Skweezer Review 2021: Is It a Scam?

Skweezer Review 2024: Is It a Scam?

Published on: July 23, 2023
Last Updated: July 23, 2023

Skweezer Review 2024: Is It a Scam?

Published on: July 23, 2023
Last Updated: July 23, 2023


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Skweezer Review 2024

If you’re an Instagram influencer or a business owner trying to build your own brand on social media, you could try to grow your audience organically or through growth services.

Skweezer is one of these services that claims to give you the ability to buy followers, likes, and comments, and even get verified.


In this article, I’ll share with you the features you might be able to benefit from by using Skweezer and give you a closer review of its service.

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What is Skweezer? What Does It Offer?

Skweezer Instagram Growth

Skweezer is a social media services company based in Hong Kong. It was established in 2003. The company claims to specialize in Instagram growth services.

Skweezer offers several services with different packages and customization options to help Instagram users increase their followers and reach higher engagement for their content.

First, let’s take a closer look at each of the services they sell and the packages to choose from.


Skweezer Instagram Followers

The main service Skweezer offers is the ability to buy Instagram followers for your account.  There are two options for this service. You can either buy real followers or active followers.

The real followers’ option is a one-time purchase where you choose the number of followers you want to get. The packages range from $11.99 for 500 followers up to $19.99 for 1000 followers. The middle package gives you 2500 followers for $49.99.

If you want a higher number, you need to directly contact them through their support. One of the customization features for this service is the ability to target followers by gender.

The second option allows you to buy active followers, which means that you get followers that automatically like your posts and view your videos as soon as you upload them to grow the engagement on your account.

They offer monthly subscription packages starting from $17 per month for the tryout package and up to $159 per month for the XL package. The medium package goes for $49 per month. It gives you 1000 followers per month and 250 likes or views per post.

For both options, you have the ability to choose the speed of delivery of the followers. You can choose to either get them instantly or on a gradual basis by choosing the number of followers you wish to have per day. However, likes and views are only instantaneous.

The biggest thing here that we really don’t like is that they are selling engagement. This usually means that the engagement is low quality and fake. If you can buy a specific amount of followers, then this indicates that the engagement isn’t genuine.


This service gives you the ability to gather likes on your future posts. It also includes views for video posts, which are included for free in your subscription. You get to choose the number of likes you want to get per post and the number of future posts that’ll receive these likes.

Packages start from 250 likes on 30 posts at $50. You can go up to 10000 likes on 120 posts, which would cost you $2000. Once the number of posts is consumed, the service stops automatically but you can renew it if you want to.

The service supports the speed of delivery customization as well so that you would get all the likes at once or gradually at a certain rate. However, the issue here is the same with the followers – they are most likely fake.


The views service lets you choose a video, whether it’s a normal post or an IGTV video, to boost its views count. You just give them the link of the video and choose the number of views you want to receive. Packages range between $1 for 100 views and $99 for 150000 views.

The speed of delivery could also be customized to get the views at a ‘natural’ pace. The jury is out on this one, because ‘natural’ delivery doesn’t tend to be associated with companies like this.


Skweezer also offers the comments option to get even more engagement. You can choose between custom and random comments.

For the custom comments, you get to compose the comments yourself and have them delivered on your posts. They also support the use of emojis. You can get 5 comments for $2.99 and up to 100 comments for $28.99. You can also choose the genders of the accounts delivering the comments.

If you don’t want to write your own comments, you can get random positive ones, 25 comments for $5.99 and up to 500 comments for $50.

The delivery is almost instant. It should happen within a few minutes, but it could be delayed sometimes. With instant delivery, this usually tells us that they aren’t legit, and they are just sending over low quality engagement. They don’t spend any time developing high-quality engagement for your profile.

Account Verification

One of the most important aspects of growing your brand is getting the blue Verified Badge. Skweezer offers the ability to submit your profile for a verification request through their Instagram Media Partner access, which makes allows it to be processed faster and gives you a higher chance of getting verified.

First, you can do a free check to see if your profile is eligible for verification, depending on some metrics like the number of followers and average likes per post.

If eligible, you can purchase one of the packages starting from $29 up to $150. The packages differ in the support they give you. Lower packages include only the submission process, while the higher ones include creating online news articles for your brand to increase your PR and give you a better chance of getting verified. However, there’s no guarantee, as the final decision is up to Instagram.

This is perhaps the biggest issue for us. Any company out there that can offer something like this is usually just in it for a quick profit. Instagram is the only entity that can verify you when it comes to the blue tick, so when it comes to companies like this, this feature is a gimmick that doesn’t actually hold any weight.

What Do People Say about Skweezer?

Looking at some of the reviews for Skweezer, some users seem to have problems with the quality of the follower accounts and the speed of delivery options.

Some users report that while the followers are not entirely fake, they include a lot of low-quality accounts. Sometimes they have no biographies or profile pictures and have a small number of posts.

Other reviews also stated issues with the delivery speed. Some buyers say that they received their follows instantly despite choosing the gradual option, while others think that the gradual rate is still unnaturally too fast.

People have also said that their engagement, including their followers and likes, drop off after a little while. This means that they have a low engagement rate, and can’t generally be trusted to provide high-quality followers and likes.

Top-rated Skweezer Alternatives for Instagram

All is not lost, these are the top Skweezer replacements on the market.

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Unique Selling Points

There are lots of companies that provide followers and likes for Instagram. Skweezer is trying to offer some features that distinguish it from its competitors.

Skweezer Follower Growth

‘Real’ Followers

While most of the services use bots and fake accounts to provide the followers, Skweezer claims that it provides only real followers. This means that the accounts that’ll follow you are real people.

Skweezer says that these accounts come from all over the world. They also claim that in the future, they’ll provide the ability to target specific demographics.

You also have the ability to purchase a refill addon to protect against Instagram purges. Again, we don’t think that they can actually follow through on this, and that they don’t offer real followers. They would have you believe that they do, but they’re just trying to keep up with other companies out there.

Customizable Delivery Speed

A lot of services offering Instagram growth features deliver the followers and the likes at unnatural rates, which makes it look extremely suspicious and fishy.

Skweezer gives you the ability to choose the rate you want and works on delivering these follows at rates that would make it look more natural. They also claim that the instant delivery option is really fast and takes only a few minutes after you’ve completed your order.

24/7 Support

Skweezer offers customer support through email and live chat. They claim to be highly responsive with instant response support through live chat. However, it seems to usually take a few hours before you can reach the support team. A lot of reviews out there say that their customer support isn’t as good as they claim.

Review Conclusion

Skweezer is a moderately rated Instagram growth provider that offers standard quality services compared to its competitors.

We don’t think that Skweezer is worth your time in any capacity, because they can’t offer the quality of followers and likes that you are going to need to do well on your Instagram page. Instead, we suggest that you look elsewhere in the social media marketing industry for someone who wants to help you with genuine engagement. Nothing is as it seems, as is the case with Skweezer.

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