Perimeter 81 vs NordLayer

Perimeter 81 vs NordLayer Comparison: Which is Better?

Published on: February 5, 2024
Last Updated: February 5, 2024

Perimeter 81 vs NordLayer Comparison: Which is Better?

Published on: February 5, 2024
Last Updated: February 5, 2024

Securing networks is crucial in today’s business landscape, with cybercrime projected to cost $10.5 trillion yearly by 2025. 

Business leaders face pressure to proactively prevent cyber incidents, making the careful selection of security solutions vital. 

For many, the decision boils down to Perimeter 81 or NordLayer, both prominent in securing remote access. 

While sharing a common goal, each has distinct advantages for specific use cases.

Let’s get into this Perimeter 81 vs NordLayer comparison and find what option suits your needs.

Perimeter 81 vs NordLayer

1. Perimeter 81

Perimeter 81 Home

Perimeter 81 stands out from typical VPN services. Established in 2018, the company’s goal is to simplify remote security using a software-defined perimeter approach. 

It emphasizes a zero-trust architecture and safe access server edge (SASE).

Though relatively new, Perimeter 81 has swiftly become a notable choice for both enterprises and small businesses, offering an alternative to traditional network security solutions.


Perimeter Features

Perimeter 81’s main attraction is its VPN functionality, but it offers more than that. 

The suite’s SASE architecture includes anti-virus and firewall components, as well as endpoint control and custom filtering. 

It also comes with multi-factor authentication (MFA) to enhance security.

Advanced features extend these benefits. 

The platform monitors activities, using behavioral analytics to spot potential issues and tokenization to verify users before granting access to sensitive systems. 

Perimeter 81 features remote access and control for managing teams that work from home, as well as single sign-on (SSO) to simplify logins. 

Unlike essential VPN services, it provides dedicated systems and IP addresses for better connectivity.

Partnerships with apps like Google, Workplace, Okta, and Microsoft Azure add to Perimeter 81’s convenience.


Perimeter Pricing

Perimeter 81 offers plans starting at $8 per user every month. 

The Essentials tier provides unlimited data access and critical safety features like MFA and system segmentation.

However, it limits zero-trust controls to 2 apps and excludes the firewall-as-a-service.

There’s also a Premium tier at $12 per user monthly and a comprehensive Premium Plus at $16 per user every month. 

Custom business solutions are accessible, but pricing details are not provided. 

Gateways incur an additional $40 monthly per gateway throughout all plans.

While there’s no free trial, Perimeter 81 provides a 30-day refund guarantee. 

All plans are commitment-free, allowing easy cancellation if you’re not satisfied.


Perimeter 81 stands out for its advanced security features, which are crucial for remote teams handling sensitive data. 

With an easy setup and user-friendly interface, it maintains robust protection while adapting to changing team needs. 

The system is designed for simplicity and faster speeds, making it one of the most easy to use options available.


Perimeter 81 has advantages but comes with downsides. 

It can be pricier, starting at $8 per user with a five-user minimum, totaling at least $40 every month plus $40 per gateway. 

More helpful features require higher-priced plans with increasing minimum users, potentially dissuading some businesses. 

Some users noted issues with logging tools and password coordination. 

Perimeter 81 also provides relatively limited country support compared to some VPN solutions.

2. NordLayer

NordLayer Home 1

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NordLayer, like Perimeter 81, prioritizes SASE and zero-trust safety controls. 

Emphasizing speed and simplicity in moving away from old systems, NordLayer extends the reputation of NordVPN, a widely known consumer VPN. 

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The commercial platform aims to assist businesses in swiftly and securely adopting remote work.


NordLayer Features

NordLayer provides a top VPN solution with AES 256-bit encryption, known for its strong security. 

This encryption is strict to break, ensuring high protection. 

Beyond encryption, NordLayer offers various cybersecurity features.

Similar to Perimeter 81, NordLayer involves anti-virus and MFA controls for endpoint security.

It features remote access, SSO, customer and device activity monitoring, and dedicated IP addresses.

Partnerships with apps like Google Cloud, AWS, Salesforce, and Azure ensure functionality along with security.

NordLayer offers unique security features. 

Jailbroken device identification alerts administrators to vulnerable endpoints. 

Biometric authentication enhances account security using facial or fingerprint detection. 

These features, along with compliance management resources, help companies meet regulatory requirements.


NordLayer Pricing

NordLayer’s pricing begins at $7 per user every month for an yearly subscription or $9 per user every month for a monthly plan. 

This tier includes essential features like MFA, SSO, jailbroken device protection, and limitless information traffic.

The Advanced tier, NordLayer’s other pricing option, costs $11 per user every month (monthly billing) or $9 per user per month (annual billing). 

Opt for this tier if you need advanced features such as biometric authorization and network devison. 

NordLayer also provides custom plans for enterprise users.

NordLayer doesn’t offer a free trial, and using a dedicated server with an Advanced subscription incurs an additional $40 per month.


NordLayer is affordable, costing less than Perimeter 81. 

It’s flexible, with no minimum users and extensive mobile and platform support. 

The VPN, available in 30+ countries, ensures customization and strong security with activity tracking and 256-bit safeguarding features.


NordLayer is generally more accessible than Perimeter 81 but has fewer pricing options, making it less flexible. 

Some users mention slow connection speeds, and using a dedicated server costs an extra $40 per month. 

NordLayer’s customer service is occasionally slow, which might be challenging for teams with complex needs. 

Despite offering mobile support, not all features are accessible on mobile.

Perimeter 81 is a good choice for companies with less cybersecurity experience, thanks to its support and flexibility, along with an easy-to-use interface. 

However, NordLayer promotes more operating systems, making it a better choice for surroundings with less standardized endpoints.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is NordLayer Worth It?

NordLayer stands out for delivering a secure and user-friendly VPN experience. 

Its key feature is the straightforward interface combined with robust encryption, making it a perfect option for those who prioritize online security without sacrificing ease of use, whether for businesses or individuals.

How Secure is NordLayer?

At NordLayer, ensuring the safety and security of our clients’ remote workforces and business data is a core aspect of our mission. 

Our information security management systems hold ISO 27001 certification and uphold robust AES-256 military-grade encryption.

Is Perimeter 81 Secure?

Through encryption, Perimeter 81 ensures the security of all cloud-stored data using private encryption keys. 

This means that neither third parties nor the cloud provider can decrypt any data, thereby eliminating the need for breach notifications.


When considering Perimeter 81 vs NordLayer, it becomes evident that NordLayer stands out as the superior choice. 

With a budget-friendly starting price of $7 per user per month, NordLayer surpasses Perimeter 81 in flexibility, boasting the absence of minimum user requirements and offering extensive support for mobile and various platforms. 

NordLayer’s commitment to robust protection is evident through its notable security features, such as AES 256-bit encryption, jailbroken device detection, and biometric authentication. 

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While both solutions cater to the needs of remote or hybrid teams, NordLayer’s affordability, flexibility, and comprehensive security features distinctly position it as the preferred option, especially advantageous for smaller businesses mindful of budget considerations.

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