Venium Review: Does it Help You Grow Your Instagram Account?

Venium Review 2024: Does it Help You Grow Your Instagram Account?

Published on: April 6, 2023
Last Updated: April 6, 2023

Venium Review 2024: Does it Help You Grow Your Instagram Account?

Published on: April 6, 2023
Last Updated: April 6, 2023


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Venium Review 2024

With so much competition on Instagram these days, it’s no surprise that people are seeking the best tools to help you get more Instagram followers.

Instagram growth services are popping up by the minute, so how can you tell whether or not they’ll actually be able to help your account? 

You need to have not only more Instagram followers but also high levels of engagement such as likes, comments, shares, and more.

This is the biggest issue— how can you get more real people to see your content and actually engage with it? 

Venium Review

If you have been seeking a tool to help you grow your Instagram, you may have come across Venium, as we did in our search.

They claim to have all of the best methods to grow your Instagram, but does it really work? 

We’ve done a comprehensive review of Venium so that you don’t have to.

When deciding on which tool to use for Instagram growth, it’s so important to check out all of the features and evaluate all of the risks involved, as not all companies have your best interest at heart. 

Let’s find out what Venium can or can’t offer you in our Venium review. 

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Review Summary: Pros & Cons 

Before we dive into the review, we’re going to take a look at the overall pros and cons of the service: 

  • Provides services for various social media sites
  • Works on all browsers
  • Fake followers
  • Poor and non-responsive customer service
  • Low-quality profiles
  • No refund guarantee
  • Slow delivery speed

Curious to know more about these elements? Let’s expand on these points in the following sections of our review. 

What is Venium? 


In order to understand the pros and cons we mentioned above, we have to first understand what Venium is.

Venium is an online company that claims to help you “skyrocket” your social media content. The services their website lists are: 

  • Social marketing
  • Sponsored Placements
  • Premium networks
  • Premium partnerships 

At first glance, it looks professional enough, but do they really provide anything of value, or are these just buzzwords?

They have service offerings for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, and TikTok, so they offer a lot of different support for a range of popular networks. 

If you click on the Learn More button under each feature description, it will take you to the same website each time— About Us.

They don’t offer details about each particular service that they mention, they simply give some basic company information. 

They say “we believe in simple and efficient ways to grow a business by being smart, relevant, and most importantly straightforward.” Um, okay? 

This is a generic blanket statement that really doesn’t mean anything. They give absolutely no details about how their service actually works and there are no details that follow any of the different features. 

This is a big red flag; it’s very common for websites looking to swindle clients to avoid putting any real information about how services work because they effectively don’t offer any. 

If you click on the Instagram tab at the top, it takes you to a page that reads Buy Instagram Followers/Likes/Comments/Video Views. 

So, how is buying Instagram followers going to get my content sponsored placements and premium networks?

They claim to have an Instagram network of over 5 million users— Instagram has 1.393 billion monthly active users. How did Venium get 5 million of them to be a part of their “exclusive network?” 

They didn’t.

Simple buzzwords trying to appear credible. They do nothing in the way of promoting your Instagram content— they simply send you fake followers based on the package that you pay for. That’s it. 

Is Venium Legit? 

If we base our decision off of their website alone, there’s no implication that Venium offers authentic or legitimate services to help you get more real Instagram followers.

We wanted to see something positive, but it only confirmed our suspicions. 

We visited the Trustpilot website to see whether or not they had any positive reviews, and nothing was positive about it.

Venium Trustpilot Reviews

One review only, and it claims that Venium is a total scam and that you shouldn’t waste your money. 

There were also claims out there that Venium is a company that cheats people and that they don’t deliver any service at all; if you try to seek a refund, they won’t assist and they won’t provide you any sort of compensation. 

You can see many of these comments if you spend a moment on Google search.

There are a handful of positive reviews that talk about their services provided and they look to be fake.

They say all the right things but they don’t match the other reviews that people have written; why would they scam some clients and not others? 

Pretty much any website you look to for Venium reviews will leave you walking the other way— seems that very few people, if any, stand by Venium’s service. 

Venium claims to offer a lifetime guarantee for all of their purchases, but it doesn’t make sense, then, that so many customers had a negative experience.

They’re obviously using bait words to hook people in and then leave them without any support once things (inevitably) go wrong for the client. 

VeniumApp— Doesn’t Exist 

Another curiosity about Venium is that they claim to have an iOS app in the works; on the About page it says Coming Soon on the Apple Store.

There’s still absolutely no app available and we’ve been checking religiously. 

Not only that, Venium automatically leaves out all Android users by offering an iOS-only app (if it ever materializes) and isn’t fair for those clients who don’t have it.

We’re not sure exactly what the purpose of the app is, anyway, considering their support is abysmal and they don’t offer any real campaigns or interactions. 

The real benefit for Venium is that when you click on that button, it takes you to an email box and asks you to input your email so that you can “get updates” on when it will be released. Looks like another way to capture user info for spamming purposes. 


Venium Instagram Likes

Venium has a lot of packages across the different social networks, but we’re going to focus on Instagram only for the purpose of this Venium review. Here are the pricing breakdowns: 

  • $9.99/1000 Instagram followers 
  • $4.99/1000 Instagram Likes (although the box says $3.99)
  • $4.99/100 Instagram comments
  • $1.99/1000 Instagram video views

While the prices aren’t incredibly high, it seems like it shouldn’t be this easy to simply acquire real Instagram followers. Venium says that these are “worldwide followers,” which means you can expect a bunch of followers that aren’t even relevant to your actual country. 

You can customize how many you want to buy, with each respective category having a minimum and a maximum order number. 

Does Venium Make False Promises? 

All in all, the promises that Venium offers on its service page are simply not attainable.

They cannot guarantee real or active Instagram followers, nor likes, comments, or views.

Also, they say that you’ll receive “Loving and Positive” Instagram comments when you buy from them. 

These are completely bot-generated and offer absolutely nothing of value to your Instagram account.

The only thing Venium can do for you is give your account a fake sense of popularity with no real-world results at all. 

All of the information about their company and their services sounds pretty much completely made up.

They simply create a bunch of attractive-sounding features to mask what is ultimately a service to buy Instagram followers from. None of these followers are real and your content is getting no real promotion. 

Not only that, Venium claims to have 55 employees and on their homepage, they say they have over 500k satisfied customers; on their about page, it says 265k happy customers.

So which is it?

55 employees aren’t going to be able to help that many clients regardless.

Seems like all of these numbers are just arbitrary. 

Is Venium Safe? 

Venium is absolutely not safe.

There’s no guarantee for their services and they have a lot of empty promises and false information on their website.

If they send you fake Instagram followers, your account can be at risk and you can even get shut down for bot activity in your comments

Don’t trust Venium to keep your account safe and secure.

They don’t require your password, but that doesn’t mean their services are in line with the Instagram terms of use. It’s not worth it. 

Review Final Verdict

All in all, our final takeaway is that Venium is not a legitimate Instagram growth service. 

If you want a quick, inauthentic boost in followers, Venium might be able to deliver, but this ultimately pollutes your account, skews your metrics, and makes your profile look fake and phony with no engagement increase. 

We don’t consider valuable: 

  • Their fake followers
  • Poor customer service
  • Poor delivery 
  • No refund guarantee
  • Prices for fake followers 

It’s in your best interest to skip Venium and uphold the integrity of your Instagram account. 

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