SalesLoft Review - Can it Help Your LinkedIn Performance?

SalesLoft Review 2024 – Will You Get Banned by LinkedIn?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023

SalesLoft Review 2024 – Will You Get Banned by LinkedIn?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023

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SalesLoft Review 2024

LinkedIn has quickly become the leading social media platform for business recruitment, B2B marketing, as well as making professional connections all across the globe.

With traction like this, it’s no surprise that users are looking for a way to boost their productivity and connectedness on the platform. 

With this demand for optimizing workflow on LinkedIn has seen a surge in companies that claim to be the best at offering better and easier ways to reach more leads, gain more connections and engagements, as well as manage messaging and other features. 

While this sounds like a great thing, sometimes these companies resort to shady practices that go against the terms of use of LinkedIn. It has become increasingly difficult to bypass the buzzwords that these companies use to entice customers and find valid services that actually work with your LinkedIn account. 

Due to the risk that your profile can be put in, we have decided to review SalesLoft, one of the companies that has emerged offering LinkedIn services, to see if they fit the bill in terms of effective and efficient LinkedIn growth. 

In our SalesLoft review, we’ll discuss what the service is, what they can do to your account, and whether or not they’ll be a viable option for your LinkedIn needs. 

Let’s take a look. 

What does the Service do? 

SalesLoft Reviews

SalesLoft is a service that claims to help with closing B2B sales; on their website, they vow to increase the number of closed sales by over 200%, which is a really extreme number, even for a top service. 

In any case, they don’t really have any of the proof to back it up, as they don’t offer any real reviews that show results from real businesses, only general people with general titles. This also doesn’t make much sense for a top platform that has a really reputable client base. 

In terms of features, they claim to automate sales communications that replicate real human interactions. Didn’t see that on the website? Don’t worry— they did a good job of hiding it. 

Why wouldn’t they want to talk about their main service functions? 

Well, automation for sales is typically not smiled upon, and much less with functinoality on the LinkedIn platform. They have a variety of integrations which help you automate your LinkedIn correspondence and engagements, but ultimately, these are harmful for your account. 

Let’s take a look at why that is. 

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How SalesLoft Can Harm Your LinkedIn 

SalesLoft has a variety of different software integrations that provide you with automation tools for messaging and gaining real-time account information, sending introductions, and identifying connections. 

They claim to drive human-to-human opportunities with an increase in the close rate of 28%, but based on what? They don’t offer any data or any information about how that’s possible. Not only that, they claim an incredible 450% return on investment. 

This is absolutely incredible since they offer literally no real data! It’s pretty incredible. They have a variety of asterisks that give information about how this is based on metrics from first-year users and that this is the economic impact study, but there are no links and no referents in delivering proof. 

SalesLoft has done a really excellent job of creating website copy full of buzzwords that are hard to turn down, we’ll give them that. But ultimately, it’s a sham. 

They don’t offer any real proof, and automation services of any kind are against the terms of use on the LinkedIn platform. That means you can be shut down and penalized by LinkedIn for using them. 

If you are detected using automation on LinkedIn, you will receive a notification obligating you to agree not to use these services anymore. If you continue to use them, you will be deactivated or your account can face consequences

LinkedIn will do all they can to maintain the integrity of their platform, and that means removing users from their platform that fail to comply with above-the-board LinkedIn interactions. Since LinkedIn is a professional social networking site, their reputation depends on engagements that are authentic and genuine, instilling trust in their users. 

Unfortunately, SalesLoft doesn’t really care about that, and still perpetuate a LinkedIn automation software. If that wasn’t bad enough, their plans are even worse. 

Pricing Plans

SalesLoft Pricing

Another big problem with SalesLoft is that they require you to request a demo in order to gain their pricing information. This is not a transparent business practice and means that they are interested mainly in data collection in order to constantly pester you to sign up for the service. 

This is a negative business practice because they don’t offer consumers upfront pricing schemes, which raises questions about the rest of their services in terms of being transparent and forthcoming with how things are operating. 

In addition, it makes you wonder: is this the same kind of technique that will be used in their services? If so, it’s not the optimal way to close sales, and certainly won’t provide the inflated percentages of sales increases that they claim to. 

Review Conclusion

Overall, SalesLoft for LinkedIn is not the best way to streamline your LinkedIn workflow. While they make big promises, they aren’t forthcoming about how their service works in terms of pricing, nor do they give realistic sales figures in terms of increasing closes and return on investment. 

While it’s no doubt an attractive prospect to automate elements of LinkedIn, it is against the terms of use on the platform and you can suffer consequences on your profile through flagging and even deactivation. 

The sales services seem very enticing through effective website development and website copy, but it’s not a safe endeavor for LinkedIn services specifically. It’s much better to stick with natural engagements on LinkedIn, as this is the only way to maintain your standing on the platform and comply with their terms of service. 

Don’t risk losing all of your LinkedIn progress for a service that won’t even disclose their pricing plans or statistical data. 

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