Buzzoid Review & 8 Alternatives That Won’t Scam You

Last Updated: July 26, 2021

And the vast majority of the Buzzoid reviews shown are all of the perfectly glowing 5-star variety, with only a single 4-star review and one 1-star review tucked away at the bottom of their list.


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Buzzoid Review & 6 Top Alternatives
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What is Buzzoid?

Since its founding back in 2010, Instagram has risen its presence to become a top-flight player in the social media landscape.

Entire companies — heck, even whole industries — live and breathe due to Instagram’s varied successes over the years, relying on the social media giant’s sheer existence just to stay afloat.

And Buzzoid is one of those companies, sitting in that niche market of competitors vying for market share in a cottage industry centered around Instagram itself.

My Buzzoid Review

Buzzoid offers services aimed toward improving your standing on Instagram, providing you views, likes, and even followers so long as you’ve got the funds to fork over to them.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Toss some of your money toward Buzzoid, and voila, you’re suddenly considered an influencer or your business is chock full of new potential customers … right?

As you’ll quickly learn while navigating the oftentimes rough and tumble world of paid Instagram account management and boosting services, this isn’t usually the case.

Is Buzzoid Right For You?


Some services can deliver on the bulk of their promises. Others? Not so much.

For every legitimate business in this field, there seems to be at least a handful of bad apples and outright scam artists looking to turn a quick buck off of your desire to grow your audience on social media.

So where exactly does Buzzoid land in this spectrum? Well, I try my best to showcase services with a fair blend of the good and the bad. But the answer to that question isn’t exactly peachy.

And it’s difficult to present balance in these articles when the services themselves lean so aggressively toward the bad side.

Buzzoid? More like Red Flagoid. See What I Did There?

Buzzoid Pricing

A precursory review of their website shows that Buzzoid does have a security certificate, and that’s nice. It’s always handy to know whether or not you can trust a website.

And their payments are secured by Norton, or Paypal if you choose to use that service. So those are a few good marks. But sadly, those are also the only good marks.

Yeah. It’s that bad.

The Buzzoid website buries its reviews on their buy pages, defaulting to the option to write a review … for the service you literally haven’t bought yet.

And the vast majority of the reviews shown are all of the perfectly glowing 5-star variety, with only a single 4-star review and one 1-star review tucked away at the bottom of their list.

It almost seems as if someone paid for those reviews themselves, and then hid them away because even they realized how shady that was.

I’m not saying that’s what happened, of course. But aggregate review services don’t paint such a rosy picture.

IG Reviews gives them a paltry one and a half stars, out of a possible five, based on 102 reviews. That’s the sort of rating you’d expect a cruise ship to get after it sank.

Apparently, no one at Buzzoid deemed it necessary to write a helpful FAQ section, either.

Rather than providing comprehensive answers to the questions their customers have surely asked them, the Buzzoid FAQ reads as little more than some additional marketing copy telling you why you should buy followers, likes, and views.

Their customer support section is essentially an email form you can fill out. And hey, that’s fine.

Not every company is big enough to offer 24/7 phone support or live chat windows. But an unsettling number of reviews for Buzzoid complain of gut-wrenching wait times of days and even weeks, while some say they never received responses to their questions at all.

Information is Inconsistent at Best

What you are probably gathering from this article so far is that when it comes to their information, it is inconsistent at best. You might have first been dazzled by the bright lights and smoke machine when you visited the website, but you quickly came back down to earth, and realized that there were great big holes in their features.

One of the things that we are less than impressed with it when it comes to Buzzoid is that they simply don’t have consistent information when it comes to what they offer their clients in the terms and conditions of their services.

They talk about on their website how your engagement isn’t guaranteed. This means that essentially what they are saying is that if you paid for 300 Instagram followers, you could end up receiving just 200, which of course is definitely not a good sign.

They also seem to want to do everything they can to cover their butts when it comes to their terms and conditions, which is why they say in the fine print that they reserve the right to not send you your engagement at all, which if you think about for a second is absolutely absurd.

They aren’t even going to communicate with you if they have decided on this, which of course makes zero sense, and makes us feel like they are nothing more than a massive scam that have an ulterior motive throughout the entire thing.

We talk about reviews a little bit further down, but as you’ll see, they have pretty much done nothing but disappoint the clients that do exist already, and this has probably encouraged them to look elsewhere for help with their Instagram growth.

Obviously, we think that companies like this are incredibly risky, because they are not only going to take advantage of you and steal your money, but they could also end up taking your personal information and selling it to a third party for a profit.

If that doesn’t sound like a scam, we don’t know what does, so you definitely need to stay well away from companies like this, because no matter how desperate you are to get help with your Instagram profile, it’s simply not going to be worth it.

Their Customer Support is Terrible

We need to take a moment here to touch on their customer support, or complete lack thereof. Another major issue that this company has is that they take their absolute lack of care for their clients to another level, and don’t even provide them with the kind of support they need, especially when it comes to technical issues or queries about their services.

What we’re trying to say is that it is going to take a super long time for you to contact them, and sometimes, you will find that you won’t even get through.

This is another thing that is touched on frequently with Buzzoid’s customer reviews over on Trustpilot, and other third-party websites. Your best-case scenario is that it is going to take the best part of a day to get in touch with them, and the worst-case scenario is that they won’t get back to you at all.

If you weren’t already convinced that this is the kind of company you need to avoid at all costs, then we hope that this has sent you over the edge. You shouldn’t be signing up for any company or service that can’t provide the kind of customer support you need.

B-B-Bad Buzzoid Reviews

So their website isn’t particularly helpful and their customer service leaves a lot to be desired. We pretty much just described a cable company, right?

Sadly, the issues with Buzzoid don’t end there. And this, I’m afraid, is where things start to really get ugly.

Some customers writing reviews do seem like genuine humans who did receive what they paid for, in a timely fashion even.

But there’s a disturbing, if not revealing trend among reviews of Buzzoid that most of you reading this are going to find pretty worrisome: a lot of customers report never getting what they paid for.

Some reviewers complain of having their credit cards charged multiple times for purchases they never made. One reviewer even claims they’d been charged over $200 but never received their order, and had been completely incapable of reaching anyone at Buzzoid to get a refund.

And an alarming number of reviewers allege the followers they did receive vanished shortly after purchasing them; some lasted weeks, others only a few hours.

This all sounds pretty scammy, right? Well thankfully, there’s an organization in the United States that aims to protect consumers from this sort of bad, unethical behavior.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is an organization that monitors and rates businesses big and small, and offers free party mediation services when a consumer encounters issues with a company that can’t be resolved without assistance.

Buzzoid’s BBB standing isn’t great. Heck, it isn’t even passable.

They’ve had five formal complaints filed against them, none of which have been resolved, giving Buzzoid an F rating. Not every company we review here has a BBB standing, but of the ones that do, Buzzoid most certainly has the poorest.

That matters quite a bit.

The BBB is an honored, recognized, respected institution. A poor standing with them says a whole lot about the company itself.

And the fact they haven’t even appeared to attempt remedying these complaints lodged against them says a whole lot about Buzzoid.

But Buzzoid doesn’t really care about their reputation, or so it seems.

Buzzoid Buyer Beware! BBB

Buzzoid has a decent-looking website, so long as you’re not interested in finding any actual information.

They offer relatively cheap packages versus their competitors. And some of their customers did seem to have an okay experience using their services, too.

But all that really does is prevent us from calling them a full-out scam. They’re only partially a scam. And that counts for something, doesn’t it?

For my money, Buzzoid ticks way, way, way too many negative boxes to warrant handing them any money.

The missing purchases, the disappearing followers, the random charges, the apparent lack of customer service, all of the questions involving their shadowy parent company … it’s all too much, really.

Review Conclusion

My advice?

Steer clear of them.

There are plenty of other services out there offering the same stuff, without also being shady.

It’s always nice when you can save a few dollars here and there, but saving money only matters when you can be confident you aren’t going to be robbed blind in some untold number of ways.

And with Buzzoid, that is precisely what happened to too many users for us to suggest their services with a straight face.

However, we’ve got a comprehensive list of Buzzoid alternatives that you can try out that provide real engagement.

Top Buzzoid Alternatives

1. Stormlikes


Stormlikes is an excellent Buzzoid alternative because they actually care about their clients, which is harder to come across than you might think in this industry. Not only do they care about their clients when it comes to their level of accountability, but they care about their clients in terms of their delivery.

This is why they promise that they can deliver good quality Instagram likes and followers to you within just a few minutes, and the best part is that you don’t have to feel pressured into growing every aspect of your engagement at the same time.

If you just want to focus on your likes right now, you can, but if you want to focus on your views and followers, you can incorporate it all. The process to start working with them is easy – all you have to do is choose a service, enter your details, and then they can help you on Instagram.

2. Review – Does it work? is an ideal Buzzoid alternative because they are sensitive to the needs of their clients, and understand that each of their clients is an individual, which means that their needs are going to be unique and require a different perspective.

You might be tempted to believe that these guys can just help you with your likes, but they can also help you with your views and followers.

One feature that stands out to us is their smart targeting feature, which means that they will sit down with you in the beginning and talk to you about what your target audience looks like, so they can get it right from the very beginning.

If you need to know anything more about this company and how it works, you can always scroll down a little bit further on their home page and get the lowdown through their FAQ section.

3. Ektora


Sometimes, it’s nice to know as much as you can about a company before you’ve committed to anything. In fact, a lot of these companies offer a free trial for a few days beforehand, so you can get a really good idea of what they’ll do for you.

Ektora takes this one step further – using your username, they create a report of what they predict they can do for your account.

There’s nothing like seeing their service in action, especially before you pay for it.

Again, unlike Buzzoid, Ektora is an organic growth company that takes your engagement seriously.

4. Nitreo


If you love implementing your engagement strategy on Instagram but deep down prefer the creative side of things, you’ll want to check out Nitreo.

This company is all about being creative and implementing creativity into your game plan.

As well as social advertising and management assistance, this third-party Instagram marketing company can even set you up with an email campaign, so that you can get even more eyes on your content.

Unlike Buzzoid, Nitreo provides real Instagram engagement.

They also know how to create the ultimate website, so you can put all your eggs in one basket with them and grow your account successfully.

5. Follow Adder

Follow Adder

Follow Adder comes with its very own downloadable dashboard – and what’s more, it’s compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows.

This means that you can download their software, set your account up through their dashboard, and implement your personal Instagram engagement strategy – all in one easy to use location.

We love that you can upload images and schedule posts with Follow Adder’s dashboard. It’s a great way to still be in control, without having to manually do everything separately. This is why we love Follow Adder.

6. Instato


Instato is the kind of organic automated engagement company that simply does all the things that you don’t want to do so you can do the things you do want to do.

That sounds complicated – but it isn’t using tried and true methods of engaging with potential followers, Instato will make sure that your content is seen by the right people.

7. Instagooo


Instagooo is even simpler than Instato – but this doesn’t mean that they’re not a high-quality Instagram engagement service.

Instagooo is a favorite of ours because they’re upfront and honest from the beginning. They’re an Instagram bot, and they use this to your advantage so that you can get the engagement you want.

Instagooo is the type of company you want to take that mundane engagement off your hands.

8. Jarvee


Jarvee brings us full circle back to the beginning of our list because they’re quite like Follow Adder. Jarvee is software that you download off the internet onto your desktop, and it comes with an easy-to-use dashboard.

The thing we love most about Jarvee is that they can help you manage more than one Instagram account at once. If you’re serious about your Instagram engagement, you’ll want to try out Jarvee.

Review Conclusion

Buzzoid has been told to stop doing business – but this doesn’t mean that you have to as well.

In fact, you could see this as an opportunity to find the perfect company for you that’s going to help you execute the ultimate Instagram engagement strategy.

I hope this Buzzoid review helps you stay away from scams. With this list of excellent Buzzoid alternatives, your Instagram will be back to its former self in no time – and in the long run, it’ll be better off.

Written by Jason

Hi! I’m the editor at EarthWeb. I have a deep interest in technology and business. I also enjoy testing products out. Contact me to be featured!

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