Stacked Review

Stacked Review 2024: Safe Trading Bot or a Scam?

Published on: March 14, 2024
Last Updated: March 14, 2024

Stacked Review 2024: Safe Trading Bot or a Scam?

Published on: March 14, 2024
Last Updated: March 14, 2024


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Cryptocurrencies’ growing acceptance today means that we will only see their value rise. As more and more businesses accept cryptocoins, we bear witness to a surge in popularity of crypto trading and an increase in the number of crypto day traders and their tools of the trade.

Stacked, one of these tools, promises to be a solution that many are looking after. Do these promises have a foundation in reality or remain as promises only?

Stacked Review 2024

Due to an unprecedented boom in the growth of the cryptocurrency industry, there has never been a greater need for easily accessible, reliable, and profitable crypto trading automation software.

As crypto trading automation software replaces the need for human attention and interaction in most of its daily activity, it turns a full career that takes several hours a day into a full career that requires several minutes per day.

Couple these two together and you get a perfect storm for many trading automation companies.

Today’s Stacked review focuses on Stacked Invest, a company that seeks to provide day traders with access to a variety of trading bots and other supplementary features.

Does Stacked have what it takes to become an income provider for a significant portion of day traders in the industry?

It is our goal to find that out. Let’s dive in immediately.

What’s Stacked?

Stacked Crypto logo

Stacked, or Stacked Invest, is a crypto trading platform the primary goal of which is to provide an extensive supply of trading bots to traders of varying levels of experience and skill in crypto trading.

In addition to trading bots, Stacked offers its users the ability to invest in cryptocurrency indices and automate the management of their portfolios.

Due to being a cloud-based software, Stacked aims to be quickly set up and its bots rolled out fast, without too much hassle with installations, dedicated devices, and continuous Internet connection.

It is linked directly to exchange accounts, without data retention or private information extractions.

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Another prominent aspect of Stacked is its marketplace of trading bots.

Stacked’s clients have a rank list of successful strategies at their disposal, from which they can pick out the desired strategy and gain access to it, for a price.

Copying successful traders does not require any experience at trading or bot-making, so this option is particularly alluring to rookies and inexperienced day traders.

This is the pitch, at least, the narrative provided by Stacked for us to get hooked. This review will check whether the reality holds up to it. 

Stacked Crypto Trading Bot

Stacked Crypto Trading Bot

When it comes to crypto trading bots, Stacked does not host a crypto bot builder and it does not allow you to manually instruct a software with a set of precise commands.

Instead, Stacked works as a marketplace of ideas and strategies on which traders have to select a pre-built strategy by one of the most successful crypto day traders on a set rank list.

All that you as a user have to do is to link your account to one of these strategies and you can immediately set automated trading according to the given rules.

These bots open and close short and long positions on supported exchanges, with the added features of stop-loss and take-profit available as additional measures of control.

Also, a detailed history of previous performance on every bot is at all times available for users to check and analyze.

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While this approach to crypto trading is suitable for beginners and those with little to no experience in crypto trading, it leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to seasoned traders with substantial time spent trading under their belt.

Being limited to pre-built bots, Stacked leaves little room for growth and almost no customization to make bots more profitable and flexible to shifting circumstances on the market.

Sadly, sometimes pre-defined does not cut it, and Stacked gives nothing to its users to assist them in these situations, and this has to be taken into account in this review.

Other Features

Automated Portfolio Rebalancing

Another frequently pointed out feature of Stacked is its automated portfolio rebalancing.

A feasible strategy for keeping an extra bit of stability in a volatile market that is cryptocurrency, in Stacked’s version it features a backtesting engine that shows you the most profitable rebalancing approach when compared to the given historical market conditions.

Users can start rebalancing as soon as they connect their portfolios, with a customizable asset weighting set by the user.

With a measured amount of selling and buying from time to time, this strategy excels in reducing trading risks and diversification of your crypto resources.

Pre-made Crypto Indexes

Designed as packages of different cryptocurrency for those users who lack the necessary insights to find out a well-balanced ration between stability and profitability, pre-made crypto indexes represent a great opportunity for a single-click investment that is checked for authenticity and, if successful, stand as a great portfolio example for you to maintain as well.

It is up to you to pick the most suitable combination, though, which is an approach similar to picking out a single trading bot among the vast list of top-performing traders mentioned earlier.

Ease of Use & Accessibility

It should be clear by now that Stacked is designed to cater to newcomers to the industry as well as those uncertain about their skills as day crypto traders.

From a marketplace of pre-defined strategies to basic packages of portfolio recommendations, Stacked provides solutions that you could come up with by yourself after several months of experience.

Understandably, without having to pay fees for the use of ideas of other traders, of course.

Besides fees that you have to pay for crypto trading bot “licenses”, another downside of the totally novice-friendly approach is the lack of customizability.

In order to make something extremely accessible, you have to remove all unnecessary parts in which the user can make a mistake.

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The result of this is a rudimentary script with which you cannot make a mistake, but which also cannot make much profit due to being inadequately equipped with custom solutions.

And custom solutions are what separates big wins and small gains, at least according to the conclusion of every review that we have made or written. 

Naturally, this is not an ideal situation for serious day traders who will most likely look elsewhere for more potent trading bots. 

Exchanges Supported

Stacked Exchanges Supported

As for the exchanges supported by the Stacked trading platform, the selection is not extensive.

It is centered around a few major names and a couple of smaller ones. These include: Bybit, Binance, Bitmex, FTX, CoinBase, and OKEx. 

Pricing Review

Stacked Pricing

When it comes to pricing, Stacked has two plans. Sort of. Bear with this part of the review, please.

The first plan, Stacked Lite, comes free of charge and includes a portfolio manager, standard stacks, basic lending, basic staking, and coin market watch. 

The second plan, Stacked Premium, comes with a twist.

It is 8.25$ per month, however, it is offered for free at the time of writing, with some indications that it will remain free for a prolonged period of time.

It offers everything that comes in the Stacked Lite plan, in addition to auto compounding for lending and staking, stacks auto-rebalancing, and premium stacks.

Perhaps a part of a marketing trick, perhaps not.

In any case, it makes little sense to charge for the options provided by Stacked, so we presume it will remain free, at least until some extensive new features are added.

Top-Rated Crypto Trading Bots

These crypto trading bots have been voted as the best consistently in user ratings across various websites.


Safety Review

When it comes to safety, Stacked is designed to be as non-intrusive as possible. The bots are all non-custodial, and each of your crypto assets remains on your exchange until a deal is made.

The platform has no direct access to your funds, instead relying on API keys for trade navigation and order executions.

Due to these measures, no withdrawals are possible without your permission, as the platform itself cannot access your account directly. 

Stacked Review Verdict

Finally, this Stacked review has to reach its verdict. Is Stacked a top-performing platform with profitable and reliable bots?

Well… decent maybe, but top-performing? Not by far.

Stacked provides some average solutions when it comes to trading bots access and a marketplace of strategies, but a complete lack of customizability as well as more advanced options for serious traders cripples its performance in the upper trading bracket.

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Average solutions perform averagely, so every bot with a little more love put into it will outperform Stacked’s average solutions.

Do we recommend Stacked? As part of an honest review, it has to be said that there are several other trading bots that we would rather recommend instead of Slacked.

For example, Bitsgap and Coinrule provide amazing features in areas in which Stacked has nothing to provide.

Combining ease of access and being very user-friendly with powerful solutions and great customization potential makes both of these platforms much better options than Stacked.

After all, if you have time to spare you can check Stacked by registering for free. However, you will have to pay for the bot before trying it.

Take our advice, skip it, and proceed immediately to either Bitsgap or Pionex. You won’t be disappointed. 

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