Viewer Boss Review – Can it Help Your Twitch Popularity?

Viewer Boss Review 2024 – Does It Work?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023

Viewer Boss Review 2024 – Does It Work?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023

Viewer Boss Review 2024

Twitch has quickly become a popular social network for video gamers and other live streams about popular topics. The good thing is that the network is still emerging, so it doesn’t feel as big and informal as other heavy-hitting social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook. 

With this tight-knit community on Twitch comes a great opportunity to expand your followers and gain more stream views; when you have a lot of loyal followers who view your streams on a regular basis, you have a great chance of becoming a hit on Twitch, then having the chance to monetize the platform. 

Because the need has grown, many social media growth companies have expanded to offer Twitch services for stream views and followers, as well as engagement methods that help to grow your reputation on the platform. 

One of those companies, Viewer Boss, has been discussed recently, so we did our research to provide you with a Viewer Boss review to help make your decision about Twitch growth a bit easier.

Let’s go!

Features and Functionality 

Viewer Boss Review - Features

Viewer Boss offers a bot that perpetuates views on your Twitch account, which they claim to be the best way to boost your Twitch channel. 

On their website, they claim that they “have worked a lot to make this bot realestic and suitiable to serve you.” First of all, they should probably use a spell checker for their website and make sure it’s correct and professional.

It leads people to wonder— can a website with basic typos really provide a suitable Twitch bot that won’t get your account banned, but get you more views?

There are actually a lot of basic typos the more that you read through the pages. It’s off-putting, although that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t offer something valuable, right? 

Unfortunately, the service of Viewer Boss leaves much to be desired in terms of Twitch growth. They claim to have tested their algorithms “a lot of times, it’s working perfectly without any under deliveries.” 

They claim to keep up with the changes of Twitch, and that it’s the most stable, but the problem with bots is that none of them are stable and none can keep up with Twitch algorithm changes because they are against the terms of use. 

They offer monthly packages of bot services from €20 all the way up to €400, and they also have a disclaimer on each package that says “we can update features and prices on any time.”

What does that mean? Are they going to deny services from their customers whenever they feel like? 

Another odd thing about all their packages is the “there is no limit” stipulation. This is listed under their packages, but they don’t explain what it references. No limit to what? 

Viewer Boss claims no banning and no detection from Twitch, but Twitch is ahead of the curve and can detect these types of bots; they put this claim on their page because they want customers to feel at ease, but they cannot promise this. 

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Why Bots Don’t Work On Twitch 

Twitch bot

Bots don’t work on Twitch, period. When you have a service like Viewer Boss that claims to give you 500 viewers, 500 chatbot, and 5000 followers, they are not perpetuating anything real or valuable.

All of these are fake engagements and won’t do anything for your Twitch account other than perhaps get you in trouble. 

Not only that, these views and followers won’t engage, so they’re virtually pointless when you consider the results that you’ll gain from them.

There are actually a lot of negative reviews about Viewer Boss, many of which claim that it’s a scam altogether. 

Their support system is done by chat, and they are not ever online. That means if you have a problem with your bot or service functionality (which you will), you won’t be able to gain any support from the Viewer Boss team. 

In addition, Twitch itself has a page about viewership botting and fake engagement. They take this type of thing very seriously and will take action if you are found to be using these types of services. 

Viewer Boss tries to push this aside through their claim of no detection, but it’s simply not valid. 

Why do People Buy Twitch Followers? 

If services like Viewer Boss are so widely available and claim to offer you the best of Twitch follower growth and more, why would someone buy Twitch followers in the first place? After all, it can severely harm your account and even get you kicked off of the platform. 

Because it can take so long to develop a natural following and get things moving in terms of Twitch growth, it’s become a popular practice to buy Twitch followers to help stimulate your follower growth. 

When you buy from the right company, though, it actually can help you in some great ways. While Viewer Boss can’t help you get Twitch followers and engagements that will work for you, working with a reputable Twitch growth company can get you the following: 

  • More visibility: when you have more followers, people notice you more. If they check you out and have no followers, they may not want to follow either, but if you have a lot, they’ll be more likely to join in. 
  • More social proof: when you have an established number of followers on Twitch, your reputation is increased and people see you as more of an authority in the community. This is what you need to gain more natural followers over time and buying followers can help you get your reputation where you need it to be. 
  • Faster growth: for the above reasons, you’ll be more likely to gain more real Twitch followers when you buy some to help fortify your overall follower count. People see others following, they’ll do the same. 
  • Chance of profit: having a loyal group of followers that view your live streams can help you monetize Twitch. The top earners on the platform make millions of dollars through their streaming and ad efforts, and having a loyal following that views your streams can get you there, or at least on the road there. 

These are just a few of the benefits of buying Twitch followers. But remember, not all third party companies are created equal, so you have to do it safely and carefully. Viewer Boss is best avoided here. 

How Can I Buy Twitch Followers Safely? 

As you may imagine, buying Twitch followers safely is one of the most important elements when making the decision on which company you want to work with. 

As mentioned earlier, some companies are just out to turn a profit and take advantage of the unassuming users that just want to buy some followers to help their Twitch growth. 

You need real, high-quality Twitch followers in order to make a difference in terms of growth, reputation, and popularity, so buying fakes or low-quality Twitch followers isn’t going to do much of anything to help you. 

In fact, it may actually hurt you. If you have a lot of fake Twitch followers, they are likely to drop off over time since Twitch removes fake profiles from their platform. 

Twitch cares a great deal about the integrity of their platform, so they are very diligent in monitoring the quality of users and the adherence to their community guidelines and terms of use. 

The only way that you can stay on Twitch’s good side is to buy from reputable companies that have been in the industry for quite some time and can help to perpetuate real and valuable Twitch growth. 

Here are some things that you need to look for when you buy Twitch followers: 

  • Visible pricing: if a company doesn’t show any pricing or requires you to input information in order to view prices, keep on walking. All reputable companies will have visible and direct pricing options available right there on their website. If you have to ask for pricing, they’re probably spammers or trying to get your information. Also, keep in mind that in this industry, you get what you pay for, so always make sure that you look for what works with your budget and not just the cheapest option you find. Viewer Boss does offer their pricing, but it’s not very competitive for the risks involved. They have some insanely expensive packages. 
  • High-quality Twitch followers: a company that provides Twitch followers should always indicate what kind of followers they’ll be sending you and even perhaps how they get them. Take a look at how the company describes their Twitch followers and make sure they are high quality that will actually bring value to your account. Viewer Boss offers you a set package of followers, which means they’re probably not real, especially when a bot is involved. 
  • FAQs and plentiful information: companies that don’t want to provide a lot of information are typically the ones that are hiding their poor services. If you look at a website and it has a plethora of valuable information about the company and their services, that’s a good sign. You should understand how the service works and have access to a FAQ that can help you with any common doubts or concerns. Viewer Boss seemingly has quite a bit of information, but in reality most of it sidesteps how the service actually works and focuses on filler words and buzzwords. 
  • Support and guarantees: any reputable company from which you can buy Twitch followers will offer a responsive support team as well as some type of service guarantee or refund policy. Always check that out and make sure the terms of service and support options are clear so that you understand what you’re getting when you buy from them. Viewer Boss doesn’t care to offer any free trial and offers zero refunds of any kind. 
  • Secure site and pricing options: it’s important to protect yourself when buying Twitch followers, so always confirm that the site is secured with SSL encryption and that they offer secure payment methods. Also, avoid shady methods like bot use. Twitch is very serious about combatting bot use, so services like Viewer Boss can seriously hurt you.

Review Conclusion

Don’t risk it. Viewer Boss is not a viable option for Twitch growth. They offer another Twitch bot that is actively monitored by Twitch and will only bring you headaches and even problems on the platform. 

It’s not worth throwing your money away for a Twitch service that offers expensive packages without real results. 

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