dark web marketplace, Silk Road, is worth $34.5 million and attracts around 1 million users
  • Most of dark web activity (29%) involves file sharing among anonymous individuals
  • A quarter of the world’s population had accessed the dark web through Tor
  • 60% of dark web listings could potentially damage several large enterprises

Dark Web Statistics: Its Intriguing Secrets, and Impact on Society

Dark Web 638

1. The Dark Web Accounts for 6% of the Internet

The dark web, a mysterious realm of the internet, is estimated to make up approximately 6% of the total online landscape.

This hidden corner of the internet is shrouded in secrecy and often associated with illicit activities.

While the dark web is just a fraction of the entire web, its presence is notable due to its intriguing and sometimes wicked nature.

(Geeks For Geeks)

2. The Tor Platform Attracts Over Two Million Users Daily

Moving on to the exciting part of our dark web statistics, let us look into the nitty gritty of the Tor network.

Every day, the Tor platform attracts a substantial user base of more than two million individuals.

Although a significant number of users utilize Tor for legitimate reasons, such as evading censorship, there is also a notable portion who exploit the platform for malicious intentions.

A considerable allure of the Tor network lies in its ability to provide anonymity and privacy to its users.

By routing internet traffic through a series of encrypted relays, Tor obscures the origin and destination of online activities.

(ID Agent)

3. Approximately 57% of Sites in the Dark Web Contain Illegal Content

In a comprehensive study conducted by Daniel Moore and Thomas Rid, two researchers from King’s College in London, the contents of 2,723 active dark web sites were meticulously analyzed over a span of five weeks back in 2015.

The primary objective of their investigation was to identify the prevalence of illicit material within these hidden corners of the internet.

Upon meticulous examination, Moore and Rid made a striking discovery.

Approximately 57% of the analyzed dark web sites were found to be hosting illicit content. 

(CSO Online)

4. Bitcoin trading on the dark web has increased by more than 300% since 2017

A recent study conducted by Bitfury, a prominent bitcoin technology firm, has shed light on the significant surge in bitcoin transactions occurring on the dark web. 

According to their report, the total worth of bitcoin exchanged on the dark web, when measured against the US dollar, witnessed a remarkable 65% increase throughout the year 2019.

Even more astonishing, this value has skyrocketed by an astounding 340% since 2017.

(Times Now News)

5. Silk Road, Worth $34.5 Million, Catered to Nearly One Million Anonymous Customers

Silk Road, an infamous online marketplace in the dark web, was estimated to have a value of approximately $34.5 million and boasted a vast customer base of nearly one million anonymous users.

This illicit platform offered a range of illicit goods and services, enabling users to engage in illegal activities with relative ease. 

Among the offerings available on Silk Road were drugs, with various substances readily accessible for purchase.

Additionally, the marketplace facilitated the exchange of services like hacking into Facebook accounts, providing a platform for cybercriminal activities.

(The Sun)

6. File Sharing is the Most Prominent Activity in the Dark Web, Accounting for 29% of All Activities

Dark Web

The dark web, often depicted as an enigmatic underworld of the internet, hosts a multitude of activities spanning various categories.

This hidden corner of cyberspace has gained notoriety due to its association with illegal transactions and anonymous interactions.

The top activities and the percentage they take up among all activities are as follows:

  • 29% of the dark web is associated with file sharing
  • 28% of the dark web is associated with leaked data selling
  • 12% of the dark web is associated with financial fraud
  • 10% of the dark web is associated with news and media
  • 6% of the dark web is associated with the promotion of illegal items
  • 5% of the dark web is associated with discussion forums
  • 4% of the dark web is associated with drugs selling
  • 3% of the dark web is associated with hacking

(Geeks for Geeks)

7. 25% of the World’s Population Had Used the Tor Network to Access the Dark Web

A significant portion of the global population, approximately 25%, has utilized the Tor browser as a means to access the dark web at various instances.

This statistic sheds light on the widespread adoption of the Tor network among individuals seeking anonymity and privacy online

The Tor browser, known for its distinctive onion routing technology, enables users to browse the internet while concealing their identity and location.

By encrypting and bouncing network traffic through a series of volunteer-operated relays, the Tor network helps to ensure that online activities remain untraceable.

(ID Agent)

8. 60% of Listings on the Dark Web have the Potential to Damage Businesses

Dark Web 643

A 2019 study conducted by Dr. Michael McGuires at the University of Surrey reveals a worsening situation on the dark web.

Dark web listings posing a threat to enterprises have increased by 20% since 2016.

Excluding drug-related listings, 60% of all analyzed listings have the potential to harm enterprises.

These findings emphasize the need for businesses to strengthen their cybersecurity measures and remain vigilant against emerging threats.

(CSO Online)


Dark web statistics continue to captivate both researchers and the public due to its exposure of the intriguing nature of illicit activities in the platform.

Accounting for roughly 6% of the entire internet, this hidden realm remains a subject of fascination and concern. 

As law enforcement agencies strengthen their efforts to combat cybercrime, understanding the statistics and dynamics of the Dark Web becomes crucial for protecting individuals and organizations from its inherent threats. 

While its notoriety may persist, continued research and security measures can contribute to making the internet a safer place for everyone.


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