5 Best VPN for Nvidia Shield TV in 2021

Last Updated: September 23, 2021



This guide talks about the best VPNs for NVidia Shield TV and what they have to offer.
Best VPN for Nvidia Shield TV
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VPN is an important application used by internet users when surfing the internet. It majorly provides users with security, anonymity, and geo-targeting.

They have the right protocols that enable users to bypass the anti-spam system and geo-blocking restrictions imposed by many websites.

They are perfect for streaming websites and apps such as applications like NVidia Shield TV on Reddit.

This guide talks about the best VPNs for NVidia Shield TV and what they have to offer.

What is the Nvidia Shield TV?

Nvidia Shield TV

Nvidia Shield TV is an Android-based box that gives streamers a wholesome experience and the best-quality streaming view in 4K HDR quality.

It is regarded as the most advanced streamer application in the market. This amazing streaming box also allows streamers to watch live movies, IPTV, and TV shows seamlessly.

It has a Shield Controller that supports hands-free voice commands, making it easier to use.

Gamers around the world love Nvidia Shield TV thanks to this Shield Controller because it offers an ecstatic experience while gaming, giving them a taste of heaven.

With the Shield Controller, every gamer can have better control and properly control their actions and moves when playing.

When Nvidia Shield TV was first launched, its sales did not skyrocket initially, despite the excitement from the Droid community. This was because the Nvidia Shield TV was too expensive.

However, over the years, Nvidia Shield TV has gained great popularity and has garnered many fans, thanks to its high processing power and advancements in technology.

The Google Assistant was also added to It, adding to some of its extra features. These features make it more appealing, irrespective of its price tag.

Versions of Nvidia Shield TV

Nvidia Shield TV is a powerful streaming device that comes in two versions. Each version offers different advantages.

For example, one version is more expensive than the other, although both streaming boxes provide users 16GBs of storage.

The cheaper version helps users save more, while the more expensive version offers extra features for ease of usage. 

For example, the expensive version comes with remote control and the Shield Controller gamepad, while the cheaper version lacks this.

The price difference between these versions is $20, which is not too much.

Therefore, experts recommend that users get the more expensive version because the controller allows users to use a hands-free voice control when using the Google Assistant.

NVidia Shield TV also provides users with the  NVidia Gamestream feature that allows gamers to stream games directly from their laptops through their home network.

Users get to enjoy the best of High Dynamic Range HDR videos in the world once connected to their home network.

However, a fast and stable internet network connection is required for you to access the best quality streaming of games and TV shows.

NVidia Shield TV also supports Google Chromecast for streaming videos to the device irrespective of the mobile devices you use.

Do You Need A VPN with NVidia Shield TV?

Nvidia Shield TV

Most content that users can access through NVidia Shield TV is geo-restricted, which means if you are at a location that is restricted, without changing your location, you can’t access them.

Using a VPN service gives you access to NVidia Shield TV services and allows you to enjoy all its great functionalities.

To enjoy these functionalities, you need a VPN with extensive network coverage and geo-targeting capabilities.

VPN Setup for Nvidia Shield TV

Once you’ve chosen the VPN of your choice, the next thing to do is to buy a subscribe plan. When you plan has been purchased, visit the VPN service provider’s website, and then proceed to download the Android APK file.

After downloading the APK file, transfer it into your USB flash drive and delete it from your computer.

The next step is to switch on the NVidia Shield. When switching on the NVidia Shield, don’t plug it into your USB drive.

Once the NVidia Shield is on, navigate to the NVidia Shield TV’s Settings tab and click on the Security and Restrictions tab.

Ensure you enable the Unknown Sources Option. Click on OK to accept the changes made.

Go back to the Nvidia Shield Home page, where you then open your Google Play Store. Under the search option, search for an ES File Explorer, which you are to then install.

After installing the ES File manager, you will be asked to grant permission. Click on Accept to grant it permission.

Once your installation is complete, you can then insert your USB drive into the NVidia Shield.

A pop-up prompt is given to inform you about opening an ES File Explorer. Click on Ok to accept this.

Look to the left-side menu and click local, with the ES File Explorer open, then choose the USB option. Once the USB option is chosen, click Open.

This lets you see the VPN’s APK file. It also will give you an install prompt. Click on it the install twice and click Open once the installation is complete.

With this, your VPN app is opened. Input your username and the password to log in to the app. Once you are logged in, you can now connect to any of the available servers.

Best VPN for Torrenting & Netflix

To enjoy streaming with a VPN provider, you need to invest in the best VPN that allows users to connect quickly.

This VPN service must also offer high security and anonymity and must bypass all strict protocols used by streaming websites and applications. Users’ information when browsing the internet must be encrypted to avoid data theft.

They also must possess an acceptable amount of servers in several locations to ensure you have access to the content you need.

A good VPN service must also give you unlimited bandwidth for uninterrupted connection and maximize entertainment options.

There are few VPN providers that work perfectly with NVidia Shield TV for streaming content on the internet. Below are some of the most efficient VPN services that you can use for NVidia Shield TV.



ExpressVPN is a highly sought-after VPN in the world of VPNs. It is known for its speed and excellent VPN use cases.

When it comes to VPN services, ExpressVPN is a market leader and is also rated as the best VPN for NVidia Shield TV.

This makes ExpressVPN special because not every VPN service can properly provide NVidia Shield TV’s streaming functionalities.

ExpressVPN offers its user the highest level of protection thanks to its zero logs policy that it upholds stated in its terms and conditions.

This high level of security it offers is one main reason why VPN users also love this VPN service.

ExpressVPN also employs several security protocols, such as the military-grade AES-256 encryption standard and the famous OpenVPN protocol, to ensure their users are protected against malwares and hackers.

In a situation where your VPN connection stops or drops, ExpressVPN ensures that your internet traffic is stopped immediately by stopping all your internet traffic through a network lock.

With this, users have nothing to worry about when it comes to security.

Apart from the top-level security ExpressVPN boasts of, it also offers users the best streaming functionalities.

This is possible because of their wide network coverage and geo-targeting features.

ExpressVPN is supported in over 90 locations across the United States and other countries in the world, with more than 2000 servers spread across these countries.

ExpressVPN’s most unique feature is its ability to unblock geo-restrictions and geo-blocks imposed by online streaming websites.

This is due to the several protocols they boast that helps them bypass the strict anti-spam protocols of these streaming websites.

It works well with Hulu, Netflix, HBO, iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and NVidia Shield TV.

ExpressVPN works perfectly with NVidia Shield TV because of its Android compatibility, as well as the fact that it can be installed through the sideloading method once the APK files can be accessed.

However, it is important to know that ExpressVPN plans are expensive, and they will cost more than regular VPN services would. If you can afford it, then you are sure to enjoy the best VPN service ever.



NordVPN is another VPN service that makes the list of the best VPN providers compatible with NVidia Shield TV.

It works perfectly with Nvidia Shield TV because of its SmartPlay feature. This ensures that NordVPN can unblock any geo-restrictions and geo-blocks imposed by online streaming websites, which give users access to connect and stream seamlessly.

It is a cheaper alternative to ExpressVPN and also very reliable for streaming Nvidia Shield TV.

NordVPN has one of the best security systems in the world of VPNs, thanks to its CyberSec protocol, as well as its double VPN encryption feature.

This helps prevent all manner of intrusive ads from obstructing users’ sessions when connected to the internet. CyberSec will always ensure that users’ devices are well protected from malicious threats online.

At the same time, its double VPN encryption security feature and other security features enforce a strict automatic switch, DNS leak protection, as well as a no-logs policy.

One important encryption protocol that NordVPN uses is OpenVPN. This efficiently protects users from hackers and also offers a perfect blend of speed and security.

The OpenVPN security protocol features the 2048-bit DH key, as well as the popular military-grade AES-256-bit encryption, ensuring that NordVPN offers users the highest level of security.

NordVPN also uses the IKEv2/IPSec protocol that works well with Windows clients.

Other security functions that NordVPN boasts of include Onion over VPN that allows users access the Dark Web, and the Tor over VPN; MultiHop protection, which creates hard-to-track VPN chains.

NordVPN is known as the VPN service with the highest number of VPN servers in the VPN market. It has coverage in over 62 countries worldwide and more than 5000 servers across these countries.

About 1900 of its servers are spread across the United States alone, while the United Kingdom has over 500 servers.

With this rich network coverage, users can easily access all their favorite TV shows and games irrespective of where they are in the world, including Africa, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East.

NordVPN is perfect for streaming websites, as it works perfectly with streaming services like NVidia Shield TV, Hulu, Netflix, HBO, iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video.

It also boasts near-perfect connection speeds, which gives it an edge over its competition.

NordVPN has a great customer support unit for the best streaming experiences and offers a 7-day trial period to new users.



PureVPN is a highly rated VPN service provider in the VPN market. It is known for having many servers that are great for streaming.

It is a top-recommended VPN provider for strict video streaming applications like NVidia Shield TV. PureVPN’s compatibility with these streaming applications is because of its encryption power.

With PureVPN, your data is fully encrypted when browsing the internet, including all contents streamed over the device.

PureVPN also boasts of military-grade encryption that ensures users’ devices are protected from malware and hackers.

It is also well-regarded as a top VPN service because user’s logs of their activities when online are not stored.

PureVPN boasts of wide network coverage and is fantastic for geo-targeting thanks to their over 750 servers spread across 140 countries worldwide.

With this, streaming your Shield TV by Nvidia comes easy from any location and is also very fast.

PureVPN is compatible with Android devices and offers the highest level of anonymity when streaming. It is perfect for unblocking all the geo-restricted websites and apps, including Hulu, Netflix, and HBO.



IPVanish is a famous VPN provider that offers fast connections and cheap pricing. It is fantastic for streaming, with strong security and anonymity.

The unique feature of IPVanish is that it owns and maintains almost all its servers, therefore, having complete control over its networks. This also means that issues on its networks are resolved promptly. 

It uses the popular military-grade security protocol, 256-bit AES encryption that assures maximum security, and a kill switch feature.

Another security protocol IPVanish uses is the OpenVPN for obfuscation and regular change of IP addresses.

It is so powerful that it can bypass all censorship filters and anti-spam protocols of streaming websites and apps.

It is rated one of the fastest streaming services in the VPN market, as it boasts of more than 1000 servers spread across 60 countries worldwide.

IPVanish VPN remains the only VPN service provider listed in the Tier- VPN network. It uses the PPTP and L2TP/IPSec protocols to ensure that users enjoy high connectivity speed.

They boast of one of the best customer support services units in the VPN market. Their customer support team is very reliable and efficient, giving users 24/7 access.

IPVanish allows users to simultaneously connect to up to 10 devices and offers one of the most affordable plans.

New users have access to a 7-day money-back policy that ensures that their fund is returned within seven days if they get dissatisfied with their service.

IPVanish is a fantastic VPN that works well with lots of streaming services but lacks a custom client for Ubuntu.

Private Internet Access 

Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is a top-notch VPN service known for its great encryption. It is perfect for Nvidia Shield TV and offers users protection when using its tunnel for streaming services.

This VPN service provider is so powerful that it unblocks all manner of geo-blocks and allows users to stream video content irrespective of the app or website.

It is designed so that users’ online security is enhanced to help prevent cyberattacks from spying and malware.

This feature is key because most times, your Nvidia Shield TV gets connected to Wi-Fi,  your device is significantly at a high risk of being attacked by malware.

In fact, its greatest selling point is its top security features, as it is ranked amongst the best VPN service providers in terms of security.

To achieve it, Private Internet Access uses the 128-bit encryption protocol and offers users a no-logs policy.

It works efficiently for streaming services like NVidia Shield TV, Hulu, Netflix, HBO, iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video.

The only downside to Private Internet Access is its pricing, as this VPN provider is quite pricey. However, if you can afford it, it’s worth it, as you’ll get value for money.


Using VPN for Nvidia Shield TV offers a lot of advantages. It works best with the VPN service providers listed above.

These VPN services are highly rated and regarded as one of the best globally, thanks to their compatibility.

They are also highly rated due to the top-notch security protocols they provide, the ease of use, convenience, efficiency, and reliability.

They are all guaranteed to easily bypass any website’s anti-spam protocol or self-imposed ISP speed throttling. This helps to enhance your device’s function of the streaming TV box.

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