Best Nordlocker Alternatives

13 Best Nordlocker Alternatives in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Published on: December 15, 2023
Last Updated: December 15, 2023

13 Best Nordlocker Alternatives in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Published on: December 15, 2023
Last Updated: December 15, 2023

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The best Nordlocker alternative in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is Icedrive!

Are you looking for alternatives to NordLocker?

Encryption software is in high demand for secure file storage and protection. 

Ease of use and reliability are key factors to consider.

We’ve put together a list of the best Nordlocker alternatives and competitors, offering various secure storage and encryption options. 

Whether you need simple file protection or advanced security features, our list aims to help you find the right fit for your data security needs.

Best Nordlocker Alternatives in 2024

  1. Icedrive – 🏆 Winner!
  2. pCloud

1. Icedrive

IceDrive net

Icedrive, an innovative cloud storage solution originating from Wales, United Kingdom, in 2019, revolutionizes the cloud storage experience by simulating the feel of a physical hard drive.

 This emulation is achieved through their Windows drive mounting software, allowing users to mount their entire drive seamlessly as they would a physical storage device. 

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Despite its relatively recent entry into the market, Icedrive has swiftly gained traction among leading companies due to its distinctive and efficient features, which are affordable.

One of the most enticing aspects of Icedrive is its offering 10GB of free storage within the free version, providing users with a generous starting point. 

Emphasizing robust security measures, Icedrive employs the Twofish encryption algorithm, recognized for its heightened security compared to AES, ensuring maximum protection for user data. 

The platform boasts a sleek and modern interface, rendering it accessible and user-friendly even for those unaccustomed to cloud storage systems. 

Additionally, Icedrive extends its convenience by providing dedicated apps for both iOS and Android, enabling seamless accessibility and usability beyond the confines of a traditional office or home setting.

2. pCloud


Switzerland-based pCloud emerges as a comprehensive cloud-based digital asset management platform catering to various digital content types, including images, videos, audio files, documents, and more. 

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Offering access to digital content anytime and anywhere across multiple devices, pCloud acts as a centralized hub for safeguarding important files while allowing controlled sharing with team members, clients, or collaborators globally, with meticulous access permissions to the digital library.

Distinctively adhering to Switzerland’s stringent privacy laws, pCloud stands out for its adherence to robust privacy regulations. 

Among its notable features is the inclusion of the Crypto Folder, which adds an additional layer of security by allowing users to encrypt sensitive files within the folder.

pCloud’s efficiency is underscored by its swift uploading and downloading speeds, enabling seamless file transfers that often finish in the time it takes to enjoy a cup of coffee. 

With storage options reaching up to 2 TB, pCloud accommodates the storage needs of the vast majority of users, ensuring ample space for storing and managing diverse digital content.

3. stands out as a privacy-focused cloud storage and chat service provider, boasting a user base of over 220 million individuals globally. 

With an impressive daily upload rate of over 65 million encrypted files, MEGA prioritizes user control over data visibility, access, and sharing. 

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For heightened privacy and security, you retain authority over who can view and share their data. 

Accessible across major devices and platforms, MEGA champions a zero-knowledge system, meaning that not even MEGA can access user files, as only the individual user holds the key required to unlock their content.

MEGA’s substantial 20 GB free storage offering is an excellent user starting point. 

At the same time, their competitively priced paid plans support extensive storage needs, reaching up to 16 TB for individuals and unlimited storage for businesses.

One of MEGA’s unique features allows recipients to download shared files without signing up, benefiting from MEGA’s swift transfer speeds. 

Audio and video calling with messaging services featuring user-controlled end-to-end encryption are integrated into every MEGA cloud storage account. 

They are available across desktop and mobile platforms.

4. Dropbox

Dropbox, a widely embraced cloud storage solution, seamlessly synchronizes files across multiple devices.

Its core functionality ensures instantaneous access to files stored on one computer from any other device linked to the Dropbox account.

Leveraging secure servers for file storage, users enjoy universal accessibility across computers and mobile devices.

Renowned for its popularity and versatility across web-based, Windows, Android, and Mac platforms, Dropbox allows users to sync files between servers and devices selectively. 

Offering seamless data synchronization, Dropbox facilitates the transfer of various data types, including notes, documents, and bookmarks, among multiple devices and the cloud.

Setting itself apart from other platforms, Dropbox refrains from integrating external advertisements. 

It grants users quick previews of images, pages, or files in supported formats, enhancing user experience and accessibility without intrusive distractions.

5. OwnCloud


ownCloud stands as a flexible and secure platform designed for storing and managing personal data, encompassing photos, documents, calendars, and contacts. 

It empowers users to retain control by hosting their data on a self-managed server, granting access from multiple sources like FTP drives, Dropbox-shared images, and personal NAS devices. 

Supporting Android and iOS accessibility, automated photo uploads, and seamless desktop client synchronization, ownCloud ensures comprehensive data accessibility and management, regardless of location. 

Its user-friendly interface incorporates search, favorites, tags, and robust file editing support for various formats, enhancing overall usability. 

Noteworthy features include anti-virus integration and LDAP/Active Directory support, fortifying security and authentication protocols.

With its holistic approach to personal data management, ownCloud emerges as a comprehensive solution.

6. Google Drive

Google Drive

Google Drive, a cornerstone of Google’s suite, offers a secure and versatile cloud storage service. 

It is seamlessly integrated into the Google ecosystem and facilitates file storage, synchronization, and sharing across devices. 

Real-time collaboration features empower multiple users to edit documents simultaneously, while comprehensive sharing settings provide granular control over file access permissions. 

Its robust search functionality simplifies file retrieval, while encryption and two-factor authentication ensure data security. 

Regular updates and compatibility across platforms make Google Drive reliable for individuals and businesses seeking efficient and secure cloud storage solutions.

7. MOVEit


MOVEit is a robust managed file transfer platform for organizations prioritizing secure data exchange within strict compliance frameworks. 

Featuring end-to-end encryption and centralized control over file access, MOVEit facilitates fast data transfer among internal and external users. 

Its user-friendly interface incorporates automation, scheduling, and auditing tools, streamlining file transfer processes while maintaining compliance standards. 

Leveraging robust authentication and encryption protocols like SSH, SSL/TLS, and FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic modules, MOVEit ensures a secure file transfer environment. 

Organizations focused on stringent data security and regulatory compliance often choose MOVEit for its reliability and comprehensive security features.


Sync com is a secure cloud storage and file sharing platform prioritizing user privacy and security. 

With end-to-end encryption and zero-knowledge architecture, ensures that only users can access their stored data, enhancing confidentiality. 

This platform supports seamless file synchronization across devices and enables users to share files with others while maintaining control over permissions and access levels. 

Offering robust collaboration features, facilitates real-time file editing and commenting for enhanced teamwork. 

Its intuitive interface, complete with features like automatic camera uploads, file versioning, and recovery options, ensures a user-friendly experience. further distinguishes itself with its commitment to compliance with global privacy regulations, making it a preferred choice for individuals and businesses prioritizing data security and confidentiality.

9. SugarSync


SugarSync is a cloud-based file synchronization and backup solution for seamless data management across devices. 

This platform enables users to sync, share, and access files, folders, and documents effortlessly. 

Featuring real-time syncing capabilities, SugarSync ensures that the latest file versions are readily available across different devices. 

It offers robust security measures, including TLS encryption during data transmission and AES 256-bit encryption at rest, ensuring data protection. 

SugarSync’s user-friendly interface incorporates file versioning, remote data wiping, and great options for sharing files. 

Moreover, it supports collaboration through shared folders, making it an ideal solution for individuals and teams seeking efficient file management and synchronization tools.

10. Box

Box is a versatile cloud content management and collaboration platform catering to businesses of all sizes. 

Offering secure file storage, sharing, and collaboration functionalities, Box emphasizes user-friendly collaboration tools, enabling seamless teamwork. 

With robust security features such as granular access controls, encryption, and compliance certifications like HIPAA and GDPR, Box ensures data protection and regulatory compliance. 

Its interface provides an intuitive experience, featuring features like file preview, annotation, and task assignments, enhancing productivity. 

Box integrates with various third-party applications and offers APIs for custom integrations, making it a flexible solution for businesses seeking efficient content management and collaboration tools.

11. OnionShare


OnionShare is an innovative and privacy-focused file sharing tool that leverages the Tor network for secure and anonymous file transfers. 

You can share files directly from their computers without needing third-party file-sharing services, ensuring enhanced privacy and confidentiality. 

OnionShare’s decentralized nature and utilization of Tor’s encrypted network provide users with anonymity and protection against surveillance. 

It offers simple and intuitive functionality, allowing you to share files through temporary secure onion websites that self-destruct after a predefined period, ensuring data remains confidential.

12. Carbonite Cloud Storage

Carbonite Cloud Storage

Carbonite Cloud Storage is a comprehensive cloud backup and recovery solution for individuals and businesses seeking reliable data protection. 

Offering automatic and continuous backup functionalities, Carbonite ensures that files and data are securely stored in the cloud, providing peace of mind against data loss. 

With flexible storage plans and user-friendly interfaces, Carbonite enables easy file restoration and access across devices. 

Employing robust encryption methods during data transmission and storage, Carbonite prioritizes data security, making it a dependable choice for individuals and businesses prioritizing data backup and recovery.

13. SpiderOak


SpiderOak is a privacy-focused cloud backup and collaboration platform renowned for its commitment to zero-knowledge encryption. 

This ensures only users possess the keys to access their data, providing unmatched confidentiality. 

SpiderOak emphasizes comprehensive data security, offering end-to-end encryption for stored files, facilitating secure collaboration, and ensuring compliance with rigorous privacy regulations. 

Its user-friendly interface and cross-platform compatibility enable seamless file synchronization and sharing across devices. 

SpiderOak further distinguishes itself with innovative features such as file versioning, allowing users to retrieve and restore previous file versions, enhancing data protection and reliability. 

This robust emphasis on privacy and security makes SpiderOak a preferred choice for individuals and businesses seeking a secure cloud backup and collaboration solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Key Features to Look for In NordLocker Alternatives?

Look for alternatives that offer robust encryption methods, seamless file synchronization, secure file-sharing capabilities, user-friendly interfaces, and ample storage space. 

Prioritize platforms that prioritize data privacy, submit multiple device accessibility, and support various file formats.

Can These Alternatives Fit Both Personal and Business Needs?

Yes, many alternatives provide solutions suitable for individual users and businesses alike. 

They often offer scalable storage plans, collaboration features, and admin controls tailored to accommodate personal and professional data storage and sharing requirements.

Are There Options Available for Free Storage or Trials Before Committing to A Service?

Several alternatives offer free storage plans with limited space, allowing users to explore basic features. 

Some also provide trial periods for premium plans, enabling users to test advanced functionalities before committing.


Looking into different alternatives to NordLocker reveals a wide range of safe storage and encryption options that meet various needs. 

There are a lot of great options out there, whether you’re looking for strong data security, smooth file synchronization, or easy-to-use tools. 

This carefully chosen list of the best Nordlocker alternatives aims to help you find the best encryption and storage solution.

However, which alternative to NordLocker is best for you relies on your preferences. 

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