TradeSanta Review – A Bot Bearing Presents?

TradeSanta Review 2024: Is It Safe?

Published on: March 14, 2024
Last Updated: March 14, 2024

TradeSanta Review 2024: Is It Safe?

Published on: March 14, 2024
Last Updated: March 14, 2024


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#1 Top Rated

#1 crypto trading bot in 2024

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TradeSanta Review

What’s common between gifts and crypto trading bots?

It’s the general opinion that with both you get to receive something for no investment.

While the truth is a bit different, it can be simplified and said that a good trading bot is capable of providing you with an income without much supervision.

In today’s spotlight we have TradeSanta – is it a good crypto trading bot that fits this criterion?

To deal away with too optimistic speculations immediately, no, crypto trading bots do not create cash out of thin air without any human influence.

If that were the case, every person on the planet would do nothing but crypto trade.

However, a proper crypto trading bot can learn from good day trading practice and automate much of the mundane tasks that a person would be required to do on an hourly basis, sometimes even every other minute.

And it doesn’t just replace humans, it performs incomparably better than every flesh-and-blood day trader out there.

Crypto bots do not require time off, are not prone to psychological pressure, and most importantly, they follow the given instructions no matter the varying circumstances.

But, and there’s always a but in these things, crypto trading bots require proper engineering and proper setting up in order to be able to cope with the cryptocurrency exchanges and the crypto market in general.

The best crypto trading bots couple great potential with ease of use to help users define their strategies and execute them in a manner that doesn’t take a bachelor’s degree to master.

These kinds of bots are the most successful and most popular as they can be used by crypto traders of all levels of experience and actually earn money with relative stability in the chaotic domains of the crypto trade industry.

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So, how does TradeSanta fare in the face of such rigorous examination?

Does it balance ease of access with top-tier performance? Can it serve as a stable and reliable source of income?

Is it a good crypto trading bot?

We’ll give our best to provide some conclusive answers to these questions.

The prospects for TradeSanta are overwhelmingly positive, but let’s review that step by step, shall we?

What’s TradeSanta?

TradeSanta is a cryptocurrency trading software that helps its users tackle the unstable crypto market and take advantage of fluctuations in the value of different sorts of coins.

Fully embracing automation, the main purpose of TradeSanta is to allow you to trade 24/7 without turning day trading into your full-time position.

All it takes its users is to create an account, connect it to the supported crypto exchanges, pick some trading pairs, and set up the trading bot in just a couple of minutes.

From this process, it becomes obvious that TradeSanta is made with beginners, casuals, and inexperienced users in mind.

Relying on a simple and intuitive interface, TradeSanta does not require exhaustive efforts from traders in order to obtain a firm grasp on the crypto trading bot’s mechanics. 

TradeSanta has on its disposal bots that rely on both long and short strategies, allowing you to profit on bear as well as bull markets.

Guided solely by the tried-and-true algorithms and the profit targets set by day traders, TradeSanta closes the deal at the right moment, much more timely than you as a user ever could.

Also worth noting is that TradeSanta does not have punishing limits on the volume of trading, allowing you to buy and sell large quantities of crypto without steep spikes or drops in prices. 

In order to provide something for experimenters and seasoned veterans of crypto day trade who seek higher-risk, higher-rewards approaches, TradeSanta allows a great deal of customization in its preset bot templates.

Of course, novices can utilize preconfigured templates without any meddling with the settings, but allowing a degree of customization provides that edge to keep even the grizzled traders around. Ho-ho-ho!

TradeSanta would fail its high accessibility policy if it didn’t allow users to check their pairs and crypto status on the go.

In fact, TradeSanta is cloud-based, requiring no setup and specialized device to access it. It also enables you to track your bots in real time from literally anywhere with transparent insights and Telegram notifications.

All in all, TradeSanta’s core features promise a versatile and reliable service with great potential to reach the top of various crypto trading bot lists.

Let’s check how these fare in practice.

Ease of Use

TradeSanta Review - Performance Metrics

Having the best-performing crypto bot with the greatest potential in the whole of the crypto trading bot industry means next to nothing if that software isn’t accessible to the general crypto trader.

The market is filled with collaboration projects and open-source bots that can perform literal miracles but require years, if not decades, of experience in either programming or exchange trading, most often requiring both.

The number of people who use such services can usually be counted on the fingers of one hand, rarely two hands, and these most commonly remain limited to devs themselves.

TradeSanta is no such bot. Designed with users of all skill sets and levels of experience in mind, this crypto trading software has gone lengths to ensure fluidity of its service and ease of use of its bots.

For example, every strategy comes in a pre-set form that users can simply turn on, set the target, and let run to fish for profits.

The whole process is done in several minutes and all the users have to do in the future is check the progress (optionally) and claim the profit when it accumulates.

On top of this, detailed tutorials and exhaustive libraries of guides exist on the site that can answer pretty much every question that pops up.

In the rare cases when this is not enough, there’s an eager community that runs to help their fellow members.

When it comes to ease of use, TradeSanta receives accolades for successful implementation. 


TradeSanta Reviews - Dashboard

As can be noticed immediately, TradeSanta has plenty of features to offer to its users. 

First of all, the algorithm of its trading bots relies on some pretty intricate and accurate technical indicators.

Three types of technical indicators guide the software.

MACD indicator seeks an optimal entry point based on MACD (moving average convergence divergence) for the past 100 minutes, discovering and reconstructing trends in the moving of value.

The second indicator, RSI, also probes for an entry point based on insights on stock overselling or overbuying in the previous 100 minutes.

Bollinger signal is tied to trading pairs as it discovers an entry point based on 90 minutes with 5-minute timeframes. All three are freely used by every TradeSanta bot.

Besides the regular preset and customizable bot templates that rely on short and long sale strategies, TradeSanta offers some advanced trading tools that can enhance the regular crypto exchange experience.

An example of such a tool is Martingale, which increases every subsequent order by a factor between 1.05 and 2.

This helps regain lost value during bad market conditions but remains a risky feature best left to experienced traders. TradeSanta can also be allowed to purchase cryptocurrency directly and automatically to fill an order in case of insufficient funds as an optional policy.

Stop Loss is a classic, but always welcome feature. Finally, you can enter trading at market price immediately to sacrifice the initial screening for optimal price entry. 

This is only a sample of features available to TradeSanta software, with more available and more to come in future updates. Even so, it is quite impressive. 

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Regarding security and safety, TradeSanta closely follows the standards of the industry. Similar to other crypto trading bots, it conducts its transactions not directly, but via API.

This means that TradeSanta never has direct interaction with your funds, instead requiring explicit permission and preserving your safety and privacy.

In addition to this, TradeSanta endorses 2FA (two-factor authentication) for another layer of security.

As several verification processes are required for you to link your device to your finds via passwords, you can rest assured that forcing one’s way into your crypto account is virtually impossible. 

Customer Support

TradeSanta’s support team is readily available for questions and assistance via email and the official Telegram chat.

For the time being, these online written forms of communication are the only official way of reaching the customer support team.

On the other hand, most of the material used for assistance, as well as tutorials and instructions, are readily available on the site.

There’s also an active blog with relevant information being published on a weekly basis.

The support team is active in spite of relatively scarce lines of communication and their openness and responsiveness do more than compensate for the lack of “live”, real-time communication. 

Community & Reputation

With a bustling online community, TradeSanta maintains a solid digital presence.

With more than 4000 active members in the official Telegram group, at all times you’re likely to find a kindred soul or a guiding hand.

This nucleus of satisfied and active clients serves to prove that TradeSanta isn’t a scam or a short-term project designed to leave with your profits.

They’ve been around since 2018 and they’ve worked hard to establish themselves on the crypto trading scene.

They’ve claimed their Trustpilot page where their average review score is 3.7/5 and they regularly answer and work hard to resolve any ongoing issues.

Most of the recent reviews are positive (5 stars), with the minority of negative reviews having a valid explanation, or at least displaying hard effort from the TradeSanta team to compensate for the troubles or reason with users who try to place their own mistakes on the team. 

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Review Conclusion

With everything taken into account, it can be safely deduced that TradeSanta is more than a valid crypto trading bot.

With straight features, ease of access, a variety of tools, and an option to further customize trading strategies, TradeSanta shows an outstanding performance in the field of crypto trading mechanics.

Add to this quality of life improvements, proper safety measures, a thriving community, and a visible effort to maintain a good reputation and maintain the best possible user experience, and you get software that doesn’t have to shy away from the fiercest competitors in the field.

TradeSanta is easy to use, has lots to offer, and, most importantly, it can and it does earn you money with its streamlined crypto market management.

Well done, TradeSanta! Grab their free 3-day trial offer and try them out now. The chances are you’ll join us in our praise. 

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