Most Interesting Medium Statistics

10 Most Interesting Medium Statistics for 2024

Published on: February 23, 2024
Last Updated: February 23, 2024

10 Most Interesting Medium Statistics for 2024

Published on: February 23, 2024
Last Updated: February 23, 2024

Mention social media and you’ll probably think of Facebook, Twitter, perhaps Instagram or TikTok.

There are over 200 well-known social media sites, Medium may not be high on your list. 

However, Medium has been in existence since 2012 and is rapidly growing in popularity.

However, that won’t stop you from being surprised by the following Medium statistics. 

Key Statistics

  • has 100 million monthly active users
  • Medium is valued at $600 million
  • Medium was founded by two of the Twitter founders!
  • It has a domain authority of 95
  • Over 1,385,000 posts are added every month
  • Politics is the most popular topic
  • There is no character limit on medium
  • 53% of medium’s subscribers earn over $100,000
  • 68% of readers use a mobile device to access the site

Most Interesting Medium Statistics in 2024

Medium Was Founded By Two Of The

1. Medium Was Founded By Two Of The Twitter Founders!

Twitter was founded in 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone, and Noah Glass.

Together they built a social media empire. 

However, in 2012 Williams and Stone felt that there was no existing social platform which allows writers to generate high-quality content.

It was all limited by character numbers and the need to post as many times as possible.

The two ex-Twitter founders started Medium as a direct response to this.

It was also a clever way of starting a new social media platform without directly challenging Twitter. 

The two founders have run Medium together ever since, although Williams has recently stepped down as CEO but remains on the board. 

(The Wall Street Journal)

2. It Has A Domain Authority Of 95

Medium currently enjoys a DA of 95.

This means, if you search on a specific topic and Medium deals with that topic, they will appear in roughly 95th place on a list of most relevant and authoritative search results. 

It doesn’t sound great.

However, Medium is covering a huge array of topics, making it harder to specialize in just one. 

In addition, there are over one billion websites online, being 95th suddenly doesn’t look so bad!


3. Medium Saw A 75% Increase In Subscribers In Just Two Years

In 2019 Medium stated it had approximately 400,000 subscribers.

That’s the people paying to access additional content, reader count is significantly higher. 

Just two years later, in 2021, the subscriber count- had jumped to 700,000.

Considering it took seven years to reach 400,000, adding 300,000 subscribers in two years is an impressive achievement. 

It’s highly likely that some of this increase was a result of the global pandemic.

However, subscriber levels have continued to increase since, suggesting that new subscribers are planning on staying.

In 2021 Medium generated an annual income of $35 million.

It’s modest compared to many social media sites.

However, it’s likely to grow significantly over the next five years as the site becomes even more popular. 


4. 10 Companies Have Been Bought By Medium

Medium is focused on providing a forum where anyone can post honest stories and hopefully help others.

There are few direct competitors to their site, but that doesn’t stop them from purchasing businesses which could either be a threat or a benefit. 

In total, Medium has purchased 10 businesses since the site went live.

Three of these were bought in 2021.

That’s Glose, Projector, and Knowable Universe. 

Glose is an online bookstore which has over a million titles listed.

Medium has bought this to enable Medium users to purchase books with a single click, even when reading an article. 

Projector is a web-based graphic design studio and Knowable Universe is an audio learning platform.

While Medium has purchased these for a specific reason, it’s not yet clear how they will be integrated.


5. Over 1,385,000 Posts Are Added Every Month

In 2016 Medium announced that 140,000 new stories were being written and posted every week.

That was fairly impressive for a company just four years old. 

Over the course of a year the posts totaled over one-and-a-half million!

That’s nothing compared to today. 

The latest figures show 1,385,000 stories are added every month.

That’s over 15 million in a year!

It’s fair to say Medium is becoming increasingly popular.

You should note that the 1,385,000 monthly posts generate a combined income of $1.65 million.

Things are looking good for Medium.


6. Top Medium Writers Get A Bonus

It’s possible to make money on Medium.

Current estimates suggest that 70% of writers earn some money.

Unfortunately, most of them earn less than $100 a month. 

But, some do much better.

For example, the top earner on Medium in 2021 earned an impressive $49,705.40 a month for the year!

The highest earning story generated its writer $16,685.50 and the second highest earning article got $12,184.40. 

Big earnings are possible. 

Alongside this, Medium pays a bonus to the top writers, simply to keep them interested in the platform. 

The top 1,000 writers get $500 a month.

The next 500 top writers get $100 a month, and the next 500 get $50 each a month. 

That means Medium pays out $575,000 every month simply to keep the top talent on the site. 

(Blogging Guide)

7. Politics Is The Most Popular Topic

Politics Is The Most Popular Top

There are virtually no limits regarding what you can write about.

Medium is designed to encourage people to share their stories and help others via them.

However, if you’re hoping to build a following and generate an income you’ll probably want to choose one of the most popular topics. 

Politics is currently the most popular subject.

That’s not surprising considering all the political changes and unrest across the globe. 

Other popular topics include self-help stories and tips, health, technology, and even blockchain.

Of course, love is always a popular option. 

If you wish to post regularly you should write about something you feel passionate about, it’s easier to keep the momentum going. 


8. There Is No Character Limit On Medium

Twitter has a 140 character limit and the founders of Medium felt this was too short for people to share meaningful stories. 

In fact, that was the driving force behind creating Medium. 

Today, there is no character limit.

A post can be as short or long as the writer wants.

If you just want to get your story out there then you can simply keep writing. 

However, if you’re looking to generate an income from this, you may need to be mindful of how many characters you use, you’ll want maximum audience retention. 

Fortunately, Medium provides an analysis of every post, allowing you to see how many it has reached, how quickly, and whether it has generated new subscribers. 


9. 53% Of Medium’s Subscribers Earn Over $100,000

Medium currently has over 700,000 subscribers and approximately 100 million registered users. 

What’s interesting about this is the quality of the readers.

A recent study showed that over half of readers on Medium have an annual income of over $100,000.

That is not earnings from Medium.

As a writer it means your work will be read by people who probably have a good education. 

The study also showed that 71% of readers are white and 55% of them are male.

That’s roughly the same demographic as the US population. 

It’s worth noting that 25-34-year-olds make up the largest proportion of Medium readers.

They are 33% of the readers.

The next closest group is 35-44-year-olds with 25% of the readership. 

(The Verge)

10. 68% Of Readers Use A Mobile Device To Access The Site

Readers Use A Mobile Device To A

Most websites monitor their traffic.

It’s important to know when it’s increasing, what times of the day are considered peak, and where the traffic is coming from. 

For example, over 80% of Facebook traffic comes directly to the site.

That’s how well-known it is.

In contrast, only 25% of Medium arrives directly on the site. 

As only 6% comes from social media, the vast majority comes via traditional searches. 

Currently, 60% of visitors to Medium have found the site by clicking on an article listed on Medium. 

This is impressive as it illustrates a high rate of organic traffic flow and tells you Medium is doing an excellent job of promoting itself online. 

It’s reflected in how people access the site.

Currently, 68% of visitors to the site arrive via a mobile device. This fits with the 60% looking at search results and the 6% coming from social media. 

That’s two of the most common activities on a mobile phone and how most people find Medium.


Help Getting Started On Medium

If you want to write and post articles on Medium, you’ll be pleased to know the service is free.

All you have to do is visit the site and create an account.

It wants surprisingly few details. 

You’ll then be ready to post your first article and assess the response it gets.

Remember, as with any social media site, it can take time to build a following and generate a reasonable income. 

Reading articles also requires you to visit the site and create an account.

This is the same process as creating an author account, a few personal details are needed. 

You’ll then be able to read some of the articles on the site.

However, some are reserved for members only.

If you want to read those you’ll need to subscribe to Medium.

The cost is just $5 a month. 

Summing Up

Medium was created to encourage high-quality writing instead of the low quality but high quantity that so many other sites offered. 

In many respects the site has achieved its goal.

However, in an attempt to build his dream site, Williams has consistently changed the rules of the platform. That’s one of the main reasons its success has been slow. 

Today, it has a new CEO and, as the above Medium statistics show, it is growing in size.

The statistics suggest the future is bright for Medium, only time will tell how accurate this is. 

But, now is definitely the time to create an account and see if it can help you. 


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