Zopto Review: Don’t Put Your LinkedIn Profile at Risk

Zopto Review 2024: Will It Get You Banned by LinkedIn?

Published on: April 14, 2023
Last Updated: April 14, 2023

Zopto Review 2024: Will It Get You Banned by LinkedIn?

Published on: April 14, 2023
Last Updated: April 14, 2023

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Zopto Review 2024

It took a bit longer than expected, but there are many new lead generation services that are emerging for LinkedIn, offering to grow your connections and make your profile more successful through the use of automation services. 

LinkedIn is the leading social media network for businesses and professionals looking to expand their connections with others and find more opportunities for their careers or companies. It’s very important that LinkedIn maintains its professional relationship in order to continue as the top platform. 

When using automation services, there are usually many implicit risks that your account undergoes, and while these services try to come off as completely trustworthy and appropriate, the real story is that they’re not even allowed by LinkedIn itself. 

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We took the opportunity to examine one of these services, Zopto, so that you don’t have to. Zopto is one of the many services out there that now say they are the best for your LinkedIn growth. 

Let’s take a look and see what they’re all about. 

Updates About Automation Services


We don’t believe this applies to Zopto, but we do feel it’s important for consumers to know.

It’s important to know that most automation services and bots have stopped effectively working across social media platforms. 

Since this original review writing, there have been some automation and bot tech using companies that have received new negative reviews due to how ineffective this method of engagement has become.

This doesn’t necessarily apply to all automation and/or growth and engagement services, but this form of engagement has also recently gotten some shut down, like it did with Mass Planner and Instagress (Instagram related) services a few years ago.

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We want you to be aware of this latest development, so you can watch out for it when you’re choosing your LinkedIn engagement options. 

We cannot take accountability for anything these companies that we review do. Furthermore, we merely report what we know about them to you, so that you can be informed consumers. 

Let’s discuss a little about automation and then the topic of our review, Zopto. 

*Please be aware of this updated information as you read this review.

Why is Automation Risky for LinkedIn?


Technically, most automation engagement services pose some level of risk for all social media platforms. 

Some risk comes from what the algorithms consider suspicious activities due to how some automated services work. 

For instance, how fast new followers are received and how fast likes are delivered. While most automation services allow you to set your delivery speed settings, there is no way to have total control over this technology. 

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Therefore, issues may arise involving the delivery of likes, views, followers, etc. 

One of the biggest problems we’ve seen with automation and bots is the quality of comments and direct messages. 

We’ve all gotten a form letter at one time or another in our email inbox, and some in their snail mail. 

Those letters aren’t personal at all, and everyone knows they are sent out to multiple people to market a service. That’s all well and good, but when comments are generic, random, irrelevant to the content’s topic, people can tell that’s an automated response or a bot. 

That kind of engagement on your LinkedIn content is obvious. Not only will the algorithm eventually catch that kind of activity, but your existing followers will know you are using automation or bots to engage, and then you could lose some credibility.

When you have real people following you and engaging with you, you cannot afford to use automation that looks spammy or irrelevant. You also cannot afford to lose followers, can you?

For all the fake followers you may buy or get from some automation services or bots, you are missing out on the real thing. The very thing that can catapult you to popularity and credibility on LinkedIn, which is real engagement.

If you’re using LinkedIn as a digital marketing and promotional avenue, you need real followers that you can convert into loyal fans and customers over time. Some will get on board quickly, while others take a little more time.

So, before you decide to use an automated service or bot, make sure they are using credible methods that won’t get your account banned. 

Yes, automation and bots are against the terms of use and guidelines of LinkedIn. That may not be equal to the legality of using automation, bots, or buying engagement, but these social media platforms can penalize you for going against their rules. 

Keep in mind that even though these are acceptable methods for social media engagement amongst the marketing community and some social media users, it’s not acceptable to the social media platforms. 

We may not advocate for bots and automation, but we also don’t judge or tell people how to engage on their social media accounts. That’s totally up to you and what you feel comfortable with.

We like the Zopto service and don’t feel it poses a big risk to your LinkedIn account. We simply want you to have all the information you need to make a decision.

Why Is Automation Against the Rules On LinkedIn?


Firstly, you need to realize that LinkedIn is a social media platform that was designed for business professionals. It’s not just your average social platform. It has a specific purpose. 

For instance, businesses and corporations often use it to find talent. Likewise, job seekers use it to find their perfect job. 

Many times, much of the information about a company culture can be found or seen via content regarding corporations as well as small- to medium-sized businesses. 

Therefore, any kind of activity that doesn’t look or act professional is going to be taboo on the platform. 

Spam does not look professional. 

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Irrelevant and/or generic comments or direct messages are not professional. 

Other than a standard direct message that is professionally written in form-letter style that is relevant to the company, generic messages are simply unprofessional.

These are some issues that may be flagged by the algorithm or even reported by a user. 

So, you can see why it’s so important to be cautious about how you engage and/or outsource engagement on LinkedIn.

We believe that Zopto honestly does care about its clients and isn’t likely to cause this issues, but we feel the need to keep our readers in the loop regarding this kind of engagement.

Now, let’s go ahead and discuss the things you need to know about Zopto before you determine whether it’s the best LinkedIn service for you.

What Is Zopto? 

Zopto reviews - linkedin automation

The premise of Zopto is for sales teams to grow their leads on LinkedIn outreach. They say they can attract your ideal customers through specific targets that will relate specifically to the type of customers you’re looking to gain. 

The problem is that these are done all through automation, which can be an issue when it comes to LinkedIn. Let’s see more about what the Zopto service claims to do. 

Zopto Review: What Does the Service Do? 

Zopto filter-ideal-customers

Zopto basically works through automation efforts that are meant to gain you more leads. They are able to attract investors through the different features, as well as find potential candidates. 

You can also use targeting filters that allow you to make your engagements more specific, thus finding more tailored leads that can be more productive in terms of your business efforts. 

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Through their service, you can also select the level of engagement that you want to perpetuate. While this is a good feature, it doesn’t matter much, since automation is 100% prohibited by the LinkedIn platform. 

Zopto is not shy about using automation services; in fact, their website is littered with the promotion of it. It’s a good thing that they are upfront about what they offer, and we think that they have a good amount of information on their website about their services and how they work.

While we are strong advocates for transparency and straightforward advertising and marketing, promoting that you are doing something against the terms of use of a company might pose its own risks.

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Why You Should Avoid LinkedIn Automation 

It sounds really great, what Zopto offers. How can it not, when they use a bunch of buzzwords such as “enjoy the hot leads.” You just need to be careful when using companies like this – they can help you, but you’ve got to approach them with caution.

It Might be Against LinkedIn Terms of Use 

Note: Remember that this information was written prior to the updates included in this review at the beginning. Much of this is still relevant, but the updates gives you new information.

LinkedIn has recently begun to heavily crack down on services that use automation by making it very difficult to provide the services they advertise. They will kick them off of the platform and basically render their services useless. 

The reason that LinkedIn is so concerned about automation services is that they harm the integrity of the platform.

Since the platform is geared towards businesses and professionals, it’s extremely important that they maintain that level of professionalism in all engagements and connections on the platform. 

When automation services come in, they disrupt the natural balance by engaging with so many people and spamming them.

When spam is introduced, it starts to become less credible, diminishing the trustworthiness of people on the platform as well as the reputation of LinkedIn. 

Zopto isn’t necessarily going to get you banned per se, but the risk does go up slightly. Not to the point that you should be worried, though.

What About Their Team?

We think that there is more than enough information about Zopto’s team on their website, meaning that you can start working with them and get to know them simultaneously.

We don’t suggest companies that are cagey in the beginning about behind-the-scenes information, because it indicates that are some point down the track they will take try to take advantage of this at some point.

The most important thing in this business climate is to be honest and upfront with customers, so if this isn’t being achieved, the company needs to be left behind. Zopto has proven that they are willing to be upfront and honest.

There’s a Small Risk You Will Get Suspended 

Note: Again, this information was written prior to the updated info provided after the introduction of this review. Most of it is still relevant, but some has been updated. Thank you.

Not only that, using automation for your LinkedIn efforts also has consequences for you as well.

LinkedIn is becoming smarter in terms of how they identify automation; if you have an unnaturally high number of engagements, your account will be flagged by LinkedIn and you will be notified. You must agree not to further use any services that violate the terms of use, which are all automation services. 

In addition, if you are found to be using these on a repeated basis, your account can be shut down or disabled. You could lose all of the progress and connections that you made on LinkedIn when you use services like Zopto. 

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What’s more, your data could be at risk. When you use automation, your data could be at risk through poorly designed security measures as well as a lack of security blocks on web browsers.

Again, Zopto is in the same boat as a lot of companies like this – they pose a slight, small risk, and yes, LinkedIn is against certain activities. However, they still attempt to keep everything as above board as they can.

No one is telling anyone not to use Zopto or any other service. However, we are giving you the scoop on the risks so that you are informed and aware before you enlist these services.

That said, not only can LinkedIn choose to suspend your account if they think you are going against their terms of use, they can ban you completely for repeated offenses.

Each situation is usually handled on a case-by-case instance, though sometimes you may need to contact LinkedIn if there is an error in their decision to suspend or ban your account.

Automation Works Most of the Time 

Note: As per the information above, automation is not working as well as it used to, so the following is a bit outdated, but still most of it is relevant.

Other automation services know the right terms and jargon to sell you on their product, but these guys can deliver on their promises.

The services that are offered by automation services are effective in terms of targeting your audience, which means that you’re going to get a bunch of interactions that are valuable for your business. 

So, you’re not really putting your LinkedIn account and data at risk for a service that can provide the results that they claim to. 

Pricing Plans 

Zopto Pricing

While it seems that most LinkedIn automation tools that are still operating run between $30-$100 a month, Zopto is relatively expensive in comparison. 

The cheapest offering that they have available is $215. They aren’t offering anything more distinct than what the others would offer, but we do think that their customer support is going to see you through.

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The highest price is $895 per month. It includes multiple accounts.

Perhaps since LinkedIn is a professional service and they are targeting mostly businesses, this is why they charge more.

Review Conclusion 

As we can see, LinkedIn doesn’t want you using automation services and is doing the necessary work to make sure they uphold the integrity of their platform.

Don’t be tricked by attractive shortcuts or fancy website copy. Go for a company like Zopto that will make a difference to your LinkedIn profile, without taking shortcuts or compromising on things like quality.

Contract someone like Zopto to do your growth manually and efficiently, or do it yourself, but don’t lose your account and your credibility through LinkedIn bots that go directly against LinkedIn’s terms of use.

We do feel comfortable with Zopto as a LinkedIn option for automation. We simply stress caution and proper use to avoid any of the risks and pitfalls that can come with automated services.

Overall, Zopto is a reliable and reputable service.

Review Summary

Zopto Review

Zopto is one of the many services out there that now say they are the best for your LinkedIn growth. 

Price: 215

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: All

Application Category: Social Media, LinkedIn

Editor's Rating:

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