Best Liveleak Alternatives

13 Best LiveLeak Alternatives for Shocking Videos in 2024

Published on: December 3, 2023
Last Updated: December 3, 2023

13 Best LiveLeak Alternatives for Shocking Videos in 2024

Published on: December 3, 2023
Last Updated: December 3, 2023

In 2021, after a fifteen-year run, LiveLeak, a platform recognized for its unfiltered portrayal of events, ceased its operations. 

The sudden shutdown left many wondering about the reasons behind it, with speculation suggesting the massive collection of violence and graphic footage hosted on the site might have been a factor. 

LiveLeak’s unique content, often deemed too extreme for mainstream platforms, became a trademark of the site’s identity.

The absence of LiveLeak redirected its dedicated user base on a quest to find comparable platforms that embrace similar content.

In this article, we will look at the 13 best LiveLeak alternatives.

Each alternative listed here provides a similar space for users seeking unfiltered, unedited, and unconventional content

Streaming Tips

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13 Best LiveLeak Alternatives in 2024

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USER WARNING: We recommend you use a VPN to safeguard yourself against potential issues caused by websites on this page. We recommend NordVPN, which is rated #1 in privacy and safety tests.

The following are the top sites like LiveLeak.

1. AliveGore


AliveGore caters to a specific niche of users interested in exploring raw and intense content. 

It primarily focuses on providing a space for sharing and viewing graphic and intense videos, often featuring accidents, extreme incidents, and unconventional content. 

The platform caters to those who enjoy explicit visuals, offering them an outlet to explore the darker aspects of human experiences. 

Unlike mainstream video-sharing platforms, AliveGore allows users to delve into content that might be considered too intense or unconventional for traditional media. 

Its unique selling point is providing a space for unfiltered and extreme content exploration.

2. KrudPlug


KrudPlug stands out for its diverse and inclusive approach to content curation. 

It offers users a wide-ranging selection of user-generated videos spanning various themes and categories. 

Unlike platforms that specialize in a specific type of content, KrudPlug provides something for everyone, from entertaining and humorous clips to thought-provoking videos on diverse topics. 

Its multifaceted content library ensures that users with varied interests can find engaging and relatable content, fostering a sense of inclusivity among its user base.

3. Kaotic


Kaotic distinguishes itself by curating a collection of shocking, bizarre, and uncensored videos, positioning itself as a haven for users seeking extreme and unconventional content. 

The platform caters to those interested in exploring raw and unfiltered human experiences that often go beyond the boundaries of conventional media. 

Kaotic’s unique appeal lies in offering access to videos showcasing real-life incidents and events that might be deemed too intense or extreme for mainstream platforms. 

Its ability to provide unfiltered and unedited content sets it apart from traditional video-sharing sites.

4. ReeLeak


ReeLeak functions as a platform that facilitates the sharing and viewing of diverse and unconventional videos. 

It allows users to upload and explore content that includes graphic footage, accidents, and unconventional material. 

The platform serves individuals intrigued by unfiltered, real-life incidents and events, offering an outlet to share and explore content that might not fit within the boundaries of conventional video-sharing platforms. 

ReeLeak’s unique feature allows users to share and discover content that may not be readily available or accepted on mainstream platforms.

5. Crazy Shit

Crazy Shit

Crazy Shit distinguishes itself by featuring an exclusive collection of extreme, shocking, and occasionally explicit videos. 

It attracts users fascinated by unconventional and boundary-pushing content, providing a platform for accessing videos that explore the extreme fringes of human experiences. 

With its curated selection of unconventional content, Crazy Shit offers a unique viewing experience for users interested in exploring the more extreme aspects of online video content.

6. LiveGore


LiveGore specializes in hosting graphic and explicit content, showcasing videos that portray accidents, violence, and extreme events. 

The platform caters to individuals intrigued by raw and unfiltered visual content, offering a space to explore real-life incidents that might not be readily available on mainstream media platforms. 

LiveGore provides an outlet for users interested in accessing unedited and intense video content that delves into the extreme facets of human experiences.

7. DTube


DTube operates as a decentralized video-sharing platform that emphasizes blockchain technology. 

It provides users with an alternative to traditional video-sharing sites by utilizing blockchain-based mechanisms for content storage and rewards. 

DTube offers a censorship-resistant environment where users can upload, share, and monetize their content without centralized control. 

Its decentralized nature ensures transparency and content ownership, attracting users seeking independence from traditional video platforms.

8. Itemfix

Itemfix is a diverse video-sharing platform that hosts a range of user-generated content across various categories. 

Unlike other platforms that focus on specific themes, Itemfix embraces a wide array of content, including humorous videos, stunts, fails, and informative clips. 

The platform encourages user engagement through contests, challenges, and content creation, fostering an active and participative community.

9. BitChute


BitChute differentiates itself as a peer-to-peer video-sharing platform focused on promoting free speech and user autonomy. 

Positioned as an alternative to mainstream video platforms, BitChute prioritizes content freedom and decentralized moderation. 

The platform’s emphasis on decentralization ensures minimal censorship, allowing users to upload content without stringent moderation. 

This feature attracts individuals seeking unrestricted video sharing and those supportive of a more open discourse without fear of content removal or censorship.

10. eBaum’s World

eBaums World

eBaum’s World has established itself as a long-standing platform renowned for its collection of entertaining and humorous content. 

The platform offers a curated assortment of videos, GIFs, games, and memes, catering to users seeking light-hearted and amusing content. 

In contrast to more extreme or uncensored platforms, eBaum’s World provides a safe environment, but it still has so many scary and shocking videos. 

Its content suits a broader audience, delivering enjoyable and amusing content while maintaining a safer and more wholesome online experience.

11. Veoh


Veoh operates as a video-sharing platform that sets itself apart by offering a diverse collection of user-uploaded content, including movies, TV shows, and short clips. 

Veoh’s extensive library of long-form videos distinguishes it, allowing users to discover full-length movies and TV series across various genres. 

By focusing on longer content, Veoh provides users with extensive entertainment options beyond the confines of short videos typically found on traditional video-sharing platforms.

12. KillSomeTime


KillSomeTime positions itself as a platform specializing in entertaining and amusing content. 

It curates a mix of funny videos, memes, viral clips, and scary, shocking video content designed to offer users a quick escape and a dose of laughter. 

The platform’s collection of amusing videos allows individuals seeking entertaining and humorous content to pass the time. 

KillSomeTime caters to users looking for a diversion and a source of lighthearted entertainment.

13. Xfinity Video

Xfinity Video

Xfinity Video is a comprehensive streaming platform offering various movies, TV shows, and videos across multiple genres. 

Unlike other video-sharing platforms, Xfinity Video operates as a part of the Xfinity service, providing subscribers access to a diverse range of on-demand content from various networks and studios. 

The platform boasts an extensive library of licensed content, making it a go-to destination for those seeking premium entertainment and access to popular TV series and movies.

Warning – Why You Need A VPN!


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Accessing these platforms often contains graphic or intense content that may not be suitable for all audiences and can potentially get you in trouble. 

It may put your online security and personal information at risk, too.

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One primary concern is your online privacy.

Visiting extreme video sites exposes your internet activity to potential surveillance, as your internet service provider (ISP) and other third parties can monitor your browsing behavior. 

Without protection, your online activities on these platforms might not remain private, potentially compromising your confidentiality.

Moreover, these sites might lack robust security measures, making them vulnerable to cyber threats. 

Pop-up ads or third-party scripts on such platforms might contain malware, posing a risk of infecting your device. 

These malicious programs can compromise your system security, steal personal information, or even access sensitive data stored on your device.

To mitigate these risks significantly, using a Virtual Private Network when accessing these LiveLeak alternatives is essential.

NordVPN is our top recommended choice for secure and private browsing while accessing extreme or gory video sites. 

Renowned for its robust encryption, NordVPN shields your online activities, keeping your browsing history and personal data secure from prying eyes. 

Its advanced security features, including military-grade encryption and a vast network of servers worldwide, ensure anonymous and protected browsing. 

With NordVPN’s seamless functionality, reliable speed, and dedicated threat protection, it stands out as the optimal VPN solution for a secure and private browsing experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Factors Should I Consider when Choosing A LiveLeak Alternative?

Consider aspects such as the type of content available, user interface, community engagement, moderation policies, and platform reliability.

Determine your preferences for specific content categories and user-generated versus curated content.

How Do These Alternatives Differ From LiveLeak?

These alternatives vary in content focus, ranging from extreme or graphic material to entertaining or diverse content.

Differences lie in moderation policies, user interaction, and overall platform atmosphere.

Do These Alternatives Prioritize User Safety and Privacy?

Most platforms have safety measures, but understanding and using these features are crucial. 

However, some may lack robust moderation or privacy tools, so it’s advisable to employ additional security measures, like VPNs when using these platforms.

Are These Alternatives Legal and Compliant with Copyright Laws?

Platforms may have different policies regarding copyright and content ownership.

Some may host user-generated content that adheres to copyright laws, while others may have stricter policies.

You should definitely use a VPN to avoid any legal trouble.


These 13 best LiveLeak alternatives offer a wide range of media and appeal to various user tastes. 

Each platform distinguishes itself through distinct features, content focus, and community interaction, offering diverse possibilities for those seeking alternative video-sharing experiences.

From extreme or graphic content to entertaining or valuable information, these platforms’ different offerings make it possible to choose the ideal LiveLeak replacement that matches your content preferences and surfing needs.

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