Best Kodi Builds

23 Best Kodi Builds (Tested & Safe to Use in 2024)

Published on: December 18, 2023
Last Updated: December 18, 2023

23 Best Kodi Builds (Tested & Safe to Use in 2024)

Published on: December 18, 2023
Last Updated: December 18, 2023

Kodi stands tall as a versatile open-source media player with its specialized add-ons called builds.

Kodi builds are curated collections of add-ons, skins, and configurations bundled together, simplifying the Kodi experience. 

These builds offer an all-in-one solution, presenting users with a comprehensive package that includes various add-ons, themes, and tools tailored to cater to specific preferences and content choices.

Here, we’ve made a list of the 23 best Kodi builds for unmatched entertainment.

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23 Best Kodi Builds in 2024

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: This guide is for informational purposes only. EarthWeb and its sponsors does not condone illegal streaming or torrenting, nor does it own or operate any streaming service. We do not host or distribute any applications. We do not and cannot verify whether streaming or torrenting services, or app developers carry the proper licensing. The end-user shall be solely responsible for media accessed through any device, app, addon, or service mentioned on our website.

USER WARNING: We recommend you use a VPN to safeguard yourself against potential issues caused by websites on this page. We recommend NordVPN, which is rated #1 in privacy and safety tests.

1. Xenon


Known for its sleek interface and extensive content library. 

Xenon offers a user-friendly experience with a wide range of movies, TV shows, and live channels. 

Its standout feature is the intuitive navigation, making it easy for users to explore various entertainment options hassle-free. 

Moreover, Xenon regularly updates its content, ensuring users have access to the latest media.

2. No Limits Magic

No Limits Magic

One of the most popular Kodi builds, No Limits Magic, stands out for its extensive content library and consistent performance. 

It provides a plethora of add-ons and customization features, catering to various entertainment preferences. 

Users favor its stability and the broad range of media options available, making it a top choice for Kodi enthusiasts.

3. Diggz Chef Wizard

Diggz Chef Wizard

Within the Diggz repository lies the Diggz Chef Wizard, a haven for Kodi enthusiasts seeking a multitude of entertainment-based builds. It offers an impressive collection, including:

Diggz FenFlix

Diggz Xenon Nexus


Planet Diggz


Each build within the Diggz Chef Wizard comes loaded with an assortment of astonishing add-ons and content. 

With sections dedicated to Live TV, Movies, TV Shows, Kids, and more, these builds cater to a broad audience, from youthful viewers to adults, promising hours of uninterrupted entertainment.

4. Superman Build

Superman Build

Standing out from the CMan’s Repository is the Superman Build, an exceptional offering that provides an exhaustive range of streaming options. 

Unlike other builds that might limit content to VOD or Live categories, Superman offers both within a powerful, user-friendly interface. 

Notably, it seamlessly integrates with the latest Kodi version, enhancing the overall user experience.

5. Streamline Build

Streamline Build

Distinguished by its swiftness and responsiveness, Streamline Build owes its agility to a lightweight design. 

An added advantage is its “themeless” mode, which optimizes processing power and hastens performance, making it an ideal choice for streaming devices like FireStick. 

The hallmark of this build lies in its customization options, offering an array of skins—from stunning photographs capturing the essence of the famed Route 66 highway to classic Americana imagery. 

Despite fewer additional features, the build compensates with an extensive range of content.

6. Route 66

Route 66

Route 66 emerges as a rapid and user-friendly option owing to its lightweight structure. 

Its “themeless” mode significantly reduces processing demands, ensuring a smooth performance, particularly for streaming devices like FireStick. 

Offering a delightful variety of skins, from captivating photographs capturing the allure of the historic Route 66 to classic Americana visuals, Route 66 excels in customizability, elevating the Kodi viewing experience. 

Despite its streamlined feature set, the build boasts a wealth of content to explore.

7. Estuary Switch

Estuary Switch

The Estuary Switch build is an excellent choice for users new to Kodi builds or those preferring the original Kodi home-screen experience. 

Utilizing the Estuary Skin retains the original interface, distinguishing itself from most builds on the list. 

Despite its simplicity, Estuary Switch excels in streaming high-definition content, including Movies & TV Shows, with Real-debrid integration for access to premium add-ons, supporting streaming in 4K and HD quality.

8. Red Wizard

Red Wizard

Red Wizard offers a selection of lightweight Kodi 20 Builds boasting compact sizes. 

These builds cover Movies, TV Shows, Music, and Sports, all packed within a sleek user interface, ensuring hassle-free navigation. 

Moreover, they function flawlessly on a variety of Kodi-compatible devices, such as the Nvidia Shield, Roku, Android TV, Google Chromecast, and Amazon Firestick (the Lite edition, 4K, Max).

9. Green Monster

Green Monster

The Green Monster Build stands out for its customization options and is compatible with Firestick, iOS, macOS, tvOS, Android, and Windows devices. 

Cord-cutters can personalize backgrounds, adjust colors, and fine-tune settings to their liking. 

Additionally, it includes essential features such as maintenance tools, weather widgets, and program shortcuts, enhancing its utility and user-friendliness.

10. Doomzday Wizard

Doomzday Wizard

Doomzday Wizard stands out in the Kodi landscape by offering various add-ons and customizable features. 

Its primary focus is delivering seamless and reliable performance while allowing users to personalize their Kodi experiences. 

One of its remarkable strengths is stability, ensuring uninterrupted exploration across various content genres without encountering glitches or interruptions.

11. Serenity


Serenity emerges as a swift and lightweight option tailored for Kodi 20 users. 

Leveraging the Seren Kodi addon, it provides content in stunning high definition. 

Users enjoy lightning-fast streaming of movies and TV shows without buffering issues, especially after integrating their real-debrid account.

12. Franks


Positioned as one of the top Nexus Builds, Franks excels in streaming movies, TV series, and live TV. 

Its extensive sports section encompasses NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, WWE, Cricket, UFC/MMA, and Boxing, catering to a broad spectrum of sports enthusiasts. 

High-definition streaming ensures access to diverse content, complemented by preloaded addons like Ghost Mad Titan, Seren, Homelander, Umbrella, SportHD, and Fen.

13. Durex Build

Durex Build

Durex Build secures its place as a popular choice within the Kodi community due to its reliability and ongoing support. 

Renowned for regularly replacing defunct add-ons, it offers a visually appealing and user-friendly interface, enhancing the overall Kodi experience.

14. MisFit Mods Lite

MisFit Mods Lite

Despite its name suggesting a lightweight option, MisFit Mods Lite surprises with its robust content offerings. 

Ideal for users with limited storage, such as those using Amazon’s Fire Stick, this build simplifies access to favorite content through a hassle-free installation process. 

Despite its “lite” moniker, it remains a powerhouse build, catering to diverse streaming and viewing preferences, earning favor among Kodi users.

15. Decades


Ranked among the top Kodi 20 Nexus Builds, Decades, accessible through the Grindhouse Wizard, offers an extensive library encompassing Kids’ content, Movies, TV Shows, Anime, Sports, Documentaries, Music, and Stand-up Comedy.

Integrating Trakt with Decades Kodi Build allows for a personalized streaming experience, enhancing user engagement.

16. Xontech


Renowned for its efficient navigation and valuable widgets, Xontech Kodi Build amplifies the capabilities of your device when running Kodi. 

Designed for movie and TV show enthusiasts, this build presents unique settings and a contemporary layout catering to diverse preferences.

17. Titanium


A longstanding favorite in the Kodi community, Titanium has retained its popularity over numerous years. 

Boasting an array of video, live TV, and program add-ons such as Gaia, Maverick TV, Yoda, At The Flix, Rising Tides, 13Clowns, among others, this build offers versatility. 

Its straightforward home screen caters well to all Kodi users, while the Main Menu Settings provide ample options for customization to suit individual preferences.

18. Blue Magic

Blue Magic

Nestled within the luxury wizard Repository, Blue Magic Build presents a collection of add-ons enabling free streaming for movies, TV shows, documentaries, and more. 

Weighing in at a mere 300MB, this lightweight build performs exceptionally well on low-storage devices like Amazon Firestick and Fire TV. 

Its compatibility with various operating systems, including Windows, Android, Linux, and iOS, coupled with automatic build updates, enhances user convenience.

19. GlooM


Within the Funstersplace Wizard, GlooM stands out for its impressive array of video add-ons, particularly focused on VOD content. 

Categorized into Movies, TV Shows, Sports/Live, Add-ons, Search, Settings, Auth Trakt, and more, GlooM offers quality and variety. 

It is compatible with devices running Kodi 19 Matrix, ensuring accessibility across different platforms.

20. Nemesis Build

Nemesis Build

Tailored for Mac users, the Nemesis Build is a light and uncomplicated option designed for movie and TV show enthusiasts. 

This build aims to maximize Kodi’s potential on your device, providing a streamlined and user-friendly experience.

21. NOVA


Hailing from the Doomzday Repo, NOVA is a feature-rich Kodi build offering a diverse range of content, including live TV, VOD, and a dedicated Debrid/4K section for premium users. 

With a lineup of working add-ons like Asgardm Scrubs v2, Rising Tides, Ghost TV, and more, NOVA ensures seamless streaming experiences without lags or buffering.

22. Flixer

In The Chains Repository, Flixer introduces a unique user interface and categories spanning Movies, TV Shows, Kids Zone, Music, Settings, and more. 

Compatible with devices running Kodi 19, Flixer offers an intriguing option for diverse content consumption preferences.

23. Plutonium Build

Plutonium Build

A part of EzzerMac’s Wizard collection, Plutonium is a visually vibrant Kodi build featuring a multitude of popular addons for Live TV, Sports, Movies, Shows, and varied video content. 

Despite its flashy appeal, Plutonium remains lightweight, boasting a download size of approximately 150 MB, ensuring top-notch performance across all platforms.

Caution – Use A VPN!


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When accessing free movies and TV shows through these Kodi builds, it’s crucial to understand the legal implications. 

Streaming copyrighted content without proper licensing is illegal and can potentially result in legal repercussions

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Install a Kodi Build?

The installation process varies for different builds but generally involves accessing a repository URL through Kodi’s File Manager, adding the source, installing the repository, and then installing the build from the repository’s addon list. 

Each build often has installation instructions, and users can find step-by-step guides online.

Are Kodi Builds Legal?

Kodi itself is legal software.

However, the legality of specific addons or content accessed through Kodi might vary based on the content’s licensing and copyright. 

You should be cautious about accessing copyrighted material without proper authorization, as it may lead to legal issues.

Can I Use Kodi Builds on Any Device?

Kodi is compatible with various devices, including computers, smartphones, tablets, and TV boxes. 

However, the performance of specific builds may vary depending on the device’s specifications and processing power.

Some builds might be more suitable for high-performance devices than others.

Are There Risks Associated with Using Kodi Builds?

While Kodi itself is a legitimate platform, certain third-party add-ons or content accessed through these builds might pose security or privacy risks. 

You need to be cautious about the sources you use for builds and addons, as some might contain malware or unauthorized content, so it’s best to use a Kodi VPN service.


Our carefully selected 23 best Kodi builds stand as exemplary choices, each offering unique features and a tailored approach to suit varying user needs. 

Whether it’s a preference for a visually engaging interface, an extensive library of add-ons, or streamlined functionality, these builds ensure an unmatched entertainment experience.

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