InterGuard Review

InterGuard Review 2024: Is It Legit? Is It a Scam?

Published on: June 27, 2023
Last Updated: June 27, 2023

InterGuard Review 2024: Is It Legit? Is It a Scam?

Published on: June 27, 2023
Last Updated: June 27, 2023

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InterGuard Review 2024: Summary

If you want to keep tabs on someone else’s Internet use, you could have trouble finding a suitable monitoring program.

While there may be hundreds of monitoring apps available online, only a select few are useful.

For instance, there is InterGuard, a robust monitoring solution with many options. The program, however, is geared toward business use only.

Therefore, individual users may find it challenging to set up the app.

It’s also possible to utilize the uMobix parental control app, which is both user-friendly and straightforward to set up.

If you’re looking for a spy app, look no further than uMobix. You can use it to monitor anyone’s mobile device secretly.

If you are interested in learning more about the software and would like our recommendations, then feel free to keep reading this InterGuard review.

  • Numerous optional components and features
  • New, improved user interface.
  • Quick and easy search options
  • Endpoint Lockdown Capability
  • Notable report and alert system automation
  • The need for more than ten licenses may discourage smaller SMBs from signing up.
  • The cost of modules can escalate rapidly.
  • The system frequently returns false positives and incorrect results.
  • Users reported that the interface was confusing and time-consuming to use.
  • Geofencing doesn’t work properly
  • Lacks advanced features 
  • Call recording doesn’t record audio of both sides
  • It is basically an employee monitoring tool
  • No refund. 

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InterGuard Review 2024: In-depth

Awareness Technologies’ InterGuard is an all-inclusive system for keeping tabs on your staff.

It provides businesses with the resources they need to boost output, conduct personnel investigations, safeguard vital data, and comply with regulations.

In addition, it is planned for stealthy operation, so it won’t interfere too much with daily business. 

These four modules—employee monitoring and investigations, data loss protection, remote endpoint lockout, and web filtering—maybe make this platform a normal fit for businesses of any size.

Each of these can be implemented separately or in tandem to secure your company’s data and maximize the efficiency of your company’s resources.

But the lack of quality of service is the main reason for several negative reviews. 

InterGuard provides these features so that you can regulate every facet of your employees’ online behavior.

Any computer, smartphone, or tablet used during official business can be monitored with this program in a manner analogous to a hidden surveillance camera. 

In this approach, maintaining compliance is a breeze. Concurrently, it warns you about unprofessional behavior on the internet and wasteful time spent at the office.

How It Works

If you’re interested in trying out InterGuard, you may do it online in the form of a 14-day trial that doesn’t need a credit card.

It’s important to note that the monitoring program cannot operate in Stealth mode during the trial period, so consumers will be aware that it’s there.

While the monitoring software can be remotely deployed on laptops using the InterGuard NetDeploy tool, the simplest method of installation is to physically visit the endpoint you wish to monitor and download the installer from the InterGuard Dashboard.

Before installing, you must exclude the program from scanning with your antivirus software.

Setting Up InterGuard

The specifics of this procedure may differ depending on the platforms on which the program will be used, but there is a basic installation how-to you should be familiar with.

Detailed Procedures are outlined below:

First, you either buy the license to use the app or activate the trial offer plan to try out the app’s features before you commit to really buying it.

You will now create unique online user accounts within the program.

Once the tiers are established, assigning the corresponding representatives is a breeze. The software can be activated for ten or more certificates remotely.

Assuming the plan is successfully implemented, you can move on to managing the staff.

All research and a grasp of the methods it informs will be delivered through Interguard’s primary user interface.

Before buying all the licenses, it’s also a good idea to see how the app’s price stacks up on Interguard.

This program offers five distinct strategies for signing up new users.

Also maintains varying pricing structures for tracking mobile products according to the information storage system deployed on board or influencing said products.


Understandably, the thought of using InterGuard may be daunting if you’re the type of person who has trouble personalizing an online birthday card.

There are 67 charts to choose from, and you may change the data recording settings on a per-department basis. 

The ability to fine-tune settings like how often screenshots are taken is helpful, but it can be time-consuming to set up your preferred data recording and output methods.

The company claims that you must fully commit to InterGuard if you want its full benefits. The platform has enormous promise; however, it is now less usable than others.

However, this platform does not provide as much functionality and cannot track smartphones.

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Since it offers a wide variety of useful tools for companies that employ remote employees, InterGuard is not our great recommendation.

You can not be confident that your workforce will be productive and your business will be safe, even if your employees aren’t in a central location.

Employee Productivity Monitoring


Without tracking technologies, it might not be easy to ensure that remote workers get their tasks done.

InterGuard’s ability to record and track employee productivity in various ways is a major selling point for us.

Application monitoring, for instance, tracks which apps are used and when, as well as how long, by a user of a given device.

When we tested InterGuard, we found that it is capable of monitoring not only traditional web browsing but also e-mail, IM, and social media platforms.

But that monitoring didn’t qualify the actual standards some other apps are providing.

When you put all of them together, you get a complete picture of the work (or lack thereof) being done by your remote workers.

The company claims that the six-view dashboard in InterGuard is one of our favorite features.

Each of these perspectives is designed for a specific audience; for instance, the “User View” is perfect for monitoring the productivity of telecommuting employees because it aggregates data on their active, passive, and idle time.

We also enjoy that you can set different productivity levels for different teams by labeling which apps and websites are productive and which aren’t.

Unlike many of its rivals, InterGuard also allows for integration with staff calendars.

If management doesn’t know when a worker was in a meeting or video conference, they might assume the individual was just sitting around doing nothing.

Social Media Monitoring


InterGuard allows businesses to monitor their employees’ social media activity while they’re on the clock.

With this tool, companies can ensure that all employees are pulling their weight and are treated fairly by keeping tabs on their social media activity. 

Administrators can set policy for Employee Social Monitoring on a per-group, per department, or per-user basis.

Spending hours on Twitter, for instance, might be appropriate for the marketing team but not the sales team.

Time Tracking


InterGuard is not able to automatically record smartphone and computer use and does not provide easy-to-understand information on staff attendance and time spent working.

It monitors how much time workers spend on work-related vs. personal websites and apps. 

When difficulties arise, managers can comprehensively picture the workforce and take swift action. They can view individual workers’ time and productivity data in great detail.

Real-Time File Activity Monitoring

The File Activity Tracking function is not a network- or file-based solution; rather, it tracks all activity at the employee’s endpoint.

It keeps tabs on file changes even if an employee loses network access. 

Automatic e-mail warnings can be sent to managers if certain file operations occur, and each alert can be reviewed within the context of the user’s activity session to determine the potential threat’s extent.

InterGuard makes it easy to implement granular policies for tracking files based on the severity of threats a given team, organization, or individual faces.


InterGuard stores raw data on the e-mail framework the employee is using, the smartphone used, and the date and time of each communication.

It also analyzes the content of e-mails and flags the use of particular terms or phrases that may be recognized as weird or dangerous. 

The ability to restrict the use of certain applications and websites and storage on removable media and e-mail attachments is considered a unique selling point for InterGuard, but the users’ reviews say otherwise.

File Transfers


The user’s every action at the machine, including any transfers of data, is logged. For added safety, the software can be set to prevent certain downloads and uploads entirely.

The software can also take over remote devices, such as a remote worker’s computer.

In these scenarios, the program can be used to restore lost data, wipe out assets that have been stolen, and lock down machines entirely.

Automated Reporting

InterGuard has numerous pre-set reports and allows administrators to produce an unlimited number of custom reports.

InterGuard’s automated data collection can then be seen in multiple ways.

But this reporting system doesn’t provide accurate information about the activities being done on the targeted device. 

Actionable Alerts And Analysis

Alerts and e-mail notifications based on the findings of InterGuard’s tracking abilities are sent to individuals who have permission to view them.

You will be notified immediately if any unusual or unproductive behavior is detected.

Because of this, both the tracking and analytical features of InterGuard are actionable, allowing you to respond swiftly to threats and hazards.

Dashboard Design

InterGuard’s dashboard, which can be customized to display whatever information is most important to you, sends alerts and displays data in real time.

If you want to see productivity graphs, you can do so in the chart view. 

On the other hand, the user perspective makes it simple to identify the most productive workers and those who are falling short.

The dashboard is somehow complicated to set up, and you must have some technical knowledge to operate it. 

Data Security


InterGuard does not ensure the security of its users’ data by providing all the context the program requires to function properly.

It takes no time at all to spot suspicious activity or data theft. InterGuard will notify the appropriate parties immediately, letting you respond quickly to incidents as they occur.

Mobile Access

All of InterGuard’s functionality can be easily implemented on any system. It can be used on various computers, mobile platforms, and desktop browsers.

Those who are concerned with privacy can have it installed locally.


InterGuard is not a helpful tool for capturing another user’s keystrokes in any situation as compared to uMobix.

The target’s keystrokes can be captured via their web browser, chat, e-mail, and even offline documents.

InterGuard’s Keylogger tracks every keystroke made on the device it’s monitoring and notifies you immediately if it detects any unusual activity.

Bird’s Eye View Of Operations

InterGuard’s streamlined management interface makes it not simple to manage the system as a whole.

The dashboard gives you a bird’s-eye view of what programs and websites workers spend the most time on and other useful data.

It also allows administrators to wipe or restore data from an infected computer remotely.

In addition, this system may produce summaries of data and other reports mechanically. One useful feature is that it may break down an employee’s productivity in great detail.

These may be determined by the user’s specific actions, such as file sharing or website visits.

If you use a different set of metrics, you can alter the information presented in the report to suit your needs.

Support And Customer Care

From 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, e-mail assistance is accessible for customers. Within the program, you will find the round-the-clock availability of live chat assistance.

Live chat assistance is limited to answering questions about your account’s billing and payment settings, as stated by InterGuard.

We didn’t receive good responses within four hours of sending a couple of e-mails to InterGuard’s technical assistance.

Review Verdict

Both installation and features have been explored in this thorough InterGuard review.

This is not the best option for business owners looking for a user interface that is intuitive and easy to learn.

Managers who require the use of the device’s microphones and cameras for monitoring purposes. The corporate world would benefit from substantial online support tools. 

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We exclusively endorse uMobix as a replacement for this espionage app. Using uMobix is completely risk-free.

There is no risk of the recorded information being leaked or the target phone being damaged. So, you should try uMobix without hesitation.

InterGuard Review 2024: Is It Legit? Is It a Scam? - EarthWeb

In this InterGuard review, we will discuss the app's features, both positive and negative aspects, as well as our overall assessment of the product.

Price: $25

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android & iOS

Application Category: Monitoring

Editor's Rating:


  • Numerous optional components and features
  • New, improved user interface.
  • Quick and easy search options
  • Endpoint Lockdown Capability
  • Notable report and alert system automation


  • The need for more than ten licenses may discourage smaller SMBs from signing up.
  • The cost of modules can escalate rapidly.
  • The system frequently returns false positives and incorrect results.
  • Users reported that the interface was confusing and time-consuming to use.
  • Geofencing doesn't work properly
  • Lacks advanced features
  • Call recording doesn't record audio of both sides
  • It is basically an employee monitoring tool
  • No refund.

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