Millennials Travel Statistics

20+ New Millennials Travel Statistics & Trends in 2024

Published on: May 24, 2024
Last Updated: May 24, 2024

20+ New Millennials Travel Statistics & Trends in 2024

Published on: May 24, 2024
Last Updated: May 24, 2024

Millennials make up about 31.5% of the world’s population.

Because of this, they are one of the main drivers of travel agencies worldwide.

Millennials love to create new memories and obtain great experiences through traveling.

But where do they travel?

Which landmark is mostly visited by this generation?

The major data points on the latest millennials travel statistics will tell you all the important details on this matter. 

Key Statistics

  • 61% of millennials travel to focus on their personal development.
  • Millennials are most likely to travel each year.
  • 55% of millennials plan on making trips more than they do planning retirement.
  • 70% of millennials look to spend big during their leisure time.
  • Beaches are the best travel destinations that millennials are planning to take.
  • Millennials take advantage of business trips to explore.
  • Millennials use the power of technology when traveling.
  • 92% of millennials look for the best deals when traveling.

1. Millennials’ Main Motivation to Travel Is for Their Personal Growth.

Travel 222

According to Lindsey Roeschke, millennials are driven by the desire to discover new things and experience once-in-a-lifetime events.

Younger people are more likely to be inspired by watching adventure series and tourism shows.

As a result, they love to venture forth and travel to different places.

As per CNBC data, 61% of millennials on the survey are looking to improve their personal growth through travel.

This is a no-surprise to some people as traveling can provide new experiences that could open up a new perspective in life. 

The statistics also shared that millennials also have other motivations why they go on trips, here are the top 5.

  1. 61% of millennials travel to focus on their wellness
  2. 60% of millennials travel to stay at a hotel with a spa
  3. 47% of millennials travel to eat a specific restaurant
  4. 61% of millennials travel to see places that look remarkable in videos or photos
  5. 46% of millennials travel to explore a place they have seen on Instagram


2. Millennials Travel More than Any Other Generation.

Millennial travelers are young adults living in their 20s and 30s.

They value traveling and center it as an essential part of their existence.

Between those ages, millennials remain open-minded when traveling from one place to another.

According to statistics from Expedia, the average millennial travels 35 days per year.

Second on the list is GenZ with 29 days, then comes the baby boomers with 27 days, and lastly GenX with only 26 days.

Lead travel and hospitality expert Lindsey Roeschke stated that 18% more domestic flights than other generations.

The data shows the huge difference in the gap on how there are so many millennials worldwide.

Furthermore, data shows that traveling more allows them to immerse and learn about the local cultures.

(CNBC, Dream Big Travel Far)

3. Travel Plans Now, Retirement Plans for Later!

Retirement plans are essential life kits in our lives as they help us provide a steady stream amount of capital even after retirement.

However, some millennials think that planning trips is better than setting up plans ahead of time.

According to a recent Personal Capital Survey, Over 55% of individuals aged between 26 to 41 stated that they spend more time writing notes in planning their next vacation rather than their retirement plan.

Despite the bold move to prioritize vacation plans over retiring, it shows a good sign for them considering they can still head back to their notebook and plan their retirement plan for the future.

(Condor, Yahoo!Finance)

4. 70% of Millennials Look to Spend More on Their Trips.

With a large number of millennials taking trips, travel agencies have grown exponentially.

They are one of the main drivers during the past few years. 

According to a recent survey by a car-sharing firm, more than 70% of millennials stated that they are going to spend big bucks on their leisure travel this year. 

The traveling restrictions brought by the pandemic are one of the key reasons making huge expenses a yes for some millennials.

Some respondents also stated they are spending the same, or more, than in 2022.

On the other hand, 67% of G X-ers said that they will splurge their money on traveling and lastly only 61% of Baby Boomer respondents stated that they will burn their cash when making trips.

(Roller, HTrends)

5. Millennials Love to Splash Around Beaches and Resorts.

Travel 223

Many millennials are very picky when making vacation trips and there are numerous factors on which country or landmark they should visit. 

On a global scale, the top 3 picked countries that every generation is looking to explore include France, Spain, and the United States.

According to a Condor survey, here are the trending top 5 millennial travel destinations in 2023:

  1. Bora Bora with more than 24% of visits from millennials yearly.
  2. Saint Martin with about 21% of millennials staying for vacation
  3. Aspen, Colorado with approximately 18% of millennials going on trips.
  4. Kahului, Hawaii with 16% of millennials enjoying beach vacations yearly.
  5. Dublin, Ireland with an estimated 13% of millennial visits each year.

As stated by the data most tourist destinations, particularly Bora Bora and Kahului, Hawaii, are areas with infamous beaches where millennials can just relax and enjoy the soothing sound of waves by the beach.


6. Millennials Use Business Trips as A Quick Getaway.

Some millennials see business travel as an advantage and an opportunity to see new places and experience new things.

A lot of them feel this way because they fancy social media posts and want to experience the life of remote workers.

Millennials, unlike the previous generations, are more likely to merge business trips with free time to explore and go on leisure. 

The corporate travel committee should have seen this from the start and should have made this a doable job for millennials from the start, rather than making them feel guilty about combining work and relaxing by the beach.

On a side note, business trips are now seen as a chance to relax and have peace of mind.

Some firms have plans for their employees while on a business trip to get rid of the stress at work.


7. Travelling Is Made Easier with Digital Technology!

Millennials have seen the rise, transformation, and expansion of technology.

When it comes to planning, booking, and recording a millennial vacation, a mobile phone is the center of it all.

In a study by REQ, approximately 87% of millennials browse the internet and search for multiple websites before booking their travel.

It also allows them to get the best deals to reduce their travel expenses.

The study also further highlights that more than 47% of millennials who travel use mobile phones and laptops to book a trip.

In addition, mobile phones also help millennial travelers navigate their way when going from one place to another.


8. 92% of Millennials Check the Best Deals First when Traveling.

Each millennial has a personality.

Some millennials would splurge their money directly while traveling, some would budget their money properly, and others would buy the best deals to save a ton of money.

According to the U.S. Millennials Survey by HotelMize, an average millennial traveler will spend approximately 3 to 5 hours looking for the best deals and discounts they could find on every travel website or application.

The study also suggests that 92% of millennials will check the best deals first before booking their flight.

This includes transactions between the travel agents, the hotel, and its scenery, food, and services that they will obtain within the deal.

However, 92% of those respondents stated that they also value reviews from travel agencies to ensure that their time spent on vacation is not fully wasted.

(HotelMize, Roller)

9. 9 out Of 10 Millennials Are Looking to Travel Solo in 2023.

Solo traveling is slowly becoming a new trend, especially for millennials.

Due to the curious and adventurous attitude that some millennials possess, solo traveling will be most likely on top of their bucket list.

In a Solo Traveler’s 2023 Reader Survey, only 18% of millennials out of 2,337 respondents highlighted that they need someone to tie along with when going on leisure time.

According to some respondents, traveling alone allows them to make their own decisions, boosting their confidence, and assertiveness. 

In a similar survey, approximately 46% of millennials said they would rather travel alone because it gives them freedom and independence in their state.


10. An Average US Millennial Spends $4141 on A Trip.

Travel 224

Money issues are causing a lot of millennials to delay almost everything, from car purchases to buying that longed-for iPhone, to even vacation trips. 

Consequently, US millennials would sometimes just spend the right amount of money rather than burning it all up in one go.

According to CNBC’s research, millennials will be more likely to spend less than any other generation.

Only 1 out of 5 said that they would like to join the top-quality travelling options when booking flights.

Indicated below is the average expenditure of 4 generations in the U.S., as per CNBC data:

  • Baby boomers would spend an average of $6,126 when taking trips.
  • Gen Xers would spend an average of $5,060 when traveling.
  • Millennials would spend an average of $4,121 when going on trips.
  • Gen Zs would only spend an average of $2,788 when traveling.


11. 45% of Millennials Stay in Airbnb While on Vacation.

CEO of traveler app Hopper Frederic Lalonde said that most of his customers and users are staying in Airbnb during vacation.

Lalonde also stated that one of the key factors of his survey consists of Millennials and Gen Zs.

He also mentioned that the two generations are looking to bolster the economic stand of tourism and travel agencies.

According to British market firm YouGob, millennials occupied nearly half of Airbnb in 2022 – more than GenXers and Boomers combined.

Here is a quick rundown of the U.S. Airbnb customers in 2022:

  • 45% of Millennials stayed in an Airbnb while spending their vacations.
  • 24% of GenXers stayed in an Airbnb while spending their vacations.
  • 18% of Baby Boomers stayed in an Airbnb while spending their vacations.
  • 12% of GenZers stayed in an Airbnb while spending their vacations.


12. 97% of Millennials Make 2 to 3 Social Media Posts Each Time They Are on Vacation.

With the birth of social media, posting and sharing your thoughts or experiences is a culture for all generations.

Each post contains not just pictures and videos, but a heartfelt and memorable experience.

According to a study by Condor, 97% of most millennials will share their day-to-day experiences during their travel.

It allows them to influence their friends and family to make a decision on which place they should go.

In recent studies done by PR Newswire, 63% of millennials share their trip on social media so they can look back and reminisce about the memories and experiences they’ve once had.

On the other hand, 58% of millennials shared only the pictures that looked good on that trip.

And lastly, 37% of most millennials post their photos and videos on social media to make their friends and family jealous.


13. Millennials Travel to Look for Friends Worldwide!

Meeting other people, learning their culture and language, or befriending them in general is another key drive why millennials love to travel so much. 

Millennials in 2023 are already aged between 18-35, meaning that exploring the world is one of their dream goals.

In a study from Condor, 23%of millennials are looking to meet other travelers and become their companions.

A bold and risky move as others would say but trying to be friends with other travellers with different nationalities is a big plus. 

On a side note, 34% of travelers want to discover more for their lives and eventually find their calling in this world.

A study from New Horizon states traveling increases their happiness level and personal growth.

The paper also shows that meeting and befriending other people allows them to appreciate life even more.


14. The Majority of US Millennials Took Their Last Trip to Their Country.

Growing up as a millennial sometimes took a tool in our leisure time.

Due to this fact, we rarely go out of town or even out of the country.

Some US millennials go out of the country and go on beach trips, but the majority are spent in their countries.

A HotelMize report states that 81% of US millennials had their leisure time within their country.

Most of the leisure time includes relaxing in spas, paying a visit to their loved ones, and romantic getaways.

The study also states that US millennials travel to other countries due to business trips or meeting a friend from abroad.

Relieving stress doesn’t mean going out of town or visiting a famous country or landmark, sometimes the right place to visit to get that peace of mind may come from within their country.


15. The COVID Pandemic Is Still a Top Concern for US Millennials in 2022

Travel 225

Before the pandemic hit in 2020, traveling was not even a concern to begin with.

Just select a destination, purchase the ticket, and you are on your way.

But after the pandemic hit, going on trips became limited, and following strict protocols is a top priority when traveling.

All generations are affected the most when it comes to traveling, especially millennials.

Despite remote jobs offered in some US companies, traveling and going on beach trips is still a must-have for millennials to relieve their anxiety from the COVID isolation.

After the vaccines are distributed and travel protocols are finally loosened, traveling is slowly coming out of the cave.

However, COVID is still a top concern for millennials who are looking to travel to another point.

HTrends conducted a study in 2022 regarding the worries of millennials when travelling and here are their top 5.

  1. Majority of millennials still worry about the COVID pandemic
  2. Large crowds make millennials uneasy
  3. Getting stranded in the place they went to
  4. Millennials worry about their flight getting cancelled 
  5. Insufficient mask to wear.


16. Most Millennials Plan to Take Family Trips in The Next Two Years.

In line with the huge numbers of Millennials in the world’s population, a huge portion of them are already mostly in their 30s and more than half of them are married.

According to a study from Travel Weekly, times are changing, and the millennials that we know are maturing in life.

They thought that millennials would live single and carefree, but when you look at the millennials who travel, 60% of them have kids.

In a similar survey from Resonance, millennials in 2020 are already married and are looking to travel with their family by their side rather than just wandering the beaches on their own two feet.

Some millennials responded that they want to build new memories with their family and build the relationships they yearned for as early as now. 

The study shows that millennials prioritize having trips with families as they get older to build the momentum of their lives.

(Travel Weekly)

17. The COVID Vaccine Made Millennials Feel Safer when Traveling!

Vaccines in 2020 mean so much that it serves as a beacon of hope for all the countries with the COVID-19 virus. 

One of the reasons why vaccines were essential back in 2020 is to subdue the ongoing pandemic and make traveling easy and worry-free from the attack of the deadly virus. 

Since the vaccines are slowly ticking down the fears of COVID, a survey was initiated by HTrends with only one question, “Does the COVID-19 vaccine make traveling less scary?”

Below are the results of the poll:

  • More than 77% of Millennials felt more safe while traveling after getting the vaccine.
  • Nearly 75% of GenZ’s felt more safe while traveling after getting the vaccine.
  • About 73% of GenXers felt more safe while traveling after getting the vaccine.

The study shows that Millennials take advantage of science and focus on their wellness while traveling to avoid any health-related disturbances from COVID.


18. 8 out Of 10 Millennials Want to Travel to Something New!

Exploring new places offers millennials an opportunity to broaden their perspective.

It’s like expanding the mental horizons by experiencing diverse cultures, food, and lifestyle.

As per an Expedia survey, 8 out of 10 millennials who traveled across various places are looking for a new experience each time they travel.

In addition, millennials also stated they wanted something unique that they would cherish for a long time.

Millennials seek new experiences when they travel because it helps them grow personally from fresh angles.

In addition, exploring allows them to break their usual routine and embrace the richness of each landmark they visit.


19. Travelling for Food Festivals? Millennials Love That!

Like any other generation, millennials are drawn to food festivals because they add spice to their adventure.

These events offer diverse restaurants, offering a glamorous taste in just one bite.

It is also a social feast that lets millennials practice social interactions with one another, and support private and local cuisines that open up for a new flavor on their social media posts.

Nearly 45% of respondents from Condor’s survey mentioned that they travel to attend festivals.

It just shows a good feat will bring everyone together no matter how old they are.


20. 49% of Millennials Look to Visit Their Bucket-List Destination Solo

Travel 226

Bucket list destinations offer a variety of breathtaking attributes that may come with a surprise, including breathtaking sceneries and landmarks, extraordinary culture, out-of-this-world delicacies, and so much more.

According to a Forbes study, approximately 49% of millennials plan to book a flight to their bucket-list destination alone as they want to experience the livelihood of their life-long dream come true.



The traveling landscape for millennials reflects a vibrant atmosphere full of exploration and immersion in social culture. 

The millennials travel statistics presented show that this generation is deeply invested in seeking new experiences, all while balancing the authenticity of their life and soul.

Traversing to new terrains is the new trend of saying “I’m free and ready for something new!”

It transforms the mind and soul in pursuing self-discovery and connections across the globe.


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