Path Social Review: Does it Really Work?

WARNING: We tried Path Social so you don’t have to.

Published on: May 7, 2024
Last Updated: May 7, 2024

WARNING: We tried Path Social so you don’t have to.

Published on: May 7, 2024
Last Updated: May 7, 2024


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There are so many people out there trying to capture the heart of their target audience, and to do so, you’ve got to spend a lot of time on the platform engaging with users in order to get their attention. 

These engagements are vital in growing your real, organic Instagram followers, but it’s also incredibly time-consuming work.

And since you’ve also got to be increasingly competitive with your content strategy and delivery, there really aren’t enough hours in the day to make sure you’re on top of your game. 

For that reason, many people turn to Instagram growth services to help supplement their growth while they focus on other important elements of their Instagram.

This is a totally rational solution, but the bad news is, not all growth companies are created equal. 

Today we’re going to give you a review of Path Social so that you can learn more about what a growth company should and shouldn’t be, and make the right choice when you decide to amp up your Instagram follower growth. 

Let’s take a look.

Path Social Review: What is Path Social? 

Path Social logo

Path Social is an Instagram growth service that claims to grow your Instagram account organically.

They also say that they have over 24,000 brands that trust them and work with them. We’re skeptical, but we’ll let it slide for now.

The website for Path Social is pretty bland, and lacking in detail on how exactly they provide real organic growth, and it’s incredibly vague in terms of how their service works: 

  1. Give Targets: they basically say the first step is to give targeting instructions to start the process. 
  2. Grab attention: this is the part that really raises some questions. They say that they will promote your content organically. How, exactly? 
  3. Get quality followers: magically, users who like your content will then become your followers. 

So, this really left us wanting more. There are literally no specifics about how they work and what they’re actually going to do for your account, which is always a bad sign. 

When considering Instagram growth services, you want to make sure that you know what they’re offering you and how they’re going to get you results. 

Can You Really Get Followers? 

Path Social Followers

Next on the list with our review is the burning question everyone wants an answer to is: can I get real followers using an Instagram growth service? 

The answer to this question is absolutely yes– but not with Path Social. There are a couple of problems with their pricing and packages, as well as what they claim to promise you. 

If we examine their pricing structure, they have two tiers of service.

So far, so good. But when you look at what they offer you, they claim to offer you anywhere between 800-3500 followers per month.

Uh-oh. Instagram growth services that truly work on organic Instagram growth cannot possibly promise a number of follower growth due to the unique factors that affect Instagram growth. 

Factors like targeting instructions and number of engagements, as well as factors that depend on the user such as content quality and strategy, content posting frequency, as well as niche can all affect how many followers you’re going to get. 

Because of this, any honest Instagram growth company won’t promise you any number of followers. They simply can’t do that in good confidence since they have no way to control this. 

This leads us to believe that Path Social is trying to gain business by overpromising uncontrollable results to followers in order to win a profit. This isn’t honest. 

And in their FAQ, they say they use “organic promotion strategies” to grow your account, again being incredibly general and without any true explanation of what their service actually is. 

Path Social has designed website copy that sounds pretty good but is way too general for any client to actually understand how it works. 

Path Social Alternatives: Better Options

You may be wondering now where to look for great Instagram growth services that are honest, reliable, and deliver on what they promise.

Let’s take a look at our top choices that are making waves in the Instagram growth service arena. 

1. Growthoid


Growthoid is one of the top Instagram growth services for a reason. They offer manual Instagram growth to make sure that you really do get organic followers and that they’re real and active. How? 

When you sign up for Growthoid, you are assigned a dedicated account manager with whom you’ll share your targeting instructions.

After that, they’ll engage with relevant accounts in your target audience to reach more potential followers. This is the most common and successful method of Instagram growth today. 

They offer two pricing tiers that can work for any budget, and they also offer an incredibly dedicated and responsive support team, along with a money-back guarantee.

If you’re looking for reliable Instagram growth, you can definitely count on Growthoid. 

2. Nitreo

Nitreo Review & 25% Discount Coupon

Nitreo is also a great option to boost your real Instagram followers and gain more engagement.

Nitro is also a really simple and direct Instagram growth service that also uses your specific targeting in order to grow your Instagram account. 

Their service is a suite of tools to help your Instagram grow how it should, with no fake followers or inactive accounts.

They also use engagement growth strategies, which is, as we said, the top method for Instagram growth. They have a great support team and a variety of pricing options with a guarantee. 

3. Kicksta


Our final choice for top Instagram growth is Kicksta.

They take a different approach, leveraging the power of Instagram stories to expand your follower count. 

This is great because Instagram stories are very popular and most of the users who use Instagram stories are really engaged users, which means you’re likely to get more engaged followers from the start. 

Not only that, they use a variety of different interactions and engagements with stories. They have a lot of different pricing packages, so there’s definitely something that can work for you. 

Don’t take risks on services like Path Social that over-promise results with virtually no explanation or reliable way of how the service works.

Take a look at our top 3 options, and you’ll be able to reach your Instagram growth goals in no time. 

How to Buy Instagram Followers Safely

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you do your research and make sure that you buy from a company that will offer you real Instagram growth that doesn’t harm your profile.

These days, so many companies are just out to make a profit and don’t care about what they provide to their clients. 

Below are five different categories that you can use to determine the legitimacy of any social media growth company in case you decide not to use one of the presented alternatives.

The alternatives we presented can also be judged by these categories so that you feel safe and comfortable using them. 


One of the most important things your Instagram growth service needs to have is a FAQ.

If there is no FAQ and no substantial information about how the service works, you may be in trouble. 

There’s no reason why a reputable company shouldn’t have a FAQ; if they understand how they provide their services and are aware of what their clients may need from them, they can easily create a FAQ that serves as a resource for anyone who needs help, more information about how things work, or troubleshooting info. 

That said, you should also check the rest of the website to make sure that the information provided is legitimate.

Nothing is worse than a growth service that simply provides a bunch of buzzwords and leaves people wondering how the services work in the first place. 

If you notice that the website has a lot of information with little value, that’s a red flag.

We’ve also seen that some companies post too much information in hopes to confuse people, hoping they’ll just end up pulling the trigger after being overwhelmed. 

Terms of Service 

The second thing that you need to be wary of is the terms of service.

It’s really important to check the terms of service because many times, websites post a bunch of attractive language to get people to use their services and then their terms of service say something completely different. 

You should always check the terms of service to make sure that the company is accountable for the services they provide and that they provide reputable services that are in line with the terms of use of Instagram. 

We’ve seen terms of service say things including that they’re not accountable for any problems or blocks with your social networks, that they can’t guarantee any quality or any type of real followers and engagement, and more horrible things. 

It’s actually an abomination because most of these services say the exact opposite on their website.

This is just quite simple: they expect that no one will read the terms of service, post false information on their website, claim they’re not accountable for any claims made on the site, and then not respond when people have issues. 

Always check the terms and make sure that you have support from the services if something happens or you don’t get what you expected.

If there are many differences from what they promise, it’s much better to avoid the service altogether.

Organic Growth 

There are many services that are offering you the opportunity to buy packaged Instagram followers, and while some of them can offer real results and real followers, it’s simply not possible for the majority of them to provide valuable results. 

Organic growth services, on the other hand, work with real methods that you yourself would use to get more Instagram followers.

The great thing about these services is that you can save time by delegating the work to them, focusing on your own Instagram efforts such as content creation, hashtags, and more. 

Organic growth services are much better because they use real interactions with actual Instagram users, bringing you results that will be much better in the long term.

Delivery Time 

Another factor that can impact the legitimacy and security of an Instagram growth company is the delivery timeframe.

It’s always a good idea to ensure you have options; if you buy thousands of Instagram followers and they’re all delivered at the same time, this can put your Instagram at risk. 

Most companies will offer instant delivery, typically meaning that the delivery will begin quickly, but spread out the growth over time, making your follower increase natural and less likely to be questioned by Instagram. 

Instagram is very strict about how users grow their account, so it’s always a good idea to understand how your package will be delivered. If you use an organic Instagram growth service, you won’t need to worry about this as much as the growth will already be natural.

Safety and Guarantees 

The final consideration we have for you are the safety protocols and guarantees that the company has in place.

If a company doesn’t have a secure website with SSL encryption, it can put your data and information at risk and even cause your device to have issues. 

The website should be secure, and in addition, should have secure payment methods that aren’t going to compromise your financial information and will keep you safe. 

In addition, you should also know what kind of guarantees the service offers. Are refunds available?

Do they offer to honor a set amount of followers and provide refills if they are lost? Is there a free trial? 

If the followers are likely to fall off and there is a refill guarantee, it’s likely the followers are fake.

Instagram routinely clears out fake followers on the platform which is why most companies see a loss and try to make up for it in advance with these guarantees.

Review Verdict

All in all, that concludes our review of Path Social. Path Social isn’t the most recommendable option for Instagram growth. There are far better services that can provide you with real followers that help you in the long term.

Consider the options we’ve presented as alternatives and if you have another service in mind, always consider the criteria we’ve described as a way to decide if the service will suit your needs and requirements.

Review Summary

Path Social Review
Path Social

Ultimately, the question everyone wants an answer to is: can I get real followers using an Instagram growth service? The answer to this question is absolutely yes– but not with Path Social.

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Application Category: Social Media

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  • Secure Site
  • FAQ and Help Page
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  • Around-the-Clock Support
  • Expensive Pricing

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