uMobix vs. Hoverwatch

uMobix vs Hoverwatch Comparison 2024: Which Is Better?

Published on: November 30, 2023
Last Updated: November 30, 2023

uMobix vs Hoverwatch Comparison 2024: Which Is Better?

Published on: November 30, 2023
Last Updated: November 30, 2023

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uMobix vs Hoverwatch Comparison 2024

Crime rates are increasing all around the world. The internet has made everything easier, even committing crimes like cyberbullying and identity theft.

Online predators are prevalent everywhere now. It is important to protect those who are most vulnerable in such situations.

Children often fall easily into traps set by online predators so parents need to be vigilant about their online activity.  

Minors can unintentionally leave excessive personal information about themselves online.

Details such as their current location, permanent address, cell phone number, etc are dangerous if they fall into the wrong hands.

It is important for their parents to keep an eye on their mobile phone activities so that they can prevent any serious issues from occurring. 

There are many applications available online that can enable you to keep a check on your child cell phone usage.

With the kind of threats that are available online, it is important to have access to such data regarding other significant people in your life too.

uMobix and Hoverwatch are two applications that help their users in keeping a check on the cell phone activities of their loved ones. 

Both are top notch applications that boast about great parental controls.

You need to read up more on their features to become a better judge of uMobix vs. Hoverwatch.



This is primarily a parental control application that gives you detailed information regarding the offline and online activities of your child on their mobile phone.

You will have to install uMobix on your child’s phone and follow the instructions given to get the desired information.

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Let’s take a closer look at all the features that this app has to offer to its users and this will also get you a lot of information on uMobix vs Hoverwatch

Call Logs

uMobix Call Logs

One of the most common things that parents want to keep a check on when it comes to their child’s phone is their call logs.

With the help of uMobix you can find out about all incoming and outgoing calls on your child’s phone.

You can even get more details pertaining to each call such as the duration of each individual call.

All this information can be accessed by logging into your uMobix account.

In uMobix vs Hoverwatch, you will find that both the applications offer this feature.

Contact List

uMobix Contact List

Your child’s contact list can give you a detailed insight to the kind of social circle that he or she has.

If your child is behaving weirdly all of a sudden and has started to remain aloof or unlike themselves then you should first check out their contact list.

If there is a new contact that you have not heard of before then it is likely that the problem has emanated from there. 

Add this feature to the call logs one and you can get a much better idea of what is happening in your child’s life.

Location Tracker

uMobix GPS Location Tracker

uMobix offer a GPS tracking feature which allows you to keep a check on the whereabouts of your child.

You can find out where the target device is located in real-time.

This is especially beneficial when your child is hanging out with new friends that you are not yet completely familiar with and if they are away from home for longer periods of time without prior information. 

You also get access to a list of history of all the locations that they have been to.

This enables the parents to find out all the places that their child has been to in case of an emergency situation.

Text Messages

uMobix Text Messages Monitoring

Sometimes children befriend people over the internet and start sharing all sorts of personal details with those people.

This makes them vulnerable to all sorts of cyber threats.

Keeping a check on your child’s text messages can give you a clear picture of the kind of conversations they are having with people through their cell phones. 

This increases the level of security that a parent can provide to their child.

You can get information on any sort of cyberbullying that your child is going through or if they are a victim of a scam.

In uMobix vs Hoverwatch you will see that both applications can enable you to gain access to messages that your child might have deleted because you get each notification separately in real-time. 

It will also provide you with the entire chat history. 

Browsing History

uMobix Browsing History

Your child’s browsing history matters as much as any other social detail if they are caught in a problem.

If a child disappears suddenly, their browsing history can provide useful insights to what they were searching before any unusual activity took place.

If they visited any particular website that requested their personal information then you could use this detail to help get to your child.

You can also find out about how much time they are spending on a particular website so that you can prevent any mishaps from occurring. 

Social Media Websites 

uMobix Social Media Apps Monitoring

A lot of negative activities get initiated through social media websites like Facebook and Instagram.

uMobix gives you access to direct messages on both these applications.

You can easily find out about the people that your child converses with regularly and if there is any suspicious activity that your child might get trapped in. 

uMobix also helps parents in getting WhatsApp conversations with your child. You can find out who is conversing with your loved ones.

You can also take a peek at all the media that has been shared between your child and their other contacts. 

Pricing Details Of uMobix 

uMobix pricing

uMobix is available with a basic plan that is worth $29.99.

This does not have all the features that are provided in the full version of uMobix which is worth $59.99.

You can stretch your full plan from one month to one year long subscription. 

The longer you subscribe the lower your overall cost. One subscription will only enable you to track a single device.

For each extra device you will need to subscribe separately. uMobix does offer a family plan whereby you can track more than one device at a time.



This is another application that can be used by parents to keep a check on their children.

Hoverwatch has a lot similar to uMobix. So when it comes to uMobix vs Hoverwatch you will find very few differences that can set any one of them ahead of the other.

Both applications do their job well in terms of helping you protect your child against the harms that can be caused by their mobile phones.

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When you take a closer look at uMobix vs Hoverwatch you will see that the latter offers an additional feature of front camera control.

This is a feature that is not offered by most similar applications.

You can also keep Hoverwatch undetected. This feature can also be found in both when you conduct a thorough uMobix vs Hoverwatch face-off. 

The stealth mode is highly beneficial when you are trying to get authentic information regarding your child’s mobile phone usage to help discover a genuine issue.

If they are facing any sort of cyberbullying, there are chances that your child might start hiding things from you and deleting their messages due to any embarrassment that they might feel.

Pricing Details Of Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch Pricing

The monthly subscription for Hoverwatch is $24.95. However the yearly package comes at a cost of $99.95.

This shows that even in this case with uMobix vs Hoverwatch, both are cheaper if you get them for longer subscription periods.

That is true for most online software. The longer your commitment is to them, the cheaper they will cost you.

It enables users to purchase longer subscriptions once they have tried out the basic versions or free trials to check out the applications.

In Summary, the best spy apps in 2024 are;

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uMobix vs Hoverwatch is a close competition because of the highly similar features that both the applications provide.

In terms of providing you a safety net for your child’s mobile usage, both the applications do a great job. 

They can help you keep a strict check on their whereabouts when they are behaving a little odd or leaving without prior information.

You can do all this without your child detecting the presence of these applications on their phone as both can work in stealth mode.

Most children these days would right away react very strongly to being spied on.

They do not understand the dangers of the world that can befall almost anyone out there, especially minors.

In uMobix vs Hoverwatch you will find that the former works in real-time. 

This provides a lot of added benefits such as any messages that arrive on the target’s phone and are deleted, can still be viewed on your phone.

This makes uMobix a slightly better option than Hoverwatch.

In case you are sure your child is being mistreated online or there is some suspicious activity on their phone that they are constantly trying to cover up then uMobix might just be your perfect first option to go for.

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