Best Telegram Scrapers

The 5 BEST Telegram Scrapers to Scrape Channels & Members’ Data

Published on: May 23, 2024
Last Updated: May 23, 2024

The 5 BEST Telegram Scrapers to Scrape Channels & Members’ Data

Published on: May 23, 2024
Last Updated: May 23, 2024

Best Web Scrapers

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API for web scraping

#1 Top Rated
the #1 web scraper

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Bright Data
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The best Telegram scraper in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is ScraperAPI!

Scraping can help you collect all the data you need to succeed in your business or to make your website popular. Depending on your requirement, you can scrape data from different websites.

However, each website has its own security features, which is why you will need different tools for scraping data. 

Although social media scraping is quite popular, there isn’t enough information available about scraping data from Telegram.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t scrape Telegram data. In fact, you can easily scrape data from Telegram with the help of the right tools. 

As compared to other social media websites, Telegram has much better support for automation, which is why scraping its data is not that difficult.

Whether you are a coder or not, you can easily collect all the data you need from Telegram. However, the method of scraping data will differ for both coders and non-coders. 

Various web scrapers have been developed for non-coders so they can collect the data they need from the web easily.

If you want to create your own Telegram scraper, you will have to make sure that you are on the web version of Telegram.

Once that is set, you can start collecting all the data you need from Telegram. 

Here’s a quick look at the best Telegram scrapers.

Best Telegram Scraper Tools

  1. ScraperAPI – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Oxylabs
  3. Bright Data
  4. Soax
  5. Telegram Scraper

1. ScraperAPI


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ScraperAPI is a great scraper for non-coders who wish to collect data from Telegram.

It can not only help you collect data from the website of your choice but also protect you from being traced and blocked through automatic IP rotation. 

The best feature of ScraperAPI is its point and click interface. You don’t need any amount of coding knowledge to scrape data using ScraperAPI.

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You can have structured spreadsheets in just a few clicks. Since ScraperAPI is a cloud-based service, you can scrape data at faster speeds. 

You can make use of the scheduled scraping feature to scrape at the time of your choice.

You can also choose the frequency when going for scheduled scraping. The feature is particularly helpful if you need data from a specific time. 

ScraperAPI can also collect data for you and deliver it on time. So, if you don’t have the time to collect the data you need or you don’t have the manpower for it, you can pay ScraperAPI to do it for you. 

ScraperAPI offers a free plan with a lot of limitations, but it is still good for beginners.

Once you become familiar with the data collection process, you can choose one of the paid plans depending on your requirements. You can get discounts on plans if you pay annually. 

Main Features

  • Free plan available with unlimited pages per crawl. 
  • Standard plan comes with a free trial and is available for $49.99 per month. 
  • Scheduled scraping allows you to scrape at specific times. 
  • Automatic IP rotation allows for safe scraping. 
  • Supported data output formats include JSON, CSV, Excel, and MySQL. 

2. Oxylabs

Oxylabs Web Scraper API

Recommended Guide: Oxylabs Review

Oxylabs is a leading web scraping platform today. It is the top choice of both developers and non-coders due to its various useful features.

Oxylabs has custom solutions, so, you can go for the option that best matches your requirements. 

So, if you are looking for a scraper that can work on the Telegram web version, there’s no better option than Oxylabs.

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Not only does it offer custom solutions but also custom pricing plans. 

Oxylabs also has industry-specific use cases. So, if you want to stay ahead of the competitors in your industry, you can turn to Oxylabs for help.

You can use Telegram data for anything from market research and price comparisons to lead generation and product development. 

You can scrape anything from usernames and group data to channel information and public chats on Telegram with the help of Oxylabs’s powerful tools.

Main Features

  • Plans start from $99 a month. 
  • Customized plans available for scraping data from specific websites and apps. 
  • Web-based platform with an easy-to-navigate interface. 
  • Supports all the popular data output formats including JSON, HTML, CSV, Excel, and XML. 

2. Bright Data

Bright Data Web Scraper IDE

Recommended Guide: Bright Data Review

Bright Data is one of the world’s most popular web data platforms. The best feature of Bright Data is its ready-made datasets.

Even if you can’t find the dataset you need, all you have to do is request Bright Data to make one for you. So, if you need a Telegram dataset, you can get it made in no time. 

Bright Data can help you collect data from hard-to-access websites. So, even if Telegram tightens its security, you can count on Bright Data to help you collect the data you need.

You will also have global support 24/7 so you can get the solution to a problem at any time. 

👉 Get FREE Account

Bright Data’s Telegram scraper offers customized solutions so you can accomplish your data collection goals easily.

You will also get a fully transparent dashboard that will provide you with real-time network performance statistics. 

You will need minimum in-house resources if you turn to Bright Data for data collection from Telegram.

At Bright Data, project managers, developers, and account managers will always be at standby to solve your problems and to help your business grow. 

Collecting Telegram data to use for marketing cannot get easier than this. You can turn to Bright Data regardless of the type of Telegram data you wish to access.

With the help of this Telegram scraper, you will be able to get a hold of all the data you need and use it to your business’s advantage. 

Main Features

  • Bright Data allows you to pay as you go or choose from a monthly or yearly subscription plan. 
  • Monthly plans start from $350 per month and include 100K page loads. 
  • Supported data output formats are Excel, JSON, CSV, and HTML. 
  • Ready-made datasets make the task of collecting data a lot easier. 
  • Customized plans can help you create a plan that best suits your needs. 

4. Soax


Soax is a data scraper for Telegram channels. It is ideal for marketers who wish to collect usernames from different groups and channels on Telegram.

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Since most people need Telegram data solely for the purpose of marketing, they won’t be disappointed by Soax.

Main Features

  • Pricing starts low
  • Soax will let you export data in two formats: CSV and Excel. 
  • 24/7 support with every plan. 
  • Auto restore and backup is available on Soax so no data or progress is ever lost. 

5. Telegram Scraper


Telegram Scraper is another dedicated scraper for the messaging service. Like Soax, Telegram Scraper also lets you import IDs from other groups to your group.

It also allows you to only reach the most relevant audience, which helps you in reducing your marketing costs. 

The scraper works in line with the terms of usage of the messaging service by making use of the Telegram API.

So, you won’t have to worry about getting blocked by the anti-spam system of Telegram if you are using this tool to scrape data. 

Telegram Scraper can be downloaded on Windows. Once it is installed, you can start scraping usernames straightaway.

You will only have to pay once for this tool and you will get the lifetime license. You will also get free updates regularly from the Telegram Scraper team. 

Main Features

  • Free trial is available. 
  • You will only have to pay once to get a lifetime license. 
  • Free regular updates. 
  • Data output can be downloaded in CSV and TXT formats. 
  • Available for desktop. 

Scraping Data from Telegram

Telegram is a cloud-based messaging service that allows people to communicate with each other via chats and video calls.

There are also groups on Telegram that are used by people to discuss their topics of interest. People can also share files with each other on Telegram. 

Due to its groups and channels, Telegram has become an ideal messaging service for marketers.

However, in order to find the contact information of Telegram members, scraping is necessary.

Once you have the usernames of all group members, you can easily send them promotional DMs. 

One of the best ways to scrape Telegram data is with the help of bots as the service is bot-friendly.

As long as you don’t plan to spam users, you will be fine with using a bot for scraping data.

You won’t have to worry about an anti-bots system while scraping data from Telegram. 

If you have zero coding knowledge, then the best way for you to collect data from the messaging service is with the help of a Telegram scraper that has been tried and tested by others.

A ready-made scraper will make it easier for you to collect Telegram data with zero coding knowledge. 

However, if you are someone with coding skills, you can develop your own custom scraper.

The benefit of making a custom Telegram channel scraper is that you can add the features you want. This way, you will be able to get the most out of the scraping process. 

How to Scrape Telegram Data Using Python

If you are a coder, you can use any programming language of your choice to build a custom scraper for Telegram.

However, it is much better to go with Python as it is one of the most popular programming languages today.

It is also the most popular language among newbies who want to develop bots. 

If you are familiar with Python, then you can make your very own Telegram scraper with the help of simple code.

Here’s the Python code that you can use to make your own Telegram scraper:

from telethon.sync import TelegramClient

from import GetDialogsRequest

from import InputPeerEmpty

import csv

api_id = 123456

api_hash = ‘YOUR_API_HASH’

phone = ‘+111111111111’

client = TelegramClient(phone, api_id, api_hash)


if not client.is_user_authorized():


    client.sign_in(phone, input(‘Enter the code: ‘))

chats = []

last_date = None

chunk_size = 200

groups = []

result = client(GetDialogsRequest(








for chat in chats:


        if chat.megagroup == True:




print(‘Choose a group to scrape members from:’)

i = 0

for g in groups:

    print(str(i) + ‘- ‘ + g.title)

    i += 1

g_index = input(“Enter a Number: “)

target_group = groups[int(g_index)]

print(‘Fetching Members…’)

all_participants = []

all_participants = client.get_participants(target_group, aggressive=True)

print(‘Saving In file…’)

with open(“members.csv”, “w”, encoding=’UTF-8′) as f:

    writer = csv.writer(f, delimiter=”,”, lineterminator=”\n”)

    writer.writerow([‘username’, ‘user id’, ‘access hash’, ‘name’, ‘group’, ‘group id’])

    for user in all_participants:

        if user.username:

            username = user.username


            username = “”

        if user.first_name:

            first_name = user.first_name


            first_name = “”

        if user.last_name:

            last_name = user.last_name


            last_name = “”

        name = (first_name + ‘ ‘ + last_name).strip()

        writer.writerow([username,, user.access_hash, name, target_group.title,])

print(‘Members scraped successfully.’)

If the code looks too complex to you or doesn’t make any sense at all, then it is time to look into ready-made scrapers for Telegram. 

How to Choose The Right Telegram Scraper

Choosing the right Telegram scraper is very important when you need to collect data from the messaging service.

If you keep a few factors in mind when making your decision, you will be able to choose the Telegram scraper that is right for you. 


The first thing to consider is the data that you need to collect from Telegram.

If you only need usernames of your competitor’s audience, you can make use of any of the speciliazed Telegram scrappers. 

The dedicated web scrapers can be bought in a one-time purchase, which means you won’t have to pay a monthly subscription fee to benefit from their services.

They also let you import usernames directly to your own group or channel. If you need more Telegram data, then you will have to go with a general web scraper.

These scrapers can help you collect all the public information available on Telegram.

Although they will cost more, you can choose a custom plan so you only have to pay for the services you need. 


Another factor to consider when choosing a scraper for Telegram is the pricing. There are scrapers that you can get a lifetime license of, with a one-time purchase.

And then there are those that you will have to pay for every month. 

However, before you decide to go for the cheaper option, make sure to check what you are getting at a certain price.

The pricing should always be in accordance with the services. If you pay for more and get less, then that’s not a good bargain. 

It is also important to check if you can get a custom plan for a scraper or not. You are more likely to save money with a custom plan than with a ready-made plan.

You will also get your money’s worth in a custom plan and you won’t have to pay for services you don’t need. 


When buying a scraper, don’t forget to ask about the kind of support you will get with it.

You may have trouble using a scraper for the first time, but if you can get support, you will be able to figure out the whole thing in no time. 

There are scrapers available in the market that come with 24/7 support. Some also offer assistance from developers and project managers.

If you are new to scrapers, you will have a lot of questions in mind. But with the right support, you can get the hang of scraping easily. 


Unfortunately, there aren’t that many specialized web scrapers to scrape Telegram data.

Even the ones that are marketed as Telegram scrapers can only help you collect usernames.

If you need other data, you will have to turn to generic web scrapers and hope that they work with Telegram. 

As long as you choose a good scraper, you will be able to collect data from Telegram easily. However, it is important for there to be dedicated Telegram scrapers.

Hopefully, more of them will be available in the future for marketers and business owners.

Until then, you can make use of the scrapers mentioned above to collect data from Telegram. 

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