Best China Proxy: Free & Paid Chinese Proxy Services

9 Best China Proxies: Free & Paid Chinese Proxy Services in 2024

Published on: March 13, 2024
Last Updated: March 13, 2024

9 Best China Proxies: Free & Paid Chinese Proxy Services in 2024

Published on: March 13, 2024
Last Updated: March 13, 2024

Finding reliable proxies with a particular geo-location attached to their IP addresses can be difficult.

This article will cover the difference between residential and private proxies and China proxy services for both types.

Overview China Proxy Services 2024

Residential Proxies With Geo-locations in China:

  1. Oxylabs: 1 million+ IPs from China, city-level targeting, 99% success rate, and 0.6s proxy speed.
  2. Bright Data: A top-tier and well-trusted proxy provider, over 4 million IPs from China, starts at $25 per GB.
  3. BeeProxy: The number of Chinese proxies isn’t specified; over 200,000 proxies from Asia, two million+ total, and unmetered proxies start at $2.00 with the ability of custom geo-location.
  4. SmartProxy: 580K+ Chinese IPs, starting at $75 per 5 GB, friendly UI, 3-day money-back guarantee.
  5. Shifter: Over 31+ million IPs total, location-specific ports start at 10 for $249.99, number of Chinese proxies not specified, and 1 GBPS speed.

Private Proxies With Geo-locations in China:

  1. SSL Private Proxy: Starts at $15 per month for five private proxies, the number of proxy IPs in China is not specified, currently doesn’t support Chinese IPs, but may be available in the future, and dedicated as well as highly anonymous.
  2. Proxy Seller: Prices start at $2.16 per proxy, multiple payment options from monthly to one-time payments, as well as bulk orders, and the number of Chinese IPs is not specified.
  3. High Proxies: Provides proxies with IPs from worldwide locations, currently does have any Chinese IPs in their pool; prices start at $2.30 per proxy on a monthly billing cycle.
  4. Storm Proxies: Reliable source for private proxies, but currently only supports USA locations, pricing starts at $10 per month for five private proxies and 24-hour money-back guarantee.

Where to Buy China Proxies

Where to buy China Proxies

China is known for its strict laws and regulations on internet access and its usage as a whole.

In this day and age, people worldwide have found ways to hide their digital footprint by using proxies.

If you’re looking to keep your digital footprint in China, no matter where you are in the world, finding a reliable source for residential or private proxies with a geo-location in China is where you’ll want to start.

Proxies can be used as a personal firewall or filter on the web, protecting your and your personal information along the way.

Using proxies can help with internet speed, saving bandwidth, performing sensitive tasks anonymously, and more.

Furthermore, the speed and quality of the proxy is a factor as well. VPN’s and proxies have similar uses, but this article is going to discuss which China-based residential and private proxies are the best options. 

Why Are China Proxies Useful?

There are many reasons why using proxies based in China could be helpful to you or your business.

China’s web content is highly censored, so much so that anyone from the outside can’t simply see what Chinese residents see online.

Unless, of course, you’re using a proxy with a geo-location in China, masking your actual IP location.

If you intend to test automation within their network, scrap data, or any activity regarding Chinese residents and the networks they use, you’ll need China-based proxies. 

Masking your actual location will trick their network into thinking you’re based in China, allowing you to surf the web from their perspective.

It achieves this by rerouting your queries through an IP based somewhere in China, and some proxy providers allow custom city-level targeting.

Additionally, there isn’t much reason to utilize proxies with China geo-locations other than masking your IP and using their network from their perspective.

Where to Find Chinese Residential Proxies in 2024

Whether the task at hand entails marketing, data collection, or even market research, using paid residential proxies is a sure way to make sure you’re protected and operational.

Proxy providers that offer China-based IPs generally come with different parameters as far as price, proxy count, and availability.

Below, you’ll find more information on residential proxies with a geo-location in China.

1. Oxylabs

  • China-based IP pool: Over 1 million
  • Geo-targeting: City-level
  • Speed: 0.6s proxy speed

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If you’re looking for some of the best proxy speeds, Oxylabs provides a rate of 0.6 seconds, ensuring almost zero delays when operating online.

Residential China proxies from this company are helpful for intellectual property protection, SEO monitoring, and market research.

If you need China-based IPs, Oxylabs also lets you customize your residential proxies down to a city level, allowing you to perform your actions from a more specified location rather than a random datacenter.

Their website provides a clean UI with plenty of free educational material.

With over a million IPs based in China, you’ll never run out of variations.

2. Bright Data

  • China-based IP pool: Over 4 million
  • Residential proxy types: Share or exclusive
  • Cost: Starts at $300 per month for 20 GB
Bright Data

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Bright Data is one of the best proxy services, hands down.

They offer proxies in nearly any country and have over 4 million China proxies in their pool.

They also have precise location targeting, allowing you to choose the region, state, or city you want for your proxies.

This level of customization isn’t commonly heard of amongst many other proxy providers.

They have a history of providing their users with endlessly reliable proxies worldwide and providing an operating speed that’s best in class.

Of course, when it comes to being the best, you can usually expect the price to reflect such status.

Although Bright Data is a top choice, its services are considered expensive, among others.

3. BeeProxy

  • China-based IP pool: Not specified, over 200,000 in Asia alone
  • Geo-targeting: Country city or even ISP
  • Cost: Starts at $2.00 for unmetered

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BeeProxy is a proxy service that offers over 100 geo-locations to choose from as well as two million+ IPs or more based on the package you choose.

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The company doesn’t disclose how many China-based IPs they have in their pool, but their custom geo-targeting and 200,000 IPs based in Asia should be of good use.

They also provide the option for randomizing ports with every action, keeping your digital footprint clean with each activity.

BeeProxy also has solid customer service, as well as multiple tiers for residential China proxies to choose from.

4. SmartProxy

  • China-based IP pool: Over 580,000
  • Connections: Unlimited
  • Cost: Starts at $75 per 5GB 
image 11

Another reliable source for China proxies is SmartProxy. With over 190 locations across the globe, they have over 580,000 proxies in their IP pool.

They’re also praised for their fair pricing model that, like Bright Data, charges based on bandwidth. 

Furthermore, the type of proxies they carry are back-connect proxies and are a stellar service for small-time businesses, data researchers, and marketers.

Although it may not take the number one spot, SmartProxy is more than reliable for your custom geo-location needs. 

5. Shifter

  • China-based IP pool: Over 31 million total
  • Geo-targeting: Not specified
  • Cost: Starts at $249.99 for 10 ports.
  • Speed: 1 GBPS
image 8

This company provides millions of IPs in nearly every city worldwide. Although there are many locations to choose from, Shifters’ proxies are time-based and rotate every five minutes.

Unlike our previous listings, their China proxies are priced not on bandwidth but by ports. 

Due to this, unlimited bandwidth is a part of their proxy model, which isn’t found in many other proxy providers.

Their proxies are best suited for ad verification, talent sourcing, user testing, and finding your target audience.

Although they have a long list of IP locations available, they don’t explicitly list any IP access based in China. 

image 7

Where to Find Chinese Private Proxies in 2024

Private proxies work a bit differently and provide some different benefits as well.

If you’re looking for better speed and a bit less congestion, private China proxies can ease that as each IP will only have one user.

These types of proxies are also known to provide a much wider option of custom geo-locations.

Below, you’ll find a handful of reliable private proxy providers. 

1. SSL Private Proxy

  • China-based IP pool: None at this time, but will expand into this territory
  • Geo-targeting: Currently only available in North America and Europe
  • Cost: Starts at $15.00 per month for five private proxies

One of the most affordable options for efficient, dedicated private proxies is SSL Private Proxy.

Their monthly base subscription offers 100 threads/proxy starting at $15.00 per month for five China proxies.

You can expect them to be highly anonymous and also come with multiple subnets. They also provide further discounts with the more proxies you add. 

SSL Private Proxy also boasts dense fiber connectivity, quality upstream providers, and protection against Denial of Service attacks.

Although they don’t support any locations based in China at this time, they are focused on rapidly expanding their services outside of the US and Europe. 

image 5

2. Proxy Seller

  • China-based IP pool: Number in China-based IP pool not specified
  • Geo-targeting: IP support in China is available
  • Cost: Starts at $2.17 per private proxy based in China
  • Subnets: 300 + more than 100 networks
image 4

This China proxy service is known for its vast selection of geo-locations with its private proxies.

Proxy Seller also guarantees a fast speed of 1GBPS, with a price of $2.17 per proxy for their IPs based in China.

Additionally, proxies with a location in China only come as IPv4. There’s support across China, but Proxy Seller does not specify how IPs they have in that particular pool. 

They also allow you to purchase the use of these proxies from one week up to twelve months.

Choose how long you’ll need to use the proxies, and then enter in the amount, and their website will auto-generate your total.

Often looked over, a seamless UI goes a long way with building a trustworthy relationship with the proxy community, and Proxy Seller has done a stellar job there.

3. High Proxies

  • China-based IP pool: No China-based IPs in their pool at this time
  • Geo-targeting: Worldwide locations available
  • Cost: Starts at $2.30 per private proxy
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
image 3

At this point, High Proxies can be considered a veteran proxy provider. Although they don’t currently support any IPs based in China, they have many worldwide locations available.

They also provide a server status center on their website that updates in real-time. The companies services start at $2.30 per private proxy.

They’re easily a good choice with unlimited bandwidth, multiple subnets, and a history of good ratings.

They stress that their private proxies will not work with sneaker sites or any social media sites or applications.

High Proxies also provides plenty of information on the industry and how to use their proxies online safely.

They utilize Raid10 SSDs and an intelligent routing network that surpasses traditional networks to provide the fastest speeds. 

4. Storm Proxies

  • China-based IP pool: China-based IPs aren’t currently supported
  • Geo-targeting: Many locations available across the US and Europe
  • Cost: Starts at $10 per month for five private proxies
  • Bandwidth: Unlimited
image 2

This proxy provider offers some of the lowest prices, fast speeds, and instant access to your proxies as soon as you pay.

There’s no need for account activation or any setup process, and Storm Proxies offers a 24-hour money-back guarantee, 24/7 support, virgin IPs, and multiple subnets.

Although China-based IPs aren’t currently supported, they provide many locations across the US.

Their private proxies start at only $2.00 per proxy, beating many other competitors on the market.

Storm Proxies services are great for browsing the web anonymously, accessing geo-blocked content, and changing your IP location to cover your digital footprint better.

Storm Proxies is becoming increasingly popular, and you can expect them to expand their IP locations as they grow.

In Conclusion

After all the details we’ve covered in this article about residential and private China web proxy server providers, it’s understood that speed, IP location variety, and a trustworthy business model are needed to find a good source for China proxies.

Although price is always a factor, you may want to vet what’s included, as you may be limited on location, subnets, or bandwidth.

It’s vital to understand that no proxies should be used with ill-intent and should only be used to protect your personal information and identity. 

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