Why You Should Use a YouTube Video Builder if You’re a Business

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In April of 2020, Google created a tool called YouTube Video Builder. They created it with the intention of being able to develop short ads on YouTube.

Google account holders needed to request access to the beta version of this tool, and while it’s still very much in the developmental stages and doesn’t have a lot when it comes to substance, we can see the potential that it holds.

With this in mind, let’s take a look at how businesses can use a tool like this for their YouTube marketing. However, before we dive into that aspect of it, let’s talk about why Google needed to launch the tool in the first place.

Why a YouTube Video Builder?

YouTube Video Builder

As the world continues to struggle to deal with the side effects of the coronavirus, many countries have imposed strict lockdowns. Even those countries that are now coming out of their lockdowns have a number of different guidelines in place, and social distancing is becoming a norm worldwide.

Of course, this means that businesses everywhere are suffering in all kinds of different ways. Not only are many of them having to deal with losing big time when it comes to finances, but they’ve also had to stop shooting in-person video ads for their new products, products that they are relying on right now to get back on track as economies begin to start up again.

YouTube has become a major marketing platform for brands out there big and small, and Google’s motivation behind launching their YouTube Video Builder was a simple one – to give brands out there a basic video generator that they could use to create short videos with existing assets including text, images and logos, as well as being able to customize these with different layout and fonts.

How to Use YouTube Video Builder

YouTube Video Builder

The best thing about using YouTube Video Builder is that it’s really easy, and we think that if you follow the three straightforward steps below, then you can come up with a brand new YouTube video ad for your business that can show off your brand new product or service that you are trying to promote to your target audience.

  • Step One: The first thing that you will notice about the tool is a dashboard where you can select your template and layout. Each template has been customized for specific kinds of ads, which means that you can find options like an ad that promotes an app download, while another markets highlighting your service or product in a catalog. Of course, here is where you select the right template based on your product or service.
  • Step Two: Once you have chosen the right templates, then you will be directed to another screen, where you can choose your preferred colors for your video ads, and this is also your opportunity to add text, logos, and images. It also allows you to incorporate music from YouTube’s library of permitted tracks.
  • Step Three: Once you have selected your layout and added features that make your ad unique to your brand, you’ll be directed to a third screen, which will be a progress bar. In this part, all you have to do is wait for it to finish making your video.

Right now, this particular Google tool only lets its users create 15-second or six-second videos. This is because it’s still in the developmental stages, and there will be more changes in the future when it comes to available features. This means that if you are just reading this blog post now, it might have already introduced some new features. Additionally, you can’t edit anything within this tool.

Final Thoughts

Perhaps the biggest drawback of a tool like the YouTube Video Builder is that you can’t edit your video in any way. However, this tool was primarily designed to help businesses create ads virtually without having to pay big overheads, especially considering the trying times we’re in right now.

So, while it might not be exactly like what you’re used to, it’s definitely going to go a long way in giving you a brand-new video ad that can help you at least maintain a certain level of connection with your audience on YouTube. Good luck!

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