InstantProxies Review – Does it work?

InstantProxies Review 2024 – Does It Work?

Published on: November 29, 2023
Last Updated: November 29, 2023

InstantProxies Review 2024 – Does It Work?

Published on: November 29, 2023
Last Updated: November 29, 2023


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InstantProxies Review 2024

Using proxy services is one way to enjoy secure and private surfing on the internet.

Unfortunately, premium proxy providers are pretty expensive and might burn a hole in your pocket for you to enjoy their services.

If you are in the market for a cheap and efficient proxy provider, you should try InstantProxies.

InstantProxies private HTTP proxies are often rated by proxy users as one of the cheapest and best proxy providers in the market.

However, before paying for any of InstantProxies’ subscription plans, it is best to research the kind of services they offer.

This review will be looking at InstantProxies private proxies’ pros and cons, as well as features like speed, pricing, server distribution, customer support, means of authentication, and payment options.

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InstantProxies Overview


InstantProxies is a datacenter proxy provider based in the United States. It is a dedicated private proxy provider, offering proxy users the best-shared proxies that are amazing for search engines auditing and management.

This proxy provider is pretty famous in the proxy market even though most of its proxies are located in the United States. 

InstantProxies is currently known in the proxy market as one of the cheapest private proxy providers.

Although InstantProxies is a datacenter proxy provider, they are suitable for several use cases. It is excellent for scraping, especially Amazon sites, and also fantastic for social media management.

InstantProxies works well with social media like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, among other social media platforms. However, InstantProxies don’t work well on sneaker bots.

InstantProxies is easy to use, as it is a proxy provider with one of the most straightforward dashboards.

Their proxies are compatible with numerous websites and offer high anonymity.

They offer unlimited bandwidth with subnet variety to their users and also provide users free proxies to test their services before purchasing a plan. 

Pros and Cons of InstantProxies

  • Cheapest Datacenter Proxies
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Excellent Refund Policy
  • Decent Speed
  • Efficient Customer Support
  • Easy to use
  • Free proxies
  • High Anonymity
  • SEO-Optimized
  • No Free Trial
  • Limited Location Coverage
  • SMPT Emailing and Sneaker Copping Not Allowed
  • No Username/Password Authentication
  • Socks Proxies Protocol Not Supported

InstantProxies Features

InstantProxies is a highly rated datacenter proxy provider in today’s proxy market, famous for its unique features. It is very reliable and offers top-notch security.

Here are some of the features that InstantProxies offers.

Cheapest Datacenter Proxies

InstantProxies Review - Pricing

The proxy market today offers hundreds of proxy services to proxy users. Some of these proxy providers are free, while others are paid proxies.

However, most of the free proxy services are not as reliable as the paid ones. Also, the paid proxy services are usually costly, leaving users at a crossroads.

InstantProxies is a paid proxy provider that offers one of the cheapest pricing and is still as efficient as some of the most expensive proxy services.

Proxies sold at the same price as InstantProxies don’t come close to them regarding use cases, compatibility, and efficiency. 

InstantProxies also offer free proxies that allow users to test their service before paying for their subscription plans.

Apart from the general use case provided by proxy providers, InstantProxies cheap private proxies also support some specialized tasks.

Their proxies are perfect for social media platforms, Amazon scraping, and SEO auditing and management. Regardless of the proxy use case you choose when using InstantProxies, their pricing remains the same.

InstantProxies dedicated datacenter proxies offer users six different subscription plans. The smallest of these dedicated proxies is the IP-10.

It goes for as cheap as $10 per month and provides ten proxies for users’ use. The most extensive plan is the IP-500 which goes for the cost of $500 per month.

If you check out the pricing of InstantProxies plans, it’s evident that one proxy costs $1 only.

This is arguably the cheapest pricing in the proxy market and gives InstantProxies a competitive advantage over other providers.

Another thing that gives InstantProxies a more competitive advantage is its payment methods.

Their users can make payments through several ways, including PayPal, 2Checkout, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

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Unlimited Bandwidth

The quantity of bandwidth available to proxy users differs across proxy providers. Some proxy providers intentionally offer limited bandwidth to charge users more as they use their services.

If you are trying to avoid excessive charges due to bandwidth size, or you need a proxy service that doesn’t place a cap on the amount of bandwidth available to users, InstantProxies is the perfect proxy provider for you. 

Users of InstantProxies enjoy plenty of advantages in pricing and bandwidth because their pricing model is not based on consumable bandwidth as most proxy providers do.

Still, instead, it is based on the number of proxies bundled in a package. With this, InstantProxies users enjoy unlimited bandwidth, as well as unlimited concurrent connections.

InstantProxies is also a proxy provider that supports an unlimited number of threads.

However, InstantProxies users need to be cautious on how and where they use their proxies because if these proxies get blocked for any reason, users won’t get a replacement or a refund.

Also, the user involved will have to wait for as long as 30 days from the day subscription to get a replacement because InstantProxies IP replacements are done monthly.

Excellent Refund Policy

InstantProxies proxies are well trusted by proxy users. This is because they rarely disappoint.

According to InstantProxies, it is either their proxies are efficient for the use cases you want, or you get a complete refund.

With this said, one commendable feature that InstantProxies offers its users is an efficient refund policy.

They offer users a 7-days money-back guarantee in case they are disappointed in their services. It is one of the most efficient in the market, as users get their refund instantly. 

A 7-days money-back refund policy is one of the highest in the market, where some proxy providers offer as low as two hours on some plans.

The highest refund policy of some of the best proxy services in three days. Therefore, it is right to applaud InstantProxies’ refund policy, as it deserves an accolade.

Decent Speed

Connection speed and response time are some of the few features that determine a good proxy service.

Some proxy providers make browsing the internet slower when browsing with them compared to browsing without them.

The reason for this is the bottleneck and overhead resulting from rerouting users’ web requests through several servers.

InstantProxies is one of the proxy providers in the market that will not reduce your connection speed or response time when surfing the internet.

Their connection speed and response time may not be the fastest in the market, but it is pretty fair. Their upload and download speed on the internet is pretty quick and reliable.

Customer Support

Having excellent customer support is a significant selling point for any business, irrespective of its excellent services.

In terms of customer support in the proxy market, the InstantProxies customer support team offers users quality and efficient services.

InstantProxies users have multiple channels to contact their customer support team. Also, users have testified that their customer support agents are always helpful and friendly.

InstantProxies’ website has one of the most informative FAQ pages, as it provides its users with adequate answers to critical, frequently asked questions.

You can also speak with a customer representative through their live chat service.

With this, you are sure to get quick responses in real-time. In a situation where their online agents are busy or offline,  customers have the support ticket option.

This is equally fast and reliable, as it responds within a few hours. 

Easy to Use

One of the unique features that Instantproxies offers is a straightforward dashboard that makes using their services extremely easy.

It is even rated one of the easiest proxies to use.

Their easy-to-use feature is also because InstantProxies uses only the IP authentication and doesn’t support the username and password authentication method. This saves users time when logging into their devices.

Free Proxies

InstantProxies Test proxies

InstantProxies doesn’t offer free trials like most premium proxy providers, as these services shy away from it.

This is due to reasons known to them, but one primary reason is that proxy users abuse the opportunity of free trials.

To make up for this, InstantProxies offers users free proxies that will be used to test their services before a purchase is made.

This proxy testing is done on their website. Before a user buys InstantProxies’ proxies, the user is shown the proxies being purchased, and allowed to test them.

When the test is done, the requests are sent, and the user gets a detailed report of InstantProxies’ response time for every proxy tested.

High Anonymity

Anonymity is a primary reason for using proxy services.

InstantProxies is well known as a proxy provider that offers an undetectable proxy service; they use some of the best protocols in the market to ensure that users’ identities stay hidden, irrespective of the website they are browsing online.

They are one of the best in the market in terms of anonymity.


It is known in the proxy market that most datacenter proxies offer limited use cases because they are easily detected, blocked, or flagged by many web services.

However, this is not the case for InstantProxies. This datacenter proxy offers a considerably fair number of use cases and is regarded as one of the best in the market.

They serve as specialist proxy providers for specific proxy use cases such as search engine optimization research and social media management.

Their proxies are regarded as the best datacenter proxies for YouTube Automation and several other use cases.

InstantProxies Downsides

InstantProxies is an excellent proxy provider, but it is without its flaws. Their dev team needs to review several of their features and upgrade them to ensure better customer satisfaction.

However, this doesn’t make InstantProxies a less reliable proxy provider. In fact, many premium proxy services have their downsides as well, of which some are similar to InstantProxies’.

If you wish to patronize InstantProxies, here are their downsides to consider before making any financial commitment.

No Free Trial

The most significant downside of InstantProxies is that they don’t offer a free trial (but they are some InstantProxies coupons if you look for them). This is poor for marketing and publicity, especially when you consider that they are a datacenter proxy provider, and they have a couple of other flows.

They try to make up for this by offering users free proxies to test their services on their website. However, this is not efficient, as users may not explore all their services within this short period.

This could be misleading as it is a test done in a controlled environment like the experiment performed in a lab.

In such cases, the result may always come out positive, but when users try applying the paid services to real-world applications, they may face many complications. This leads to users requesting a refund. 

Limited Location Coverage

InstantProxies Review Private-Proxies

InstantProxies claim that their servers cover most areas across the United States and the United Kingdom.

Yet, for reasons best known to them, they don’t disclose the actual locations their proxies cover. This calls for suspension, as other proxy providers don’t hide this piece of information from the public.

Interestingly, users say that InstantProxies claims are false. This may be the real reason why they have chosen not to disclose the locations they support.

SMPT Emailing and Sneaker Copping Not Allowed

If the reason for buying InstantProxies plans is to code software that uses SMPT emailing, you will be disappointed to know that InstantProxies is not the proxy for you.

InstantProxies doesn’t support SMPT emailing. They also don’t work well for sneaker sites, especially the popular sneaker sites with an excellent anti-spam system.

If their proxies are used on such websites, they will be detected and blocked.

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No Username/Password Authentication

Proxy providers provide two main methods of authentication to their users. These methods are the IP Authentication and username/password authentication.

The Username/Password Authentication is regarded as the world’s most popular form of authentication.

It offers users a more secure means of authenticating their accounts, thereby ensuring users are safe.

However, InstantProxies only supports the IP Authentication and doesn’t support the Username and Password authentication method.

This can be discouraging to users because only a few people will want to stress checking their device IP address and also whitelisting them.

SOCKS Proxies Protocol Not Supported

Most top proxy providers ensure that their proxies support several protocols like HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS5.

This gives them an edge in the proxy market. However, InstantProxies proxies don’t support SOCKS.

This reduces their usability and may discourage some proxy users from buying their services.

Top-Rated Proxy Providers

These proxies providers have been voted as the best consistently in user ratings across various websites.

First we collated the user review data, then we performed our own tests to ensure 100% legitimacy of the proxies.

These are by far the best proxy providers on the market today.

RankServiceMore Info
2Bright DataVisit

Review Conclusion

From the review of InstantProxies features above, this proxy provider has been proven to be a reliable and trusted datacenter proxy provider.

They provide the general proxy use cases and some specialized use cases as well.

Their users can enjoy as much as 100 percent network uptime in most months because their uptime doesn’t go below 99 percent.

They are a recommendable proxy and should do an excellent job for most use cases. However, before making any financial commitment, ensure you can work without the features they lack.

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