Best Kraken Trading Bots

5 Best Kraken Trading Bots in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Published on: June 11, 2023
Last Updated: June 11, 2023

5 Best Kraken Trading Bots in 2024 (Free & Paid)

Published on: June 11, 2023
Last Updated: June 11, 2023

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The best Kraken trading bot in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is Bitsgap!

Are you looking for the best Kraken trading bot?

Known as a leading exchange in the cryptocurrency market, Kraken has a lengthy reputation and has continued to serve thousands of investors over the years.

It offers a niche selection of cryptocurrencies to trade, and they have some of the most efficient deposit and withdrawal methods you can find.

It’s one of the easiest exchanges you could possibly use, making it an excellent choice for veteran and novice investors alike.

They offer unique trading tools, some of which are various trading bots to aid your investment decisions.

In this article, I’m going to dive into the best Kraken trading bots that are available on the market right now.

Best Kraken Trading Bots 2024

Here’s a quick look at the best Kraken trading bots:

  1. Bitsgap – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Coinrule
  3. Napbots
  4. WunderTrading
  5. HaasBot

1. Bitsgap – #1 Kraken Trading Bot


This Kraken trading bot is considered to be a common choice for many traders as it can be integrated with many different exchanges and although it’s primarily used for Bitcoin, it also supports trading with 25 other cryptocurrencies.

The company provides a free 7-day trial for you to test out the bot before making a commitment, and their website has a flush UI that makes all of the bot’s information easy to navigate.

Using the Bitsgap bot will allow you to move through a fluctuating and volatile market that can make investment decisions challenging.

👉 Get Bitsgap FREE

  • Price: $24-$149/mo
  • Free Trial: 7 days
  • Types of Bots:  Grid Bot, Scalping, Arbitrage, Unlimited Smart orders, Futures bots, Trailing Up & Down for bots, Take Profit for bots
  • Supported Exchanges: Binance, OKX (OKEx), Bitfinex, HitBTC, Bittrex, Huobi, Exmo, Kucoin,, Kraken, Poloniex, Livecoin, Coinbase PRO, Coinbene, Coinex,, Bitstamp, Liquid, Gemini, BitZ, Yobit, DDEX, Bithumb, Bibox, BigOne
  • Mobile App: Not available

Bots take a lot of the stress off of trading while not only aiding your investment decisions but putting you in the best possible position for financial success.

The algorithm automatically sets buy and sell orders depending on how the market moves, which helps to keep your earnings and trading interests in check.

You can easily connect your preferred exchange, such as Kraken, and the bot can manage most of the trading from there.

The bot doesn’t need to take a break as it’ll operate on a 24/7 schedule, and Bitsgap rigorously tests its algorithm to ensure the utmost quality and reliability.

The company crafted the bot with a smart strategy design that allows you to test the bot’s efficiency before putting it in a real trading environment.

Keep track of its progress with TradingView charts, and implement a range of predefined trading strategies that allow your bot to make investment decisions based on a set of specific parameters.

It’s extremely easy to use, and the company offers multiple pricing models to fit varying budgets.

You can either subscribe month to month or pay for a biannual subscription.

The pricing ranges from $29-$149 depending on the tier you choose, and you can save 17% if you sign up for a six-month billing cycle.

Regardless of which plan you choose, each one comes with the following benefits:

  • 25+ supported exchanges
  • Demo practice mode
  • Fully automatic portfolio
  • Pre-made trading bot strategies
  • Over 175 TradingView indicators
  • Cloud trading 24/7
  • Email and live chat support
  • Desktop and mobile versions are available
  • Scaled, stop limit, stop, shadow, TWAP, OCO, Market, and Limit orders

Bitsgap gives you everything you need to improve your portfolio while executing more timely and accurate trading calls than you would make on your own.

This Kraken bot accepts all major payment methods in addition to Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and 50 other alt-coins.

You’ll find that the team behind Bitsgap is passionate about the cryptocurrency market as they’re traders themselves, so they understand the pain points of manually trading on your own.

2. Coinrule


Another trading bot for Kraken in the crypto market that’s quickly becoming a favorite for all kinds of investors, Coinrule offers a unique take with their trading bot.

It provides a simple design, and you can quickly set automated trading rules and let the bot handle all the work.

You won’t have to micromanage its progress, and you can use multiple trading strategies simultaneously.

The Kraken trading bot is designed to keep your investments protected from the most volatile times in the market by making the proper trading calls on its own when the crypto market starts to fluctuate.

👉 Get Coinrule FREE

  • Price: Free-$449.99/mo
  • Free Trial: Unlimited for basic accounts
  • Types of Bots:  Order Types, Conditions and Triggers, Trend Following Technique, and Accumulation Bot. Total 150+ Rules
  • Supported Exchanges: Binance, HitBTC, Coinbase Pro, Okex, Bitstamp, Bittrex, Poloniex, Kraken, BitMEX, Bitfinex, Bitpanda pro, Liquid, Binance US
  • Mobile App: Not available

You can test out how the bot works with a free trial, and the company’s website provides a neat tool that displays rule performance and historical data on their bot.

This lets you see what it’s capable of without having to make an account or a financial commitment.

Coinrule lets traders choose from over 150 different trading rules, which gives you an extremely customized approach to using their bot.

The bot’s security is top-notch, it can manage volatility, and there’s no code required to use it on the Kraken trading platform.

On their website, you can also estimate the potential costs of using their bot, and it’s apparent that Coinrule wants to be as transparent as possible with investors to give them peace of mind about using their services.

Coinrule takes a no-fluff approach to their website, product, and company mission.

They want it all to be easy for anyone to understand while requiring as little interaction as possible when the bot is in use.

If you’d like to test it out, you can start with a free account that provides 2 live and demo rules, 7 trading strategies, 1 connected exchange, and up to a $3k monthly trading volume.

That’s quite a bit for a free account, but you can upgrade to one of their paid tiers to reap the full benefits of their Kraken bot.

The paid tiers range from $29-$449, each offering a vast number of benefits for investors. 

If you have any immediate questions, their customer support team isn’t difficult to get a hold of, and you can compare different subscription models to easily see what each one provides in comparison to the next.

Coinrule is still relatively new to the market, but their dedicated team of crypto enthusiasts are on the right path as they’ve gained support from some of the leading exchanges and companies in the cryptocurrency industry.

3. Napbots

Napbots Review

Napbots brings something different to the table for investors to integrate with their trading strategies with a blend of crypto indexes and trading bot services.

Whether you’re looking for alt-coin bots, pre-built bots, or AI bots, Napbots has something that’ll work for your investment goals.

They focus on copy-trading, which gives you access to a seemingly endless number of successful trading strategies, which means you won’t have to worry about what the next best move is.

The strategies you get from Napbots are intended for all kinds of investment styles, whether you like to hold or focus on short or long-term trades.

It’s also a secure platform as all of your assets stay with your exchange account, and Napbots won’t ever have access to them at any point.

Thankfully, their platform is very user-friendly, and they do a good job of explaining technical information without confusing their customer base.

Getting started is a breeze too; all you have to do is choose your investment style, copy strategies from the bot marketplace, then activate and let it get to work.

When selecting a Kraken trading bot, you can filter by type, performance, frequency, and cryptocurrency to find the best match for your interests.

Napbots is one of the newest companies on this list as they launched back in 2020, but they’re quickly growing in the crypto community as they already boast over 12,000 customers.

The UI of their platform is very easy to navigate, and you can monitor your bot’s progress all in one place.

It’s quickly becoming one of the best Kraken trading bots on the market as it churns consistent results for a majority of their customers.

Of course, if you have any immediate questions or concerns, you can get all of your answers by contacting customer support and speaking with a dedicated team member.

Like many others on this list, Napbots offers a free trial so you can see how it works before spending any money, and if you’re ready to lock into a subscription, they have relatively cost-efficient pricing tiers compared to some others on this list.

Keep reading below to review the list of benefits that come with a paid subscription:

  • Unlimited exchanges
  • Unlimited daily bots 
  • Unlimited indexes
  • Leverage on the market
  • Unlimited weekly bots
  • Unlimited hourly bots
  • Email and phone support
  • Early access to new strategies
  • And much more

Even though Napbots is somewhat new to the market, they aren’t holding back on the amount of value they provide to their customers.

You can easily compare plans and their benefits to see which one is right for your trading interests, and you don’t need any kind of trading skills to use their services successfully.

So whether you’ve been in the market for years or are just getting started, Napbots is an excellent choice for any cryptocurrency investor. 

4. WunderTrading


You don’t ever want to put all of your eggs in one basket. This means it’s a good idea to test out a few different Kraken trading bots, as each one has something unique to offer.

Wundertrading is another bot that’s growing in popularity, and it’s an excellent choice if you’re an avid user of the Kraken exchange.

You can either copy existing and successful trading strategies, manually structure your own or use the company’s tried and tested strategies through TradingView.

This bot specifically helps you automate any TradingView scripts into a complete and functioning Kraken trading bot.

With the use of their in-house software, you can easily manipulate the parameters of any trading bot to work with your specific trading interests.

WunderTrading also has its own marketplace where you can sort through the various trading signals available, and their customized approach makes them a versatile option that any inverter can benefit from.

To get a clear idea of what features the company offers, I’ve left a brief list of those features below for your review:

  • Smart trading lets the bot make all the decisions for you
  • Spread trading lets you select the assets you would like to use
  • DCA bot allows you to buy certain portions of assets after the determined price deviation
  • Crypto Portfolio Tracker will enable you to watch your balances in real-time
  • Multiple Account Management which allows you to use their services across various exchanges simultaneously
  • Arbitrage Trading which takes advantage of price differences across various exchanges for the best trading call

Their company website has all the information you need to put their services into action.

You’ll find step-by-step processes for every aspect of their services, so you never have to question your next step.

WunderTrading has been getting plenty of attention in the media, and they have a growing presence in the crypto market as many investors are starting to catch on to what they have to provide.

What’s great about WunderTrading is they don’t confine you to a single bot that works off one algorithm.

They provide a platform that allows you to customize bots to operate in your exact investment interests, which, overall, provides better returns to investors.

They also have a friendly subscription model as you can choose between a monthly to 24-month payment plan.

Each tier offers various discounts, and it won’t be hard to find a subscription tier that fits your budget.

5. HaasBot

HaasOnline Review – Is It Worth The H(a)assle?

For the last trading bot for Kraken, we have Hassonline, a company that boasts the most advanced automated crypto trading bots on the market.

They offer a few different ways to take advantage of their bot services.

TradeServer is the easiest way to get started as it minimizes downtime and allows you to trade on a 24/7 schedule automatically.

It’s locally hosted, delivers high performance, and has all the security features you might be looking for.

You could go for their TradeServer Cloud option, which removes the technical complexity of trading bots, making it a viable solution for those who are new to the market and trading bots or simply prefer to deal with the least amount of hassle possible.

TradeServer Cloud provides cloud management that also includes access at any time, with hassle-free management and an entirely cloud-hosted experience.

Suppose you prefer to structure trading bots to specific parameters. In that case, you can take the more technical route by choosing their HaasScript.

This advanced crypto scripting language allows you to craft complex automated trading algorithms, technical indicators, and many other features.

It comes with over 600 different commands, rapid development for ease of use, and advanced functionality for the best results on a daily basis.

Hassonline promises reduced risk as they’ve back-tested and simulated a massive number of trades to ensure their bots are performing the way they should be.

If you’re looking for an all-encompassing experience, make sure to look into their HassBot, which is the most popular choice on their website.

Below are just a handful of the features this bot provides to crypto traders:

  • Backtestable strategies that allow you to refine your bot through historical trading data
  • Simulated paper trading that allows you to test trade logic without compromising your capital
  • Minimal configuration needed for optimal use 24-hours per day
  • Leverage automation to complete mundane management tasks on a daily schedule
  • Notifications and detailed reporting to stay on top of important changes in your portfolio
  • Developer ready to easily customize trading parameters with the HaasScript

This service offers flexible Kraken trading bots that provide some of the best customizations you can find.

Haasonline welcomes new and experienced traders to test out their technology for themselves and join the thousands of customers who are using their bots on a round-the-clock schedule.

They offer pricing tiers in 3, 6, and 12-month intervals, and they charge for each subscription in Bitcoin for a fast and secure transaction. 

In Conclusion

If you’re looking to improve your portfolio while simultaneously saving you an immense amount of time, utilizing the best Kraken trading bots can do wonders for your investments and stress.

Staying on top of every change in the crypto market is nearly impossible, so it wouldn’t hurt to give each company in this list some consideration to see which one best fits your investment goals.

There’s also a wide range of subscription models and pricing tiers, so finding an option within your preferred budget shouldn’t be challenging.

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