Best 10 Minute Mail Alternatives

9 Best FREE 10 Minute Mail Alternatives in 2024

Published on: January 28, 2024
Last Updated: January 28, 2024

9 Best FREE 10 Minute Mail Alternatives in 2024

Published on: January 28, 2024
Last Updated: January 28, 2024

In a hurry?
The best 10 Minute Mail alternative in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is ProtonMail!

While 10 Minute Mail is a dependable choice for temporary email needs, attracting those searching for fast and secure options, let’s explore the varied alternatives ready to enhance your temporary email journey!

This post will reveal the 9 best 10 Minute Mail alternatives, each providing unique and inventive features.

9 Best 10 Minute Mail Alternatives in 2024

1. ProtonMail


ProtonMail is a secure email service that prioritizes privacy with open-source, independently certified encryption.

While the free plan doesn’t include disposable emails, opting for at least the mini-plus or any business plan provides this feature. 

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These plans offer more than just temporary emails; they grant access to additional services like Proton Calendar, Proton Drive, and Proton VPN.

If your primary concern is security, especially when needing temporary emails for various purposes, ProtonMail is an ideal choice. 

It supports custom domains and provides 10 email addresses for managing diverse online identities. 

The robust end-to-end encryption ensures secure communication, covering functions such as sending, receiving, attachments, auto-reply, and password-protected emails.

Choose ProtonMail for a comprehensive security-focused email solution.

2. Surfshark Alternative ID

Surfshark Alternative ID 2

Surfshark Alternative ID stands out as a versatile digital identity management system, allowing users to create multiple IDs within a single account. 

This allows for the seamless arrangement of online personas and simplifies communication methods.

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Alternative ID’s straightforward features make it easy to maintain multiple email addresses.

As an open-source service, it stresses usability and transparency across several platforms, giving consumers direct control.

Surfshark Alternative ID operates under strict privacy rules, ensuring user confidentiality while cooperating with authorities when necessary.

Surfshark Alternative ID strengthens security and privacy with powerful methods such as end-to-end and complete disk encryption, establishing itself as a secure and trustworthy option for online identity management.

3. StartMail

StartMail Home

In the realm of email encryption, StartMail becomes a guiding light for those taking their first steps, offering a user-friendly experience tailored for beginners.

The web portal, reminiscent of widely used platforms such as Outlook or Gmail, streamlines the setup process.

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For added online privacy, users can craft multiple aliases, creating disposable emails and shielding their primary address from the chaos of random service sign-ups.

With a recent upgrade, StartMail now generously provides 20 GB of storage, doubling its previous allowance. 

Robust encryption safeguards the stored emails, assuring users of their data’s protection.

Secure communication is achieved through PGP, and a personal touch is added with customizable email domains.

Effortless access to emails on any device and seamless transitions from existing providers are facilitated by IMAP and STMP compatibility.

Taking charge of privacy is at the forefront with StartMail – users can instantly erase deleted emails, make anonymous payments with Bitcoin, and revel in GDPR compliance for additional peace of mind.

The stringent privacy policy of StartMail is a shield against data monitoring and targeted advertising. 

Email contents remain untouched for profiling purposes, ensuring a private and secure communication environment.

4. Guerilla Mail

Guerilla Mail

Guerilla Mail offers a disposable email address that keeps incoming mail for one hour, and it’s noteworthy that email addresses on Guerilla Mail technically last forever. 

This is a recent update; previously, addresses were automatically wiped after an hour, but now they remain, allowing continued use while any messages in the inbox expire after an hour.

Guerilla Mail provides a randomly generated address, but you also have the option to create your own custom address from the available domains in the drop-down menu. 

This sets it apart from 10 Minute Mail, along with the ability to maintain the address for as long as you desire.

Notably, your Guerilla Mail address lacks password protection. 

However, you can provide a scrambled version to contacts, preventing them from accessing your address and inbox.

To uphold privacy, promptly delete emails you receive from your inbox. 

You can also generate new email addresses by clicking the “Forget Me” button.

A significant distinction from 10 Minute Mail is that Guerilla Mail permits sending emails.

Simply click on the “Compose” button, where you can even upload files.

Unlike 10 Minute Mail, Guerilla Mail’s mail server, Go Guerilla, is open source.

While Guerilla Mail maintains high safety, it utilizes anonymized data from spam emails to enhance its anti-phishing and anti-spam technology. 

Remember that email addresses lack password protection, so only share the scrambled version for added security.

5. MinuteInbox

A great alternative to 10 Minute Mail is MinuteInbox, but it comes with some notable differences.

While MinuteInbox initially provides you with a 10-minute email address, you have the flexibility to extend it by:

10 minutes

1 hour

1 day

1 week

1 month

Unlike 10 Minute Mail, MinuteInbox offers these extension options. 

For instance, if you wish to retain your email address for the entire day, simply click the “+Day” button next to the timer. 

You can also add 10 minutes by clicking the “+10” button.

Another distinctive feature of MinuteInbox is that the email address it assigns is more memorable compared to the randomly generated ones by 10 Minute Mail.

10 Minute Mail uses a random string of letters and numbers for its addresses. 

In contrast, MinuteInbox employs a randomly generated name. For example, it might give you an address like [email protected], which appears more credible.

If you ever want a new email address, click the red “Delete” button on the left.

6. Anonbox

Anonbox is another excellent choice if you’re looking for an alternative to 10 Minute Mail. 

It safeguards people’s freedom to receive documents and essential information while ensuring complete anonymity. 

For the utmost privacy, you can create and access your mailbox using Tor.

Even without Tor, Anonbox prioritizes privacy by not retaining any logs, except for a few logs kept for a brief five-minute period, which exclude information such as IP addresses.

In contrast to 10 Minute Mail, your anonymous mailbox on Anonbox remains active for the entire day you create it, expiring at midnight. 

For instance, if you create one at noon, it will last for 12 hours. If you establish your mailbox at 11 PM, it will persist for one hour.

Upon creation, you’ll receive a randomly generated email address and a unique link for mailbox access. 

Although your inbox lacks password protection, access is restricted to those with the correct link, ensuring that individuals with your email address cannot read your mail.

If the standard email inbox proves ineffective, you can explore the JavaScript mail reader in beta mode.

7. Temp Mail

Temp Mail may not be the safest option for privacy-conscious users, as its privacy policy reveals the collection of personal information, including IP addresses and device identifiers.

In contrast, Temp Mail offers a more secure alternative with a robust privacy policy that excludes the storage of IP addresses, ensuring complete anonymity.

Temp Mail is also more flexible than 10 Minute Mail, allowing users to choose between email addresses expiring after 10 minutes or those lasting until manually deleted, eliminating the need for constant timer refreshes.

Additionally, Temp Mail’s convenience extends to a QR code feature for easy access and sharing of temporary inboxes. 

It also provides mobile apps for Android and iPhone, unlike 10 Minute Mail.

For added functionality, Temp Mail offers a premium option at $10/month or $60/year, allowing custom domains, the creation of multiple disposable addresses, and more. 

Explore updated pricing by clicking on the yellow premium button on the screen.

8. E4ward


E4ward provides an excellent alternative to 10 Minute Mail, allowing you to generate temporary email addresses that forward messages to your regular email account. Unlike 10 Minute Mail, you can share these temporary addresses but access your emails in your everyday Gmail or Yahoo account.

Here’s how it operates:

Commence by crafting a temporary alias address within your E4ward account. Unlike 10 Minute Mail, this address doesn’t automatically expire after 10 minutes, and you can delete it at your convenience.

You can create numerous alias addresses, all of which will conveniently be forwarded to your primary Gmail account.

All these aliases seamlessly forward to your primary address, [email protected]. Additionally, you can link your custom domain instead of using the E4ward username.

This feature lets you distribute distinct alias addresses to contacts, friends, acquaintances, or website sign-up pages.

When you decide to cease receiving emails from a particular website, simply delete the corresponding alias address from your E4ward account. This ensures that no emails from that website will be forwarded to your primary address.

Furthermore, when responding to an email received via E4ward while using your primary Gmail inbox, E4ward will discreetly modify the sender’s address before relaying it to the original recipient. This ensures that your actual email address remains confidential.

9. Email on Deck

Email On Deck

EmailOnDeck presents itself as another handy alternative to 10 Minute Mail.

Unlike 10 Minute Mail, EmailOnDeck doesn’t automatically erase your email address after 10 minutes. 

Instead, you can delete the email address at your convenience by clicking the red X button. 

Alternatively, you can simply end the session and let EmailOnDeck automatically remove the email from its system.

Even if you closed the session, you can typically recover an email address for a few days, provided you saved the email token. 

Click the “Show Email Token” button to copy the email token during an active session.

It’s important to note that if you click the red X button, you won’t be able to retrieve the emails sent to your temporary address. 

However, you can still recover the actual email address for a limited time.

While EmailOnDeck includes ads, they appear less intrusive, and the site is generally more user-friendly and faster than 10 Minute Email.

A notable feature is EmailOnDeck’s allowance for sending outgoing mail to other EmailOnDeck email addresses. 

By opting for the premium version, you can send emails to any address, not just those from EmailOnDeck.

The premium version also provides perks like creating custom addresses, saving email addresses, obtaining addresses on unique domains, and more.

What Reasons Exist for Looking for Substitutes for 10 Minute Mail?

Although 10 Minute Mail is both free and anonymous, it may not suit everyone’s needs. To start, it imposes a time limit of up to 10 minutes for each session. 

Even if you refresh the timer, it will consistently cap your time at 10 minutes. For instance, refreshing it at the 8-minute mark means restarting the countdown from 10 minutes.

This limitation applies to both and, as they are distinct websites. 

Consequently, you find yourself repeatedly hitting the refresh button when awaiting an email.

Furthermore, 10 Minute Mail is solely designed for receiving emails.

What if you require a temporary email address for sending emails?

Lastly, you lack the ability to choose a custom temporary email address. If you desire a personalized option, you’re out of luck.

The silver lining is that numerous excellent alternatives to 10 Minute Mail are available.

Whether you need a disposable mailbox for longer than 10 minutes or simply wish to explore other options, keep reading.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible to Send an Email Using 10 Minute Mail?

Indeed, 10 Minute Mail offers a temporary email service, providing you with a temporary email address that remains valid for a duration of 10 minutes. 

You can share it with someone intending to email you during this time frame.

What Are Burner Emails?

Many users mix up burner, temp, and disposable email, but these terms essentially convey the same idea. 

A burner email is a temporary email address created for a brief duration.


Step into the digital age where safeguarding email privacy is paramount. 

While 10 Minute Mail caters to temporary email needs, its 10-minute session limit and focus solely on receiving emails may not suit everyone. 

Seeking alternatives? 

Explore the 9 best 10 Minute Mail alternatives, each with distinctive features. 

ProtonMail prioritizes security, offering custom domains and 10 email addresses. Surfshark Alternative ID streamlines online identity management with versatile features.

StartMail stands out for its user-friendly encryption, multiple aliases, and upgraded 20 GB storage. 

Guerilla Mail, MinuteInbox, Anonbox, Temp Mail, E4ward, and EmailOnDeck offer unique advantages, catering to varied preferences. 

Upgrade your email experience with these alternatives beyond 10 Minute Mail.

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