6 YouTube Features that Every Content Creator Must Know

6 YouTube Features that Every Content Creator Should Know

Published on: November 29, 2022
Last Updated: November 29, 2022

6 YouTube Features that Every Content Creator Should Know

Published on: November 29, 2022
Last Updated: November 29, 2022

If you are a video creator, there are several YouTube features that you need to know about and start using to help you with your video projects and tasks on this platform.

These features include elements to help you obtain more views and allow you to monitor how your channel content is performing. 

YouTube Features that Every Content Creator Should Know

Here are the following six YouTube features that you need to know about and start using. 

1. Your Channel Dashboard – YouTube Studio


Technically your channel dashboard is your YouTube Studio. This is where you will find an overview of your channel. It includes data that informs you about how your video content is performing, where your subscribers are from, updates that are getting the most traction on the platform, and the latest in YouTube Trends and News. 

The channel dashboard is the most feature-rich of all the features you will find listed here. Simply click the blue YouTube Studio button from your channel to access it.

2. Your Channel Analytics

YouTube Channel Analytics

YouTube has an Analytics tab in YouTube Studio that you need to find and learn to use. This is the feature that provides you with data analytics related to video performance as well as your overall channel performance. You will be able to see which of your videos are getting the most engagement and views and which ones are not doing as well. There is more data to discover in this feature that you will need and learn to use.

The information found in your channel analytics will give you insights that will guide you in the ways you should go with your content. It helps you make smart creative and business decisions that will affect your marketing strategies on the YouTube network.

YouTube introduced a new form of data earlier this year that lets you know when your audience is online. This is the first time this information has been made available on the platform. How does this help you? As you measure all your data analytics, knowing when your audience is online is a valuable tool that helps you know the days of the week and hours of the day when your content is most likely to be seen. Knowing when to post content is a basic essential in marketing and promotions on social media.

3.  Inappropriate Comments Review

Comments Review

Now you can review comments on your YouTube videos, giving you the opportunity to remove unwanted or undesirable comments as needed. This feature gives you more control over your comments section so you can avoid what you want to avoid on your channel. You can even use it to help improve your credibility by keeping things positive and favorable. Using this in an ethical way helps you enhance your conversation quality on your channel.

This feature used to be an optional setting, but now it is a default setting on YouTube. When first launched, user channels who were already using the setting experienced a decrease of 75 percent fewer flagged comments. Imagine what that can do for your reputation.

4. Video Chapters

Video Chapters

Now you can break up your YouTube videos into chapters so viewers can jump to a chapter they want to see. There is a requirement for using this feature. You must have at least three chapters for your video and each one has to be a minimum of 10 seconds in length. 

If you choose to use this functional feature, you need to have timestamps enabled in your video description. Check to be certain that the first timestamp starts at exactly 0:00 in the video.

5. SEO Tools for YouTube


Originally, it is uncertain whether YouTube created the titles, descriptions, tags, and playlist titles sections with the intention of optimizing videos for search engine results, but that is how they work now. Not only do these features work for finding content on the YouTube platform, but they work when you Google keywords in the search engine

When you use the proper titles, keywords, and descriptions for your videos that directly relate to your content, you are giving viewers a way to search on YouTube and Google for your content. The search engine on both platforms are intuitive enough to find your keywords and to point searchers in the right direction. That is why SEO on your videos is so important.

6. Schedule Community Posts

Schedule Community Posts

Did you know that you can now schedule your community posts on YouTube? Well, you can. You now have the ability to draft your community posts ahead of time and then provide the date and time of publishing on YouTube. That information is used by YouTube to publish your post automatically. It’s like putting your post on auto-pilot. Currently, this feature is only compatible with the desktop web application. 


Now that you know YouTube has these enhanced YouTube features and some idea of how to use them to your advantage, you can start using them.

You will learn as you go, and YouTube does offer some tutorials on their platform so you can make the most from your YouTube marketing experience. 

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