12 Best Video Editing Software for YouTube in 2021

Last Updated: September 22, 2021



Providing your viewers with a high-quality video on YouTube poses an advantage to keep your viewers and attract new viewers to your YouTube channel.
Best Video Editing Software for YouTube
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For so many reasons, people spend a lot of time streaming videos online. By the year 2028, the world streaming market is expected to be 223.98 billion dollars.

However, many factors affect video streaming. Including; network, bandwidth, network latency, and internet traffic.

Recent research projected that by 2022, over 80 percent of browsing traffic would be caused by online video streaming. 

One of the most popular video streaming sites visited globally is YouTube. 

Launched in 2005, YouTube is now rated as the second most visited site on the internet. A study carried out in 2019 shows that YouTube has an estimated upload of 500 hours of content per minute. 

The transformation from the analogue learning method to the digital form of learning has seen many people rely on this platform for their learning process.

It also offers business owners the opportunity to advertise and show the world what they offer. It is quick, accessible, affordable, and flexible. 

Even with the drift to the new world, streaming videos have also faced many challenges starting from editing these videos, uploading, and even streaming.

Providing your viewers with a high-quality video on YouTube poses an advantage to keep your viewers and attract new viewers to your YouTube channel.

However, since most of these videos are shot in a RAW format which consumes high data storage, providing your viewers with a quality video involves reducing the video data quality and adding some artificial editing and toning before uploading. 

To do this editing without stress, you need good editing software, including:

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Best YouTube Video Editing Software

Movavi Video Suite

Movavi Video Suite

Movavi was designed to bring ease to video blogging. It is an essential tool with incredible features. With it, you can create engaging videos with stylish callouts and transitions. 

The Movavi video suite also comes with a screen recording tool that you can conveniently use to create tutorials. You can transfer media wirelessly to the media library of this software.

Its interface adapts to your content, thereby making editing easier. Movavi video suite can convert your file easily without losing its quality. 

Key Features

  • How-to guide: It provides its users with guidelines on how to go about their editing process. 
  • DVD Burner: It allows users to burn Blu Rays, DVDs and CDs conveniently. 
  • Cloud storage: It provides users with the desired cloud storage to save media and their work efficiently. 
  • Extra plug-ins: It is user-friendly and allows you to add plug-ins of your preferences. 

Advantages of Movavi Video Suite 

  • Built-in tutorials
  • Extremely easy to navigate
  • All-in-one suite 
  • 4K support
  • Cheap and affordable

Payment and Pricing

Movavi Video Suite Pricing

Moviva video suite allows users to enjoy their free trials. However, if you use the free trial, your edited videos will have watermarks.

The free trial has several limitations and restrictions. Thus, to enjoy the complete package, you will need to buy a license and activate the program. 

Movavi video suite plan starts from $79.95. You can make payments using different payment methods, including Visa/MasterCard, American Express, bank transfer, UnionPay, and PayPal.

When you have completed your payment process, an email will be sent to you containing your activation key. 

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro has an undisputed reputation as one of the best video editing applications in the market today. It is used by big movie producers and professionals globally. Its potential has not been optimized, as its users discover new features and ways to use it daily. 

Recently introduced to the Adobe Premiere Pro package is the Premiere Rush. The Premiere Rush allows you to create new beautiful projects from any device.

The Adobe Premiere Pro is constantly creating new features and still proving relevance in video editing. It is friendly with other applications and integrates appropriately with a third-party extension.

Key Features

  • Colour effect: The Adobe Premiere Pro helps by providing adequate color balance. It also allows you to create your preferred color grading effects. 
  • Premier Rush: With Premiere Rush, you can be mobile and even have your workspace in your pocket. It is compatible with a lot of devices such as tablets, computers, and mobile phones. 
  • Synching function: Adobe Premiere Pro comes with a feature that allows you to sync your audio and video files easily. 
  • Adobe Sensei: It helps you organize footage into polished films and videos. 
  • Auto Reframe: Adobe identifies the action in your video and reframes the footage for reasonable ratios. 

Advantage of Adobe Premiere Pro 

  • Wide range of formats
  • Limitless experience with the application
  • It could be used on many devices
  • Makes video editing easier 

Payment and Pricing 

Adobe Premiere Pro Pricing 

Although the application still offers a lot of unique features on its trial version, you’ll have access to the maximum potential of the Adobe Premiere Pro when you get the complete package called the Adobe Premiere Pro package.

There are monthly and annual packages, any of which you may choose. The annual package requires a 365days commitment. The Adobe Premiere Pro offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.

If you decide to cancel your subscription, you’ll be charged for the remaining month a  50% fee of your existing payment. 

Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio

You can choose to tell your story through videos, be it a love story, fantasy, history, or documentary. As a novice or professional, pinnacle studio makes it easy to achieve your vision. 

Pinnacle studios allow you to capture and edit video with up to six cameras for a particular scene. This puts you at the advantage of capturing a different level of details and perspectives. 

It has a fantastic video stabilizing ability that helps you balance all kinds of movements or shakes in a video captured during the shooting process.

It is characterized by a built-in lens correction tool that allows you to correct lens distortion effects from your footage. There are three different categories for you to choose from, depending on your level of expertise. 

Key Features 

  • Pro-caliber tool: pinnacle studio is equipped with an efficient pro-caliber tool
  • Smart object tracking: you can easily mask out an object and track it throughout an episode
  • Audio Ducking: with pinnacle studio, you can reduce noise from a video using the custom noise profile. You can also scale pitches to your preferences. 
  • 8K Import: You can import an 8K video and enjoy a significantly high-quality resolution
  • Stability: it allows you to focus on your creativity by enabling enhanced performance and stability in your videos. 

Advantages of Pinnacle Studio

  • Advanced title editor
  • Advanced Motion tracking
  • Stop-motion animation
  • Improved color grading
  • Dynamic split-screen function

Pricing and Payments

Pinnacle Studio Pricing

The Pinnacle studio subscription plan starts from $59.95. You can also choose to upgrade your package if you are not satisfied with the features. Pinnacle studio offers a 30-days payback guarantee if you decide to cancel the subscription. 

Filmora X

Filmora X

Filmora is an application designed by Wondershare to create beautiful videos for all categories of expertise. It is also rated by most video editors as one of the friendliest video editors in the market. 

The Filmora app provides you with beautiful presets, effects, filters, and others which you can access by clicking buttons. If you are looking for a reliable way to present your YouTube videos, Filmora is a perfect choice. 

Key Features 

  • Noise removal: It allows you to remove background noises from your video, leaving you with a sharp audio 
  • Easy to use: the application is designed for all categories of users
  • 100 media layer: the software will enable you to put your stories together quickly
  • 4K support: You can ensure that the frame of your creation is as crisp as reality

Advantages of Filmora 

  • Filmora is compatible with Mac and Windows operating system
  • It supports 4K editing 
  • Burn to CD or DVD 
  • Up to 100 video track
  • Efficient proxy

Payment and Pricing

Filmora X Pricing

You can make your Filmora X payment via PayPal, bank transfer, WebMoney, or Credit Card. Filmora’s one-time package starts from $79.99. They also have a variety of annual packages you can go for, depending on your financial status. 

Corel VideoStudio

Corel VideoStudio

If you are looking at creating stunning videos, Corel VideoStudio is there for you. It is easy to learn, fun to explore, and also equipped with powerful tools and effects that will give your movie the kind of flare you desire.

You can choose from its wide selection of tools and make quick adjustments when editing your video. Recently, AR stickers were introduced to the software to enhance emotions and bring playful moments to your videos.

Corel VideoStudio is optimized for video hardware acceleration technologies from AMD, Intel, and Nvidia, improving previewing and enhancing a faster rendering to popular file formats.

Key Features 

  • Advanced split-screen: enables you to edit more effectively with the split-screen feature 
  • Auto motion blur: gives your motion video a beautifully blurry background
  • Customized motion control: you can edit and control the motions of your objects to your specification. 
  • Advanced video masking: edit and mask out your object throughout a particular scene. 

Advantages of Corel VideoStudio

  • It is user friendly 
  • Variety of editing tools
  • Fast rendering 
  • Multiple motion tracking

Payment and Pricing

Corel VideoStudio Pricing

It has a secure payment channel. You will be required to fill out some information before making your payment. Corel VideoStudio payment plan starts from $79.99. You are eligible for upgrades if you need other features. Corel VideoStudio offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. 



VideoProc is one of the best video editing software in the market. It is stable, easy, and fast. It has several amazing features that make it stand out.

VideoProc is an excellent tool to reduce and convert video formats to the desired format. You can use it to reduce large-sized videos to smaller sizes without having significant effects on the quality of the video. 

It has a built-in media download. This enables the users to download music, video, and others without necessarily leaving the software to carry out the activity. 

Key Features 

  • User friendly: it is easy to use even by novice.  
  • GPU acceleration: it gives a smooth video recording and a fast rendering
  • Video conversion: You can convert videos to different formats
  • Built-in download: You can download files online via the software. 
  • Video output: it produces both high quality or standard video output

Advantages of VideoProc

  • VideoProc is compatible with Mac and Windows
  • Fast DVD conversion
  • VideoProc allows you to make GIF format

Payment and Pricing

VideoProc Pricing

After installing the software on your computer, you will be given access to all its features for a seven-day trial period. Afterward, you will be required to get a software license and fill a form before you pay.

The one-year/ 1 PC package goes for $59.90. They have other packages such as the lifetime/1 PC package, which goes for $78.90, and other unique packages. 



InVideo has proven to be useful for video editing. For video reporting on social networks, it provides standard quality and quick output. It offers excellent insights into the performance of videos and makes video editing easier.

InVideo is cloud-hosted, meaning you won’t have to panic or worry about losing any stage of your editing process. The software will keep your work safe and available when you want to continue editing your video. 

Key Features 

  • Trim: you can trim your videos into tiny clips
  • Export with ease: You can export and share your edited videos to your channel with ease
  • Animation: You can easily convert subjects to animations. 

Advantages of InVideo

  • Support 4K videos
  • 24/7 customer support 
  • Over 4000 customized templates
  • Create multilingual videos

Payments and Pricing 

InVideo Pricing 

For individuals validating InVideo as a professional video creation tool, the software is free. However, for small businesses, it goes for $15 monthly and $30 monthly for big agencies. 

Vegas Pro 365

Vegas Pro 365

Vegas Pro is a video editing software that gives you all the tools you need to produce that professional video you want. It helps you create high-quality edits and allows you to focus on your story. It works perfectly with a wide range of RAW formats. 

You can use its advanced tools to produce immersive chroma keys. Vegas Pro is equipped with an intense learning module that was designed for accelerated editing and creativity. 

If you want your videos to look pro, you may consider this software. 

Key Features 

  • Online Tutorial: You can use the Vegas online lessons to get yourself acquainted with the software. 
  • White balance: Vegas Pro gives you an extra advantage in creating a fantastic video
  • Nested timeline: This allows you to work on different timelines before converting them to a master timeline. 
  • Scripting API: makes the video editing session easier for you

Advantages of Vegas Pro

  • Advanced HDR color support
  • Multicam editing
  • Motion tracking
  • Advanced video editing updates
  • Affordable

Payment and Pricing

Vegas Pro 365 Pricing

Vegas Pro’s stance in the market is its price. The total monthly package goes for $19.99 which is cheaper than most video editing softwares. 

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is a video editing software designed by Apple. This software allows you to fully convert full-resolution media, take your 8K or 4K video, and share libraries with editors anywhere on the globe.

Final Cut Pro features recent learning tools that adapt your project into custom sizes for social media usage.

It allows you to accelerate graphics tasks like real-time effects, rendering, and exporting. It also enables you to bundle separate video and audio clips into a single package.  You can create Auditions to try out multiple takes in the timeline. 

Key Features 

  • Fast performance: it is fast and characterized by an accelerated performance
  • Comprehensiveness: It is equipped with the essential tools used in video editing
  • Multicam: It works perfectly with up 60 different angles
  • High Dynamic Range: the HDR video allows you to feel like you are working with reality. 

Advantages of Final Cut Pro 

  • 360-degree editor
  • Advanced features
  • Built-in resources

Payment and Pricing

Final Cut Pro Pricing

The Final Cut Pro offers a free trial version. If you are satisfied with the software, you can obtain the Final Cut Pro X for $299.99. 



It is a typical YouTube video editor. It helps you to create awesome videos such as slide shows, tutorials, and lots more. 

It requires no expertise before you start editing videos. It is an ideal software for newbies. 

Key Features 

  • Vast library: you can pick a song from its extensive library of licensed libraries. 
  • Support: A team of professionals is ready to help you when you get hitched up
  • User friendly: Animoto is straightforward to use

Advantages of Animoto

  • Easy voice-over feature
  • Easy sharing to social media
  • Storyboard template
  • Customized text

Payment and Price 

Animoto Pricing

Animoto Standard features can be accessed for free. If you want a more advanced editing feature, you can upgrade to Animoto Pro monthly plan for $33. 

Hitfilm Express 

Hitfilm Express 

This is also one of the best free video editing software out there. It comes with the required package and tools to produce a high-quality video for your YouTube channel. 

It is easy and a walkthrough for new users. With Hitfilm, you are exposed to an unlimited media library. It comes with built-in tutorials and lots of fantastic stuff. 

Key Features 

  • Training mode: It comes with a training mode feature that helps train users on how to go about with the software 
  • Operating system: Hitfilm Express is available on both Windows and Mac
  • Pro editing: with the variety of effects and filters, you can edit like a pro 

Advantages of Hitfilm 

  • Free features 
  • Hitfilm have a friendly user interface 
  • fantastic animation tools

Payment and Pricing

Hitfilm Express is entirely free. All you need to do to get started is to download and install the software. 

LightWorks 14

LightWorks 14

If you are new to video editing, LightWorks 14 is an excellent software to start your editing journey. LightWorks uses free-floating windows to create a workflow that aligns perfectly with your editing preferences. 

You can enjoy the freedom of creating your videos just the way you want. 

Key Features 

  • Operating system: LightWorks is compatible with all operating systems
  • Web Export: You can edit and export your videos with ease 
  • Multicam editing: You can edit your videos shoot from multiple cameras using LightWorks
  • LightWork timeline: It provides you with the most advanced features. 

Advantages of LightWorks

  • User friendly 
  • Optimized timeline editing
  • LightWorks is Compatible with all operating systems 
  • You can easily share to YouTube on Lightworks. 

Payment and Pricing 

LightWorks 14 Pricing 

Video editing can also be run on LightWorks free trial version. However, you are required to register on the Lightworks website to enjoy the free trial.

If you get acquainted and enjoy the software, you can opt for a LightWorks license, which could be obtained for a fee of $23.99 monthly or $389.99 for its lifetime package. 

What You Tube Video Editor Features Do You Need?

Video Editor

There are two categories of video editing software: 

  • Online video editor
  • Downloadable video editor

Online Video Editors 

Online video editors are editing softwares that requires an internet connection. The editing project is therefore stored on cloud space. It does not take space on your computer’s hard drive. With the online video editor, it is much easier to share the edited video to your YouTube channel. 

Downloadable Video Editor

A downloadable video editor, on the other hand, allows you to work offline by downloading the tools to your computer hard drive. It consumes space on your computer, but you can work with comfort and without requiring internet connection. 

Add Text to Video Option 

Adding text to a video is undisputedly an essential feature in modern video editing. You can choose to entice your viewers or explain a particular thing to them with catchy write-ups. 

Having the add text option at your disposal gives you a video editing advantage. 

Media Library

Having a video editor endowed with plenty of video and audio options makes editing easier for you. It reduces the time spent searching for the right video or audio to add to your video and allows you to focus on your content. 

Overlays and Filters

The appearance of your clips depends on the content of your video. You might choose to add filters to give your video that beautiful appearance you want or overlays to add a call to action effect to your video. 

Overlays and filters are tools you might not necessarily need in some videos, but you will want to have them for days when the need arises. 

How to Improve YouTube Video Quality

YouTube Video

The following tips are what you need to improve the quality of your YouTube videos:

Appropriate Lightening 

Lights are an underrated requirement for video production. Video with a low amount of light tends to be too dark and is of low quality. Also, videos with too many lights aren’t good as well.

Therefore, having a balanced light gives your video subjects the beautiful appearance you need and makes the editing process a walkthrough for you. 

The sources of light could be artificial or natural, depending on your shooting time or scene. If you shoot outdoors, especially in the morning when the sun has just risen, you don’t need additional lighting. On the other hand, if your video is shot indoors, you may need artificial lighting.

However, having a good camera and knowing how to manage your camera frequencies will augment some parts of the light problems. 

Video Quality Standard 

Your video quality can determine how many views you get and how many people will subscribe to your YouTube channel. A lot of channels have suffered a significant setback due to their low-quality footage.

People naturally get attracted to high-quality videos to prevent them from straining their eyes and enjoying the details from every scene. 

Many considerations come into play in high-quality video production, but having a good camera and the right video editor gives you a higher ground on making quality videos. 


The introduction of DSLR and mirrorless cameras to video making has tackled many background issues. They help produce a blurred background and focus on the subject when shooting a close-range video.

However, sometimes it is impossible to have that blurry background. Choosing the right location is very important in video editing. 

When shooting a video, the background must complement the content of the video. You don’t want your viewers to get distracted by your background.

Audio Quality 

Audio Quality 

Videos without quality audio can sometimes be boring to watch. No matter the kind of video you are shooting, having good audio is important.

There are two major types of videos – outdoor and indoor videos. The most challenging when it comes to audio quality is outdoor videos. 

Outdoor videos typically come with a lot of background noises and an affected voice quality due to waves. 

However, it would help if you used noise reduction or cancellation tools to tackle your audio issues. Noise effects can be controlled by using mics, video editors, and lots more. 

Readable Fonts

  • You can add text to your video for many reasons. Some of the reasons include; highlighting key actions making content easy to recall
  • For aesthetics
  • To create your brand identity

When adding text to your video, you should consider the appropriate size of the fonts and font style. This is to ensure clarity. You should make sure your font is suitable for most viewers. 

Questions and Answers About You Tube Video Editing Software 

What Software Is Best for Editing You Tube Videos?

There are many video editing software you can choose from out there. Most People mostly opt for the easiest and cheapest options. However, the most used by professionals is Adobe Premiere Pro.

It is mostly used in movie productions and company ads. The Final Cut Pro is also making a stand in the YouTube video editing industry. Although Final Cut Pro is limited to only Mac users, its features are worth the attention it’s getting. 

How Can I Become a Pro in You Tube Video Editing?

Having a solid foundation is an extra advantage for a newbie. You can get started by going through the built in user guide or tutorials in most of the editing software.

You can also go through online lessons by individuals to learn how to use the editing software tools and also gain new ideas on effects to apply in your own video. 

Most importantly, you should constantly build on your creativity and be constantly curious to learn new features and explore yourself. 

What Is the Time Frame for Editing a You Tube Video?

This depends on how familiar you are with the software and the content you are working on. Some contents naturally take longer time to edit while some are very easy to work with.

The required time also depends on the type of editing you want to do and how long the video is. Editing time also depends on the challenges encountered during the shooting process. Some videos are shaky while some might have audio issues. 


This article has discussed the various types of YouTube video editor that you can use to produce amazing YouTube videos of Hollywood standards. We were able to look at some of their key features, advantages and their prices. 

Although each of the softwares can be handled by different categories of expertise, they all contain fantastic tools and features. Let’s take a quick recap at the budget options. 

Low budget options: For beginners or social media marketers, you will be looking for a free or cheaper video editor to edit your videos. HitFilm Express or Animoto can be a preferred option for you. 

Mid-Range budget options: small businesses or as an entrepreneur, then InVideo or Vegas Pro 365 is a great budget option for your business. 

High budget options: Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro pose to be topping the list of video editing software. It requires a high budget and an advanced level of professionalism. 

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