25 Best Hashtag Apps (2020)

25+ BEST Hashtag Apps to Find Trending Hashtags in 2024

Published on: March 8, 2024
Last Updated: March 8, 2024

25+ BEST Hashtag Apps to Find Trending Hashtags in 2024

Published on: March 8, 2024
Last Updated: March 8, 2024

In a hurry?
The best hashtag app in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is Flick!

While there was once a time when you only used hashtags on Twitter, the trend has now grown to include most other social media platforms, from LinkedIn to Instagram.

This means that you can use hashtags to connect the right people to your content, but if you’re not careful, you can also end up connecting the wrong people as well.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the best hashtags apps to really help you improve your hashtag game on Instagram and in general.

Best Hashtags Apps

  1. Flick – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Meta Hashtags
  3. Inflact
  4. Analisa
  5. Task Ant
  6. Autohash
  7. Top Tags
  8. Lee Tags
  9. Hashme
  10. Hashtag Inspector

App #1 Flick


Flick is an all in one hashtag platform that can not only help you find the right hashtags for your social media growth, including Instagram, but it can also help you manage them as well, in case you need to swap them out for whatever reason.

They have a free trial, it’s easy to set up with them, and their free trial lasts for seven days so that you can get a really good idea of what they’re all about. What’s more, you can cancel anytime.

Be sure to check out our Flick review for more details.

App #2 Meta Hashtags

Meta Hashtags

This Instagram and TikTok hashtag service is going to make it a whole lot easier to find 30 of the right tags for your profile. How many times have you struggled to get to 30, because this is actually more than it looks?

With brands like Meta Hashtags, it will take you no time to find 30 of the best tags for your account, so that you can get on with making more content, and worrying less about the quality of your hashtag strategy.

App #3 Inflact


If you need a great way to grow your Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat and Pinterest, but you also want to stay on top of your hashtags as well, you need to check out Inflact.

This is the kind of hashtag growth service that has been around for a while and is always updating its services to fit in with what you need. This is why they can help you with automatic likes as well as hashtags – they’re a great all-rounder.

App #4 Analisa

Analisa Review

Analisa is one of the best hashtag apps, and one standout feature that you are going to like is the fact that it’s a web browser app so that you don’t have to download anything to use them, and you can use their features on all of your devices.

They can assist with Instagram and TikTok analytics, and you just provide them with either the Instagram profile name, or a hashtag to get the relevant information.

They are able to assist media publishers, influencers, agencies, and brand marketers, and they can help you with everything from content engagement and follower demographics to campaign reporting and historical data.

There is a lot to explore with these guys, which is what makes them such a great option if you are trying to leverage your hashtag strategy not just for Instagram but for TikTok too.

Learn off historical data as well as analytics, and level up your hashtag game so that you can put your best foot forward with the right social media networks.

App #5 Task Ant

Task Ant

If you want one of the best in the business for TikTok and Twitter, then you need to check out Task Ant.

These guys know exactly what it takes to grow a successful social media profile using hashtags, which is why their hashtag generator is not only the first of its kind but the best of its kind as well.

You can get in-depth analytics around each hashtag so that you can decide if it’s right for your profile or not. Check them out for everything you need to do with hashtags.

App #6 Autohash


This underrated iOS and Android app lets you figure out a specialized list of Twitter and TikTok hashtags based on your Instagram posts, which means that you can use different hashtags every time you upload a piece of content, which is great for variety.

Autohash can analyze your images and come up with the right hashtags based on what they see. Pretty cool, right? They can even add a couple of tags based on your location as well. 

App #7 Top Tags

Top Tags

One of the things that you’ll want to avoid when trying to improve your Instagram, Twitter and TikTok hashtag game is only to add hashtags that are relevant to your content – otherwise, people are just going to see you as sad and desperate.

If you want to get straight down to the right tags and skip all the rest, try Top Tags for iPhone and iOS.

This hashtag finder tool can help you find the best hashtags for your niche, and they can even help you mix and match, so you don’t overdo it.

App #8 Lee Tags

Lee Tags

This Twitter and TikTok hashtag service for Android can help you find tags within its existing database through the use of a keyword. This means that you can search your favorite keyword, and come up with hashtags based on it.

They will also show you how popular the hashtag you’ve searched for is, so you can make an informed decision about using it. It’s super easy and simple to use, which of course we like.

App #9 Hashme


This sophisticated TikTok and Twitter hashtag app for iPhone and Android is kind of like a combination of some of the others on our list.

This means that you can either search for your Instagram hashtags yourself or upload an image and use it to find the right tags.

Once they have analyzed the image for you, they will suggest the right tags to go with it. While they might throw in a couple of ones that don’t match from time to time, it will be easy to recognize these ones.

App #10 Hashtag Inspector

Hashtag Inspector

This Instagram and TikTok iOS and Android hashtag service can help you find unique hashtags for your growth.

One of the things that we like the most about it is that it can help you find hashtags for Instagram and other channels as well, like Twitter and TikTok.

This way, you can find tags that have a high chance of influence. You will also be able to see a lot of information with each tag as well, which is going to go a lot way in helping you determine which ones to use.

App #11 Hashtagify


If you want to automate your hashtags for Instagram and TikTok, and make sure that you have an extensive selection that you can pick from for every new piece of content that you upload, make sure to check out a hashtag app like Hashtagify.

They are always updating their content so that you can feel confident they’re always going to be one step ahead in the game.

App #12 Instatag


This next app for Instagram and TikTok (Android and iOS) knows exactly how important the most popular hashtags on Instagram are.

This is the type of tool that has a seemingly endless list of tools and features that you can use to find the best tags for your niche.

They divide their popular hashtags into different categories, making it easier for you to find them.

App #13 Hashtags for Promotion

We all know how interconnected hashtags are to the general promotion of our Instagram and TikTok pages, and it appears that the next app on our list feels the same way.

This app for iPhone and iOS helps you get more comments and likes on your content, based on the hashtags that they find for you. They know how connected these two things are, and they want to make sure that they find the best ones to give you a good shot at success.

App #14 Tagomatic

This app is one of the best apps for iPhone and Android to use for your TikTok and Snapchat hashtag generation if you own an iPad or an iPhone. All you have to do it type in a keyword and the right hashtags will come up for your niche.

All you’ll need to do once you’ve found the right ones is copy and paste them into the captions section, and you’re away. We like that they don’t have hashtags already stored in their system, so their suggestions are updated and live.

App #15 Tags Dock

This app is ideal for iOS and iPhone, and it can help you tag your pictures quickly and effectively while finding the best tags for your categories.

We love that you can copy all of the tags that you find with them if this is what you need right now. They divide their tags by category, so you can ensure that you’re finding the right tags based on your target audience.

App #16 All Hashtag

One of the things that we like the most about All Hashtag for iOS is that they can help you with it all, from Snapchat and Facebook to TikTok, Pinterest, and social media in general.

This includes things like their hashtags generator, as well as their analytics tracker and their hashtag creator as well.

If you are still trying to figure out your hashtag game and you need help with every aspect of it, these guys have you covered. Search for your favorite hashtags through their hashtag search engine, and find the ones that you’re looking for.

App #17 Seek Metrics

This clean and simple, yet incredibly effective TikTok hashtags tool is one that can help you with all of your hashtag search needs if you’ve got a bit of time initially to put into it. When you search for a specific keyword, they will bring up everything that is relevant to that keyword.

This obviously means that some of the tags they come up with are going to be super relevant, and some won’t be – it’s just a pick of the draw.

App #18 Keyhole

If you’re someone who has a big of a budget to spare and you don’t mind the idea of investing most of it into an Instagram and TikTok hashtag service, then you need to check out Keyhole.

They are mostly just a hashtag tracker tool for the most popular hashtags within your niche, but they can also help you measure how successful or unsuccessful they’ve been in the past for others. This can help you determine whether you want to use them or not.

App #19 Display Purposes

There are a number of different options available when you use Display Purposes for iPhone. First, they can block out any spammy, banned, or generic hashtags, which are any TikTok hashtags that have nothing to do with your niche and industry.

This means that you save time going through hashtags that are going to be useless, and instead get the ones that are going to work. It’s also easy to put their hashtags in your captions – you can just copy and paste.

App #20 Webstagram

This Instagram and TikTok hashtag service is free, which is great if you don’t have the biggest budget to accommodate for your hashtag generation.

When you run a search through this Instagram hashtag service, you will be able to find relevant tags a swell as the number of posts that the hashtag has already been used with. This is going to help you come up with a good number of popular and lesser-known tags so that you can get the balance right.

App #21 Tagboard

Tagboard for iOS is kind of like Pinterest – it lets you see all the posts that are on Instagram that are associated with the hashtag you just looked up. This is a great way to visually see how your tag is represented online, which is going to make it easier to decide if it’s right for your profile or not.

You can also filter these searches by keyword or by the media that you want to come up with.

App #22 Flume

This Instagram and Facebook hashtag iPhone service can help you make it easier to find the right hashtags for your profile on your Mac, so it’s specified for a particular program.

This way, you can check out how your content is going to look with the tags that you use so that you can come up with the ultimate feed before you’ve even posted anything.

App #23 Tags for Likes

One of the reasons why this Facebook and Snapchat hashtag app for iOS and iPhone stands out to us is that you can use it without having any annoying ads pop up, which can be a real advantage if you’re sick of being bombarded by ads.

They have many different features that you can benefit from, and they can help you find everything you need to create the best hashtag strategy in the game.

App #24 AI Grow

There are people out there that say that AI Grow is one of the most trusted iPhone and iOS apps on the market when it comes to your Facebook, Snapchat and Pinterest hashtags, and to be honest, we’re inclined to believe them.

They can help you find trending hashtags that fall right into your niche and industry, and they can even help you measure the traffic on each hashtag, which will bring you closer to finding the perfect list that you can use with all of your content.

App #25 Sked Social

This is an all in one platform for your Instagram and Pinterest growth, just like some of the other brands on this list.

One of the things that stands out to us about them is that the more hashtags you look for, the more targeted they become, so they can get really specific when it comes to which ones you should use for your content.

They also make sure that your hashtags go into the comments section, making your content more appealing.

App #26 Hashtag Expert

Hashtag Expert is a hashtag app for iPhone and iOS can help you find all the right tags for your Pinterest profile, that you can easily just copy and paste into your images.

You can also spend a bit of time exploring various tags and their categories so that you can come up with a great list to use all the time. They can also help you predict how well each tag is going to perform, too.


Why Hashtags?

There are two different types of people on social media those that use hashtags to their advantage, and those that don’t.

First, if you don’t use hashtags at all, then youu’re really missing out. However, it’s not enough just to use hashtags, period.

You need to make sure that you find ones that are relevant to your niche.

This is because hashtags are the gateway for people to find your content if they’re not directly connected to your posts, then youu’re not going to get the right eyes on it.

Try to be as specific as possible, and hashtags can play a pivotal role in helping you grow your Instagram and Pinterest account.

The Difference Between Free and Paid?

You may have noticed that there are some hashtag apps on this list that offer their services for free.

While you might jump at the idea of using a free hashtag app, the reality is that there’s usually a reason they’re free.

A lot of the time, their free service is just their basic service, which doesn’t offer you a lot of options when it comes to features.

Most of the time, you have to end up upgrading to really make the most of their features.

Keep this in mind when you choose a free service you will probably end up having to pay for something at some point.

Final Thoughts

So, as you can see, there are a lot of options out there when it comes to Pinterest, Instagram, and social media hashtag apps that can help you get ahead with your hashtag game.

However, you can’t trust everyone in the industry, which is why we thought that we would share our list of favorite hashtag apps and services with you.

This way, you can align yourself with only the very best hashtag apps, and avoid the ones that aren’t working that well.

The better your hashtag game, the greater a chance you have of doing well out there. Good luck!

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