OneRep vs DeleteMe

OneRep vs DeleteMe Comparison: Which is Better?

Published on: January 10, 2024
Last Updated: January 10, 2024

OneRep vs DeleteMe Comparison: Which is Better?

Published on: January 10, 2024
Last Updated: January 10, 2024

We make it a point to compare data-removal services thoroughly. 


So you can be armed with the knowledge to make a savvy choice. 

Think of it as a detailed analysis, diving into company specifics, backgrounds, services, and pricing. 

It’s about empowering you to pick the service that truly fits your needs.

It’s not just DeleteMe; it’s OneRep vs DeleteMe.

OneRep vs DeleteMe

Here is a comparison of both platforms.

Company Backgrounds



Started by Dimitri Shelest in 2015, OneRep is a service that helps get rid of your data from data-broker websites. 

It’s based in McLean, Virginia, and stands out as one of the early birds in using automation to handle the whole process of removing personal information.


Joindeleteme Home 1

Founded by Rob Shavell in 2011, DeleteME is part of Abine, Inc.

The company is located and has its main office in Somerville and Boston, Massachusetts. 

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While employing automated tools to monitor data, what sets them apart is their conviction that the inclusion of actual individuals who specialize in safeguarding private information enhances the assistance provided to clients.

Analysis of Data Removal Services

OneRep and DeleteMe offer comparable services. 

Both focused on removing customer information from data-broker websites.

However, they significantly differ in their scopes and processes.

Availability and Service

OneRep’s Regional Limitations
OneRep Dashboard

OneRep is exclusively accessible to customers residing in the United States, limiting its services to this specific geographical region. 

This unique platform specializes in the meticulous removal of personally identifiable information (PII) from an extensive array of approximately 190 data-broker websites.

DeleteMe’s Broad Appeal
Joindeleteme Chart Report 2

DeleteMe is accessible to customers worldwide, both in the United States and internationally. 

DeleteMe’s international arm extends its services to clients in nearly 20 significant countries, including Australia, Puerto Rico, the Cayman Islands, and Singapore. 

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The fundamental service at DeleteMe involves erasing personally identifiable information (PII) from at least 38 data-broker websites, and users can also choose personalized options to eliminate data from an extra 500 sites.

Scope and Procedure of Data Removal

OneRep’s Method
OneRep data removal

OneRep safeguards your privacy by erasing an unlimited amount of client aliases, addresses, and phone numbers from data-broker websites. 

This is achieved through an algorithm that constantly monitors the web for customer Personally Identifiable Information (PII), executes automatic opt-out processes, and routinely scans data-broker sites to ensure the removal of reappearing listings. 

To keep you informed, OneRep also delivers a monthly privacy status report.

It’s important to note that at OneRep, data specialists generally don’t handle the direct removal of client information unless it involves intricate cases where human intervention becomes necessary.

DeleteMe’s Safeguarding Approach
Joindeleteme Work

DeleteMe takes care of your personal information (PII) by removing details like names, ages, current and past addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, photos, occupations, marital statuses, and more. 

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Within just one week of signing up, clients receive a comprehensive report of our actions. 

They also conduct follow-ups every three months to ensure that the individual’s personally identifiable information (PII) has not been added to new websites or reappeared on old ones.

To provide this service, DeleteMe combines its technology with a team of experts dedicated to safeguarding your privacy.



OneRep Pricing

OneRep provides structured tiers for both monthly and yearly plans.

  • OneRep Individual Plan: $14.95 per month or $99.96 per year
  • OneRep Family Plan (Up to 6 Members): $27.95 per month or $180 per year
  • OneRep Business Plan (10+ Members): Custom pricing (get in touch with customer support)

These plans renew automatically for your convenience, and you can kick things off with a 5-day free trial. 

Sign up by providing some basic info and payment details. Once your trial wraps up, you’ll seamlessly transition into your chosen paid plan. It’s that simple!


Joindeleteme Pricing 1

Explore the range of yearly and multi-year plans from DeleteMe tailored to suit your needs:

  • DeleteMe 1-Person Plan: $129 annually or $209 per two years
  • DeleteMe 2-Person Plan: $229 annually or $349 per two years
  • Special Discounts Available for 5+ People
  • DeleteMe Business Plan: Custom pricing (reach out to customer support)

You can add multiple members to a DeleteMe subscription, and the more you add, the greater the discount. 

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Subscriptions automatically renew at the end of each one-year or multi-year term.

If you ever need to, managing your subscription is a breeze – simply cancel recurring billing through your DeleteMe online account. 


Though OneRep may provide lower prices, this is solely because their service relies entirely on automation. 

DeleteMe distinguishes itself by offering a service and value that rests on the dependability of human expertise, always accessible to our clients.

Breakdown of Company Customer Service

You can reach OneRep customer service 24/7 through email, live chat, or phone during operating hours. 

Canceling your subscription is easy – just drop them an email, give them a call, or chat with them, and you’ll get a refund based on the remaining time.

DeleteMe’s customer service is available 24/7 through email, during office hours on live chat, and from 9 am to 8 pm Eastern over the phone. 

To cancel your DeleteMe subscription, you have options – do it by phone, mail, or email. 

If you change your mind before your first report is complete, you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked. 

After that, the refund is prorated based on the time left in your subscription.

Track Records

OneRep’s Inconsistent Reputation

OneRep holds a B+ rating, according to the Better Business Bureau. 

However, reviews on other platforms like Pissed Consumer and Reddit exhibit a variety of opinions, with sentiments being a mix of positive and negative.

DeleteMe: Privacy Leader

DeleteMe is a widely recognized name in the privacy field.

With over ten years of experience, we’ve successfully helped over 35 million people opt out of various services. 

The media often speaks positively about us, and on SiteJabber, we’re proud to be listed as the top privacy site with an impressive 4.7 rating. Plus, the Better Business Bureau gives us an A+ rating.


When comparing OneRep vs DeleteMe, it’s noteworthy that DeleteMe stands out for its targeted approach to the 38 major data brokers, the key players in the field. 

On the flip side, OneRep proudly automates the removal of data from approximately 190 sites. Now, let’s delve into determining the better value.

OneRep recognizes that user records typically appear on about 20 sites on average, many of which are prominent data brokers, offering consistency among users. 

The less popular data brokers, less conspicuous in Google search results, pose a lower privacy risk.

While OneRep initially targets a broader range of sites, the precision of DeleteMe’s focus on significant data brokers can be more beneficial to users. 

But here’s the twist—beyond our standard service, DeleteMe goes the extra mile.

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Clients can submit custom requests to eliminate data from over 500 additional sites, tailoring the service to their unique needs. 

In the comparison of OneRep vs DeleteMe, this nuanced approach adds an extra layer of personalized protection.

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