Trust.Zone VPN Review

Trust.Zone VPN Review 2024: Is It Legit? Is It a Scam?

Published on: April 3, 2024
Last Updated: April 3, 2024

Trust.Zone VPN Review 2024: Is It Legit? Is It a Scam?

Published on: April 3, 2024
Last Updated: April 3, 2024


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Since the demand for VPNs has increased, the industry has pushed VPN service providers to improve their offerings to stay competitive.

However, Trust.Zone is not like that of other cheap VPN services. While it has reasonable prices, it did not perform satisfactorily in our speed tests. 

It has a limited server network, only offers a Windows client (and a subpar one), and only gives three licenses per subscription.

But how well does it hold up under everyday use?

From its inception in 2014, Trust.Zone VPN has been committed to protecting user anonymity. 

Its no-logs policy and authorization canary are only two examples of the rigorous privacy protections it employs from its Seychelles headquarters.

In this Trust.Zone VPN review, we will evaluate the service based on various criteria important to paying consumers.

The absolute minimal requirements include things like security, privacy, speed, effectiveness, cost, usability, and support.

  • Affordable
  • In addition, anonymous transactions are permitted
  • Good results in speed tests.
  • There are no mobile or desktop clients available.
  • There is a limit of three active connections at once.
  • Not enough servers.
  • Client service that falls flat.
  • There aren’t any customized server options available.

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Trust.Zone VPN Review 2024: In-depth


Except for WireGuard and SOCKS5, the industry-standard AES-256 encryption is used by all other protocols.

So it might not be a fantastic choice if you need to keep some information safe.

FTP, a notoriously unsafe tunneling protocol, is also available as an option with this VPN. Please don’t use it, and don’t use HTTP either; they’re both terrible ideas.

In addition, the additional tunneling protocols provided by Trust.Zone are also safe to use.

The VPN’s kill switch is another layer of protection. Though it’s nice to have, We don’t think it’s as user-friendly as other VPNs that also provide a kill switch.

Once We severed our connection to the VPN server, the test device stopped all internet activity.

To connect to a Trust.Zone VPN server without first disabling it in plain English would be a bad idea.

Additionally, DNS leak security is included. This functionality, which is deactivated by default, can be activated per-user. Yet, it’s only available on iOS, Android, and Windows software.


Unfortunately, Trust.Zone VPN is not particularly amazing. There are only about 170+ servers to choose from.

The upside is that it offers VPN servers in almost every country. Their website claims coverage in 90+ time zones.

You can browse servers across Africa, Asia, Europe, the United States, North America, Oceania, and South America via their app.

Their server availability is not generally satisfactory. Of course, you can’t overlook the fact that Trust.Zones’s, typically less expensive competitors, provide access to many more servers.

Trust.Zone does not provide any Chinese servers. However, it does provide access to two servers in Hong Kong.

In any case, we’ll get to Trust.Zone’s performance in China a little bit later on in this Trust.Zone VPN review. Therefore, remain here.


When we put them through their tests, we found that they were nothing to write home about but adequate for everyday tasks like streaming videos and downloading music.

When connecting to a server that is geographically distant from you, your frame rate may suffer more than usual.

This may be due to the relatively small number of servers available. However, staying on your own continent seems to alleviate this issue.

We did, however, discover that the speeds are not constantly reliable.

It’s possible that at some points in time, connecting to a specific server will result in good download speeds, but at other times, you might notice that you’re getting far less. 

This could be a major problem if you’re working with a large amount of data. Nord VPN is highly recommended as an alternative VPN to solve this issue.

The main service that suffers, as a result, is streaming; using a server during peak hours will make 4K streaming a challenge, but our tests showed that download speeds, even for torrenting and huge files, were manageable.

Keep in mind, too, that typical transfer rates can shift based on where you actually are.

Trying To Keep It Simple

New features and services are constantly being added to Trust.Zone. You are receiving a state-of-the-art, extremely secure VPN at a reasonable fee, and that’s about it.

The company claims that our heir service is straightforward, providing an intuitive interface for their super-secure VPN that lets you surf the web anonymously. 

Week after week, they manage to improve and expand their service offering by introducing brand new features.

Using Trust.Zone, for instance, you may securely communicate on your Playstation while remaining anonymous online.

Nothing you say or do in-game will be recorded, so you may have honest conversations without worrying that someone will find out what you said.

Try Trust.Zone risk-free for three days, then upgrade to their paid service with all its features unlocked.

While the free plan’s bandwidth cap of 1 GB may seem low, it should be plenty for you to check out the available services and decide.


Internet protocols specify the rules for how information is transferred across the Internet. To what end does Trust.Zone’s encrypted tunnel connects your device to the server.

  • OpenVPN OpenVPN

OpenVPN is the safest method for evading firewalls since it provides an optimal balance between speed and privacy. It was crowdsourced rather than developed by a firm, and it is constantly evolving to foil government snooping.

  • L2TP

Although the Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol creates the virtual conduit through which your data will pass, it is not the protocol that encrypts the data itself.

  • Jurisdiction

Trust.Zone’s headquarters is located in Seychelles, a tax haven with no domestic warrantless wiretapping regulations or required data retention requirements.

In addition, it has no formal ties to the Five Eyes intelligence network.

If Trust.Zone is ever served a warrant; it will be easy to tell that the VPN has been hacked because of the Warrant Canary that can be found on its website.

While we are still not convinced of the value of warrant canaries, we recognize that they provide comfort to some.

This is why it’s encouraging to note that Trust.Zone uses a PGP signature and regularly updates the warrant canary.

Doesn’t Support IPv6

In light of the rapidly depleting pool of available IPv4 addresses, the IPv6 protocol was designed to serve as its successor.

It is still making its way into the market; thus only a select few service providers offer full support.

In any case, not all VPN services offer IPv6, but the fact that the majority of the better ones don’t isn’t a deal breaker.

IPv6 leak protection isn’t something Trust.Zone offers, but they have guides on disabling IPv6 in your browser if you’re concerned about keeping your data private.

Shady Refund Policy

When trying to gain a customer’s trust, it’s important to lay out your policies regarding returns and refunds.

People have a built-in inclination and curiosity for experimentation, yet they value safety over novelty regarding their finances.

As far as we could tell, Trust.Zone’s refund policy was straightforward.

If you decide to check it out and then cancel within the first 10 days, you will get your money back. But hold just a second, what is that?

While we knew that the free trial had a data transfer capacity of 1 GB, no such restrictions were mentioned for the premium plans.

Maintain a close eye on your utilization stats if you are testing Trust.Zone in preparation for a potential refund request.


When you sign up for Trust.Zone, the Installation VPN website will direct you to the Windows-based download button and pages with basic installation instructions for Microsoft, macOS, Android, iPhone, Linux, modems, Xbox 360, Ps, TV, Fire Tv Stick, and more devices.

You can find everything you need to set up your VPN here, including certification documents, DD-WRT programs, and firewalls.

That’s great news if you’re planning on setting up several devices, but it won’t help you much when you hope to find a straightforward iOS app.

The locations are organized by continent for your ease of use.

If you constantly move your mouse along and across the list, a Favorites feature can gather your most often used servers into a single location.

There aren’t many customization options in the client. The only features are a kill switch, DNS leak prevention (weirdly disabled by default), and the option to alter your OpenVPN connection.

Limited Device Support Device Support

The top VPNs can be used on any device, including desktop computers, mobile phones, tablets, media players, and gaming consoles.

Trust.Zone does not offer a wide selection of devices for both desktop and mobile use.

You can choose from Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, and iOS or Android. Trust.Zone’s website only lists these devices as compatible.

Although gaming consoles aren’t specifically supported, several routers can be used with Trust.Zone to encrypt online gaming.

As a side note, We were assured by a Trust.Zone representative said that it is possible to set up the service on a Fire Stick or FireTV, but we could not locate any relevant installation instructions on their website.


Unblocking geo-restricted content is a popular use case for virtual private networks (VPNs). Unfortunately, TrustZone’s applicability in this context is somewhat restricted.

Certain streaming sites, including HBO Max, were accessible during our test, but many others were not (including Amazon Prime, Netflix, and BBC iPlayer).

Kill Switch Kill Switch

The company claims that Trust.Zone offers several useful features, including a Kill Switch.

When a VPN connection drops while you’re using the internet, you must immediately halt all network activity. 

If your VPN suddenly stops working when accessing a geoblocked site like Netflix while abroad, your ISP will be notified.

This is why kill switches are so important. Thus, Trust.Zone has done what all VPNs should do and included a Kill Switch.

DNS Leak Protection

The VPN connection will drop completely if DNS leakage occurs. With DNS leak protection enabled, the Trust.Zone DNS server will continue to be used in place of your ISP’s DNS server.

This feature ensures that your VPN service encrypts and tunnels all DNS queries you send over the Internet.

Pricing Pricing

The monthly cost of a Trust.Zone subscription is about average, but you can save a lot by signing up for a longer period of time or by using an active coupon code.

If you sign up for a plan that lasts two years, you can use it on five devices at once instead of three.

The cost for a single month of service is only $8.88. This would be OK if not because this VPN only works on Windows and hence lacks essential functions for every other platform.

A yearlong subscription is $39.95 ($3.33 per month) and can be paid all at once.

We’re more comfortable suggesting this to Windows customers at this pricing (the user who obtains a kill switch and DNS leak privacy).

Getting a VPN for two years will only set you back $2.33 a month.

This subscription plan’s value is enhanced by allowing for five concurrent connections rather than the previous maximum of three.

Customer Support

Trust.Zone’s online contact form and extensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section make it easy to get in touch with the company’s helpful customer service staff.

Trust.Zone has no public reviews from actual customers, but we can attest that they responded to our letters within a day.  

While the responses we received were not clear and well-written, we were ultimately unsatisfied with Trust.Zone’s service. 

In Summary, the best VPNs in 2024 are;

Review Verdict

This Trust.Zone VPN review provides important information about the program, including a summary of its key features and setup instructions.

There are just too many ways it falls short of similarly priced alternatives.

It’s shocking that they don’t provide users with a Windows app that works; their streaming unblocking capabilities are weak, and their speeds are unpredictable and unstable.

NordVPN is strongly suggested to solve these problems.

As virtual private networks go, NordVPN is up there with the best of them in terms of reliability. 

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This VPN provides its users with limitless data transfer, complete anonymity, and a guarantee that their activity will not be recorded, which has been independently validated.

As a result of not compromising convenience for the sake of complication, NordVPN is a fantastic choice for users of varying levels of technical competence.

Trust.Zone VPN Review 2024: Is It Legit? Is It a Scam? - EarthWeb
Trust.Zone VPN

In this review of TrustZone, we will evaluate the service based on various criteria important to paying consumers.

Price: $8.88

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows, Mac, Android & iOS

Application Category: VPN

Editor's Rating:


  • Affordable
  • In addition, anonymous transactions are permitted
  • Good results in speed tests.


  • There are no mobile or desktop clients available.
  • There is a limit of three active connections at once.
  • Not enough servers.
  • Client service that falls flat.
  • There aren’t any customized server options available.

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