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5 Best Alternatives (Trading Bots Like It in 2024)

Published on: March 14, 2024
Last Updated: March 14, 2024

5 Best Alternatives (Trading Bots Like It in 2024)

Published on: March 14, 2024
Last Updated: March 14, 2024


#1 Top Rated

#1 crypto trading bot in 2024

#2 Top Rated
Coinrulefree plan available

#1 Top Rated

#1 crypto trading bot in 2024

#3 Top Rated
TradeSantafree trial available


In a hurry?
The best Margin alternative in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is Bitsgap! is a crypto trading service that comes with four different and unique crypto bots.

These bots help investors trade on their behalf while away (for sleep, travel, or other activities).

It’s a beginner-friendly bot service that means a trader doesn’t need any coding or technical skills to run these bots.

However, despite its many advantages, is not for everyone, as some crypto investors might dislike its non-cloud-based technology.

Moreover, some traders also hate the user interface of this trading bot service.

If you’re one of them, here are some of the noteworthy alternatives that might suit your preference.

Here’s a list of five noteworthy Margin alternatives you can try.

  1. Bitsgap – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Coinrule
  3. Quadency
  4. KuCoin
  5. Pionex

Best Alternatives

1. Bitsgap


It’s time to introduce Bitsgap. It’s an all-around crypto trading platform that offers automatic trading bots.

It’s a unified solution to all crypto trading-related issues that provides a hassle-free crypto trading experience with a mechanical interface.

It’s currently integrated with over 30 major exchanges, including the most popular ones like Kraken, Binance, and Bitfinex.

👉 Get Bitsgap FREE

  • Price: $24-$149/mo
  • Free Trial: 7 days
  • Types of Bots:  Grid Bot, Scalping, Arbitrage, Unlimited Smart orders, Futures bots, Trailing Up & Down for bots, Take Profit for bots
  • Supported Exchanges: Binance, OKX (OKEx), Bitfinex, HitBTC, Bittrex, Huobi, Exmo, Kucoin,, Kraken, Poloniex, Livecoin, Coinbase PRO, Coinbene, Coinex,, Bitstamp, Liquid, Gemini, BitZ, Yobit, DDEX, Bithumb, Bibox, BigOne
  • Mobile App: Not available

Moreover, it’s fully secured and has a reasonably fast interface, having access to over 10,000 cryptocurrency trading pairs.

That’s not all; Bitsgap comes with a range of indicators and automated cryptocurrency bots to formulate a trader’s strategies and make practical digital asset trading decisions.

It’s loaded with some amazingly remarkable features designed to help investors maximize their profits while having lesser risk.

It offers its traders the convenience of digital assets across different trading platforms.

In addition, a trader can quickly switch between exchanges and pairs without launching a new browser tab.

A crypto trader can track open positions, view trade history, and manage their balance on each of their connected exchanges using Bitsgap.

The platform offers different trading orders such as Market orders, Shadow orders, Take-profit / Stop loss, and more to give traders more control over their trading practices.

Bitsgap users have access to customizable chart types, TradingView charts, and over 100 technical indicators.

It also has a set of analytical crypto trading tools to evaluate the performance of popular trading pairs.

Trading Bots Available on Bitsgap

These are the five unique and notable Bitsgap trading bots that help a user to automate their crypto trading:

  • Future Trading Bots
  • Trailing Bot
  • SBOT Bot Strategy
  • Classic Bot
  • Scalper Bot

Pros and Cons of using Bitsgap Trading Bots

  • All the trading bots on Bitsgap are fully computerized and properly back-tested
  • Bitsgap’s trading bots assist traders in predetermining a price range within which the system will do purchasing and selling
  • The Scalper Trading Bot available on Bitsgap helps a trader to get benefit from slight moves in the prices of digital assets
  • The trading bots available on Bitsgap fails to impress professional investors in terms of functionalities
  • With Bitsgap, a trader can’t do cryptocurrency trading with leverage

2. Coinrule


Coinrule, is an automated, user-friendly trading bot service that satisfies the need of both beginners and experienced crypto investors.

It comes with a broad range of tools that help a trader set pre-defined conditions and strategies for when and how to trade cryptocurrencies.

It even lets a trader choose from more than 150 cryptocurrency trading templates on Coinrule.

In fact, anyone without any coding knowledge and experience can use the platform.

This trading bot service enables traders to automate their trading by including “if/then” parameters that are pretty easy to understand.

The user-friendly interface makes the platform intuitive and straightforward. Moreover, with Coinrule, one doesn’t need to worry about the coding and complicated terminologies.

Its modular setup allows crypto traders to make quick changes and adjustments to arrange any rules they’ve created or modify any of its template strategies.

Coinrule also lets its users back-test all the trading strategies before launching the same on their favorite crypto trading exchange.

On top of Coineule’s trading templates, it also offers daily emails with trading signals (that too free of charges), helping investors to adjust their strategies and develop new rules.

It currently supports a wide range of crypto trading exchanges, including, BitMEX, Poloniex, Bitstamp, Coinbase Pro, Okex, Bitpanda Pro, Bitfinex, etc.

Trading Bots Available on Coinrule

Coinrule, along with providing up to 150 different crypto trading strategy templates, offers two in-built bots. These trading bots comes under the name:

  • User-Friendly Automated Trading Bot, and
  • Built-In Trading Strategies Bot

Pros and Cons of using Coinrule Trading Bots

  • Coineule’s trading bots are simple yet effective that making the platform pleasing to both beginner-level and professional crypto-traders
  • This platform provides more than 150 digital asset trading strategy templates to its users
  • The trading robots available on Coinrule are so simple to use and understand that any investors without any coding skills can use them easily
  • The number of trading bots available on Coinrule is limited
  • Investors need to pay additional fees to use the auto trading bots available on Coinrule

4. Quadency


Our fourth choice for alternative that offers an intelligent way to manage and trade crypto is Quadency.

It’s a digital currency management platform that provides auto-trading and portfolio management solutions for institutional and retail investors.

👉 Get Started FREE

It incorporates a good range of features that help streamline the process of crypto investment and trading.

The service even includes a range of pre-designed trading bots and can be customized as required, portfolio analytics, and advanced charting.

Trading Bots Available on Quadency

Quadency offers its users seven in-built automated cryptocurrency trading bots. These are:

  • Mean Reversion
  • Portfolio rebalance
  • Grid Trader
  • Accumulator
  • MACD
  • Multi-level RSI
  • Bollinger Bands

Pros and Cons of using Quadency Trading Bots

  • It offers some top-quality tools that help investors in crypto trading and portfolio management
  • Crypto traders can easily automate digital asset management using the trading bots of Quadency
  • Quadency’s trading bots are beginner-friendly yet advanced, which means it’s useful for both inexperienced and experienced traders
  • An investor can’t do crypto trading on the go because it doesn’t have any mobile app
  • Quadency doesn’t offer Margin trading strategies

5. KuCoin


KuCoin, the last alternative, is a popular crypto exchange that offers a range of services to trade digital currencies and tokens.

It provides its services globally in countries like the United Kingdom, Iran, and Japan.

KuCoin is a user-friendly and straightforward platform powered by an API (Application Programming Interface) key.

The efficient engine of this platform can handle zillions of crypto trades per second, giving tough competition to exchanges like Kraken, Binance, and Coinbase.

Trading Bots Available on KuCoin

KuCoin provides a variety of six auto trading bots, namely:

  • Dynamic Rebalancing
  • DCA (Dollar Cost Average)
  • Margin Grid
  • Futures Grid
  • Classic Grid
  • Infinity Grid

Pros and Cons of using KuCoin Trading Bots

  • The recently launched service, KuCoin, comes with six in-built automatic trading bots
  • All the trading bots of KuCoin are cloud-based and easy to use
  • Its educational resources are limited
  • KuCoin’s trading bots are at risk of mechanical failure

5. Pionex


Pionex offers multiple trading bots such as Rebalancing Bot, Grid Bots, Infinity Grid, Arbitrage Bot, and many more.

Moreover, one of the most prominent parts of Pionex is that it charges trading fees of only 0.05% for taker and maker (trust us, it’s the lowest fee charged by any trading bot services in the industry).

That’s because it’s the market maker for significant exchanges, namely Huobi and Binance. Pionex, in fact, outsources its liquidity from these trading exchanges.

Many other cryptocurrency trading exchanges like, KuCoin, and Binance have started providing a few automatic trading features for quite some time now.

And it wouldn’t be wrong to say that most of them have been inspired by the real OG Pionex.

Having said that, it won’t be correct to call “Pionex” a digital currency trading exchange because, unlike other trading exchanges, it doesn’t focus on adding crypto pairs; instead, it tries to add more automation crypto-asset bots.

Compared to other top cryptocurrency exchanges, this platform may have a limited number of crypto pairs. But at the end of the day, it’s still a crypto exchange.

Pionex currently offers a wide variety of 16 auto trading bots, and out of these, “Arbitrage Trading Bots” and “Grid Trading Bots” are the two most popular ones.

The Grid Trading Bot assists a trader to automate their crypto trading twenty-four seven.

It lets a user set an upper limit and lower limit, and as long as the prices remain within the range, the system keeps on trading.

Pionex is a cloud-based software that means investors don’t need to keep their system running round the clock.

It’s also available as a web and mobile app. Pionex is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

Therefore a trader can easily download the same from any device. In addition, Bituniverse users can use their login to access Pionex.

Unlike platforms like Binance, which have limitations on their API usage, which limits the number of trading bots a trader can run on, investors can run a number of bots on Pionex.

It allows a trader to have up to 30 crypto bots on each of the trading pairs, which means although a trader won’t be able to develop new bots with BTC/USDT if they’ve 30 active bots with it, they can still set a new bot with other trading pairs.

It’s one of the few reasons most expert and professional traders choose Pionex for automated trading.

Trading Bots Available on Pionex

Here are the 16 in-built crypto trading bots that a trader can easily access on Pionex to automate the whole trading process:

  • Dollar-Cost Averaging (DCA) Bot
  • TWAP (Time-Weighted Average Price) Bot
  • Trailing Sell Bot
  • Infinity Grid
  • Spot Futures Arbitrage Bot
  • Rebalancing Bot
  • Grid Trading Bot
  • Dual Investment
  • Leveraged Reverse Grid
  • Margin Grid
  • Arbitrage Bot
  • Leveraged Grid
  • Martingale Bot
  • Smart Trade
  • Trailing Buy
  • Reverse Grid

Pros and Cons of using Pionex Trading Bots

  • Pionex is the only platform that offers the broadest range of automatic trading bots, numbered at 16
  • The trading bots open on this platform are cloud-based, and that’s why you don’t need to keep your computer system On round the clock
  • With Pionex’s trading bots, a trader can automate their trading process, and ultimate, they can concentrate on other activities
  • You can use all its trading bots for free (without even spending any penny)
  • Its trading bots are so user-friendly that you can easily use these without any previous coding or trading knowledge
  • Sometimes, Pionex’s trading bots make unpredictable movements
  • The in-built automatic crypto trading bots of Pionex are in danger of mechanical failure


With that, we’re here at the end of our discussion about alternatives.

This article has talked about five of the best crypto trading bots that are a great alternative to

We found that Bitsgap is the best and most popular alternative that is available in the industry.

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