Best Nike Bots for Nike SNKRS

5 Best Nike Bots to Cop Nike SNKRS in 2024

Published on: July 11, 2023
Last Updated: July 11, 2023

5 Best Nike Bots to Cop Nike SNKRS in 2024

Published on: July 11, 2023
Last Updated: July 11, 2023


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Bright Datafast proxy solution

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proxyempirecheap proxy solution


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The best Nike bot to cop Nike SNKRS in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is Another Nike Bot!

Are you looking for the best Nike SNKRS bot?

Nike is one of the most popular brands in the world of sports. The brand came into existence in 1964 in the city of Eugene, Oregon, United States.

The company’s track show hit the market in 1971 and became a publicly quoted company in 1980.

By the turn of age, Nike has grown to become one of the most valuable brands in the world of sports.

Nike has in its books several top sportsmen ranging from Cristiano Ronaldo, a leading name in the footballing world whose brand name CR7 has sold Nike some of the more recent boots brand “the mercurial” and Rocky Mallory a golf man who Nike signed to a $250million contract in 2013, which is guaranteed to serve as a propeller for increased sales.

Aside from the brand promotion, Nike also produces gear for numerous nations and sporting activities, earning considerably huge revenues from its many business chains. 

The laundry list of athletes on Nike’s books is expected to promote the brand name by wearing and advertising the brand, which is guaranteed to lead to a spike in demand for Nike’s gears.

The hype garnered by these renowned athletes heightens the increasing demand the products get before release, which has ensured that the goods get sold out in no time immediately after release.

Hence as a good marketer, you’d need bots to automate your actions on the Nike website to enable you to purchase as much as possible before sales are made to Sneakerheads, earning you high-profit margins at third party sales.

However, when using bots on Nike, you need to be extremely careful and prevent yourself from getting banned from using the sites.

Don’t forget your proxies!

To get a Nike bot to run successfully you will need to use proxies. The best Nike proxies we have found this month are proxies from

This article provides a guide on the best bots to use on Nike, thereby reducing the chances of you being blocked to near zero.

Best Nike Bots to Cop Nike SNKRS in 2024

Nike bots AKA SNKRS bots, to be adopted, must be reliable, possess military-grade encryption, and be anonymous without leaving a trace on Nike’s anti-spam systems, which are synced to mitigate against bots.

  1. Another Nike Bot – 🏆 Winner!
  2. KickMoji
  3. Better Nike Bot
  4. TSB bot
  5. Ghost AIO

1. Another Nike Bot

Another Nike Bot

Another Nike Bot is considered a force to be reckoned with in the business of copping Nike sneakers.

It is effectively equipped with perfect encryption to enable it to carry out purchases while appearing to be human to ensure that it evades the top-grade spam checks put in place by Nike.

Another bot has over one hundred and seventy thousand (175K) sneakers checked out.

The Another Bot is very fast and can conduct over 450 tasks simultaneously, ranging from checking your accounts, scheduling an appropriate start time and timely generation of sensors.

Another Bot can function on all of Nike’s sites, increasing your chances of copping as many sneakers as possible that you intend to purchase.

The other feature of this great bot is multi-platform support which ensures its operability on Windows and Mac, and it also supports multi-threading.

To get the utmost from the Another Bot, there is a need for constant updates. It provides adequate support for proxies.

The only limitation of the Another Bot is its single site support- meaning you have to be deliberate about paying the $299 fee for a six-month license since you can only use the bot purchased on Nike websites.

2. KickMoji 


The Kickmoji earned its monicker “the first Emoji powered shoe engine” due to its ability to enable you successfully purchase Nike sneakers beyond the permitted number.

The Kickmoji is one the fastest and reliable bots for the Nike website, and it can buy multiple sneakers at once while maintaining its human-like form.

The Kickmoji Bot has several unique features, which is well equipped in its systems by a team of experienced developers of every ten years behind its development and subsequent improvements.

The Kickmoji bot is perfectly optimized to utilize minimal device’s resources while copping Nike sneakers while successfully providing you with the best user experience.

The bot also enables you to operate efficiently on more than one platform ranging from Windows, Mac, Linux, and the iOS operating systems. It can support multithread efficiently.

To get the best of KickMoji, it is pertinent that it is updated regularly. The KickMoji allows the use of Proxy; however, it is not equipped for operations on other sites.

Therefore, when purchasing the KickMoji bot, you need to be sure of its operability to ensure that you can cop as many Nike sneakers as possible, making the one-time payment of $200 and subsequent renewal fee appear a bargain.

3. Better Nike Bot (BNB)

Better Nike Bot

The Better Nike Bot (BNB) is designed to make your life easier as a limited-edition Nike sneakers marketer as it is equipped to allow you to cop a significant number of Nike sneakers beyond the specified limit.

The Better Nike Bot provides the support needed for creating unlimited accounts, complementing this feat by allowing you to create Nike accounts.

The bot is perfectly engineered to check out orders, make payments, and clear the cart while also providing a keyboard monitor if there is a surprise drop.

Compared to the KickMoji and the Another bot, the BNB supports only the Windows platform, limiting the number of devices that can be used to obtain the results from this bot.

However, it helps Multithread and, like its counterparts, requires a regular update to ensure that its system is equipped to evade the military-grade encryption of the Nike websites continually.

The Better Nike Bot’s six-month license can be procured for $200, though this payment must be made with the perceived benefit in mind as BNB is only equipped for functionality on Nike websites.

4. The Shit Bot (TSB)

The Shit Bot

For Sneakerheads who are willing to copy Nike’s limited-edition sneaker from any possible location, The ShitBox is your best bet. It is well-engineered to support all of Nike’s releases, including the FCFS releases.

The Shit Box bot has been around for years now and has proven relative success as it has recorded over 95 per cent success rate in previous releases, which is ranked high by sneakerheads across the world.

The Shit bot supports over 50 regions globally.

Information of its website stipulates the profit it has garnered over the period, recording a whopping $5 million profit for its users in 2020 alone – though this claim has not been verified, it is still worthy of note that the Shit bot earns its users high-profit margin.

There are many testimonies across social media sites substantiating this purported claim. 

Despite its speed and a high number of users, the bot supports only the Windows operating system.

It, however, helps multithread, and like its predecessors, requires regular updates while also supporting the use of proxies.

Another downturn is that it can only be used on Nike websites. The Shit Bot can be procured for a fee of $999 for one year license.

However, this is not too steep, considering its high success rate at copping.

5. Ghost AIO bot

Ghost AIO bot

The Ghost AIO bot is arguably rated the best Nike bot in the market. The Ghost AIO is reliable as it doesn’t trip off any spam alarm system and is scalable.

The bot company has equipped the bot with the best user interface that is friendly and user friendly, which is guaranteed to deliver the optimum customer experience.

Another reason why the Ghost AIO bot is rated high is that it functions on all Nike sites in all regions globally and provides its users with an analytical page where users can track their performance in the form of successful coping and commensurate gain.

Using the Ghost AIO allows you to create an unlimited number of accounts and verify them as the bot is extremely fast and provides you with real-time notifications.

The system has astute and experienced developers who inform users immediately Nike is about to release new limited-edition sneakers to enable them to get prepped for copping.

The Ghost AIO is accessible through the Windows and Mac Platform.

It is well equipped to support multi-thread and the use of proxies on the sites. It is not compatible with other devices and can be employed for $250 for a 6-month license.

Top-Rated Proxy Providers

These proxies providers have been voted as the best consistently in user ratings across various websites.

First we collated the user review data, then we performed our own tests to ensure 100% legitimacy of the proxies.

These are by far the best proxy providers on the market today.

RankServiceMore Info
2Bright DataVisit

Guide to Using Nike Bots

Nike is considered aggressive when it comes to its stance on using Nike bots on its websites; therefore, there is a need to download the correct Nike proxy that will guarantee that you can purchase sneakers at a low price and then make the requisite profit.

After downloading the server, the following steps are required to commence the usage of the proxy server:

  • The first step is to enter the necessary credentials and make payment to which would grant you access to the site. A good bot company provides numerous options to be selected from, which would advise your decision and enable you to make the right choice based on your desired use for the bot and estimated budget
  • The moment you are done with registration, you would be able to connect to the web through any of the proxy servers available. The bot searched for a server guaranteed to give you the best results in your geographical location.
  • It is then essential to conform to the use prescribed by the service provider, ensuring that you can perform your tasks automatically and anonymously without triggering the spam system on Nike websites.

Factors Influencing the Choice of Proxy for Nike

There are many proxy services in the world today; however, many of them do not have the right features to guarantee the best result on the Nike websites, and since Nike website requires a bot whose encryption allows it to carry out buying on the sites without being detected as this could lead to blocking of the account.

Therefore, there is a need to obtain the perfect bot to help conduct your business seamlessly.

There are factors, both qualitative and quantitative, that are to be considered when selecting the best proxies that could be adopted for best performance on the Nike website.

Availability of Servers

To mask the presence of a proxy, bots work by roaming and connecting your IP to one of the many server systems available across the world and making it appear that you were browsing the internet from there.

The above feature of a good proxy shows that a good proxy provider company must have many servers present in different parts of the world.

If you want to choose a proxy server for Nike, what you want is not just to build a company with a “plethora” number of servers but to have multiple high-functioning servers in different countries. You might be wondering why this is the measure to be considered.

Still, it is crucial to note that if you select a bot system with multiple servers cutting across the world, this will provide you options and means to enhance the opportunity of making the most out of the website and complete a considerable number of purchases in a short period, winning you more profit than other marketers.

Invariably, these servers should be located in the region where the Nike website functions.

Speed of Bot servers

The importance of speed cannot be overemphasized when selecting the right bot company to use on the Nike website, as you would want to ensure that you choose a bot company with the fastest connection speed.

The speed helps you gain unlimited access to the website and allows you to consummate purchases in record time.

A short bot enables you to conduct as many purchases as possible at once and makes the bots act automatically and efficiently.

Multi-Platform Support

The capacity to select multiple platforms is another essential factor to consider when choosing a proxy for the Nike website.

The bot app should be designed to support a reasonable range of devices and operating systems.

As a marketer, you would not want to restrict yourself to a specific appliance just because that is the only one your proxy provider supports, and this tends to limit the dexterity that could be enjoyed from a proxy that supports multi-platform as such proxies ensures that you can switch between different devices without altering performance.

For that reason, it’s wise to seek bots that support a range of Operating Systems like Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux, Chrome, Amazon, and many more.

If the intention is to use the Nike website for marketing, it is advisable that the proxy selected can function on different platforms to enable you to carry out your tasks seamlessly.

Stringent Privacy Policies

This is another essential factor to be considered when selecting the best bot to run with on the Nike website.

A good bot company provider should guarantee that you can conduct your business anonymously by hiding your specific I.P address provided by your Internet Service Provider.

Hence, it makes no sense to browse the Web unnoticed when your privacy is being compromised in other ways.

This is a significant factor for selecting a bot for the Nike website as they built a spam detection system that could latch on whatever details of yours that might have been compromised in some ways while browsing the net, leading to a block of your account.

Before settling for a proxy service, you’d want to understand what their privacy policies are. It is advisable to pick the one with a strict no-record policy.

A proxy that has no log of your web activities right down to the timing of your connections and your browsing history is not stored.

It would be best if you may choose a proxy with high-end encryption to keep your information safe from spam detectors, such as the recently deployed system that makes use of augmented reality to identify requests sent using bots.

Another way to make sure that you are entirely safe employing a particular bot service is by confirming that the bot company doesn’t outsource servers but own and maintain their systems themselves.

If this is often the case, do not worry. A few third parties are checking up on your data as the purchases are being made.

Costs and Benefits

Nike bot services tend to charge high fees due to the high-end nature of their bots; however, a good bot company is not expected to charge extravagant fees to offer you access to their service.

However, if you select a proxy service that charges extravagant fees, you must get your money’s worth.

While you’ll pay as low as $15 for a regular bot service, you’ll pay much less by using discount links or choosing yearly plans, which helps you save about 40% more.

With these criteria in mind, it is essential to note that not many bots can function on the Nike website due to the rigidity of its systems and the spam detectors, which are well equipped to detect and reject a purchase request through bots.

The Reason for so Few Nike Bots

Nike is considered the most hostile sneaker brand website when it comes to fighting the use of bots in purchasing sneakers from them.

Their sites are well-engineered to always look out for people buying more than a pair using ‘dubious’ means, and if you get caught, you will lose your accounts and sneakers you already paid for, meaning they are belligerent in their war against bots.

To achieve this purpose, Nike has introduced various systems to fight bots on its sites like the “Introduction app”.

The brand recently introduced a system that uses Augmented Reality to identify requests for purchase sent to them through bots.

The belligerent nature of their design ensures that ill-encrypted bots get broken. As such, only the best developers with the required expertise and experience can develop bots for marketing on Nike sites.

That’s why there are only a few Nike bots in the market instead of other brands in the sneakers market that amateur developers can code scripts to automate copping sneakers from them.

Hence the need to be extremely careful when copping sneakers from Nike websites to void losing your account and getting caught.


Bots are software programs that are written to perform automated, repetitive, predefined tasks. Bots are designed to imitate or replace human user actions.

Sneakers can be purchased on Nike without the use of bots; however, the use of bots on the Nike Website is a necessity for Sneakerheads who aim to get make more than allowed purchases on the website and at the same time beat the belligerent spam detector system in place to halt the success of such bots.

Hence, the need to get the best bot in the market that can guarantee the replicated features of the abovelisted best Nike bots whilst ensuring that you get your money’s worth at a reasonable price.

It is important to note that Nike has strict mandates in place to minimize or completely eradicate the use of bots on its websites; hence there is a need to select a Nike bot that guarantees prompt and efficient delivery whilst ensuring that you are not caught by the spam detectors when making a purchase which could lead to loss of your account and monies paid for sneakers.

While many bots work on many websites, not all can function on the Nike website; therefore, you must select a Nike SNKRS bot with the requisite experience that would allow for flexibility of improving your profits while also ensuring that you can operate without getting caught losing your hard-earned money.

So to avoid the trouble of trial and error, you would need to be sure that you are selecting the best Nike SNKRS bot in 2024 to assist you in copping Nike sneakers cheaply and profitably.

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