Norton Privacy Monitor vs DeleteMe

Norton Privacy Monitor vs DeleteMe Comparison: Which is Better?

Published on: January 10, 2024
Last Updated: January 10, 2024

Norton Privacy Monitor vs DeleteMe Comparison: Which is Better?

Published on: January 10, 2024
Last Updated: January 10, 2024

Aside from DeleteMe, other data removal services are entering the market.

One such service that has recently attracted notice is Norton Privacy Monitor. 

Through a comparative analysis of Norton Privacy Monitor vs DeleteMe, we aim to assist people in making well-informed decisions regarding which service aligns best with their specific requirements.

Norton Privacy Monitor vs DeleteMe


Norton Privacy Monitor

Norton Privacy Monitor Home

Established by Peter Norton, the business became well-known worldwide in the 1990s due to its antiviral software offerings. 

Norton’s Privacy Monitor Assistant, an independent solution offering data broker removal services for Norton customers, was introduced in 2020.


Joindeleteme Home 1

A company based in Massachusetts with a history of over a decade in the field o removal.

DeleteMe was founded in 2011 by Rob Shavell and is based in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Norton Privacy Monitor’s Geographic Limitations

Norton Privacy Monitor, while established as a well-known brand globally, faces a significant limitation in terms of accessibility.

Its services are restricted to customers residing within the United States.

DeleteMe’s Extensive Reach

In stark contrast, DeleteMe positions itself as a globally accessible solution.

Individuals not only in the United States but also across various countries worldwide can benefit from DeleteMe’s services. 

This expansive reach includes countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Denmark, Belgium, Italy, Czech Republic, Puerto Rico, Netherlands, Cayman Islands, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Poland, France, Singapore, and Chile.

Data Broker Removal: A Comprehensive Comparison

Norton’s Dual Approach

Norton’s data broker removal services are bifurcated into two distinct products, primarily focusing on current Norton customers. 

The first, Norton Privacy Monitor, identifies the presence of customer information online but lacks a direct opt-out process. 

On the other hand, Norton Privacy Monitor Assistant takes a more proactive role by monitoring data broker websites and initiating opt-out demands on behalf of users, repeating the process every three months.

DeleteMe’s Singular, All-Encompassing Solution

In contrast, DeleteMe distinguishes itself by offering a singular, all-encompassing removal service as its sole product. 

This streamlined approach eliminates complexities and provides users with a straightforward and efficient solution for data broker removal.

Sites Removed: A Quantitative Perspective

Norton Privacy Monitor Assistant boasts the removal of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from 19 data broker websites by May 2022. 

These include Addresses, PublicRecords, PeopleLookup, Instant Checkmate, BizShark, PeekYou, PeopleSmart, Backgroundalert, PrivateEye, BeenVerified, FreePeopleDirectory, IDTrue, Intellius, PublicRecordsNow, PeopleFinders, PublicRecords360, Spokeo, TruthFinder, and ZabaSearch.

DeleteMe’s Extensive Reach

DeleteMe, surpassing Norton’s efforts, actively removes PII from over 580 broker websites. 

What sets DeleteMe apart is its customer-centric approach, allowing users to submit personalized removal requests if they find their information on other platforms. 

The service goes after prominent data brokers like MyLife, Spokeo, and Whitepages, showcasing a commitment to protecting user privacy comprehensively.

Covered Information

Norton Privacy Monitor’s Lack of Specifics

Norton Privacy Monitor falls short in providing detailed information regarding the extent of coverage for aliases and addresses in its data broker removal assistance. 

Additionally, the opt-out process remains undisclosed, leaving users in the dark about the specifics of their data protection.

DeleteMe’s Boundless Coverage

Joindeleteme Work

In contrast, DeleteMe establishes itself as the better option by offering unparalleled coverage. 

Unlike Norton Privacy Monitor, DeleteMe imposes no limits on the amount of aliases users can provide. 

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This means that any private data directly associated with the user, regardless of the number of addresses, emails, or previous identities, will be thoroughly erased.

DeleteMe’s Comprehensive PII Protection

What sets DeleteMe apart is its comprehensive approach to Personally Identifiable Information (PII). 

DeleteMe goes beyond mere addresses and aliases, encompassing a wide array of personal data, including your name, photographs, and even your phone number. 

This all-encompassing protection ensures that users receive a thorough and robust defense against potential privacy breaches.

Removal Procedure

Norton Privacy Monitor Assistant keeps things simple.

While Norton Privacy Monitor needs you to handle opt-outs from data broker websites independently, Privacy Monitor Assistant does it for you.

Here’s how Norton’s data broker removal process unfolds:

  1. Sign up and access your account.
  2. Norton scans the covered data broker platforms and summarizes its findings.
  3. Privacy Monitor users process opt-outs on their own.
  4. Privacy Monitor Assistant users let Norton handle the opt-outs for them.
  5. Track completed opt-outs within your account.
  6. The process repeats every three months.

DeleteMe employs advanced in-house technology and a team of privacy experts to make data broker removal hassle-free.

Joindeleteme Chart Report 2 1

Here’s how DeleteMe’s removal process works:

  1. Sign up for DeleteMe and access your secure account.
  2. Share your personal information to aid DeleteMe’s data broker search.
  3. DeleteMe experts promptly scan data broker sites for your data.
  4. Receive a thorough report on where your information was discovered and the status of opt-out requests seven days after registration.
  5. DeleteMe’s professionals repeat the process to keep your information off data broker sites every three months.
  6. Contact customer support to request custom opt-outs between scans if you discover your information on any data broker system.

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Turnaround Time and Scan Frequency

Norton Privacy Monitor’s Limited Scan Frequency

Norton Privacy Monitor adheres to a three-month cycle for customer scans and opt-out processing. 

However, crucial information regarding the duration from sign-up to the completion of opt-outs remains undisclosed, leaving users in uncertainty about the efficiency of the process.

DeleteMe’s Thorough and Ongoing Approach

DeleteMe mirrors Norton Privacy Monitor with a three-month check and opt-out processing.

However, what sets DeleteMe apart is its commitment to ongoing support between scans. 

This additional layer of service ensures that users have continuous assistance, and privacy experts at DeleteMe are readily available to handle any custom removal requests made by customers.

Track Record

Norton Privacy Monitor 307

Norton Privacy Monitor Assistant’s Limited History

With Norton’s Privacy Monitor Assistant being a relatively recent service, assessing its track record proves challenging. 

there are No reviews available for their data broker expulsion assistance, and they lack a Better Business Bureau score.

DeleteMe’s Decade-Long Commitment

In contrast, DeleteMe boasts a decade-long commitment to data broker deletions since its establishment in 2011. 

Over this period, DeleteMe has successfully eliminated over 10 million resumes from various data broker websites. 

This extensive track record demonstrates DeleteMe’s effectiveness and dedication to safeguarding user privacy.

User Satisfaction: DeleteMe’s Impressive Ratings

DeleteMe’s commitment translates into satisfied customers, reflected in its impressive ratings. 

With a 4.65/5 rating on SiteJabber and an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, DeleteMe stands out as the preferred choice for individuals seeking a proven and reliable data broker removal service.


DeleteMe and Norton Privacy Monitor Assistant shares similar pricing structures.

Norton Privacy Monitor

Norton Privacy Monitor Pricing

Norton Privacy Monitor offers monthly and yearly subscription options at the following rates:

  • $12.99 per month or $129.99 per year.


Joindeleteme Pricing 1

DeleteMe’s pricing is outlined as follows:

  • Plan for one person: $129 annually or $209 every two years.
  • Plan for two persons: $229 annually or $349 per two years.
  • The family plan (for up to four people) is $329 per year or $499 per two years.
  • Custom business plan (contact customer service for further information).

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Cancellation Policy

Norton Privacy Monitor Assistant’s Cancelation Options

Customers using Norton Privacy Monitor Assistant enjoy flexibility in canceling their contracts at any time. 

Additionally, they have the option to request a complete refund within the first sixty days of an annual membership or the first thirty days of a monthly plan. 

Cancellations can be executed conveniently through their account or by reaching out to the customer service team.

DeleteMe’s Streamlined Cancelation Process

DeleteMe takes the lead with a straightforward cancellation process for its customers. Users can seamlessly cancel their subscription through their customer accounts. 

Moreover, DeleteMe offers multiple channels for initiating a cancellation, including email, phone, or live chat, ensuring users have diverse and convenient options.


DeleteMe takes the lead in the comparison between Norton Privacy Monitor vs DeleteMe.

While Norton’s services are backed by a long-standing and recognized brand with decades of experience, data brokers do not constitute their core emphasis. 

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Our evaluation of DeleteMe vs Norton’s Privacy Monitor Assistant shows that DeleteMe outperforms, especially in the extent of data brokers from which its service effectively removes your personal information.

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