Best Norton Password Manager Alternatives

13 Best Norton Password Manager Alternatives in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Published on: December 27, 2023
Last Updated: December 27, 2023

13 Best Norton Password Manager Alternatives in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Published on: December 27, 2023
Last Updated: December 27, 2023

In a hurry?
The best Norton Password Manager alternative in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is NordPass!

Keeping your online information safe is super important.

Norton Password Manager is good, but guess what? 

There are even better options out there! We’re about to explore the 13 best Norton Password Manager alternatives that can seriously level up how you protect your important stuff online.

Think of these alternatives as superheroes for your passwords and sensitive info.

They bring cool features, extra layers of security, and easier ways to keep your stuff safe.

It’s like having a bunch of different tools to pick from, each with its own special powers to keep your digital life secure.

13 Best Norton Password Manager Alternatives in 2024

  1. NordPass – 🏆 Winner!
  2. 1Password
  3. RoboForm

1. NordPass


NordPass, an offering from the security-focused NordVPN team, stands out for its essential yet comprehensive password management features. 

The interface, intuitively designed and uniform across platforms, ensures ease of navigation. 

👉 Get NordPass Here

Despite being relatively new, NordPass has made substantial strides, introducing features that align it with other leading password managers.

NordPass, primarily a password storage and generator tool, offers a robust set of features even in its free version. 

With unlimited vault items in the free plan, it includes vital functionalities like a password generator, automatic synchronization, and advanced multifactor authentication on all your devices. 

This emphasis on security and user-friendly functionality secures NordPass’s position among the top password manager choices.

Key Features

  • Biometric authentication for added security.
  • Unlimited vault items in the free plan.
  • Password generator to create secure passwords.
  • Automatic synchronization across devices.
  • Advanced multi-factor authentication for enhanced protection.

2. 1Password


1Password is a versatile password management tool catering to both individuals and families. 

It provides secure password generation and a secure vault to store sensitive information, including passwords, credit card numbers, bank accounts, passports, and more. 

👉 Get 1Password Here

Its encrypted vault ensures the safety of your stored data.

Identifying weak or reused passwords is one of 1Password’s strengths, ensuring your accounts stay secure. 

The tool’s easy-to-understand design doesn’t require specialized learning, making it instantly accessible. 

It offers a password browser extension, providing convenient access across various platforms, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. 

With competitive individual and family plan pricing, 1Password is a top-tier password manager.

Key Features

  • Identification of weak and reused passwords.
  • User-friendly design for easy navigation.
  • Password browser extension for quick access.
  • Availability on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.
  • Breach alert feature for enhanced security.

3. RoboForm


RoboForm stands out for its effortless password management capabilities, offering secure storage and hassle-free logins. 

This Norton alternative securely stores passwords with a single click or tap, eliminating the need to remember multiple credentials. 

👉 Get RoboForm Here

Its AutoFill feature expedites entering personal and billing information on lengthy web forms, saving valuable time.

One of RoboForm’s notable features is its random password generator, which creates robust and unique passwords for each site visited. 

This eliminates the risk of weak or duplicated passwords across different accounts.

Additionally, the ability to securely share login information with other RoboForm users simplifies collaboration while ensuring data security.

Utilizing AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256, RoboForm prioritizes data protection. 

Its support for two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an extra layer of security, enhancing account access security. 

Creating a RoboForm account requires an email address and setting a Master Password, which serves as the single password for accessing your data.

Key Features

  • Password generation for strong, unique passwords.
  • Secure sharing of login information with other RoboForm users.
  • AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256 for data security.
  • Support for two-factor authentication (2FA) for enhanced account protection.
  • Easy setup via email and creation of a Master Password.

4. Bitwarden


Bitwarden, an open-source password management and digital vault solution, focuses on securely storing, managing, and sharing passwords and sensitive information. 

Its emphasis on security, user privacy, and cross-platform accessibility distinguishes it in the password management domain.

Bitwarden securely organizes login credentials, employing end-to-end encryption to ensure data security. 

Encryption occurs on your device before data is stored on Bitwarden’s servers, ensuring only you hold the decryption key. 

This signifies that even Bitwarden cannot access your stored information.

The platform’s compatibility with third-party integrations and browser extensions enhances its functionality, providing seamless integration with various services and browsers.

Key Features

  • End-to-end encryption for data security.
  • Cross-platform accessibility for user convenience.
  • Third-party integrations to expand functionality.
  • Secure password storage and organization.
  • Browser extensions for streamlined usage across platforms.

5. Sticky Password

Sticky Password

Sticky Password is an efficient password manager and digital wallet application designed to securely store and manage sensitive data, including passwords and payment information. 

Its primary function is organizing login credentials empowering users to create strong, unique passwords for each online account.

Doing so significantly reduces the risks associated with password reuse, enhancing overall security.

Sticky Password captures and securely stores login information while also generating robust passwords, fortifying account security. 

However, compared to top-tier choices, it might slightly lack advanced features and user-friendliness. 

Nonetheless, it offers a digital wallet feature for secure financial information storage, ensuring a comprehensive approach to data protection.

Key Features

  • Creation of strong and unique passwords.
  • Digital wallet functionality for secure payment information storage.
  • Cloud backup and recovery options.
  • Effective organization and management of sensitive data.
  • Focus on reducing password reuse risks for enhanced security.

6. KeePassXC


KeePass, an open-source password app tailored for home users, emphasizes user-controlled password management. 

Once you’ve set up a master KeePass password, the application guides you through the setup of password databases and groups, allowing you to categorize password-protected information according to your preferences.

The intuitive interface of KeePass simplifies navigation, and we prefer it over Norton. 

Modifying entries is straightforward—right-click on an entry to make changes and utilize the icons along the top for basic tasks. 

For password usage, the app must remain open; you can copy necessary password information to the clipboard, which is automatically erased after a few seconds, enhancing security.

Key Features

  • User-controlled organization of password databases and groups.
  • Intuitive interface for ease of use.
  • Secure handling of password information.
  • Clipboard functionality for temporary password access.
  • Open-source design, catering to home user needs.

7. Cyclonis Password Manager

Cyclonis Password Manager

Here, a top password manager offers a centralized platform to store and synchronize all your passwords across various devices. 

With its user-friendly interface, you can effortlessly log in to your favorite websites and fill out complex online forms in just a few clicks. 

The application prioritizes security by utilizing 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standards (AES), ensuring the safety of your sensitive data.

The primary objective of Cyclonis Password Manager is to streamline password and sensitive information management while maintaining data organization. 

It evaluates password strength, enabling users to gauge their complexity. 

Additionally, it serves as a secure repository for payment and personal information, granting easy access from your browser using only a master password.

Key Features

  • Synchronization of passwords across multiple devices.
  • 256-bit AES encryption for data security.
  • Password strength assessment for enhanced security.
  • Storage and management of payment and personal information.
  • Browser-based access using a single master password.

8. PassWork


Passwork is a self-hosted password manager designed for corporate usage, fostering effective teamwork while ensuring a secure environment for managing corporate passwords. 

Employees can efficiently access passwords while local system administrators closely supervise and manage rights and actions within the system.

The platform emphasizes the elimination of unsecured, old, weak, or compromised passwords, enhancing overall security. 

Passwork employs AES-256 encryption for data protection stored on your server and managed solely by system administrators. 

Its functionality includes custom permissions, role-based access control, activity tracking, and collaboration features.

Key Features

  • Elimination of unsecured and compromised passwords.
  • Custom permissions and role-based access control.
  • Activity tracking for enhanced security oversight.
  • Team collaboration through vaults and shared folders.
  • Quick access via Search Bar, Tags, and Color Labels.

9. LogMeOnce


LogMeOnce boasts an extensive feature set among password managers, encompassing unique functionalities. 

However, many features may appear overwhelming, leading to potential complexity issues. 

Despite this drawback, LogMeOnce offers distinct features like a password changer and SHOCK, a unique warning system for unauthorized devices.

LogMeOnce supports various operating systems, including Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android, ensuring synchronization across devices. 

Its standout features include diverse two-factor authentication options and fast support response times.

Key Features

  • Wide range of unique features for comprehensive password management.
  • Support across multiple operating systems for convenience.
  • Varied two-factor authentication options for enhanced security.
  • Unique warning system for unauthorized devices (SHOCK).
  • Responsive customer support services for user assistance.

10. Kaspersky Password Manager

Kaspersky Password Manager

Kaspersky Password Manager offers a robust solution for securely storing and managing passwords and sensitive data. 

It simplifies accessing online accounts while prioritizing security through robust encryption protocols. 

Its user-friendly interface ensures ease of use and efficiency in password management.

Kaspersky Password Manager’s primary focus is enhancing security by securely storing and managing passwords and sensitive information. Its intuitive interface allows for convenient access to online accounts while robust encryption protects stored data.

Key Features

  • Secure storage and management of passwords and sensitive data.
  • User-friendly interface for ease of access.
  • Robust encryption protocols for enhanced security.
  • Streamlined password management functionalities.

11. Dashlane

Dashlane Home

Dashlane is renowned for its comprehensive approach to password management, offering a suite of features designed to secure and simplify online activities. 

It stands out for its password changer tool, secure password storage, and intuitive interface.

Dashlane excels in providing a seamless and secure password management experience. 

Notably, its password changer tool automatically updates weak passwords, bolstering account security. 

It offers a digital wallet functionality that streamlines payment information management, too.

Key Features

  • Password changer tool for automatic password updates.
  • Secure password storage and digital wallet.
  • Intuitive interface.
  • A comprehensive approach to password management.

12. ByePass


ByePass simplifies and secures user password management, offering essential features for securely storing and managing passwords. 

While it may lack some advanced functionalities, its emphasis on user convenience and security makes it a reliable choice.

ByePass is a reliable password management solution that provides essential features for secure password storage. 

While it may not offer an extensive range of advanced functionalities, its user-friendly interface and focus on security ensure a straightforward and efficient experience.

Key Features

  • Essential features for secure password storage.
  • User-friendly interface for easy navigation.
  • Emphasis on user convenience and security.

13. Enpass


Enpass stands out for its local password management approach, allowing users to store passwords and sensitive information locally. 

It offers a range of features, including cross-platform compatibility, strong encryption, and customizable templates for diverse data types.

Enpass prioritizes local password storage, offering users control over their data. Its cross-platform compatibility ensures accessibility across devices while strong encryption safeguards stored information. 

Customizable templates further enhance its versatility for managing various data types.

Key Features

  • Local password storage for user control.
  • Cross-platform compatibility for seamless access.
  • Strong encryption for data security.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Consider Alternatives to Norton Password Manager?

Norton Password Manager is a competent tool, but exploring alternatives widens your options. 

Other platforms might offer unique features, enhanced security, or better usability that align more closely with your needs.

What Makes These Alternatives Stand out From Norton Password Manager?

Each alternative brings something different to the table. 

Some prioritize open-source transparency, while others excel in user-friendly interfaces or advanced encryption methods, offering diverse choices for various user preferences.

Are These Alternatives Compatible with Multiple Devices and Platforms?

Yes, most of these alternatives ensure cross-platform compatibility, accessible across various devices like desktops, laptops, smartphones, and tablets, catering to users’ diverse technological preferences.

Do These Alternatives Offer Robust Security Features Similar to Norton Password Manager?

Absolutely, these alternatives prioritize security with robust encryption standards, multi-factor authentication, secure password sharing, and continuous monitoring to ensure the utmost security for users’ sensitive information.


Exploring the space of password managers beyond Norton unveils a world of diverse options catering to different user needs and preferences. 

While Norton Password Manager is commendable, the 13 best paid and free Norton Password Manager alternatives offer a spectrum of features, security measures, and usability, ensuring a tailored fit for users seeking improved password management solutions.

Choosing the right password manager depends on various factors like security, ease of use, compatibility, and specific functionalities required. 

This comprehensive array of alternatives allows users to delve into unique features and select the ideal platform that aligns perfectly with their team’s security and usability requirements. 

Dive into these alternatives to find the perfect fit for your password management needs.

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