Wish User and Revenue Stats for 2022

Wish Statistics for 2024: Monthly Users, Revenue & Countries

Published on: July 14, 2023
Last Updated: July 14, 2023

Wish Statistics for 2024: Monthly Users, Revenue & Countries

Published on: July 14, 2023
Last Updated: July 14, 2023

The e-commerce website Wish is one of the most downloaded shopping apps globally, and it’s the third-largest e-commerce marketplace in America.

Earlier, it was launched as a wishlist app, in which Wish users were able to create a list of their favorite products.

64 million buyers used the forum in 2020. While Wish has many problems, it has some value; one is a strong balance sheet.

The company has cash of $1.07 billion and marketable assets of $143 million.

With a price or book ratio of 2.8x, most of the book value is provided by cash.

Wish, which has a global reach of more than 100 countries, currently serves over 550k merchants and 107 million monthly active users.

From 2015 to 2020, revenue grew 17.64x, to $2.54 billion. Current relations should be leveraged to achieve more profitability.

Find out more about Wish statistics for 2024 by reading on.

Key Statistics

  • Around 71.9% of Wish’s total revenues came from the root marketplace.
  • Product Boost earned $200 million in revenue.
  • Wish’s logistics business earned $514 million in revenue.
  • European shipping addresses earned $833 million in root marketplace earnings.
  • The North American market accounted for 40.23% of the entire earnings in 2020.
  • The South American market generated around 90 million US dollars to wish’s root marketplace earnings in 2020.
  • A total of $2.22 billion was spent by Wish in 2020.
  • Marketing and sales expenses accounted for 76.76% of Wish’s operating costs.
  • Product development accounted for nearly 10% of Wish’s operating costs.
  • Wish’s operating expenses amount to $295 million on administrative and general expenses during 2020.

Detailed Wish Statistics for 2024

1. Wish Revenue By Category

Wish website

Around 71.9% of Wish’s Total Revenues Came from The Root Marketplace

Wish generates three types of payment:

1. Marketplace, mobile, and advertising;

2. services;

3. Logistical.

Commission fees from consumer purchases make up Wish’s root marketplace earnings.

Approximately 71.9% of Wish’s total revenues came from root marketplace earnings of $1.83 billion in 2020 as shown in Wish statistics.

Last year, Wish’s root marketplace earnings increased by 24.49%.

The table below shows Wish’s root marketplace earnings since 2017:

Yearroot marketplace earnings (Share)
2017$1.05 billion (95.64%)
2018$1.5 billion (87.27%)
2019$1.47 billion (77.48%)
2020$1.83 billion (71.9%)

Product Boost Earned $200 Million in Revenue

In addition, Wish earns revenue from ad revenues paid to display products in prime positions on the Wish app through Product Boost.

According to Wish’s 2020 financial report, Product Boost gathered $200 million in revenue, equivalent to nearly 7.87% of its total revenue. In contrast, Product Boost’s revenue dropped by 31.27% over the last year.

The following table details Wish’s sales by ProductBoost:

Sl no.YearProduct Boost revenue (Share)
12017$48 million (4.36%)
22018$214 million (12.38%)
32019$291 million (15.3%)
42020$200 million (7.87%)

Wish’s Logistics Business Earned $514 Million in Revenue

Logistics revenue includes delivery and transportation fees.

In 2020, Wish’s logistics business earned $514 million in revenue, representing 20.23 percent of its total revenue. Over the past year, revenue increased by 3.75 times.

The following charts illustrated Wish’s logistics revenue in 2018:

Sl no.YearLogistics revenue (Share)
12018$6 million (0.35%)
22019$137 million (7.2%)
32020$514 million (20.23%)
Source: Wish.

2. Wish Revenue by Geography

Wish user revenue statistics

European Shipping Addresses Earned $833 Million in Root Marketplace Earnings

Wish breaks down root marketplace earnings by area based on the buyer’s shipping address.

In 2020, orders with European shipping addresses earned $833 million in root marketplace earnings. The region generates around 45.59% of the company’s revenue.

During the last year, European users earned 16.34% more revenue.

The following table showed the revenue and share of Wish from the market of Europe in 2018:

Sl no.YearEurope root marketplace earnings (Share)
12018$759 million (50.33%)
22019$716 million (48.6%)
32020$833 million (45.59%)

The North American Market Accounted for 40.23% of The Entire Earnings in 2020

According to Wish, market income from North America accounted for 40.23% of the total earnings in 2020, totaling $735 million.

In this particular region, revenue grew 29.86% in the past year.

As seen in the chart below, Wish’s North American root marketplace earnings have increased since 2018:

Sl no.YearNorth America root marketplace earnings (Share)
12018$579 million (38.39%)
22019$566 million (38.42%)
32020$735 million (40.23%)

The South American Market Generated Around 90 Million US Dollars to Wish’s Root Marketplace Earnings in 2020

The South American market generates around 90 million US dollars to wish’s root marketplace earnings in 2020 – a share of 4.93%. The company’s revenue from this region increased by 25% over one year.

Here’s a table with Wish’s South American root marketplace earnings since 2018:

Sl no.YearSouth America root marketplace earnings
12018$58 million (3.85%)
22019$72 million (4.89%)
32020$90 million (4.93%)

3. Wish Operational Expenses

Wish statistics

A Total of $2.22 Billion Was Spent by Wish in 2020

A total of 2.22 billion US dollars were spent by Wish in 2020. Operating expenses grew by 38.75% over the last year at the company.

As of 2015, the company’s total operating expenses are as follows:

Sl no.YearOperating expenses
12015$588 million
22016$455 million
32017$1.04 billion
42018$1.67 billion
52019$1.6 billion
62020$2.22 billion

Marketing and Sales Expenses Accounted for 76.76% of Wish’s Operating Costs

Marketing and sales expenses accounted for 76.76% of Wish’s operating costs ($1.7 billion) in 2020.

Although there is an increase of 16.44%, Marketing and sales expenses decreased from around 91.32% to 16.44%.

Since 2015, Wish’s Marketing and sales  expenses have been:

Sl no.YearMarketing and sales expenses (Percentage Share)
12015$560 million (95.24%)
22016$428 million (94.06%)
32017$989 million (94.82%)
42018$1.58 billion (94.2%)
52019$1.46 billion (91.32%)
62020$1.7 billion (76.76%)

Product Development Accounted for Nearly 10% of Wish’s Operating Costs

In 2020, Wish spent $222 million more on product development than the previous year.

Product development accounted for nearly 10% of Wish’s operating costs.

Here are Wish’s product development costs since 2015 (including share):

Sl no.Yearproduct development costs (Share)
12015$6 million (1.02%)
22016$10 million (2.2%)
32017$28 million (2.68%)
42018$45 million (2.69%)
52019$74 million (4.62%)
62020$222 million (9.98%)

Wish’s Operating Expenses Amount to $295 Million on Administrative and General Expenses During 2020

A 4.54-fold increase of $295 million was spent by Wish on administrative and general expenses in 2020.

As shown below, Wish’s administrative and general costs since 2015 (including its share):

Sl no.Yearadministrative and general expenses (Share)
12015$22 million (3.74%)
22016$17 million (3.74%)
32017$26 million (2.49%)
42018$52 million (3.1%)
52019$65 million (4.06%)
62020$295 million (13.26%)

Observers commented in 2016 that no rooms were available for eCommerce in an environment dominated by eBay and Amazon. 

After two years, Wish became the third-biggest online shopping center in the United States and globally became the most downloaded app.  

In the early days, Wish users could create a wishlist of their favorite products. Wish partnered with merchants to help monetize the site to sell products on a specific platform. 

Within a few months, sales from its partnered merchants exceeded those from paid-search advertising. In 2013, a new version of the site was launched as an e-commerce platform.

Low prices and knockoff goods have always been Wish’s trademark. Its business-to-consumer model left it with little grip over the quality and supply of its products. 

Therefore, Wish has been accused of cheap quality and counterfeit products, which it cannot refute. Although it has not yet reached the level of eBay or Amazon, it has implemented some quality control systems recently. 

Anyone who has ever used Wish knows that deals are integral to its DNA.

Even though it is difficult to verify whether those items were sold on Wish for the actual price, some things are on sale for 98 percent off. 

Moreover, Wish offers gifts and tokens to its users, offering free items on the condition that shipping is prepaid.

Contests are also held daily for its customers. It offers more than 300 million goods, primarily Chinese products. 

Wish is heavily stigmatized, but it draws many people. In 2020, revenue will exceed $2 billion on the platform, used by more than 100 million people every month. 

The average wait time for packages at Wish is nearly two weeks, compared to Amazon’s ten-year-old delivery platform. Wish accomplishes quite a bit.es quite a bit.

As a social network, instead of searching for specific items like Amazon, the app caters to scrolling, just like customers do when they use Amazon. 

Despite Wish’s ambition to become the “second or third trillion dollars a year shopping center,” it has no revenue comparable to Amazon.

Amazon has aped it somewhat with Prime Day, but it has added a new aspect to online shopping. 

A future Wish could replicate some of the features of Pinduoduo, which in China runs a business-to-consumer platform.

Due to Induoduo’s team buying a part, multiple users can purchase a discounted item simultaneously. Wish has not yet tried it in America, but it fits the core brand.

4. Other Important Wish Statistics

Wish website
  • Wish is used by 107 million people each month.
  • According to Wish, the platform was used by 64 million buyers in 2020.
  • Wish has over 550,000 merchants.
  • Wish employs 875 people full-time.


For mobile e-commerce, revenue has consistently increased.

Stock prices, however, have not improved.

Currently, Wish serves over 550k merchants and 107 million active users per month across more than 100 countries.

Profitability needs to be realized through current connections. 

It is evident from Wish statistics that over 64 million active buyers are on the platform, with over 100 countries represented.

These numbers show how global the platform is.


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