Best TrueCrypt Alternatives

11 BEST TrueCrypt Alternatives in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Published on: December 10, 2023
Last Updated: December 10, 2023

11 BEST TrueCrypt Alternatives in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Published on: December 10, 2023
Last Updated: December 10, 2023

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The best TrueCrypt alternative in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is NordLocker!

Data security is critical online as technology progresses, ensuring data encryption remains critical to safeguarding sensitive information. 

The discontinuation of TrueCrypt, a prominent encryption tool, has prompted a search for reliable alternatives prioritizing privacy and security.

In this article, we will explore the 11 best TrueCrypt alternatives to assist you in safeguarding your data.

11 Best TrueCrypt Alternatives in 2024

1. NordLocker

NordLocker Home 1

NordLocker, developed by the team behind NordVPN, stands as an exemplary solution underpinned by a zero-knowledge architecture, prioritizing user privacy and data security. 

This unique architecture ensures that NordLocker possesses no knowledge of the contents stored within its users’ vaults, guaranteeing unparalleled security and complete access control for individuals seeking to safeguard their sensitive information.

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The user-friendly interface of NordLocker simplifies the encryption process significantly. 

You can effortlessly encrypt your files by dragging them into the application, instantly rendering them secure. 

An essential aspect that distinguishes NordLocker is its emphasis on robust security measures. 

With the incorporation of multi-factor authentication, users can choose from various authentication methods, such as single-use backup codes, authenticator apps, or third-party security keys. 

NordLocker allows users to create local lockers, facilitating the encryption of folders and securing extensive volumes of data on their computers. 

This commitment to client-side encryption ensures that neither NordLocker nor any external entities can access or discern the encrypted data stored on cloud servers.


IceDrive net represents the cutting-edge evolution in cloud storage, setting new standards for security and functionality. 

It stands out as the sole encrypted cloud storage solution utilizing the impenetrable twofish algorithm, renowned among cryptographers for its enhanced security compared to AES/Rijndael.

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The hallmark of Icedrive lies in its comprehensive encryption process, encrypting everything – including file and folder names – directly on the user’s device before transmission to the secure cloud. 

This stringent encryption protocol guarantees that no sensitive data can ever be intercepted, leaked, or deciphered, ensuring maximum security and confidentiality for you.

Embracing a zero-knowledge approach, Icedrive empowers users with sole access to their data. 

This means that only the user can view and decrypt their stored information, reinforcing an unbreachable shield around their data.

Icedrive’s versatility shines through its extensive cloud storage apps, catering to diverse platforms and ensuring seamless access to your Icedrive storage from anywhere.

 Additionally, the platform facilitates collaborative efforts by enabling project feedback through comments and suggestions on users’ showcase pages.

Icedrive’s commitment to continuous improvement is evident, with a constant stream of new features and apps in the pipeline.


👉 Get, a leading cloud storage service, redefines security and privacy online. 

With a robust focus on safeguarding user data, MEGA offers top-tier end-to-end encryption, ensuring unparalleled protection for stored files. 

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Its origins, born from the aftermath of Megaupload’s server shutdown, reflect a dedication to preserving user privacy by incorporating zero-knowledge encryption, providing users exclusive control over their data.

A standout feature of MEGA lies in its encrypted sharing links, fostering secure file sharing while upholding confidentiality. 

The platform’s expansive free plan, offering ample storage capacity, appeals to users seeking safe yet cost-effective storage solutions. 

Moreover, MEGA’s innovative provision of previews for diverse media and document formats enhances user experience, allowing seamless file management and efficient sharing.

Recognized for its unwavering commitment to security, extensive free storage, encrypted sharing, and user-friendly functionality, MEGA has earned widespread trust and acclaim as a premier cloud storage service, setting the standard for privacy-focused digital storage solutions.

4. VeraCrypt


VeraCrypt is an enhanced successor to TrueCrypt, offering robust encryption for safeguarding sensitive data. It operates on a zero-knowledge architecture, ensuring stringent security measures by creating encrypted containers for files and drives. 

Its notable feature is the ability to create hidden volumes within encrypted ones, providing an additional layer of protection. 

VeraCrypt is compatible across multiple platforms, offering cross-platform support, and it’s favored for its open-source nature, allowing users to audit its security protocols. 

Users choose VeraCrypt for its exceptional security features, ease of use, and flexibility in creating secure encrypted containers.

5. Boxcryptor

Boxcryptor is a user-friendly encryption software designed for individual and business use.

It specializes in encrypting files in various cloud storage services, offering end-to-end encryption and secure collaboration features. 

This software seamlessly integrates with popular cloud storage providers so that files remain encrypted on the device and during transit to the cloud. 

Its distinctive feature lies in its multi-platform compatibility, so it’s a versatile solution for users across different operating systems. 

Boxcryptor’s emphasis on easy-to-use encryption and its compatibility with leading cloud services make it a preferred choice for users seeking efficient cloud-based security.

6. BitLocker

Microsoft BitLocker

BitLocker, developed by Microsoft, is an integrated encryption tool available primarily for Windows users. 

It offers full disk encryption, securing entire drives and volumes on Windows operating systems. 

One of its standout features is its integration with the Windows operating system, simplifying user encryption. 

BitLocker employs advanced encryption standards and provides recovery options, including multiple authentication methods, enhancing user access control. 

It’s favored by organizations for its centralized management capabilities, ensuring compliance with security policies and regulations. 

BitLocker’s seamless integration and robust encryption make it a go-to choice for Windows users seeking comprehensive drive encryption.

7. Cryptomator


Cryptomator is a user-friendly encryption tool that secures files stored in cloud services. It utilizes client-side encryption, ensuring data remains encrypted before it’s uploaded to the cloud. 

One of its unique features is the encryption of file names and contents, adding an extra layer of security. 

Cryptomator offers a transparent and open-source encryption solution.

Its compatibility with various cloud platforms, ease of use, and transparent encryption make Cryptomator a preferred choice for users concerned about cloud storage security and privacy.

8. AxCrypt

AxCrypt is a versatile encryption tool known for its simplicity and strong security features. 

It secures individual files, offering seamless integration with various cloud storage services. 

The most notable aspect of AxCrypt is its intuitive interface, which makes it easy to use on a daily basis by allowing you to encrypt files with a single right-click. 

The software employs AES-256 encryption, ensuring robust security for sensitive data. 

Its compatibility with Windows and mobile platforms makes it a favored choice among users seeking effortless file-level encryption with minimal setup and maximum security.

9. FileVault


FileVault, an encryption tool native to macOS, provides full disk encryption for Mac users. 

Operating seamlessly within the macOS environment, FileVault secures the entire disk for comprehensive protection of user data. 

Its integration with the operating system allows for a transparent encryption process, encrypting and decrypting files in the background without disrupting user workflows. 

FileVault’s centralized management through macOS settings and the ability to utilize hardware-based encryption makes it a preferred choice for Mac users, ensuring data confidentiality without compromising system performance.

10. Tresorit


Tresorit is a cloud-based encryption service renowned for its robust security measures and focus on user privacy. It employs end-to-end encryption, ensuring that data is encrypted before it leaves the user’s device, guaranteeing maximum protection throughout the transmission process. 

Tresorit offers a zero-knowledge approach, meaning only the user holds the encryption keys, ensuring complete privacy. 

Its unique feature lies in its secure file-sharing capabilities, allowing users to share encrypted files and collaborate securely while controlling access permissions. 

Tresorit’s emphasis on security, user control, and secure collaboration makes it a top choice for businesses and individuals valuing privacy and secure file sharing.

11. 7-Zip

7 Zip

7-Zip, primarily known as a file compression tool, also offers robust encryption features for securing files and archives. 

Using AES-256 encryption, its encryption capability ensures strong protection for compressed files. 

Its open-source nature allows users to verify its encryption algorithms, enhancing trust and transparency. 

It operates across multiple platforms and supports various file formats, making it a versatile option for users seeking a compression tool with added encryption functionalities. 

7-Zip’s file compression and encryption capabilities make it a popular choice among users looking for a reliable and free encryption solution.

How To Choose The Best TrueCrypt Alternative

When selecting the most suitable TrueCrypt alternative for your data encryption needs, consider the following factors:

1. Security Features

Prioritize alternatives that offer robust encryption methods, such as AES, Twofish, or Serpent. 

Ensure the encryption protocols align with industry standards and provide high security for your sensitive information.

2. Compatibility and Ease of Use

Evaluate the compatibility of the alternative with your operating system. 

Choose a solution that seamlessly integrates into your workflow and provides a user-friendly interface for convenient encryption and decryption.

3. Transparency and Open-Source Nature

Opt for alternatives that are transparent in their encryption processes and have open-source code. 

This transparency allows for scrutiny and ensures a higher level of trust and security within the community.

4. Support and Development

Consider the level of ongoing support and development for the chosen alternative. 

Regular updates and active development signify a commitment to enhancing security measures and addressing potential vulnerabilities.

5. Reviews and Recommendations

Research user reviews, testimonials, and recommendations from reliable sources. 

Insights from other users can provide valuable information about the performance, reliability, and user experience of different TrueCrypt alternatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are These TrueCrypt Alternatives as Secure as TrueCrypt Itself?

The alternatives mentioned here offer varying degrees of security, many employing advanced encryption methods. 

While they may not replicate TrueCrypt entirely, they aim to provide comparable security measures and, as it is outdated to today’s security standards, in most cases, even better security features.

Which TrueCrypt Alternative Is Best for Beginners?

NordLocker, Icedrive, and MEGA are user-friendly alternatives suitable for beginners due to their intuitive interfaces and straightforward encryption processes. 

These options prioritize simplicity without compromising security.

Are These Alternatives Compatible with Multiple Operating Systems?

Most of our selected services offer cross-platform compatibility, supporting various operating systems such as Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Do These Alternatives Require Technical Expertise to Set up And Use?

While some alternatives may require a basic understanding of encryption concepts, many prioritize user-friendliness and offer intuitive interfaces, ensuring that users with varying technical expertise levels can utilize them effectively.


To wrap it up, the array of the 11 best TrueCrypt alternatives showcased here presents a range of choices catering to various data security needs. 

By selecting the best option with your specific requirements, you can fortify the protection of your valuable information amidst the complexities of our modern digital sphere. 

Whether prioritizing ease of use, system compatibility, or specialized encryption, these alternatives stand ready to assist in safeguarding your data effectively and ensuring your peace of mind.

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