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Brazy Kicks Review 2024 – Do Their Proxies Work?

Published on: September 1, 2023
Last Updated: September 1, 2023

Brazy Kicks Review 2024 – Do Their Proxies Work?

Published on: September 1, 2023
Last Updated: September 1, 2023


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Bright Datafast proxy solution

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proxyempirecheap proxy solution


Brazy Kicks Review 2024

Brazy Kicks Proxies is a quality sneaker proxy that offers one of the most popular services as a proxy provider. They have often ranked as one of the fastest and best proxies worldwide.

Brazy Kicks is an intermediary server that helps translate traffic between protocols effectively by separating end-user clients from their location.

They provide top-quality security, functionality, and privacy to their users.

Brazy Kicks Review

Proxy Features

Brazy Kicks is a Discord and Twitter-based proxy provider that provides the needed tools for sneakerheads to get their kicks. No one knows where their IPs come from, and their availability can’t be predicted.

The number of proxies Brazy Kicks Proxies has and the source of these proxies remains unknown, making it a cause for worry. 

Also, the number of locations they cover is not impressive.

Their residential proxies are restricted to just three locations in the United States, while their Datacenter has two additional locations, which are Japan and London.

Here’s a quick review of Brazy Kicks Proxies’ features.

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Multiple Locations

  • Five locations with 10Gbps+ ports
  • Locations are Chicago, Virginia (Ashburn), New York, Japan, and London

Proxy Pool

  • Unspecified Proxy number


  • 100% static sessions

Customer Support

  • CS account on Twitter
  • Discord channel (open-support-tickets-here)
  • No live chat support

Types of Brazy Kicks Proxies

There are two types of Brazy Kicks Proxies you can buy.

  • Datacenter
  • Residential 

Which Brazy Kicks Proxy Type is Best?

The best type of Brazy Kicks Proxies is dependent on users’ preferences and the functionality they need. Here is a review of the two types of Brazy Kicks Proxies.


Brazy Kicks Proxies datacenter proxy is an awesome multi-purpose tool that promises great connectivity at low costs.

Use Cases

  • Ultimate protection of your brand
  • Broad-scale data extraction
  • Protection from Cybersecurity attacks
  • Ad verification
  • Efficient Email protection
  • Effective internet usage monitoring 
  • A layer of anonymity
  • Affiliate link checking


Brazy Kick’s residential proxies allow users to select a specific location to browse the Internet as a real user in that location.

They act as buffers and intermediaries that hide users’ IP addresses, promising protection against web traffic.

Unlike the data center that allows easily detected and banned by many social media algorithms and websites, Brazy Kicks residential proxies offer one of the best sneaker copping.

Use Cases

  • Top-notch sneaker copping
  • Affiliate link checking
  • Protection from Cybersecurity attacks
  • Ultimate protection of your brand
  • Effective internet usage monitoring 
  • Broad-scale data extraction
  • Ad verification
  • Efficient email protection
  • A layer of anonymity
  • A wide array of residential proxy plans
  • Easy importing of proxies and cookies
  • All orders with multiple subnet options

The Pros and Cons of Brazy Kicks Proxies

  • A legit company
  • Useful for sneaker copping
  • Limited locations available
  • Expensive data
  • Fewer use cases compared to some other providers
  • No rotating proxies

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How Brazy Kicks Proxies Works

Signing up to use Brazy Kicks’ proxies’ services is not complicated. All a user needs to sign up for an account is basic data (email and password).

Once an account has been created, you can log in to gain access to the onsite dashboard. On the dashboard, you can see your orders and also an option that lets you add your billing method.

Although you don’t need to provide your address and phone number when signing up, if you are using other services on Brazy Kicks, it is obligatory. 

For users who choose to use the datacenter proxies, when a plan is purchased, these users get a list of proxies. The proxies will be available for use as long as the plan is running. Once the plan expires, it will be deactivated irrespective of how often it was used.

These will be available for your use for the period you paid, and Brazy Kicks Proxies will deactivate them if you don’t renew the subscription.

Users who purchase the residential proxies will need to use a proxy generator together with the username and password that will be sent.

Once you log in successfully, you can select the location you want and generate different proxies.

Costs and Pricing Plans

Brazy Kicks Proxies offer their data center proxies for an affordable price of $2 per proxy, with a minimum order of 10 proxies.

This is quite cheap, but unfortunately, there are some limitations to the data center proxies. It simply isn’t a good deal. The residential proxies go for a price of $15 per GB.

Their residential proxies offer a large proxy pool, but it might still not be a good deal considering other proxy providers with better offers.

Top-Rated Proxy Providers

These proxies providers have been voted as the best consistently in user ratings across various websites.

First we collated the user review data, then we performed our own tests to ensure 100% legitimacy of the proxies.

These are by far the best proxy providers on the market today.

RankServiceMore Info
2Bright DataVisit

Review Conclusion: How Legit is Brazy Kicks?

Looking at the usability of Brazy Kicks Proxies, it is clear that this proxy provider has many limitations. However, Brazy Kicks Proxies is a legitimate provider.

The reviews we’ve read from users have shown that it’s legit but people often get their proxies from elsewhere after a while.

Top Brazy Kicks Proxies Alternatives

Users of Brazy Kicks Proxies who are not satisfied with the functionality they have to offer can look at the below alternatives for a solution.

Bright Data

Bright Data - Brazy Kicks alternative

Bright Data is an incredible proxy provider and an amazing alternative to Brazy Kicks Proxies.

This company started with a mission of making the internet transparent again as they shine a bright light on users.

Their core values are internet transparency, trust, and innovation, which they wish to provide to companies and individuals who share the same values.

A thorough review of a long list of top Proxy Network Services saw Bright Data ranked by Frost & Sullivan as a leading proxy provider in the market.

There are three types of Bright Data packages which are Private Data Centre Proxies, Residential Proxies, and Shared Datacentre Proxies.

Bright Data Features

Bright Data is a proxy provider that offers a wide range of features for its users. Here are the features Bright Data has to offer.

  • Top Graphic Quality

Bright Data uses a Data Collector patent graphic. This offers a transparent blue and white vignette border image of a light blue magnifying glass which helps give off a feeling entering into the data.

  • Next-gen Proprietary Technology

Users of Bright Data have access to unrivaled and unique technology the company has to offer with over 750 granted technology patent claims. One of such technologies is the SDK installed by application owners. This allows users to enjoy amazing collaborative digital networks, as they can freely and voluntarily opt-in as peers of their volition

  • Top Proxy Manager

Bright Data allows users to manage their proxies with a single interface with the most advanced open-source technology. This Proxy Manager also has built-in scraping features that ensure users can easily speed up their development time.

  • Waterfall Routing

Route requests through residential, data-center, and mobile IP networks based on custom rules to get the most cost-effective blend.

  • Reduce Bandwidth

They provide users the right protocols like regex and custom rules in their Proxy Manager features which helps reduce traffic.

  • Request Viewer

With detailed request logs, Bright Data users can surf the internet and monitor all the requests received through a proxy. 

  • Responsible Data Collection

Bright Data is a transparent proxy provider that enforces responsible data collection. They are legally and ethically compliant (GDPR and CCPA), ensuring that their network is safe to use.

Since safety is their priority, they thoroughly vet their partners, peers, and customers. They also consistently monitor their network through automated and manual checks, as well as applying external audits.

  • Data Center Customer Support 

Bright Data offers a corporate art data center customer support for the most reliable data leadership. Their global team led by top data specialists provide user 24/7 innovation, attuned care and support, and innovation for our customers. These women and men work hard, every day, towards a more transparent, unbiased web.

  • Large IP Pool

Bright Data is ranked as one of the best proxy providers with one of the largest proxy pools. They offer users more than 72 million IPs across almost every ISP, mobile carrier city, and country worldwide.

Bright Data Pros and Cons

  • Flexible Service
  • Residential Proxy Provider
  • Numerous Locations
  • Proxy Packages
  • Authorization and IP Refresh
  • Shared Data Centre Proxies
  • Authorization and IP Refresh
  • Secure Username/Password Authentication
  • Excellent Refund Policy
  • Customer Service
  • Limited Bandwidth
  • Expensive Proxies

SSL Private Proxy


SSL Private Proxy offers full transparency and performs Secure Sockets Layer decryption and encryption between its servers and clients. With this, users’ presence can’t be detected by the client or server.

SSL Private Proxy is ranked amongst the best budget-friendly proxy providers.

They offer about 38 server locations to their users, out of which 33 are located in the United States.

They also offer unlimited bandwidth with a top-notch customer support response time. SSL Private Proxy works completely on social media and other websites like Sneakers Websites, Instagram, and Craigslist.

Features of SSL Private Proxy

  • High anonymity and Top Notch Security

SSL Private Proxy offers top-notch Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) coverage to help secure data transmission between the server and clients.

SSL Private Proxy ensures their server makes a secure connection to a web server by reproducing server certificates.

Their SSL encryption and decryption ensure maximum transparency, and they also ensure strong protocols and algorithms are used for maximum security.

They get granular application information by decrypting SSL traffic, and they also ensure strong protocols and algorithms are used.

  • Multiple Locations

They offer over 38 servers in 33 locations with high connection speeds.

  • 3-day Refund Policy

Users can’t test the SSL Private Proxy servers before buying, but if they are not satisfied with what they get, they are entitled to a refund with three days of purchase.

  • Easy Payment Option

SSL Private Proxies offers seamless payment options by providing various methods like Bitcoin payment, WorldPay, Credit Cards, and PayPal.

  • Monthly Randomization of Proxies

Users can get a new set of proxies monthly on request. However, this is dependent on the monthly package purchased.

Pros and Cons of SSL Private Proxy

  • Good Location Coverage and Proxy Pool Size
  • Availability of specialized packages
  • A high-speed connection, download, and upload
  • Efficient 3-days refund policy
  • Multiple Authentication Method
  • High anonymity private HTTP/HTTPS proxies.
  • Monthly randomization of proxies enabled across most plans.
  • Instant delivery of proxies.
  • Seamless payment option
  • Flexible buy option of 3/6/12 months at a subsidized rate.
  • Both IP Authorization and Username and password authentication are available.
  • Expensive plans
  • Slow Customer Support
  • SOCKS proxies are absent
  • Zero free trial period



Smartproxy is a new provider but a reliable alternative to Brazy Kicks Proxies. It is mostly compared to Bright Data and is also a cheaper option.

Smartproxy is quite affordable, with the essentials for Bright Data use cases and also other proxy providers. It offers multiple plans, its datacenter, and residential proxy types, with varying traffic allowance. Its residential proxy plan begins at $75/month for 5 GB of traffic, with multiple monthly subscriptions. 

Users have access to seamless payment options, as they can make payments through Bitcoins, Credit Cards, and PayPal.

A unique feature of Smartproxy is its rotating residential proxy option. It offers users access to more than 40 million IPs across more than 195 locations worldwide, including the 50 geolocations in the United States. 

Smartproxy provides a high level of cybersecurity for its users against cyberattacks and phishing activities. Users’ connection is encrypted and protected against harmful bugs when surfing the Internet.

An IP can be held up by its sticky residential sessions for up to 30 minutes, unlike many other proxy services. 

The system automatically rotates the IP if there is no action or request made on it for 60 seconds.

You can also change the IP manually by changing the session ID or port. It supports both HTTPS and HTTP protocols but doesn’t support SOCKS5 like its competition ProxyRack.

Features of Smartproxy

  • High Coverage

Smartproxy has a high level of coverage as they cover all fifty states in the United States.

They also have a large number of endpoints that serve as gateways to their massive IP address pools. Apart from the United States, Smartproxy has a wide range of servers across several countries globally.

  • Static IP Address for About 30 Minutes

Smartproxy’s residential endpoints allow users to use one static IP address automatically for 30 minutes.

  • Reliable Proxy Type

Smartproxy offers a reliable proxy in both residential and datacenter proxy types.

  • Unlimited Connections

Users of Smartproxy have access to unlimited connections for all kinds of activities

  • Top Quality Secure

Smartproxy uses next-generation protocols like IPv4 IPs with HTTP(s) to ensure high security and anonymity for its users.

Pros and Cons of Smartproxy

  • High Reliability
  • Guaranteed 3-Day Money-Back Policy
  • 24/7 live support
  • Top Level anonymity
  • Proxy Rotation
  • IPv4 and HTTPS
  • Recurring monthly subscription
  • Monthly auto subscription renewal option
  • Affordable plans
  • Unlimited number of IPs
  • Poor customer support
  • Poor pricing options
  • It doesn’t support SOCKS5

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