Kylie Rae Harris’s Goodbye from Instagram

Published on: April 22, 2023
Last Updated: April 22, 2023

Kylie Rae Harris’s Goodbye from Instagram

Published on: April 22, 2023
Last Updated: April 22, 2023


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Are you curious to know about Kylie Rae Harris’ Instagram?

Kyle Rae Harris’s Instagram stories before she passed away are haunting. Kylie was a singer-songwriter from Texas, and in September 2019, she passed away at only 30 years old.

She died in a car accident where her car collided with another. An investigation into the accident revealed that she had been driving at more than 95 miles an hour, and that she had also been drinking. The teenager who was driving the other vehicle also passed away.

In 2017, Kylie got a drunk driving conviction, and as a result, had to have an ignition interlock device attached to her car. Authorities aren’t sure why this device didn’t stop her from driving on the day that she passed away.

As a singer, she released songs like ‘big old heartache’, and ‘twenty years from now’. She was a single mother who had a 6-year-old daughter.

Here is everything you need to know about Kylie Rae Harris’ Instagram

Kylie Rae Harris’ Instagram: Her Final Moments

Kylie was posting videos on her Instagram profile right up until her final moments. A lot of them were posted before she started driving, but a few she uploaded while she was driving as well.

What is strange about her Instagram videos that she posted while her car was idle was that they involved content about her family members passing away in the same area where she was later killed. She discussed being in a car accident with her sister and dad in a nearby location in the last Instagram story that she ever posted.

Instagram has now removed Kylie’s stories and Instagram account; however you can watch the last video she uploaded here.

The Instagram Video

In the video, Kylie is sitting in the driver’s seat crying, as she emotionally recalls her family. She talks about how everybody who was involved in the accident passed away, except for her uncle.

She discusses the car accident she was in with her father, and how he had hit a cow with his car. She mentions in her Instagram story that she’s been driving for 12 hours, and that she was on her way to perform at the Big Barn Dance music festival in Taos.

On the long journey, she relied on her Instagram stories to connect with her audience and looking back on them now it’s pretty haunting.

Her Instagram Stories

The last Instagram story that she posted to her profile before she died shows her in tears. Later, it was revealed that she had been drinking at the time of the crash, and you can definitely tell that she was intoxicated in the video.

She claims in her video that she was crying happy tears. What’s interesting is that she had already arrived at her location where she was going to be playing, but she seemingly continued to drive later that night.

In her Instagram story, she is nostalgic about memories she had in Taos. She talks about how all of her family that lived in the location had now died. In the video, she’s incredibly emotional, and all over the place with her words. She isn’t unable to speak or anything, but she doesn’t seem to be thinking clearly either.

She goes from crying to laughing in just a couple of seconds. She finishes the video off by talking about cows as a symbol for grief, before abruptly finishing the video.

Public’s Response to Kylie’s Death

After Kylie died, there was a massive outpouring of sadness and well wishes over her death. Her Instagram account was still accessible for a time, and lots of people left comments to commemorate her life. It was pretty haunting to see the final posts that she made of her daughter, as well as her driving videos.

Kylie’s publicist said that they were heartbroken but had no further details to share with the public and asked for privacy for her family. They said that everybody who knew Kylie knew how much she cherished her family, and how much she loved playing music. They asked her fans to spread as much love as they could and listen to music that inspires them.

Angry Response

There were a lot of nice and supportive comments online surrounding her death, but it definitely made a lot of people angry as well. Naturally, this centered around the fact that she had been drinking while driving, and that she had been convicted in 2017 for a DUI. People blamed both her and the system for letting her back behind the wheel.

This is especially emotional for people considering the other person in the accident was also killed, a 16-year-old girl who was driving home after a shift at her family’s restaurant.

It is obvious that her Instagram stories show the singer headed in the wrong direction right before her death.

It’s highly likely that a few of the messages she got from posting her videos would have told her to get out of the car and get some rest before she drove anywhere.

Unfortunately, she continued to drive, and as a result her daughter is now without a mother.

Haunting Last Instagram Posts

Of course, Kylie Rae Harris’ Instagram videos that she uploaded right before she passed away weren’t meant as a goodbye, but it’s still haunting.

There are some other examples out there of people posting to their Instagram profiles right before they passed away, without knowing.


In the post that you see above, Robin talks about making the tough decision to take a different route on Everest. He says that he hopes his plan is going to work. This is the last Instagram post he made, because he later passed away attempting to ascend the summit.

He even talked in his Instagram post about others who had passed away attempting the same thing. He encouraged people to go support a Go Fund Me for the families of those who had already lost their lives during the climb. It is haunting to think that the mountain would take him as well the next time that he went climbing.


Another haunting post is a selfie by Sydney Loofe, where she talks about being ready for a date. This is the last thing that she would post before she went out on a date with someone she met on Tinder, who later killed her. It is tragic to think that she was so excited to go out only to end up the victim of a violent crime.


Another haunting example is the final tweet that was posted by Reeva Steenkamp asking people what they had planned for Valentine’s Day.

This was the same day that she would be killed by her boyfriend, Paralympic runner Oscar Pistorius.

There are many other eerie examples of final Instagram posts and tweets from people moments before they passed away, including of course Kylie Rae Harris’ Instagram story that we will never forget.

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