Best Places to Buy SoundCloud Plays & Followers

Buy SoundCloud Plays Cheap: 30 Best Sites in 2024

Published on: August 9, 2023
Last Updated: August 9, 2023

Buy SoundCloud Plays Cheap: 30 Best Sites in 2024

Published on: August 9, 2023
Last Updated: August 9, 2023

In a hurry?
The best place to buy SoundCloud plays cheap in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is UseViral!

SoundCloud is one of the largest platforms for music and audio at the global level.

It is where people go to enjoy the most diverse and greatest choices in music.

Since its launch in 2008, this music/audio platform has been known for its unique features and content. 

In this competitive world of music, SoundCloud gives new and talented artists more than a shot in the dark at making it online. That is why this platform is so widely used by new artists. 

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Best Sites to Buy SoundCloud Plays Cheap in 2024

If you are seeking to buy plays (also known as streams) to grow your account, then we can help.

The following guide will provide you with a list of services you can use to get your music heard. 

Here’s a quick look at the best places to buy SoundCloud plays cheap:

  1. UseViral – 🏆 Winner!
  2. SidesMedia
  3. Media Mister 
  4. GetAFollower
  5. Buy Real Media
  6. Followersup
  7. Mr. Insta
  8. SubPals
  9. YTPals
  10. StreamDigic

1. UseViral

UseViral Buy Soundcloud Followers

There’s absolutely no doubt in our minds that one of the best sites to help you buy plays on SoundCloud is UseViral.

This company definitely knows what they’re doing, and they have managed to establish a solid reputation in the SoundCloud marketing industry, which means that they are completely trustworthy.

One of the biggest advantages to using a company like this to purchase plays from is just how much experience they have working with clients.

This means that you get to come in brand new, and make the most of this experience so that you can buy real plays for your tracks.

Another thing that we really like about this company is that they have really good pricing, which means that you can purchase 1000 plays for just $3.

They also have really quick delivery, getting to you in just one to two days, and they pride themselves in offering reliability and safety for their clients.

2. SidesMedia

SidesMedia Buy Soundcloud Plays

If you are looking to find a reliable place in the game right now when it comes to your plays, then you’ve got to check out SidesMedia.

This company is a humble champion and has been working with the clients for a while now, which means that they know a thing or two about growing their SoundCloud profiles.

They subtly say on their homepage that they actually have been named the most trusted source of social media engagement in the industry, which is no small feat.

The thing that we like the most about this place to buy plays is that they promise their clients real social media services for all popular platforms out there.

At the end of the day, their main goal is to help their clients gain more exposure for their brand, so that they can increase their long-term relationship with their target audience.

They have high-quality engagement that can get to you in just three days.

3. Media Mister

Media Mister SoundCloud Plays

If you are unfamiliar with services like Media Mister, yet your SoundCloud account is lacking engagement, it’s time to take a look at them.

A good reason to look into this company is that not only will it help grow your account, but you can also use it for other social media platforms. 

It’s an all-in-one service that helps you with SoundCloud, and also TikTok, Instagram and more social platforms. 

Media Mister has been providing these services for quite some time, and it’s obvious that they have ample experience needed to offer real plays for SoundCloud. 

This platform is known for its wide array of categories, highly competitive pricing, and great customer service.

This platform lets you buy Soundcloud plays, downloads and reposts, an exclusive guarantee, and high-quality social media enhancement. 

4. GetAFollower

GetAFollower SoundCloud Plays

The GetAFollower team brings 50 years of experience combined to the marketing industry.

This platform also offers engagement for other websites such as Spotify and YouTube, so again, an all-in-one solution for the most popular social sites. 

The website features clearly defined features, an easy-to-navigate website, 24/7 customer service/support, and they do not ask for your personal information (i.e. passwords) to do the job. 

This is another great place to get SoundCloud plays for your account.

5. Buy Real Media

Buy Real Media Buy SoundCloud Plays

If you are seeking real SoundCloud plays, then Buy Real Media offers them. This helps you get your music heard.

Thousands of singers and musicians have become internet famous using such services for SoundCloud. 

Growing your plays on SoundCloud often results in gaining more loyal followers, which boosts your account and makes you and your music more popular.

That is the goal, right?

It’s time-consuming and tedious to spend time liking, playing, following, and reposting other tracks on SoundCloud.

How can you focus on your music tracks if you are busy trying to promote your SoundCloud account?

The effort required to reach popularity on this social streaming platform is one of the reasons users go to companies like Buy Real Media to get faster results with less work.

SoundCloud premium plays are delivered quickly, guaranteed, and you get quality services and live-chat support 24/7 at affordable prices.

This vendor is known for delivering quality plays with no hassles.

6. Followersup

Followersup - Soundcloud

If you have already partaken in services like Media Mister, you will understand the process and services provided on Followersup.

This platform is essentially the same when it comes to buying SoundCloud followers and plays that you need for your account.

Followersup is also a multi-channel service company and can help you get engagement across several social platforms like Media Mister.

The two are also similar in pricing structure with tiered pricing.

What is tiered pricing?

That is the concept that you only pay for what you choose. For instance, if you want just a little bit of engagement at first, you will pay less for Followersup features.

This is an ideal method if you are working with a tight budget, but you still need SoundCloud plays and followers.

Followersup is fast with execution on orders, offers a money-back guarantee, is safe, and the marketing manager ensures that they always have fresh plays and followers. 

7. Mr. Insta

Mr. Insta SoundCloud Plays

Mr. Insta is another option if you want to grow your SoundCloud base.

They offer engagement including plays, comments, and reposts. Their goal is to help their clients’ engagements in organic ways. 

This platform also offers multiple social media account engagement. They cater to SoundCloud as well as Spotify, Twitter, YouTube, IGTV, and other social networks.

How do they do it?

Their team uses advanced methodologies designed to drive traffic to your SoundCloud account.

They effectively use digital solutions that can convert followers/audiences into loyal customers.

Some features they offer include fast delivery, no password required, 24/7 live customer support, and you do not have to follow others. Their claim is 100% authentic engagement. 

8. SubPals

SubPals SoundCloud

Buying more SoundCloud streams, plays, downloads and reposts on your SoundCloud account is how you become popular on this streaming social network.

When you want your music to get attention, you need people and engagement to get there. SubPals is our number 11 pick for this method of engagement.

SubPals caters to other social media channels like YouTube, TikTok, Spotify, Twitch, and Instagram, but you can choose to use it solely for your SoundCloud if that is what you need. 

This vendor offers ease of use, quick guaranteed delivery of orders, no password needed, plans to fit several budgets, refill guarantee, safe and private, and 24/7 customer support. 

Their VIP packages may be a little expensive for those on a limited budget and the homepage seems to be a little slow, but this company is popular for its customer care and quality. 

9. YTPals

YTpals SoundCloud

YTpals offers SoundCloud growth as well as other premium services for other social media platforms. YouTube, Twitch, Pinterest, TikTok, and others.

For the SoundCloud streaming platform, this service helps you get plays, downloads, reposts, followers, and comments. Everything you need to get more exposure on this streaming platform.

Why is such a service important for growing your SoundCloud account? Without this engagement you cannot encourage others to view and like your submissions.

YTpals does not require you to like tracks back, and they deliver more than you order. Quick delivery within 72 hours and consistent results until your order is complete. 

Other benefits of this service include guaranteed delivery, no password needed, 100% safe and private, and 24/7 customer support.

If you’re looking for something that caters to multiple social channels, YTpals may be a good solution for you.

YTpals offers SoundCloud growth as well as other premium services for other social media platforms. YouTube, Twitch, Pinterest, TikTok, and others.

For the SoundCloud social streaming platform, this service helps you get plays, downloads, reposts and comments.

Everything you need to get more exposure on this streaming platform.

Why is such a service important for growing your account?

Without this engagement, you cannot encourage others to view and like your submissions.

YTpals does not require you to like other music tracks back, and they deliver more than you order. Quick delivery within 72 hours and consistent results until your order is complete. 

Other benefits of this service include guaranteed delivery, no password needed, 100% safe and private, and 24/7 customer support.

If you’re looking for something that caters to multiple social channels, YTpals may be a good solution for you.

10. StreamDigic

StreamDigic, another multiple channel professional digital marketing and promotion service, provides services for Instagram, Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud.

This company is limited to those social networks. 

Focusing on the SoundCloud services, StreamDigic offers promotion, followers, plays, and comments for your account.

The key components of this company are its professional values, efficient services, and inexpensive solutions for those on a strict budget. 

This platform offers a 100% guarantee, legal and safe methods of audience attraction, special offers/discounts, daily service updates, professional 25/7 support, and fast delivery.

Their team works hard to get you the engagement you deserve.

11. PlaysWiz

If you prefer a company that has a narrower niche for marketing and growing your SoundCloud account, PlaysWiz may be just what you want.

While the others mentioned here cater to multiple social media networks, PlaysWiz focuses on only streaming platforms including SoundCloud, YouTube, and Spotify.

They seem to have everything needed to help you promote your music all in one box.

SoundCloud plays, downloads, and reposts, are the services this platform offers for you boosting/growing your account. 

This platform offers efficient solutions, brings an experienced team to the table, offers high-quality service, and they provide safety and privacy to their clients. 

12. Get Real Boost

Your SoundCloud account can be grown using reliable methods. You are not alone when you choose a company like Get Real Boost to help you grow.

This team of experts offers plays, comments, and reposts. 

Get Real Boost is a multi-channel promotion and marketing company that caters to Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and SoundCloud respectively.

For SoundCloud, they provide fast delivery of orders, worldwide plays, 24/7 customer support, and competitive prices. 

SoundCloud plays gets you heard across the globe, so it is great for musical artists who want to go viral with their music and become popular.

Get Real Boost offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not happy with your results.

They are committed to delivering quality engagement, loyal services, and a safe way to get more exposure.

13. My Music Viral

If you are a musician, singer, or songwriter looking to get your music heard, you may have a SoundCloud account.

If not, you probably should have one because you will need it. 

Besides needing a SoundCloud streaming social media account, you need to grow your account to get heard. That is where companies like My Music Viral can help.

For SoundCloud users they help boost reposts, downloads, and plays, which are things you need to get your music heard. 

My Music Viral is a multi-channel social media service geared for everyone, everywhere. SoundCloud is only one of the channels to which they cater.

They also cater to Spotify and YouTube on the streaming side of social media. Additionally, they cater to the top social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

This promotional platform offers reliable services that have been tested by seasoned musicians, email support 24/7, a money-back guarantee if anything goes wrong with your order, and their team of marketers are also music industry veterans, some of whom worked for major record companies.

Experience is not a problem with this service.

14. Tweetangels

SoundCloud is a great streaming platform where you can show off your musical talents. However, without followers and plays, you aren’t going to get very far.

It can be a time-consuming task to grow your account on your own, so there are vendors like Tweetangels that help lighten your load. 

Tweetangels offers a multiple social channel catering solution that spans across YouTube, Spotify, Instagram, and other popular social channels.

For the purposes of this information, we will stick to SoundCloud services.

While prices and features vary by package, overall you get quality features such as no password required, real plays, fast delivery of orders, 100% guarantee, and the ability to split engagement between your tracks. 

Tweetangels does ask for your password and delivery is slower than other vendors. 

15. RedSocial

Using a streaming service like SoundCloud to get your music heard is a smart move.

Now that you have an account, what’s next? You need followers, plays, and other engagement.

How do you get that engagement?

You can use companies like RedSocial to help you boost your exposure on SoundCloud.

RedSocial caters to several social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify, but for this information, we will discuss using it for SoundCloud. 

This vendor provides solutions for buying Soundcloud plays, comments, reposts, followers, and downloads. Therefore, you get to pick what kind of engagement you want and then buy it.

You can choose more than one kind of engagement to reap the benefits of boosting your account.

What you get from RedSocial is high-quality service, permanent plays, fast delivery, global listeners, and access for quick and helpful professional support.

It’s user-friendly, allows you to order only what you need, and is perfect for today’s social media power users.

16. Views Expert

If you are a trendsetter, or someone who follows trends, apparently, Views Expert uses trending ways to increase your SoundCloud popularity via plays and followers.

You choose which type of engagement you need and this promotional platform does the rest. 

As with most of these vendors, Views Expert delivers orders fast, gives you premium quality plays, a guarantee, and 24/7 customer support.

Prices are dependent on the package you choose and range from affordable for small budgets to a little high-end for bigger budgets. 

This platform takes PayPal if that is your chosen way to pay online. 

17. Music-Growth

If your promotional and marketing budget is strict, Music-Growth could be a helpful tool in assisting SoundCloud growth on your budget.

This company claims it has helped over 16,000 musicians, artists, and bands launch their music careers on SoundCloud. 

Plays are delivered organically and are safe, anonymous, and natural. The user tried and tested methods are able to attract interested listeners who will boost your popularity on this streaming platform. 

This vendor offers high-quality service at reasonable prices on packages used to get more likes, reposts, followers, and plays. The engagement you get depends on what you want because you’re in charge of choosing it.

You do not need to share your password, you get a 60-day guarantee, instant delivery for a one-time fee, and a spreading option on some packages.

18. Play My Cloud

As you might have been able to guess already, Play My Cloud can help you exclusively with cheap SoundCloud plays. This means that their services are specified, and expertly developed.

One of the things that we like about this company is that they also keep things simple, so that you’re not going to get overrun with the technical side of things.

Another thing that we really appreciate about them is how good their pricing is, considering how much experience they’ve had in the industry already.

Whether you are looking to get 1000 SoundCloud plays, or 20,000, they can guarantee that they will be delivered within 24 hours.

This seriously sounds too good to be true, but we can confidently say that it’s not, and this is your best bet if you’re serious about growing your SoundCloud, and increase your engagement on it right now.

19. Build My Plays

Build My Plays say that they are a top-rated social media marketing company, and they can help you kickstart your social media presence as well as your exposure and credibility so that you can get more of the right people looking at those tracks on SoundCloud.

Of course, they can help you with your SoundCloud plays, but they can also help you on other popular social media platforms as well.

They guarantee the quality of their engagement, as well as quick delivery, and they even offer their clients a retention guarantee, which means that if their engagement falls off again, it will be replaced or your money back.

When it comes to customer support, this is available around the clock, which means that you can use it for whatever technical issues you might have.

20. Social Media Daily

Social media Daily says that they are the fast-track to all of your social media growth. They say that their features are safe and reliable, and they offer premium support.

They can help you not only with your SoundCloud plays, but with your Instagram followers, YouTube subscribers, and Facebook likes.

All you’ve got to do is select the package that suits you the best and enter your SoundCloud URL.

From here, you will be able to watch the growth of your tracks, as more of the right people see them.

They say that the biggest reason for their clients to sign up with them is that they have the experience and know-how to expand your reach on social media, and they also have a drip feed feature, which means that you can get your engagement delivered to you gradually.

21. Rapid Rise

If the last thing that you want is to waste your time on bad promotion, then you definitely need to check out Rapid Rise.

One of the first things they talk about on their homepage is how they can help you with SoundCloud streams and plays, and with 28 customer reviews, we think that they are pretty beneficial.

Their cheap SoundCloud plays begin at just $6.99 and go all the way up to $199.99.

One of the things that we like the most about Rapid Rise is that they have a tiered pricing system, which means that you enter the quantity of SoundCloud plays that you would like, and they charge you just for them.

You don’t have to purchase a bulk package, where you will receive features you won’t ever use.

They have a lot of information on their website about how they work, including information on how long you can expect to wait for delivery.     

22. Online Music Promotion

Online Music Promotion say that they are a professional SoundCloud music promotion company, and their mission is to provide their clients with the highest quality, exceptional and most reliable SoundCloud plays, that are really going to make a difference to your tracks’ exposure.

They say that promoting their client’s content is their passion, and they are always able to provide them with reliable support.

They also have a satisfaction guarantee, which means that they will refund you if something goes wrong.

They seem to have a lot of video testimonials on their home page about the quality of their features, which is always helpful.

23. SocialPros

With SocialPros, you might think that they can just assist you with Instagram, but they can help you to get cheap SoundCloud plays at the same time.

They say that they are able to help their customers get more Instagram followers organically, and they also discuss how they can help you get more real engagement and growth in general.

They even talk about having SoundCloud hacks that you might not be able to find elsewhere in the industry, which is pretty cool. Their features are tested and safe for you to use across the board.

24. Social Packages

If you are looking for a reliable way to grow and buy SoundCloud streams, then look no further than Social Packages.

These guys know what it takes to not only be successful on SoundCloud, but on Instagram as well.

They have all of their features on display on their homepage, so that you get to decide what you can get help with right now, and what you can skip for now.

Did we mention that they can help you with Facebook too? They are all-encompassing.

25. Fastlikes

Fastlikes believes that they can assist their clients with Instagram and SoundCloud at the same time, so there’s no doubt that you can get assistance and be able to buy SoundCloud plays through these guys.

As with most companies in this industry, they talk about being able to organically grow real SoundCloud plays and followers, and they have a lot of clients that exist already that will attest to this.

They say that as well as offering fast delivery, they offer premium quality.

26. Social Empire

Social Empire is a company that can help you build an empire on your SoundCloud profile, and definitely help you purchase plays.

They say that they can provide you with a huge following that is going to be able to engage with your songs on a daily basis.

They also say that they only work with accounts that are 100% authentic and legit, and as a result, you are going to get real-time engagement that is going to be really difficult to get either yourself, or with plenty of other companies out there.

Because they are devoted to their clients, you are always going to be their top priority.

They are also going to make sure that communication is clear at all times, so that they can get it right when it comes to your wants and needs.

27. Fly Me Social

These guys have a knack of knowing what their clients’ needs are when it comes to being able to buy more Soundcloud plays, and as a result, they are easily one of the best sites to help you.

They also are one of the most recommended websites out there, and they have been working for a long time in the world of social media promotion, especially when it comes to SoundCloud, and other well-known music platforms.

They understand music industry trends and understand what your profile needs if you want to get in front of the right people.

They are well-known for their quality services and have been helping their existing clients for a long time at this point.

We think that their customer care and support is also up to par.

28. Repost Exchange

Repost Exchange is another company that makes it really easy for you to buy plays, and they are actually known in the industry for their unparalleled services, especially when it comes to SoundCloud promotion.

They are easily one of the favorites of individuals out there that have just started their journey with SoundCloud and need a lot of help to get their songs out and in front of the right people.

If you’re trying to find all-rounded growth for your SoundCloud profile, then these guys are a great choice.

The best part is that they have been doing their thing for a long time, so they are very experienced.

29. QQ Tube

QQ Tube is a company that is always updating their features, meaning that you are always going to be working with the latest technology.

They can also help you promote your SoundCloud songs through email, as well as other forms of social media.

We are really confident that you are going to be able to get a boost in your music profile when you sign up for a company like this.

We think that they have a great support staff, and they believe in teamwork making the dream work.

They also make sure to comply with SoundCloud’s guidelines when it comes to using a third party, so that you can always be in their favor, and not worry about whether you’re going to get in trouble or not.

30. Socioblend

Socioblend is another source to help you with your SoundCloud plays and the best part is that they are a complete service provider, which means that they can help you with your SoundCloud plays but they can also help you establish an image on SoundCloud in general.

This means that they help you with social media marketing, as well as digital marketing, content development, and more.

If you are hoping to expand your image online and get your songs out there beyond just SoundCloud, these guys are a great choice.

Their features are incredibly high quality and they don’t compromise in any way.

How to Buy SoundCloud Plays Cheap

Buy SoundCloud Plays

SoundCloud makes it really easy for its users to upload music tracks for people in the industry to listen to.

If you want to connect with one of the companies on our list above, then the first thing you need to do is choose a plan.

Of course, different companies are going to offer different promotional packages.

This is why it’s worth looking into them and finding the one that is going to suit you the best.

Once you’ve done this, you can submit your songs to the company, and they will carry out your promotion right away.

They will most likely contact you beforehand and keep you up to date on what’s happening. After a little while, you should see results.


Can I Buy SoundCloud Plays for My Friends?

We can’t see any reason why you can’t buy Soundcloud plays for friends, or even people who you don’t really know.

This is because most companies just need a link, which means that you can buy plays for any track out there.

Companies like the ones on our list won’t ask you for login information, and if they do, this means that they are trying to take advantage of you, and they are nothing more than a scam.

Are the Plays that I Purchase Real?

If you are working with a company that provides you with high-quality plays, and cares about the quality of them, then you don’t have to worry about whether they are real or not.

However, if you have signed up for a company that is just trying to make a quick buck, and doesn’t care about their client’s well-being, then there’s a very good chance that they are selling you fake engagement.

Make sure that you stick to companies like the ones on the list above, so that you can avoid being taken advantage of.

Will My Plays be Permanent?

When it comes to answering this question, every company is different.

This means that some companies will have monthly plans, while others will have yearly plans that will probably both automatically renew unless you have stated that you don’t want to carry on with them.

You should be able to see the subscription details of your plan by visiting the subscriptions page.

Some companies will let you cancel at any time, but it just all depends on who they are, and what type of service they are providing.

What if I Want to Promote More Than One Track at a Time?

For the companies on our list above, this isn’t going to be a problem.

You can easily purchase a bigger plan through them, where you can select the multiple track feature so that you can promote more than one SoundCloud track at a time.

Just keep in mind that this might cost you more, but the option is definitely there.

What’s the Big Deal with SoundCloud?

You might not have given a lot of thought to SoundCloud recently, especially if you are already trying to grow your presence on YouTube, or you have your songs on Spotify, and you’ve got a few people loyal to them over there.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to expand your reach on YouTube and Spotify, but we think that SoundCloud has merit in and of itself as well.

This is because it is easily one of the biggest music streaming platforms on the Internet right now, and if you didn’t know, there are quite a few rappers and music artists that have gotten their big break through SoundCloud.

Rappers like Post Malone first started posting tracks to SoundCloud, and through this platform, quickly gained exposure for their content.

This means that while you shouldn’t neglect other music streaming platforms like Spotify and YouTube, we think that SoundCloud definitely has its place, and we think that it is definitely worth thinking about how you can expand your reach on the streaming service and connect your tracks with more people who are going to want to listen to them.

The worst-case scenario is that you have to rely on one of the companies we have talked about on the list above, which honestly, we don’t think is necessarily a bad thing.

What to Look for in a Legit Company

Of course, the good news is that you’ve got a long list of companies where you can purchase plays from, but the bad news is that there are still plenty of others out there that you will want to avoid.

If you decide to go out there and do a bit of your own research, then you will need to know what to look for.

Let’s take a look at what we consider when determining whether a company is legit or not for your plays.

Secure Site: It is really important that the company in question has managed to secure their website with HTTPS.

This means that not only can you find them easily through Google, because Google is going to rank them higher, but it also means that you can share personal information on their website, without worrying about whether it is going to be hacked or not.

This is a much more basic measure of security these days, compared to back in the day, but it is still important, and we don’t suggest that you spent any time on any website out there that hasn’t got this in place.

Visible Pricing: Another thing that’s really important to look out for when considering the best company to help you with your SoundCloud plays is whether they have their pricing visible or not.

Think about it, when you go shopping for clothes, or you go into a store looking for a specific product, you naturally want to know how much it’s going to cost you before you purchase it right? The same goes for services that you can find online.

There aren’t many companies out there that withhold their pricing from their clients before they commit to anything, so if the company that you are considering using for plays isn’t forthcoming about their pricing, consider this a relatively big red flag.

They need to be able to show you how much their services are going to cost from the beginning, so that you can compare this to how much you’ve got in your budget right now.

FAQ Page: Another thing that you probably do when you are considering a company for something else to purchase is you learn all about them.

You learn about how the product works, what it’s made from, and when you can expect it to be delivered.

The same goes for companies that can help you with your plays.

The more information they are willing to share on their website, the more you can feel confident that they actually care about their clients and want to be upfront and honest with them from the beginning.

A legit company is going to have a ton of information on their website, from an FAQ section to information about the team behind the scenes, so that you can feel confident that you are working with a company who isn’t about to withhold information, and isn’t going to hit you with any nasty surprises further down the track.

Real Reviews: This might be a no brainer, or it might be something that you haven’t thought about before but making sure that the company can share with you real reviews about their services is a really important aspect.

Obviously, there are going to be some companies out there that sell SoundCloud plays that are so new to the scene that they won’t have built up a reputation yet, and won’t have any reviews to share, but this is hardly ever the case, and most of the time those that have a really good reputation and satisfied clients won’t have any trouble getting good reviews about their services.

If you’re struggling to find good reviews about a company, then you might want to avoid them.

Customer Support: How much customer support does the company have?

A legit company is going to have a huge amount of customer support for their clients, especially considering that when you purchase plays, this is considered an ongoing service that is going to have technical issues from time to time.

Even if you just have some initial questions, communication with clients needs to be open and easy, in the form of an email, telephone number, or a live chat on the website.

Legit companies are going to cover all these bases, so that their clients can have a smooth and straightforward experience.

Accountability Form: Legit companies in the industry that want to help their clients buy plays are going to have an accountability form for them to fill out.

An accountability form is a form where you share personal details like your phone number, and your email address.

While you might not feel initially too comfortable about sharing this kind of information, it is actually going to help you in the long run, because they’re going to keep it safely on file on their encrypted website, and use it to communicate with you about any updates or changes to their features.

Companies that don’t want to have a good level of accountability with their clients aren’t going to get you to fill out an accountability form in the beginning.

How to Grow your SoundCloud Plays Organically

Of course, you are hoping to be able to buy the number of plays that you need to end up doing well, so that you can ultimately spend a lot more of your time creating music that your audience is going to love.

However, if you are someone who doesn’t really want to have the help forever, there are definitely ways that you can grow your plays organically.

The first effective way to grow your SoundCloud plays organically is to make sure that you are engaging with your audience.

Yes, this is a time-consuming part of the whole process, but if you want to develop a real community around your music of fans that are willing to be there for a long time, it is definitely worth it.

It is easier in the beginning anyway when your following is small, and you don’t have as many people to engage with.

Another effective way to grow your SoundCloud organically is to add SoundCloud links to your other social media accounts.

The idea of cross-promoting your content is essential if you want to get your name out there, and get your music in front of even more people who are going to be interested in listening to it.

Again, this is going to take up a little bit more of your time than you might have wanted to spend, but it is so worth it, especially if you already have a well-established following on Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok.

Speaking of Instagram, it’s not a bad place to be able to organically grow your SoundCloud.

Instagram is a completely different medium, where you share visuals of your brand, or your life.

However, this doesn’t mean that it’s not an effective way to grow your following as a musician, and if you are wanting to grow your SoundCloud organically, then we suggest that you capitalize on Instagram to do so.

Try sharing your music with your Instagram stories, because this is a great way to share a snippet of what you’re working on, or what you have just released with your fans, so that they are tempted to check it out, and visit your SoundCloud page as a result.

There is no doubt that capitalizing on existing social media platforms out there beyond SoundCloud is going to leverage your presence on the platform that you really want to grow.

How to go Viral on SoundCloud

If you want your music to do really well and you want it to be loved by audiences everywhere, the best way to do this is to make your music go viral.

However, before you do this, you’ve got to make sure that your content is something that lines up with what’s trending in the world of music right now.

These days, people have a habit of making usernames that have a lot of emojis and characters, which can ultimately result in it being difficult for people to remember the username, and search for it when they want to.

If you want to go viral on SoundCloud, we suggest that you come up with a catchy, concise username that is really easy for your fans to remember.

When your fans visit your SoundCloud profile, you want your avatar and your username to be simple and clear, so that they can easily begin to associate your music with them.

You also need to make sure that it falls in line with your personality, and your brand overall, because if you end up going viral, and getting really big, you want it to be something that you don’t want to change.

You don’t want to choose something silly and fun in the beginning, only to end up getting big, and wishing that you could change what you called yourself.

When Will I Receive my SoundCloud Plays?

The answer to this question completely depends on the company that you’re working with when it comes to getting your plays from.

As you can see from the reviews that we have done above, there are many different options out there, which means that there are many different answers to this question.

How long it takes to get your plays is going to depend on the company, and how many plays you are purchasing.

If you’re only going for a few plays right now, then it might not take that long, maybe one to two days, but if you are purchasing a lot of SoundCloud plays all at the same time, it could take up to a week.

We know that you’re probably keen to get everything going, but we suggest that you exert a little bit of patience because if you’re working with a high-quality company, it is going to take a little bit of time for them to develop high-quality features.

We promise that the wait will be worth it.

Can I Buy SoundCloud Plays with Bitcoin?

The good news is that you don’t only have to use traditional currencies to buy plays.

In fact, with the rise of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies have become the default for purchasing online services like SoundCloud plays.

This is a great way to keep your transactions anonymous so that you can maintain some of your assets online, and away from the bank.

Binance is one of the best places to get crypto so that you can buy plays with Bitcoin, because they are one of the biggest cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world right now, and they have myriad features that you will want to make the most of.

This includes a mobile app that you can take on the go with you so that you can conduct your trades wherever you are.

Most companies out there are going to opt for cryptocurrency as a payment option, and while not all of the companies on this list might at this point, they will in the future.

How Easy is it to Buy SoundCloud Plays?

The good news is that it is really easy to buy plays.

When you visit the website of a vendor, you’re going to see a number of SoundCloud play packages available.

Each package is going to offer you a different number of plays, so just select the package that you want.

From here, they will probably ask you to share the URL of your SoundCloud profile, or the music track that you’re wanting to boost with your plays.

Once you have done this, you can go to the payment page, and after this, you will start to have your plays delivered to you.

Some companies are going to deliver the plays gradually, and some of them are going to deliver them straight away, and then some of them are going to leave this preference up to the client.

Gradual is preferred, because it gives your SoundCloud profile a more authentic look.

Why Would I Need to Buy SoundCloud Plays?

Since every song that gets uploaded to SoundCloud starts at the bottom (zero), there needs to be engagement for it to be heard.

The only way to get heard is through plays, which can lead to followers and reposts that spread your music all over the platform and then beyond.

The more engagement your tracks get, the more engagement will grow and result in loyal fans.

Will I Get Banned if I Purchase SoundCloud Plays?

There is no way for SoundCloud to know whether you got your plays through your own engagement or if you purchased them.

Therefore, technically, you cannot get banned for this option.

While the risk is already low, it’s lower if you use a company with the best reputation that is dedicated to keeping their clients protected from this issue.

Is There a Difference Between Affordable and Cheap?

You will not see many super low prices (cheap) in this list of SoundCloud engagement services because they are providing you with high-quality service and features.

Otherwise, you might think something’s up with super low prices and their services.
They say you get what you pay for and that’s true.

Most of these companies have reasonable prices that are generally affordable if you’re on a budget, but nothing is “cheap” about these companies in this list.

You are getting great value for your money.

Can I Lose SoundCloud Plays?

If you buy from a low-quality vendor, yes. There is the risk of followers and plays dropping off over time.

When this happens, it means the company doesn’t care about quality services and are just out to make a quick buck.

It’s recommended that you choose a vendor to buy legit plays with a good reputation who cares about providing quality service and support to their customers. It’s worth paying a little bit more for that.

What Does It Mean when They Say Their Team?

A team is usually a good sign that a company has real people working for them.
It lends to their credibility and reputation.

Any company who is not upfront about the people working in the background (those behind the quality features) is not being honest about what they do.

A company with a team means that real people are behind the inner workings of the company, which is a good thing for you.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it.

A list of the best places to buy plays on SoundCloud that we feel are worthy of your attention for boosting your account.

Some offer more engagement than others, but it’s up to you to decide what kind and how much engagement you want for your account.

You should now also know what to look for in a vendor with a good reputation. This will serve you well in choosing your company wisely.

When you purchase plays from reliable companies, you get reliable service and support while you are growing your SoundCloud presence. 

Steer clear of companies who will take your hard-earned money and give you little to nothing in return. Stick to the credible vendors for your SoundCloud.

Remember to look for free trials from reliable vendors so you can try them before you buy SoundCloud plays cheap.

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