Best Privacy Duck Alternatives

5 Best Privacy Duck Alternatives in 2024

Published on: January 17, 2024
Last Updated: January 17, 2024

5 Best Privacy Duck Alternatives in 2024

Published on: January 17, 2024
Last Updated: January 17, 2024

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The best Privacy Duck alternative in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is Incogni!

When people go online, their activities leave traces that data brokers often exploit without explicit permission, turning personal data into marketable products. 

Privacy Duck is a sought-after refuge against such intrusions, yet powerful alternatives exist.

This article highlights the 5 best Privacy Duck alternatives, guiding readers to fortify online privacy.

The aim is to empower individuals with the knowledge to protect their digital footprints.

5 Best Privacy Duck Alternatives in 2024

1. Incogni


Incogni serves as a dedicated guardian of your privacy, operating as your representative in the realm of digital data management. 

Its proactive role involves systematically initiating official data removal requests directed at many personal information brokers. 

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This meticulous process ensures the consistent endeavor to safeguard the integrity of your personal data. 

Furthermore, Incogni takes on the responsibility of reporting back to you and providing transparent updates on the responses received from these brokers.

This comprehensive approach underscores its commitment to maintaining your privacy by actively engaging with and monitoring the intricate landscape of personal information management.

Key Features

Easy Clearance Requests

Experience a remarkably simple and user-friendly process for data removal, prioritizing efficiency and valuing your time. 

The streamlined system ensures hassle-free initiation, handling your information promptly and with utmost care.

With just a few clicks, gain peace of mind in addressing digital privacy concerns.

Transparent Pricing, Money-Back Assurance

Enjoy transparency in both data protection and pricing with a clear and easy-to-understand model that eliminates ambiguity. 

The service’s commitment extends to a robust money-back guarantee, reinforcing confidence in preserving the security and integrity of your digital data.

Protection for all kinds of brokers

Rest assured, as the service provides a protective umbrella over a diverse spectrum of data broker types, safeguarding information related to personal life, financial records, or professional endeavors. 

The comprehensive approach remains unwavering in preserving the confidentiality of digital identities, making the nature of the data broker inconsequential.

Constant Progress Reports for Data Brokers

Stay well-informed about the status of your personal data with frequent updates on interactions with various data brokers. 

The commitment to transparency empowers you with knowledge and reassurance, ensuring you’re not left in the dark about the measures taken to manage and protect your information. 

The service keeps you in the loop, enhancing your confidence in digital privacy.


Incogni offers two payment options: annual billing or monthly payments, with no tiered service levels. 

The annual plan costs $77.88 for the year ($6.49/mo), allowing a 30-day refund period. 

The monthly plan is $12.99/mo with the same refund guarantee. 

You don’t need to commit to an annual payment; activating the subscription a few times a year for data removal suffices, making it unnecessary to keep it constantly active.

2. DeleteMe

Joindeleteme Home 1

Companies that specialize in gathering and selling your personal information to various parties can be a concern. 

DeleteMe takes proactive steps on your behalf by removing your information from numerous such websites. 

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It employs a blend of automated processes and direct human involvement to ensure your data is consistently opted out, even if multiple attempts are required.

Key Features

Email masking

Ensure your online privacy by generating alternative email addresses with DeleteMe.

These addresses direct mail to your primary inbox, safeguarding your personal email from unnecessary exposure.

Free scan

Kickstart your privacy protection journey with DeleteMe’s complimentary scan, scouring the internet for your data. 

After the scan, explore the available online data, and if needed, enlist DeleteMe’s assistance in removing it.

Card masking

Safeguard your credit card credentials using DeleteMe’s cloaked card.

This feature provides a wasteful card number for secure online transactions, protecting your financial information.

Phone masking

Enhance your privacy with DeleteMe’s phon

e masking, offering an alternate phone number to share instead of your actual contact details. This additional layer of protection helps keep your number off robo-caller lists.


DeleteMe charges individuals $10.75 per month, amounting to $129 annually. 

The pricing details may appear a bit complex as they are tailored to individual preferences, considering factors like the number of users and the subscription duration.

Despite the monthly presentation, you’re billed annually or every two years.

For instance, the 1-Year Plan costs $129 for a single user, meanwhile the 2-Year Plan costs $209.

If you add more users, the costs increase, ranging from $229 for two users to $412 for five users.

Additionally, there are business plans available, and you can request a personalized quote by providing a business email.

3. Reputation Defender

Reputation Defender

In the vast realm of the internet, your image holds significant value. 

True to its name, ReputationDefender is dedicated to safeguarding your online reputation.

Equipped with advanced tools, the service not only locates negative references on the internet but also provides actionable steps to address them effectively. 

A round-the-clock team of specialists ensures constant vigilance to maintain your online image in a positive light. 

Whether dealing with unfavorable reviews, unwanted photos, or incorrect information,

ReputationDefender offers practical solutions for all these concerns.

It proves to be a valuable ally for both individuals and businesses alike.

Key Features

Providing a Comprehensive Overview Across Multiple Platforms

In its commitment to maintaining an up-to-date understanding of its online presence, the system excels in monitoring reviews across various third-party platforms. 

Coverage extending to over a hundred industry-specific sites offers users a comprehensive view, ensuring no feedback goes unnoticed.

Facilitating Timely Engagement Through Review Alerts

Users receive timely alerts notifying them of newly posted online reviews.

These alerts serve as a prompt, allowing users to respond directly from the platform. 

This real-time engagement ensures that users stay actively involved in managing their online reputation.

Streamlining Communication for Positive Reviews

Building positive rapport is vital, and the platform facilitates this through a user-friendly feature.

Users can quickly dispatch “please review us” requests to their loyal customers. 

This can be accomplished effortlessly via email, text message, or an iOS/Android kiosk, streamlining the process for users and their customers.


The company ensures flexibility in pricing to cater to various needs, offering both monthly and yearly plans across different packages. 

The initial Privacy Pro subscription is available at $9.95 per month or $99 annually. 

For those seeking more extensive coverage, the Personal Executive Privacy Essentials plan is priced at $1000 per year, while the Personal Reputation Defender Executive Privacy Plus plan costs $5,000 annually. 

The Personal Executive Privacy Preferred plan is available at $7,500 per year. 

For a two-person plan, the Privacy Premium option is priced at $10,000 annually. 

Consider the options carefully based on your preferences and requirements.

4. OneRep


OneRep is a tool to automatically eliminate your personal information and data from data scrapers, brokers, and aggregators. 

A helpful comparison is to view OneRep as antivirus software for your personal information.

Monthly, it scans over 100 data scrapers and brokers, initiating removal requests on your behalf.

Operating quietly in the background, it’s akin to antivirus software, ensuring ongoing protection.

Just as running antivirus on your computer safeguards you from existing and emerging threats, using OneRep is a good practice for maintaining personal privacy.

Key Features

Google Search Results Cleanup

Kanary’s specialized feature focuses on cleaning up your personal information in Google search results.

It gives you the flexibility to choose the desired course of action. 

This is critical, given that most individuals start their personal search inquiries on Google, making it a critical point for possible data exposure.

Enhanced Account Security

Prioritizing safety, Kanary offers multi-factor authorization to bolster account protection.

This function needs a second form of identity in addition to your password, which adds an extra degree of security.

User Participation

For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, Kanary allows users to actively engage in the information removal process by submitting their opt-out requests. 

This proves particularly helpful for websites requiring additional verification or for users who want control over the particular information they wish to remove.

Automated Opt-Out Process

Kanary takes swift action in identifying data broker websites.

It automatically initiates the opt-out process, sending removal requests for your personal details. 

This hands-free method covers approximately two-thirds of the 327 monitored sites, ensuring large-scale data clearance without the need for manual intervention.


OneRep provides options for monthly and yearly subscriptions, organized into different categories.

These include:

Individual Plan: $14.95 per month or $99.96 annually

Family Plan (covers up to 6 members): $27.95 per month or $180 annually

Business Plan (for 10 or more members): Custom pricing (contact customer support)

The plans renew automatically, and OneRep extends a 5-day free trial. 

Upon signing up, users need to provide information and payment details.

After the trial period concludes, users are automatically enrolled in a paid subscription.

5. Kanary


Kanary is dedicated to discovering your personal data across various data broker sites.

It goes beyond just identification; the unique aspect lies in its automatic removal process, ensuring your information is promptly eliminated. 

What truly stands out is the transparency Kanary provides, offering an obvious explanation of its approach to handling data removal on each specific site. 

This distinctive feature sets Kanary apart in its commitment to ensuring users are informed and empowered throughout the privacy protection process.

Key Features

Automated Opt-Out Process

Kanary takes swift action in identifying data broker websites.

It automatically initiates the opt-out process, sending removal requests for your personal details. 

This hands-free method covers approximately two-thirds of the 327 monitored websites, ensuring large-scale data removal without the need for manual intervention.

User Participation

For those who prefer a more hands-on methodology, Kanary allows customers to actively engage in the data removal process by submitting their opt-out demands. 

This proves particularly helpful for websites requiring additional verification or for users who want control over the specific data they wish to eliminate.

Google Search Results Cleanup

Kanary’s specialized feature focuses on cleaning up your data in Google search results. It gives you the flexibility to choose the desired course of action. 

This is crucial, considering that most people initiate people-search queries on Google, making it a pivotal point for potential data exposure.

Enhanced Account Security

Prioritizing safety, Kanary presents multi-factor authentication to bolster account protection.

This feature requires a second form of identification beyond your password, adding an extra layer of security.


Whether you’re an individual or a family, Kanary offers tailored solutions to safeguard your online presence. 

The Free Plan provides a 14-day trial of premium features, covering two addresses, one username, one email, two names, and one phone number. 

Upgrade to the Individual Premium Plan at $12 per month or $144 annually for unlimited coverage and automatic scans every 30 days, accompanied by fast support and a 30-day money-back assurance. 

Families can opt for the $20.75 per month or $249 annually Family Plan, covering you plus 2 loved ones, with the same features and guarantee. 

Kanary provides customized plans for enterprise-level protection with tailored defenses against phishing and exploits for teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Data Removal Services Worth It?

Data removal services are valuable for several reasons.

They effectively reduce spam via calls, emails, and texts. 

They’re crucial for combating phishing scams, enhancing online privacy, and minimizing the risk of identity theft or cybercrime. 

Criminals prefer easy targets, and by making your information more challenging to obtain, you become a less attractive option.

What Is a Data Broker, and How Do They Get My Information?

Data brokers gather information online to create a detailed profile of individuals, combining freely available data with purchased information. 

Signing up with an internet service provider may lead to increased spam emails, as these companies sell your data to brokers who, in turn, trade it with various entities. 

Exercise caution when sharing personal details online, as social media, loyalty programs, and other platforms can legally compile and sell your information. 


Privacy Duck stands as a shield against data exploitation, but viable alternatives exist for fortifying online privacy. 

This article spotlights the 5 best Privacy Duck alternatives, empowering users with the knowledge to safeguard their digital footprints. 

Incogni, a privacy guardian, proactively initiates official data removal requests with transparent updates, prioritizing efficiency. 

DeleteMe opts users from data brokers using automated processes and human intervention, offering features like email and phone masking. 

ReputationDefender protects online reputation through advanced tools with flexible pricing options. 

OneRep acts as automatic data removal, comparable to antivirus software, with tailored subscription plans. 

Kanary offers transparent data removal processes catering to individual, family, and enterprise needs. 

These alternatives, each with unique features, give users control over their online privacy, ensuring ongoing protection.

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