Trality Bot Review – Does It Work? Is It Safe?

Last Updated: September 23, 2021



And here today we have Trailty, a crypto trading automation software that is not really a crypto trading bot, but a software that helps you make one from scratch.
Trality Bot Review – Crypto Trading Bot or an Overblown Script Editor?
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Trality Bot Review

Freedom of choice in guiding your crypto trading bot’s logic is always a welcome addition. Greater maneuverability means more options and more options (usually) means better performance.

However, when is much liberty too much? Let’s observe Trality and see for ourselves. The crypto market is one of the most dynamic financial endeavors that an individual can take part in.

As a booming young industry, cryptocurrency trade has attracted scores of day traders and due to the influx of attention and resources, it is prone to sudden and drastic changes that can either bring riches or take away every single cent of your investments.

The only way to successfully navigate this hazardous labyrinth is with the proper tools of the trade, and in this case the tools are crypto trading bots.

The broader the selection of options and features that the bot has, the more available answers to changing circumstances become available to you as a trader. In crypto trading, staying on top of the situation at all times is key to success.

That said, it has to be taken into account that a vast majority of people who deal in cryptocurrency have little to no previous experience with the matter at hand.

So, having a complex, bottom-to-top approach to making your own trade automation software is a solution that’s working only for the selected few crypto traders with loads of experience and expertise. 

For a well-performing bot, it is crucial to remain accessible to players with all degrees of skill and experience.

After all, what’s the use of automation software if you have to spend the time you’d save into learning the software’s ropes in the first place? 

And here today we have Trailty, a crypto trading automation software that is not really a crypto trading bot, but a software that helps you make one from scratch.

What can we make of it? Is it a magic solution that can help turn your trading logic into a perfectly executable code?

Or is it a mess that can just amplify your confusion and convince you that crypto trading simply isn’t your cup of tea? Is Trality a good trading automation solution or not?

Today we’ll give our best to find out. Stay tuned!

What Is Trality?

Trality logo

Trality is a cloud-based crypto trading automation software that acts both as a crypto trading bot generator tool and a communal space for day traders to meet and exchange their strategies, ideas, and potentially even codes.

Although the immediate effects of telling your audience that you’re most likely going to be used by experts only aren’t really encouraging for beginners, Trality does provide two “modes” of use, for experienced coders and inexperienced enthusiasts alike.

The coders-mode, the good ol’ Code Editor, runs in Python and relies on various indicators and procured financial data to make strategies more reliable and effective, at least in theory.

However, Trality also offers a “non-coders” mode, an editor called Rule Builder.

Designed around a graphical user interface and a drag-and-drop logic, it allows users to make automated scripts by putting together various pre-set algorithms in a way that does not require any knowledge of formal programming whatsoever.

While certainly attractive on paper, how effective is this “non-coding coding system” when it translates into live market circumstances and comes head-to-head with other, more dedicated crypto trading bots?

Trality vouches for the quality of Rule Builder-made scripts, but some disappointed users tell a different story.

Ultimately, there’s a marketplace of traders and ideas through which you can get in contact with fellow traders and procure/provide a piece of advice or even a fully-fledged custom-made bot on its own.

Ease of Access

Trality Dash

It should not come as a surprise that the Rule Builder mode represents a much watered-down version of Code Editor.

In other words, while Trality does have a novice-friendly option, it is subpar to the real deal as it has the same flaws that similar automation tools fell prey to.

It lacks flexibility, it limits the number of options at your disposal, and when it comes to actually securing  the deal on the market, more specialized codes will usually snatch the prize way before your drag-and-dropped bot gets a chance to activate.

As for the Code Editor, you either have to have the Python coding language mastered beforehand or get ready to hit the (e)books.

This begs a question, why should you pay money for a platform to build a bot on when you can build a bot and deploy it by yourself? Perhaps for cloud-based technology or shared financial research, but you can get that elsewhere for a fraction of the price, right?

In any case, Trality falls short when it comes to beginner-friendly options, and it doesn’t offer much more lucrative features for those with enough expertise to build a bot on their own.

In effect, it is neither welcoming for beginners nor attractive to veterans who wish to get every last bit of their bot out in the market, even though it can nominally be used by both of these groups.

So yeah, this is a bit tricky to define. In both cases, though, there are better options available.


The most prominent feature of Trality is its Code Editor, an editor that users can craft algorithms in using Python.

In theory, you can create any approach and any crypto trading bot, as long as it is supported by Python’s syntax. Both simple and complex solutions can come out of this, as the result is limited only by the skill set and crypto trading abilities of the user.

The editor is browser-based and supports auto-complete, browser backtesting, and direct debugging, with a set of indicators and financial data at your disposal.

The Rule Builder relies on pre-configured strategies and presets that users can combine in a jigsaw manner to form unique automated scripts.

With 100+ technical indicators and discrete Boolean logic, however, it is still tightly connected with the coding mindset, just without any particular syntax or specific language.

Coding simplified, anyone? In the end, the software will automatically convert your logic into a script in Python. Backtesting and paper testing are also featured in Trality’s offer.

Venturing into the crypto market without any previous testing or foresight can be disastrous, so checking how your logic fares against historical data and certain forecasted trends can be the error margin that saves you lots of cryptomoney. 

Ultimately, it is difficult to speak of Trality in terms of features since you don’t really get anything that you don’t create yourself.

There are documents and tutorials on goals your bot should be oriented towards, but nothing other than that.

The jigsaw features in the Rule Builder are the only “presets” available, and you still have to get them in a working order.

Trality is what you make it to be, for better or for worse. You either take that or move along. 

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Exchanges Supported

Trality Exchanges

Trality supports only four exchanges so far, and these are Binance, Coinbase Pro, Bitpanda, and Kraken. These are among major exchanges, but four is far below the standards of the industry.

Trality has vowed to get more support and integrate into more exchanges, but no luck so far. Let’s keep an eye open on whether the situation improves in this regard.


Trality Pricing

There are four pricing plans that Trality comes in, or three pricing plans and a free “sample” mode with limited capabilities.

The Pawn plan comes free of charge and provides 1 bot, a €5,000 cap on trading volume, 1 week log retention, and the minimum tick interval of 60 minutes.

The Knight plan upgrades the Pawn to provide 2 bots, a €25,000 cap on trading volume, and 1 month log retention. It costs €9.99/month.

The Rook plan is the most popular choice. It increases the Pawn limits to 5 bots, a €250,000 cap on trading volume, the minimum tick interval of 5 minutes, and 6 months log retention. It comes for €39.99/month.

Finally, the Queen pricing plan removes the limit on trading volume, reduces the minimum tick interval to 1 minute, allows 10 bots, and preserves your retention log forever. 

Backtesting is unlimited, free of charge, and included in all four pricing plans.


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Review Conclusion

In the end, what do we make of Trality? It is software that aids in crypto trade automation, but not in the way that regular day traders would expect.

It is software that creates software, a script factory, a meta-bot that uses Python to allow you to make a bot yourself.

A nice idea, but somewhat clumsy in execution. In the end, beginners will still be confused, while experts will still be looking for something with a bigger punch.

This is reflected in the fact that there aren’t many reviews or big communities centered around Trality online. It is plain that Trality is a fringe or at least niche product that you most likely won’t miss if you skip it.

And yes, there are better solutions and actual crypto trading bots that can help you whether you’re just starting or you want to squeeze out every last drop of a crypto bot’s performance. Examples of such bots are Bitsgap and Quadency.

With much more features, developed communities, and streamlined processes, you won’t need to spend ages to make a switch and start trading.

Give them a shot, and give Trality a pat on the back while you’re at it. Better luck next time!

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