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LenosTube Review 2024: Lenos Is a Scam!

Published on: April 17, 2023
Last Updated: April 17, 2023

LenosTube Review 2024: Lenos Is a Scam!

Published on: April 17, 2023
Last Updated: April 17, 2023

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Lenos is now a scam. Lenostube.com has been accused by various customers of not supplying services paid for. They have also refused refunds.

We recommend that our readers not to purchase any services from them until they reimburse these customers.

Is it possible to gather enough attention to break out of anonymity and start earning money as a YouTube content creator?

Although the answer seems to be a decisive “no” due to oversaturation and monopoly on the algorithm by the big names, Lenos is here to prove otherwise.

So, how does Lenos help you become an established brand on YouTube? Let’s review them now and find out.

LenosTube Review 2024

What is LenosTube.com? Lenos, or Lenos Tube, is a social media marketing service that specializes solely in promoting YouTube content and accounts.

This high degree of specialization and narrow focusing on the specific context of creating and promoting content on YouTube provides Lenos with insights that are unavailable to other agencies which focus on a general offer. 

In other words, by focusing on YouTube and dropping other social media in favor of it, Lenos had ample opportunities to master the algorithm, analyze the mechanics of promotion, and develop solutions that go beyond YouTube’s anti-promotional policies while not getting into a breach of any terms of agreement contracts.

And from the users we spoke to when we put together this review, they have been more than successful!

Lenos Review - Is Lenos Tube Legit?

Lenos provides quality interactions from real users only. With stable channels of interaction and offers that always go a bit higher than the exact number specified in the order, Lenos goes over and beyond to deliver and please their customers with their deliveries.

Suffice to say, every order from Lenos is in compliance with YouTube’s policies and Lenos remains YouTube-friendly in every way. The risk of getting your account suspended with Lenos is zero. Null. Nothing.

And what does Lenos offer? Although the offer is YouTube-only, it is quite big and packed with various content.

In fact, Lenos offers YouTube views, YouTube likes, YouTube subscribers, YouTube comments, YouTube SEO, customized all-round promotional packages for artists, and YouTube monetization options, the last being something unique to Lenos and not quite seen in a commercial promotional agency before.

Let’s dive in deeper, shall we?

Buy YouTube Channels with Monetization Enabled

You’ve probably heard of offers that claim to provide already monetized channels for a price. The offer seems attractive, sure thing, but is it legitimate? Or is it a big scam?

You go online, check the sample channels that the company has provided, and they look as real as any other channel out there.

Do you remain convinced? In most cases, the answer is yes. However, the bitter truth awaits just around the corner.

The fact is that YouTube’s algorithm has evolved to discover when a monetized channel changes hands. Soon after the user who bought the channel logs in, YouTube starts suspecting that a trade has occurred and quickly establishes that fact by comparing the change in AdSense account with the previous status.

Upon discovery, YouTube proceeds to either suspend or demonetize the newly-bought channel, and the chances of the AI getting dumber are non-existent.

The whole affair boils down to this–it is no longer possible to buy monetized YouTube channels and make money off of them. They will either be put down or demonetized indefinitely.

lenos reviews

But Lenos Tube has found a way. A one hundred percent effective, legal, and approved way.

Lenos provides you with channels that fulfill every requirement to become monetized, but the monetization process starts only when you become the owner of it.

Since it is you as the user who is bound to the account, there is no barrier between the new channel and the income that you will receive, the algorithm has nothing to flag your account for, and AdSense is your own, with no change of ownership needed.

Smart move, right?

The channels that Lenos offers come in great varieties and many niches. With 1000+ subscribers and 4000+ hours of watch time, you can enter the monetizing process as soon as you get one.

As the core part of their offer, every channel comes with quality banners and graphics and original and niche-related videos included.

And the starting 1000+ subs and 4000+ hours of watch time are not your run-of-the-mill metrics that get mass-made by bots and spam farms.

These are all organically grown and sourced interactions from real and active users, which translates to high engagement and great retention rates. Effective, safe, and legal, forever.

The time requirement from the moment you order to the moment you get a fully-monetized account is about one week.

Getting an instantly monetized account is also an option, but highly discouraged since you remain at severe risk of getting penalized, either by demonetization or full suspension.

It is recommended to stick with the natural and healthy process that is fail-proof and effective with a full-refund guarantee. 

Seems too good to be true, right? With Lenos, too good is true as well.

Buy YouTube Watch Hours

lenostube reviews

For all those who already have an account, buying a new channel isn’t the best option. In certain cases, you as a user already have what it takes for the channel to pop out from obscurity, but the almighty algorithm just refuses to put you into the spotlight.

Does Lenos have a solution for that?

Of course, it does. Cue Lenos’ YouTube watch hours, a package of views that aim to boost your watch hours and make your account eligible for monetization, as 4000+ watch hours constitute one of the requirements.

Once again, User reviews confirm that Lenos’ views come from organic sources, from real users, and they never put your account at risk for using fake followers or interactions.

Just type in the current number of watch hours and the difference between that and the 4000 threshold will be filled, with some extra added just in case.

As the whole process uses natural and organic ways of social media promotion (Lenos never deals with fakes), reaching 4000+ watch hours can take up to two weeks, depending on the number of watch hours already available.

If it seems too long for you, remember that this longer path bears zero risk to your safety, privacy, and the efficiency/reach of your content.  

The only requirement is for your channel to have at least 5 videos that can be viewed, the longer they are, the better (regarding delivery time). Fulfill that, use Lenos’ services, and you’ll land in a YouTube partnership program in no time!

Naturally, the account and the related content must not infringe on copyright policies, so make sure that you post original content.

Otherwise, these 4000+ watch hours won’t be of much help as you will be declined by YouTube regardless of the metrics requirements.

But yeah, the two paths towards YouTube monetization are buying a channel with monetization option and buying watch hours to become eligible with your own channel.

Lenos has got them both covered, and in a superb manner, organically, securely, and effectively.

Buy YouTube Views, Likes, Subscribers, Comments & More

a review of lenos

While Lenos Tube is most appreciated for the two innovative ways to get your YouTube channel monetized, it also provides the classic, well-known offer of subs and interactions of kick-ass quality.

Even if you’re just looking for a regular package of social promotion for reasons other than becoming eligible for monetization, Lenos Tube has got you covered.

Lenos has quite an extensive offer of YouTube views that include Real English views (U.S. and U.K.), English views from ads, premium-quality views with high retention (up to 20 mins), and Low-cost views (still safe to use, even with monetized content).

In fact, every one of these packages is guaranteed to be 100% safe, effective, and forever guaranteed!

Similarly, the YouTube likes offer has three types of likes available: Regular Real likes, Monthly Engagement likes, and Control Speed likes for the desired tempo of growth.

Each of these offers the same type of organically-sourced metrics, but the added twist can benefit some more than others. It is your choice!

YouTube subscribers come in two forms, Instant, Real Subscribers and Slow, Natural Subscribers. The only difference is in the speed of delivery, however, the slower rhythm has an algorithm that simulates natural growth, meaning the promotional AI may be more inclined to put you in recommendations.

Of course, all the accounts are real, with names, pictures, and biographies, and they remain active at all times. Sweet!

Finally, YouTube comments come in the regular, English comments and Handwritten comments, with the second option meaning that the authorship team from Lenos personally provides handwritten comments which are related to the content and engage meaningful discussion.

Review Verdict

The final review verdict on LenosTube? Highly recommended for future YouTube growth!

As it passes all our tests with flying colors, Lenos is quite ready to boost your YouTube presence and get you monetized in just about a week or two at most.

Considering the tightening grip of smarter algorithms and stricter marketing policies for newcomers in recent years, Lenos’ offer is very lucrative.

You no longer have to be stuck in the limbo of YouTube obscurity. Dropping hot videos with a limited audience sucks.

Devoting time and effort to produce quality content and not earn anything from it sucks even more. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Lenos has got you covered. Well done, LenosTube!  

Review Summary

LenosTube Review
Lenos Review

So, how does Lenos help you become an established brand on YouTube? Let's review them now and find out.

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