Socinator Review 2022: Does It Work?

Last Updated: September 19, 2022
Socinator is one of those companies that says they make everything super easy for busy marketers. Their entire premise revolves around automation, and while this might sound like a good thing, it actually means that they’re most likely a bot.
Socinator Review – Safe and Working?
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Socinator is one of those companies that claim to be able to cover it all, from your YouTube marketing to getting help with your LinkedIn.

We’re not so sure that they’re all they claim to be.

Socinator Review 2022

The trouble with being online these days is that there are a lot of companies out there that claim to be able to help you with your brand’s growth.

You really have an endless supply of companies offering marketing features for their clients, and while this might make you feel like you can cover everything without having to pay too much for it, there are a few companies that you need to look out for.

When thinking about outsourcing your brand, it’s important not to decide on the first company that you come across – you’ve got to put a bit of time and effort into research to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

I’m Jason. I know that this industry has a lot to offer people who are trying to get their brand off the ground, but I also know that they have a lot of setbacks as well.

There are a lot of companies that offer very generic features that you can get anywhere, but they overcharge for them. Some companies will even steal your personal information and sell it on to another company.

This means that you have to be really careful about who you trust and who you choose to stay away from, especially if you already have a reputation online with your brand.

Let’s review Socinator and decide what we think of them.

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Socinator Review

Socinator Features

Socinator is one of those companies that says they make everything super easy for busy marketers. Their entire premise revolves around automation, and while this might sound like a good thing, it actually means that they’re most likely a bot.

Let’s review.

Socinator for YouTube

Socinator for YouTube

There is a lot that Socinator can do for you when it comes to your YouTube. From activity statistics and reports to automatic subscriptions to automatic like videos, commenting, account management, filter support, and proxy support, it appears that they have everything covered. 

Socinator for LinkedIn

Socinator for LinkedIn

When it comes to Socinator for LinkedIn, they can help you with reports and activity statistics, as well as automatically accept connection requests on your behalf. They support proxies for LinkedIn.

They can help you endorse connections, and comment, and like other people’s content. You can also automatically schedule upcoming posts and send connection requests to people.

Socinator for Facebook

Socinator for Facebook

Socinator for Facebook can help you with reports and statistics, as well as accept and cancel friend requests. It can help you engage with comments and likes and automatically like websites.

You can share content and automatically post content to groups, and automatically publish content within RSS feeds. They can help you automatically reply to messages and automatically send friend requests. 

Socinator for Instagram

Socinator for Instagram

If you need help with Instagram, this is another platform that Socinator can allegedly help with. They say that they can help you with reports and stats, as well as the upcoming scheduling of your posts.

They can also help you automatically publish posts and automatically comment and follow as well. Socinator supports Instagram proxies. They can email verify accounts for you and automatically repost content that they come across, which they think will look good on your feed.

Socinator Pricing

Socinator Pricing

What’s interesting is that they haven’t divided their pricing into different categories depending on what platform you need help with the most right now. This means that their packages encompass all platforms, which isn’t always a good move, in our opinion.

This means that you will end up getting features that you never use, so you’ll be paying for things that sit there dormant and are a waste of your time. Their first package is $9.95, and it helps you with 10 social accounts. Their second is $29.95 and can help you with 70 accounts.

Their third is going to cost you $49.95 and can help with 150 accounts. Their fourth is $69.95 and offers help with unlimited social accounts.

How Did Socinator Do in Tests?

We thought that we would put Socinator to the test to see how they could do against our social media profiles. We decided to put them up against our Instagram profile, and honestly, we were a little let down by the results.

They do attempt to help their clients, but at the end of the day, the engagement that you get with them is low quality. We got some engagement and interactions on our posts, but it was obvious that it was low quality and fake.

It was also obvious that it wasn’t going to hang around as it dropped off again after just a little while. This isn’t the kind of service that you need if you want to take your growth seriously. 

What About Their Team?

Socinator logo

One of the best ways to figure out whether a company is legit or not is to take a look at their website to see how much information they have about the team.

Companies like this should have quite a lot of information about the people behind the features, as this helps with accountability and being trustworthy. The more that you can find out about a company before you commit to using them, the better.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find anything on their website about their team, which does raise a few questions.

Review Conclusion

So, what are we thinking about Socinator at the end of the day? We think that they’re not worth your time.

While they have put a bit of effort into showcasing their features on their website, unfortunately, it’s not enough to convince us that they’re high quality and have a good level of accountability with their clients.

This is the kind of company that can help you quickly, but they’re not going to be able to sustain your social networks over a long period of time.

It’s going to be a lot better to find someone who is willing to be upfront and honest from the beginning. 

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